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[Μὲ τὸν Ἐγγονόπουλο καὶ τὴν Μαλβίνα, τὸν Ἀγγελόπουλο, τὴν Νίνου,..., γεμάτος Περηφάνεια, στὸν Πόλεμο διὰ τὸ Γένος, τὸ Ἔθνος καὶ τὴν Πατρίδαν θὰ πήγαινα καὶ ἔπεφτα... Tοὺς παποῦδες μου, τὶς γιαγιᾶδες μου... καὶ τὸν Μαβίλη... καὶ τόσους καὶ τόσους καὶ τόσους... καὶ πάνω ἀπ' ὅλα τὸ χωριό μου... πάντα τοῦς Tιμῶ...]

[For as long as I live, I shall never forget Ozu's Equinox Flower (1958) (how much do I adore Kinuyo Tanaka!), my equal favourite movie along with Ἡ Ἱστορια μιᾶς Κάλπικης Λίρας (1955) by Γιῶργος Τζαβέλλας (how much do I adore Λογοθετίδη, Πρωτοπαππᾶ, Σπεράντζα, Μίμη, Μακρῆ, Διανέλλο, Ἔλλη!), and that scene when Chishu Ryu recites the poem about his Tribal Warrior Ancestors to his defeated in World War Two friends and compatriots. There is no greater Honour for any Man than to have been a Tribal Warrior of His Tribe, whether on the Battlefield, in the Arts or in the Realm of Ideas. - "Who was he, who passed away recently?" - "A Great Tribal Warrior" (= The Prize of Prizes). For the Essence of Human Existence, Stripped to the Bones, is TRIBAL WAR.]

[If the Focus of Human Civilisation does not Successfully Transition to the Orient, then the Ape in Nature will Restore the Natural Order of Things. The Occident has had its Say, and in the End it De-Capitated itself by Letting the Flea Take Control.]

[By the way, if you want to know How My Tribe Died, and what We LOST ("Paradise"), watch Τὸ δέντρο ποὺ πληγώναμε (1986) by Δῆμος Ἀβδελιώτης, Scene by Scene, Heartbeat by Heartbeat. Study it Carefully, Word by Word. I believe a version with English subtitles can be found "free" on the Internet, Somewhere. (Vultures (Selling Ice-Cream) only have One Destination: HELL).] 

[There's something P.K. might have, in my imagination, observed, but didn't express, or at most sort of got it between the lines, constipated, out. The Translator's Page and Prelude are Here TO SHIT IT ALL OUT].


[BECAUSE PEOPLE FIND IT VERY, VERY DIFFICULT TO SEPARATE THEIR VALUES FROM SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION, I'LL EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING AS SIMPLY AS I CAN: (Apart from being rude, crude, etc.), "APE", "GORILLA", "ORANGUTAN", "MONKEY",... "SATAN", "EVIL",... ETC., ETC., ETC., = EITHER THE FORCES OF ANOMIE AND OR THE FORCES OF (GROSS) DISPROPORTIONALITY AND ASYMMETRY (WHICH CAN BE UNDERSTOOD OBJECTIVELY OR SUBJECTIVELY, DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION, I.E. WHETHER FACTS ARE BEING REFERRED TO OR LIKES AND DISLIKES), AND DO NOT IN ANY WAY QUA "APE", "GORILLA", "ORANGUTAN", "MONKEY",... "SATAN", "EVIL",... ETC., ETC., ETC.,... NECESSARILY MEAN PEOPLE OF A PARTICULAR RACE, RELIGION, COLOUR, BELIEF, ETHNOS, ETC.,... AND PEOPLE OF ALL RACES, RELIGIONS, COLOURS, BELIEFS, ETHNE, etc., COULD BE CLASSIFIED AS "APE", "GORILLA", "ORANGUTAN", "MONKEY",... "SATAN", "EVIL",... ETC., ETC., ETC., DEPENDING ON THE POINT OF VIEW, LIKES AND DISLIKES, VALUES,... AND OF COURSE THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE INDIVIDUAL(S)... THUS CHARACTERISED... EVEN IF IT WERE FORBIDDEN ON PAIN OF DEATH TO USE SUCH WORDS WHEN REFERRING TO PEOPLE, OTHER WORDS WOULD AND WILL BE USED TO DENOTE OR CONNOTE BEHAVIOUR AND OR APPEARANCE SOMEONE LIKES, DISLIKES, LOVES, HATES, IS (STRONGLY) ATTRACTED TO OR IS REPULSED OR DISGUSTED BY... (normatively-loaded/charged and content-filled/biassed words/terms/concepts such as "racist", "sexist", "this-phobe", "anti-that", etc., etc., etc.,.. behind which certain groups - including through (Primitive) Secret Society-like Networking and Strategies of Divide and Rule or Divide and Conquer in Circumstances of Advanced Massification, Atomisation, Urbanisation, Secularisation, Commodification, Commercialisation, Monetisation, Generalised Labotomisation/Stupification, Circusification, Jungleification, etc., etc., etc.,... of Society and Economy,... - wield forms of Power, incl. those wielding GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power, whose elites "just happen" to own and or control and or be GROSSLY OVER-REPRESENTED in or as, the Mass Media and Mass Entertainment, (social "sciences") Academia, Banking and Finance, Very Big Business, Billionaires, Justices and "Big Money" legal practitioners in Superior Courts of Record (Supreme, Federal,... Courts), "Big Money" specialist medical practitioners, etc., etc., etc., in GROSS DISPROPORTIONALITY to the percentage of the overall population they make up in certain countries,...)... THE LAW IS ANOTHER MATTER, IT SHOULD BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES, OTHERWISE WE HAVE ANOMIE, AND NO SENSIBLE PERSON WANTS ANOMIE, AND IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR PEOPLE TO ENJOY THEIR RIGHTS, BECAUSE THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING, THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE (ALL OF) SUCH RIGHTS MUCH LONGER... I HOPE I'M WRONG...]


·        This Prelude to the Translator’s Page, like the Translator’s Page itself, does NOT seek to promote any kind of normative, ideological and political programme or action, or any change to society whatsoever; it touches upon some of the themes in Panagiotis Kondylis’s thought and work (in a very amateurish and highly deficient manner compared to P.K.'s work), as well as dealing with matters never discussed by Kondylis, at least directly or in detail, for the purpose of challenging the reader’s thought in the social sciences and the humanities, broadly understood (as well as including a whole lot of "prejudice", but since "prejudice" like all values, is ultimately RELATIVE and a question of forms of POWER and IDENTITY and TASTE... and something EVERYONE ENGAGES IN, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER,... Oh, my God!!! - This does not mean that I don't uphold the Law. I personally respect ALL PEOPLE (though I struggle with Retards) and ALWAYS ABIDE BY AND OBEY THE LAW and URGE, EXHORT EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME. But theoretical or "philosophical" and scientific thinking, is an entirely different matter). The Translator suggests to readers not to waste their time on the Translator's Page and its Prelude, except perhaps if readers have studied all of Kondylis's core books and articles first, if not all of his work (in addition to learning Ancient Greek and Latin to basic or lower advanced level, and of course studying from cover to cover Brunner, Conze, Koselleck Basic Historical Concepts, which means learning German (and French and Italian and Spanish) thoroughly as well ?). It is almost certain (?) that some or much of what is said in this Prelude and on the Translator's Page is incomplete, disjointed, incorrect(?),... and displays the gross inability of the Translator in attempting to attain proper levels of consistent scientific observation... the Translator extends his best wishes to all readers and that they enjoy the best of health and well-being until they die. [Even if only a quarter or half of what is denoted or connoted in Planetary Politics after the Cold War (1992) eventuates, then things are NOT GOOD. NO GOOD. And so far, 2017/2018, I can't say that PPaCW is proving itself and P.K. to be WRONG - and if there was ever a book or article by P.K. that one would hope "misfired", then it was that one... NOT GOOD. NO GOOD. NO NOT GOOD.] [For more incomparable geopolitical analytical mastery by P.K. see Theory of War (1997) - Summary Notes (p. 170ff. of the notes = p. 365ff. of the Greek text - the difference between an emotional hack like myself (and many, many, many,... others, albeit coming from different angles), and a Truly Scientific Observer of Human Affairs, is absolutely Astonishing!]

·       Ancient Greece and Rome continued, albeit transformed and changed, but still in a state of at least some (linguistic and cultural) continuity, and including the preservation of Ancient Greek (and Latin) texts, in a largely Helleno(-Latin)-Christian guise throughout all the Early Christian Era and Middle Ages in the Eastern Roman Empire, and then later in the Hellenic world, even under the Ottoman Empire, until the 19th century [[Kondylis wrote all his major works about western Europe (with some reference to ancient Greece and Rome), though he explicitly acknowledged that the Greek language obviously has at least three millennia of forms of continuity, that there was at least some continuity of the Greek race, and that the Hellenic or (Greek-)Orthodox world presents conceptual and analytical challenges for historical science different to those of societas civilis or Western-European feudalism. He did not write though that the ancient world ended in the Hellenic part of the Ottoman Empire (that is Contogeorgis’s, in one sense correct, assertion). Furthermore, one can learn from Koselleck's speech about Kondylis on this site that a social phenomenon can exist even if it does not have a name, so e.g. Tribal Warriors such as Gellner, Hobsbawm (who in another context repeatedly used the term "white settler colonies"!!!HahahahaHa!!!),... et al. had positions about nations, ethne, etc. which are at least partially, and on some matters, totally WRONG, i.e. partially or totally in the Realm of Fantasy and Ideology so that they can play their part in Defending Their Tribe and CONCEALING through GROSS IDEOLOGICAL OBFUSCATION OF FACTS its GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of POWER wielded in and through the U.S.A., Great Britain, France,... Russia, etc. by Spreading LIES, misinformation, HATE,... about others. In any event, even if a nation or ethnos is defined in such a way to exclude the pre-18th or pre-19th century existence of nations, the absolute REALITY of civilisations, languages, customs etc. more or less tied to (a) certain region(s) remains. Svoronos, Contogeorgis, Karambelias, and many others have shown the existence of the Greek or Hellenic nation or ethnos or at least civilisation since ancient times, or if one would prefer, the modern form's existence since about the 12th or 13th c. A.D. (which still contains many elements of language and culture arising from ancient times)... There is nothing more DISGUSTING than an ἐθνομηδενιστικὸ μουνόπανο or a Turkish κωλοτρυπίς, who supports the nationalisms, imperialisms and power claims of foreign powers and civilisations, rather than Defending the Patria and Ethnos, which is something all NOBLE people do (= subjective characterisation! HahaHa!). But the Hellenic Cosmos has known many Ephialtes since even before 480 B.C.. Unfortunately, they have been totally out of control since the 1980s and 1990s incl. under the Malign and Evil influence of GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY partially Tribally-led U.S.A. (and other, e.g. German) Imperialism(s), "multi-cultural/racial" parasitic - aesthetically disgusting, subjectively seen - Consumerism and Generalised Lobotomisation (why doesn't e.g. Israel "open its borders" and try it? I wonder...) visited upon the already at least partially XenoManiac Lobotomised,... so, we know who!, can make more money, profits, and wield more forms of Power... Of course, if e.g. the Greek nation is not good enough to collectively preserve itself, then it DESERVES what it is getting and what it will get, etc., etc., etc.,... On the other hand, no-one is not saying that an Ethno-Patriot is not participating in Ideology and Power, etc.. On the contrary, what is being said is that since there is no choice within the Political but to take sides, a True Tribal Warrior takes the Side of his Tribe. And I RESPECT ALL TRIBAL WARRIORS, even if I HATE them, provided they are Honest Tribespeople.]] [P.K.'s critique of the ideology of Hellenism as Hellenocentrism is absolutely valid from the point of view of the Greek State's prospects for Survival in the world taking shape from the 19th century. What P.K. is essentially saying is that if the Greek State wants to Survive as the State of the Hellenes it must Compete with other States. And that means productivity, production, exports at least as much as imports, technology, much better demographics and Education, strong national military capabilities, complete control of borders if other states are exhibiting control of borders (and we know that very many are...), etc.. And then if the Greek State did those basics, the Survival of "Hellenism" would take care of itself].

·      Democracy as polity pertaining to mode of governing has only ever existed in the Hellenic world, and had some form of continuity up until the 19th century in the Hellenic part of the Ottoman Empire in the shape of ecclesiae, local communities, commons, poleis, the "Cosmosystem", a greater emphasis compared to Liberalism or Mass Democracy on the collective and its rights and freedom vs. individual rights and freedom,... (= Contogeorgis, not Kondylis), etc. [Contogeorgis asserts democracy continued or had continuity (I add, "in some kind of form") until the 19th century - Kondylis does refer to Eastern Orthodox coenobitic anti-capitalism, which mixes with a kind of nationalism in e.g. Dragoumis, and that suggests Kondylis did have in mind Eastern Europe as not fitting within the ideal type of Societas Civilis incl. in relation to the ideology of "conservatism", with the Greek case being "essentially different" (presumably like the rest of Eastern Europe) to both Societas Civilis and Bourgeois Liberal Capitalism (Answers to 28 Questions - see answer to Q. 25, pp. 97-100]. Present-day Common Law and or Constitutional prime-ministerial or presidential parliamentary or congressional “separation of powers and rule of law” electable polities with massive Mass Media, Lobby Interest Groups and Big Money "Donors" to Political Parties, N.G.O.s, in some or in fact many cases Imperialistic(-like) Foreign Intervention/Bullying/Economic-Monetary Sabotage in the domestic political process, etc., etc., etc.,... have nothing to do with democracy as governance but sociologically-historically, i.e. ideal-typically, can be seen as mass democracies (of a Western kind) compared to Societas Civilis and Liberalism (see below). It should be noted however that whether a polity as government is parliamentary-mass Party-mass Media-powerful lobby groups/"Donor"-based or actually democratic of the demos of citizens actively ruling, being elected and or drawn by lot to serve, fight in wars and being readily recallable from office, participating regularly and relatively freely in public spaces (in the context of relatively high racial (tribal, local) and or cultural(-religious) homogeneity excl. women and other non-citizens), etc., etc., etc.,... the demos or the masses are always subject to demagogic or bread and circuses and or Mass Media manipulation... in that sense Kondylis’s mass democracy not only has a solid sociological basis, but also encompasses the notion of the political as being roughly commensurate with the social, or more precisely, the same as social organisation... [[Kondylis did not refer to democracy as (a form of state) government except indirectly when once he mentioned that Western mass democracies, even though one could discuss or debate what a democracy actually was, provided more freedoms (for individuals and protest groups) than the 20th century “totalitarian” communistic regimes, which notwithstanding that they were “totalitarian”, eventually were abolished, including because of internal reasons (On p. 354 of the Greek second edition of Theory of War, P.K. writes "constitution of a parliamentary democracy" (as opposed to the "dictatorial" or "oligarchic" peak of a societal-political pyramid), in the context of talking about the "new military revolution" as well as the fact that such "parliamentary democracy" does not essentially differ from a dictatorship or oligarchy in the way the upper echelons of the political-military structure make the telling decisions, etc.; and at p. 366, P.K. writes if all states were "democracies of a Western kind", there'd still be wars - so P.K. was not averse to using, when appropriate and for the sake of convenience, more mainstream terminology when the focus was not on the conceptuality of e.g. what exactly is "democracy"; cf. "modern democracy" vis-à-vis bourgeois liberalism and the ancien régime of societas civilis in the context of Montesquieu's thought (separation of powers, political freedom) in P.K.'s book on Montesquieu (p. 10 of the German edition): also, at p. 24ff. German/p. 33ff. Greek edition of P.K.'s book on Montesquieu, P.K. makes it quite clear that since ancient democracy - (being dead for many, many centuries - Contogeorgis disputes this notion of Montesquieu's by explaining such a notion of "historically dead democracy" applied in the case of Western feudal Europe and not to the Hellenic-"Byzantine"=Eastern Roman world which maintained (elements of) democracy) - could be easily praised by Montesquieu because it posed no threat to his preferred moderate and liberal monarchy [[preserving some aristocratic/feudal privileges - see later in book]], so too today - it is implied - in circumstances of Western mass democracy, one can easily talk of "liberalism" as in "liberal democracy" when liberalism qua liberalism has been dead for roughly a century now, even though what is in effect are the social conditions of mass democracy (= in the West in the 20th century, based on, inter alia, the atomisation of society, consumption and hedonism)... Thereafter there is also reference to Aristotle, with whom Montesquieu agreed that democracy is an "extreme polity" since it tends towards equality both politically and materially... (also cf. "the liberal and democratic revolutions" in the Montesquieu book (pp. 90-91 of the German, and p. 96 of the English translation) - it is quite clear that both "liberal" and "democratic" are meant socially and historically-comparatively, i.e. compared to (late) feudalism, society as ideal type increasingly or predominantly has "liberal" and then "democratic" social-political features. Also of great interest is that at the end of the book on Montesquieu (pp. 96-97 of the German text = p. 103ff. of the English translation), P.K. clearly indicates that, sensu stricto, as far as government and governmental functioning is concerned, parliamentary or congressional/constitutional/presidentially-based polities are not and cannot be "democracies", even though sociologically, i.e. as society and politics taken as a whole, they can be seen from no later than c. WW2, ideal typically, as "mass democracies" when compared to liberal (mass) societies, or feudal societies/societas civilis...)... (a further example of the sociological-political and not just governmental-political understanding of "democratic" is reference to 20th century communist regimes and the possibility of starting from the bottom and working one's way up the Party and or bureaucratic hierarchy in a manner impossible under oligarchic liberalism, let alone feudalism/societas civilis or other pre-capitalistic social formations, etc.,,... - see the article „Marxismus, Kommunismus und die Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts“ [= "Marxism, communism and the history of the 20th century"])... (P.K. refers to the "dominant understanding" of what is "democratic", i.e. "[regimes or governments which] practised and applied or practise and apply parliamentarism, the separation of powers, a free public (space), free publicity,  and so forth" in the article „Ein so schlimmes Spiel. Das Prinzip „Demokratien bekriegen sich nicht““ [= “Such a bad, nasty game. The principle “Democracies do not wage war against one another””]. It's a reality therefore that "democracy" is understood thus in the West, at least from about the period of WW1 to WW2 and the advent of mass democracy; that of course does not mean that a scientific investigation of the multi-faceted concept "democracy" should be limited to such an "understanding")... [[See also my comments to "The universalisation of technique (technology) and world culture" on the page in which P.K.'s The Political in the 20th century is translated.]]... I would add that the three main ideal types of modern polities in the West arising from the 19th century fell out effective existence as to tangible forms of aspects of domination as follows: conservatism/conserving of feudal societal elements (by WW1 at the latest), liberalism (by WW2 at the latest) and (social) democracy became mass democracy, but based on, as mentioned above, atomisation/advanced massification-urbanisation-secularisation, consumption and hedonism, as well as having the "parasitic side effect" of GROSSLY DISPROPOTIONATE distributions of forms of Power to a group amongst its elites that is historically a or the most detested and loathed, sick and extremely ugly, vulgar out-Group playing the card of "in-Group" and vicious Divide and Rule as it "pleases"... Of course, any society which allows such a state of affairs, must have some very serious flaws amongst its own elites, and so questions arise about the "wisdom" of the Industrial Revolution and European Imperialism, and the fate of the Planet, over the long run, in general...). As mentioned above, Kondylis’s notion, or more precisely, ideal type, of “mass democracy” takes the Aristotelian position of more or less equating the political with society (social organisation) as all great theoreticians did in the West up to Clausewitz and Tocqueville (e.g. P.K. writes "the process of democratisation" in referring to Western mass democracy and the principle and ideology of material equality (and presumably re: individual rights, though he doesn't say so, in the Utopia article)). Strictly speaking the social, incl. e.g. personal relationships confined to two people regarding personal non-ideological matters, or the simple naming of things: “apple, car, fence,...”, or engaging in absolutely consistent science, etc.,... is broader than the political as the interaction of all interactions which provides for social cohesion and social order. In any event, Kondylis does highlight that mass democracy, which has various forms across the planet, includes ideological hegemony via the mass media as once was the case via the pulpit when Christianity constituted the dominant religion and ideology whether adopted to (local and or imperialistic) feudalism or nationalistic and or imperialistic capitalism,... or in (5th century B.C.) ancient Greece via demagogues,... bread and circuses in Rome,... etc.. Contogeorgis refers to Western Mass Democracies in terms of their governments as "Electable Monarchies" (Hefaistos, if my memory serves me well uses the term "indirect representation") with features of 19th century liberalism as one step "forward" from feudalism, but one step "behind" representation, and two steps "behind" democracy (in a Philosophy of History schema which is per se simply wrong and fantastical), which he claims could be achieved again (at least representation, if not democracy) by using the internet to regularly have the citizenry decide on issues and to recall politicians who don't perform, etc., etc., etc.,... - of course, we all know that "big money and other special group interests" would never, ever allow such a thing,... and the masses are too "lobotomised" or "zombified" to be capable...,... Contogeorgis refers to the Byzantine Empire as something like a "Hellenic Cosmosystem of the Byzantine Period" - all of these matters of conceptualisation, analysis, etc., are fascinating and would definitely be worth studying in detail if one had the time. Established language usage of terms such as "democracy", "liberalism", "conservatism", etc. in Western mass-democratic political "science" is more often than not totally inadequate and... absolutely hilarious, if not downright cretinous, propaganda-oriented and pathetic...]].

·       The Renaissance in Italy and the “discovery” of the Americas happened, inter alia, because of the Fall of Helleno-centric (Greco-Roman) Late Byzantium. [Simple (Totally Wrong? Totally False?) Story: In the Beginning there was A. Out of A came B and C. And a very tiny D. A did not Evolve. B went and SAT in and OCCUPIED a Large Space. C really got going with C1, which had three main phases, produced (apart from perhaps B3) the most Beautiful Culture Known to Mankind Based on Symmetry and Proportionality. C1 was Strong for as long as it Fought. C2, jealous and vicious, broke C1 and Barbarous, Savage B4 came along and Put C1 to the Sword. C3 continued some aspects of C1, but was never strong enough to conquer like C2, which went on to Create Beauty and Conquer much of A and B and E. C2 became Complacent and D1, which had always been Universally Hated and Despised for being SO, SO Ugly, Disgusting, Parasitic, a Constant Nuisance, Worse than a Flea or Toxic Microbe, and had always been Treated too Kindly by Stupid C2, took C2 over and led C2 to its own Self-Destruction by tricking C2 to into believing in Evil and Satan only after C2 itself had created the Conditions for the Rise of D1. B SAT, PATIENT, and after a Period of Humiliation, Said the Ultimate "Fuck You!" and Marched Long to Victory. [In the Event B falters, A and D2 will Ensure that D1 is Once and for All SQUASHED, OBLITERATED and Disappears Forever - the Parasitic, Disgusting, Revolting, Cancer it was on all of what is known as Homo Sapiens]. And Culture Returned to Nature.] [It's very simple really: If you know your place in rough proportionality to what you should have, then there shouldn't be any major problems. BUT when you INSIST on possessing and wielding GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power amongst Elites in which you are NOT relatively indigenous in a whole range of Sectors of forms of Power and Big Money Wealth (including through Primitive Secret Society-like Networking, Collusion, Nepotism, etc., etc., etc.,... - which many groups engage in but obviously with far less success in certain countries re: certain elites), you will be ESPECIALLY HATED and over the long run, sooner or even quite later, YOU ARE GONE!!! DONE FOR!!! KAPUT!!! CAPISC??? - obviously not... ?there must be some ?genetic-biological flaw? there somewhere?... how else can it be explained?...] [One of the benefits of having been a barrister for a number of years, and learning from many talented and good practitioners (who Grossly Disproportionately "just happen(ed)" to be of a particular Group), is that when it's time to psychologically-conceptually-factually-linguistically (obviously not physically) "Go In for the KILL"... NO MERCY!!! - HahahahaHa!!!]

·       Hellenism is a civilisation neither Western European nor Eastern. It ceased to effectively autonomously project and or increase and or maintain (cultural and geopolitical) grand-scale Power c. 1204-1453 A.D., though de facto 1204 A.D. reflects the period when Hellenism really Fell, because of Franks, Venetians,... = Western Europeans, rather than the “de jure” date of 1453 A.D. (though the Central Asian-Turkic-Ottoman "finishing off" of Hellenism as a Major Power started tentatively in 1071 A.D. (Manzikert, but also loss of Italy to the Normans), and picked up a full head of steam by the 14th century)... [By 1821 we were already Finished Absolutely as a Major Power, and the British, French, Germans, Russians and others ensured we would never Rise again. In the year 2017 it seems unlikely that Hellenism will survive even for a few more decades or a century or so at most... at the current rate of De-Hellenisation and taking into consideration other demographic, geopolitical,... factors... No-one is Primarily to Blame but the Hellenes, Romans, Christians, Greeks, Hellenes,... themselves...] 

·        For the vast majority of homo sapiens existence of more than 100,000 or 200,000 years, the vast majority of peoples and societies were relatively racially and culturally-religiously homogeneous, though peoples and nations have existed for centuries in multi-ethnic contexts and empires as well, and obviously have also “race-mixed or miscegenated”, though at least up to the period of John Lennon meeting Yoko Ono, not that much, as can be seen by the clear physiognomic differences c. 1960 between a typical Englishman, Norwegian, Russian, Spaniard, Greek or Southern Italian, Chinaman, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, any number of Sub-Saharan Africans, Arabs, Polynesians, American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, etc., etc., etc.... Hellenic history does include however both Alexander promoting miscegenation (for Hellenes outside of the "core" of the Hellenic Cosmos, and principally with other Caucasians - though in the centuries following His Death, "Semites" (Arabs and Jews) et al. were included...), as well as, inter alia, the Hero Digenes Akrites... (not to mention Saint Romanos the Melodist (the Hymnographer), Nikephoros (Nicephorus) I, and... and... and...)... 


·        There are no (iron) laws of human development or evolution apart from the biological constant of Death, and the social-ontologically and anthropologically ascertained existence of the social relation, the social relation’s (friend-foe) spectrum and mechanism, the political as the interaction of all interactions providing all societies with at least some degree of social cohesion and social order, and man as being always rational in terms of existing with language and other symbolism (meaning, understanding), and as being both of nature and of culture, and never one without some relation to both nature and culture (man’s nature is his culture and his culture is in and on nature) - culture (rationality, meaning, understanding), power, identity.

·       Relatively high levels of social cohesion and social order, just as civil wars and relatively high levels of anomie can take place when there is relatively high or relatively low racial and or cultural(-religious) homogeneity or heterogeneity. Just as there have been the most brutal of civil wars in circumstances of relative racial and or religious/cultural homogeneity, multi-racial and multi-cultural societies can end up in states of heightened anomie and all sorts of communal, civil, tribal etc. warfare, but not (always) necessarily so. Just because things “have been going well” for a few decades or longer, it does not necessarily mean that Hell is not necessarily waiting around the corner. One could say, if one wanted to, without necessarily being (totally) correct, that civilisations with relatively high levels of racial and cultural homogeneity such as the Chinese (grosso modo 90+% racial/cultural (broadly defined) historical homogeneity) and the Hellenic (grosso modo 70+% to 90+% racial/cultural (broadly defined) historical homogeneity until the end of its Third Main Phase in the period 1950-1990), have had many (brutal) Civil Wars and other great Upheavals, but (have) Continued as (changing, evolving, but retaining elements of Continuity) Civilisations for 3,000+ years (until the Hellenic effectively died recently), whereas a society based on multi-racial multi-culturalism (so that, inter alia, a, some would say - NOT ME, parasitic tiny, Flea-like minority as primitive secret society amongst its Elites in Vulture-like fashion can Divide and Rule/Conquer and wield (Satanic) GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power incl. through Money and Usury and Degeneracy and Thought Control, etc., etc., etc.,... cf. the outstanding, technically and artistically, motion pictures/masterpieces: Rosemary's Baby (1968), Once upon a time in America (1984), Eyes Wide Shut (1999)); so that when that society of multi-racial multi-culturalism goes into Civil War or great Upheaval mode (as will DEFINITELY HAPPEN ONE DAY - either within a few decades or (much) later...), then it is simply going to Break Up "Big Time" in and into Cycles of Hellish ANOMIE, since there is NO CIVILISATIONAL CONTINUITY WHATSOEVER TO PRESERVE!!! (and this might, or will, be the opportunity for the so called "Extremists" on all sides, incl. through a part of the Elites moving towards positions which today are universally rejected as "Loony" or "Extreme", even though they largely reflect what might have been "Normal" just a few decades ago...) [The word and concept "anomie", which is fairly prominent in the Old Testament, in Greek Orthodox Liturgy, and in the thought of Émile Durkheim, appears in Planetary Politics after the Cold War a dozen times.] [If pleasure of a minute or of a few minutes becomes an open, guiding principle of society, then that society, macro-historically seen, will probably, though not necessarily, be of a minute or of a few minutes...] [Without the Carrot, the Masters will have to get very Nasty with the Stick in the likely event that their legitimacy, authority, dominance begins to quickly recede or even disappear... and risk the Slaves Waking Up and getting very Nasty with Big Sticks TOO. The Masters are best served by keeping on supplying the Carrot to (most of) the Slaves, but the Masters' problem, their VERY BIG PROBLEM will arise when they can't supply the Carrot any further and or an Alien (Force) Defeats them and or a significant, telling number of (non-)(Tribal) Masters and or Homines Novi and or Desperados overthrow them and or...] [Just because individuals can have all sorts of different kind of secret, "perverse" and other desires, for whatever reason(s), it doesn't mean that having them "out in the open" makes society and the individual "better"; it just means that certain values which were once private become public, which were once public become private, those who were once marginalised, now (increasingly) rule, those who once ruled, are now (increasingly) marginalised... Science cannot and does not, as absolutely consistent scientific observation, choose any Values or any Way of Organising Society over and above any other Values and Ways, but it does, inter alia, observe GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE crystals, crystallisations, accumulations and concentrations of Tribal and Group and Collective and Individual forms of Power, wherever such forms of Power might exist in whatever distributions].

·       Capitalism in its pre-Industrial Revolution stages developed over a number of centuries in fits and starts and longer waves of development, and includes at least some input of the Protestant Spirit and Jewish and other Usury, but in the main, capitalism is a northern European social phenomenon of multiple causations over many centuries.

·       The Industrial Revolution (in its three or four key manifestations) represents humanity’s second Novum after the Agricultural Revolution as first Novum of about 10,000 to 5,000 years ago. Kondylis also calls Western mass democracy a world-historical novum (in the Utopia article), which means it can be seen as a Novum on its own, or as the second Novum's stage two, so to speak.

·       The European Enlightenment, one could say, began as new-times rationalism, i.e. as a long process of philosophical (theological, juridical,...) polemics in the late Christian Era (e.g. regarding God's necessity and or omnipotency and or voluntarism, etc.) a number of centuries before Kant (who grappled in complicated (dualistic) fashion with the ultimate implications of e.g. Hobbes's thought in order to, inter alia, "save" ethics), and notwithstanding that in its "Golden Age's" lead-up, vita activa and the sensorial world gradually replaced vita speculativa and the spiritual world (i.e. anthropology replaced theology) [first Nature was upgraded in the New Times, and then sensorial Man in the Enlightenment], and in the Enlightenment’s aftermath function replaced essence or substance, with God being declared “dead” (qualitatively if not quantitatively as regards both major (before, during, and, after) phases and paradigms), its Ultimate Logical Conclusion - having first been pre-empted by Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza,... and subsequently suppressed as something like the ravings of philosophes maudits, and notwithstanding the Enlightenment mainstream's considerable efforts in trying to save some kind of substance/essence and "ethics" in notions of Man, History, Progress, Reason, Rights, etc. in a still oligarchic fashion and context, but grosso modo less pyramidical and more moblie than societas civilis - is to be found in the suggested or near(ly complete) (value-)nihilism of Hume, (Helvétius) and de Sade, but especially in the absolutely consistent anti-spiritual, sense-based non-ethical, non-normative (value-)nihilism of La Mettrie. It is simply false to say that the Enlightenment of the 18th century and (the ensuing Classical) Liberalism, on their own and under their own steam, lead to an individualism which eschewed historical reflection and mythologisation and collective, patriarchal familial, oligarchic, racial and national (and colonial-imperialist) identity. On the contrary, it is only in circumstances of post-Enlightenment’s advanced massification and atomisation, secularisation, hedonistic consumption and relatively heterogeneous “pluralism”, along with the Ideology of “human rights” and “globalisation” that ethno-patriotic and or race-based collective sentiment has subsided in Western mass democracies, especially from the 1960s – nearly two hundred years after the Enlightenment’s "Golden Age"!!!

·       The Western European Feudal Era, or in Kondylisian-Weberian ideal-typical form, Societas Civilis, was succeeded by Oligarchic Liberalism and Capitalism of the late 18th and 19th centuries, and then in the 20th century by Western Mass Democracy.

·       Polemical usage allows for present-day terms such as “liberal democracy”, “liberal world order”, “democracy”, “liberalism” and “conservatism”, “(extreme) right-wing”, “(extreme) left-wing” etc., but these terms are really scientifically useless, given that what is being referred to is a version of Western mass democracy and planetary power politics and not another kind of social formation and polity or actual “world order”. As shocking as this might seem to some, both communism and fascism (and national socialism) are, sociologically-historically seen, (extreme) forms of mass democracy, just like the Anglo-French parliamentary models, in that they, in extra savage fashion, contributed to the massification and atomisation (secularisation and urbanisation) of relatively "traditional" societies and channelled people into mass Parties, Unions, Associations, etc., as well as, inter alia, subjecting them to Mass Media Propaganda rather than more traditional forms of Religious, Church, and or patriarchal family-based, indoctrination (which of course was more "at home" in still largely agrarian-based societies), and permitting (at least some common or other) people to Rise from the Bottom to the Top as Party Leaders, managers, technocrats, justices, professors, journalists, Media Personalities, various kinds of Stars, etc., etc., etc.,... in manners unheard of under Oligarchic Bourgeois Liberalism, let alone in Societas Civilis. The aforesaid "extreme forms of mass democracy" do not seem so "Evil" when one considers all the (Geo)Political, Economic, and other Happenings in the World from e.g. the second half of the 18th century until their Arrival on, and Departure from, the World's Stage.

·       Conservatism, Liberalism and (Social) Democracy faced off on the same battlefield around the middle of the 19th century. Thereafter, Conservatism, as the preservation of societas civilis as estate-based, legally unequal but divinely sanctioned pre-Industrial rural-based relatively strictly hierarchical and static feudal etc. society, (sooner or later) conceded all its territory to Liberalism (of preliminary massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation, capitalism, formal legal equality and oligarchic and European-imperialistic rule etc.), which in turn was replaced by Mass Democracy (of advanced massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation, ultra-regulated capitalism, the social welfare state, managers, hedonistic consumption, the total abolition of essence and substance into relatively fully mobile interchangeable parts of functions etc.), (almost) totally by c. World War Two.

·       Ideal-typical comparisons are made for the sake of a basic conceptualisation. When the historian and sociologist examine concrete phenomena in concrete historical situations, obviously there concurrently exists a mix of elements from more than one ideal-typical social formation.

·       Montesquieu was much more interested in preserving feudal and aristocratic privileges than in the “separation of powers” as interpreted by theoreticians of the liberal or mass-democratic state. [[See p. 74ff. of the German edition of P.K.'s book on Montesquieu = p. 77ff of my English translation - I note that Montesquieu was not a stalwart of the intractable wing of the aristocracy, and knew that society had already moved well beyond the feudalism advocated by the noblesse d'epée; the Baron favoured both the noblesse de robe and parlements, and we remind readers that the monarchies of Europe themselves, grosso modo, had put an end to feudal autonomy through the absolutist, centralising, modernising state beginning from as early as the 16th century, etc., etc., etc.,... see Konservativismus.]]

·       Liberalism as (the ideology of) “free trade” can be said to exist in the “globalist” era, but strictly speaking Liberalism as a social formation ended by WW1 or WW2, just as “globalism” in the New Times Western-led sense of the term actually began c. 1492 after the Fall of Byzantium and the last hegemonic vestiges of the Greco-Roman world.

·       Since there are Races and Sexes and Homosexuals and Mohammedans and Jews, then racism, and sexism and homosexualism (“-phobia/-philia or -mania”) and Mohammedanism/Islamism (“-phobia/-philia or -mania”) and Semitism (“anti-/pro-/philo-”) etc., etc., etc.,... will also exist, just as “Progress” and “Reaction” will always exist. What makes these terms polemically effective is how they are imposed through those exercising ideological influence as a form of power, e.g. through state(-controlled) education, the mass media, legislation and the courts. [[An example of the totally content and value-biassed, ideological loading of charging of concepts is e.g. when being rude (calling someone in public names such as “wog, chink or nigger”), in an admittedly crudely racist fashion, is considered almost a “Crime against Humanity”, whereas tangible, concrete mass (auto- or self-)racism, when a local population goes from being 90% or 99% relatively white of a particular race, racial mix and or ethnos or ethne to 80% or 50% or even 0% of that locality or district or city or nation, as the case may be, is deemed to be simply a “population shift” or "diverse enrichment" when in effect it’s a form of self-made and or elite-imposed ethnic cleansing or population/race replacement, i.e. actual or potential (auto)genocide; likewise merely saying “Gas the Jews” on YouTube is punishable [– rightly or wrongly, I have no personal opinion on the punishment whereas the phrase is obviously reprehensible, though freedom of speech seems like a good thing for a society to have, particularly if the impugned phrase was said as (sick or otherwise) comedy with a cute dog rather than as a political programme by an organised Party; on the other hand, a "social media" user in another country spews ethno-nihilist and sacrilegious profanities against an air force pilot down(ed) and dead on duty pro patria (defending the Fatherland, not on an Imperialist campaign), as well as rejoicing in his death, and is left absolutely untouched instead of getting e.g. a bullet in the head... so "freedom of speech" is an interesting phenomenon with all sorts of aspects... which ultimately like everything human has and have to do with forms of power and interrelations therewith... (Spinoza: right/law/justice = power) –] by 6 months imprisonment as being “anti-Semitic” (apparently the offender was eventually fined £800 and not gaoled), whereas politicians won’t even discuss GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE numbers of Jews as billionaires, Bankers, Financiers, Media Barons and or Commentators/Journalists, Judges, Academics, Foreign and Domestic Policy Lobbyists, Big Money "Donors" to Political Parties, N.G.O.s, etc. in the U.S.A., France, Australia, the U.K. etc. as being “anti-Gentile” and “pro-Semitic” or “pro-Zionist”, but pointing out such facts is deemed “anti-Semitic” too. E.g. a large American newspaper of Jewish ownership and with a grossly disproportionate number of Jewish journalists and commentators, at least at a national American level, and probably for New York too, reports, based on “findings” by the “Australian Human Rights Commission” that “privileged” (or otherwise known as “supremacist”) Whites in Australia make up 74% of Australia’s population but hold 95% of leadership positions. That is a ratio of roughly 1:1.28. Nowhere does the paper, if I’m not mistaken, mention that Jews make up Australia’s billionaires, Justices, medical practitioners, Mass Media owners and or commentators, politicians, academics, et al., etc. at ratios that can quite easily surpass 1:3, 1:5, 1:10 and sometimes perhaps even 1:50!!! If someone is going to talk about “equality” and “privilege” and "supremacism" then they have NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER when they deliberately conceal FACTS, including the fact that certain racial and ethnic groups have an average considerably lower ability or no relevant interest in being proportionately in “leadership positions” or that the main age group of “leaders” has a population which is e.g. 88% rather than 74% White, thus narrowing the differential even further. On the other hand, it is quite clear who and what forces (it’s not just one group but it GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY includes that (in part differentiated, in part relatively homogenous or somehow united) group), where, are wielding (relative forms of) POWER (quite effectively) (for now, tomorrow... but not...) [and it should never be forgotten that Change which brings in new elites may not make things "better" at all, in fact... yet those who want to form a new elite will always (eventually) arrive, and eventually will succeed, one way or another, and or after the operation of long waves of heterogony of ends, and the Transition, which might take place over decades or even centuries will invariably involve the Shedding of much Blood... with outcomes often or (almost) always quite or entirely different to what was initially envisioned (incl. as ideological (utopian) Bullshit)... until the outcomes become weaker crystallisations again in the process and course of new changes... until...] [And those who have tremendous Lust for, or Will to, Power, if they don't want to "go insane", would serve themselves well to reflect that few DESPERADOS ever come to power (in general, far less frequently in history than homines novi), and that Realism teaches that if the correlation of forces is such that small groups can do nothing about e.g. an international network, however loose or tight, with significant influence in the imperialist centre(s) of power, all that such groups can do is either "prepare and wait for their opportunity", watch other (much larger, foreign,...) groups "do the job" and or spend their lives in vain, whether others in the future Carry the Torch, Raise the Banner,... or not]. I NOTE that P.K. never wrote about the specific examples I refer to above, but did write in general terms of phenomena which can afflict all, or at least Western, societies, e.g. re: reality and ideology or appearance etc. – see e.g. below re: Plato.]]

·      Legally or propagandistically, there might be “hate speech”, but strictly speaking all speech for or against something could be called “love speech” or “hate speech”. “Hate speech” as used today is a form of ideological or spiritual dominance, domination and ruling over dissenters. It is rationalised by Academics, and propagated by Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities, et al., as well as being enshrined in Law in a manner which ought to be obeyed, but which has nothing to do with science, philosophy or conceptual clarity. Of course, freedom to be crudely and rudely racist and or offensive as in calling people “Dagos”, “Wogs”, "Slapheads", "Gooks", “Niggers” or “Kikes”, "Crackers", etc., (apparently ancient Greeks, ancient Judeans, ancient Chinese et al. also had words disparaging Others), was another approach to wielding power, authority, influence, dominance, etc. in a different historical and societal context. If one gives precedence to individual rights against Tradition and or Christianity then one could have a totally opposite view of Love and Hate to someone who gives precedence to Collective rights of Racial, Ethnological and or Cultural or Religious Continuity. Scientifically, every Love position has a Hate position and the objects of Love and Hate differ from society to society including or rather especially historically, and from individual to individual. [[In the history of ideas, Plato e.g. distinguished ethically-normatively by decree, i.e. in terms of content and values, between the Good or Reason, and, Pleasure or Power, so that he could justify – without his “rationality” appearing to conceal any power claims since striving after power is something only “animals” do – his overall normative schema (with concomitant power claims) which was predominant in the West in one form or another until roughly the (pre-)Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution which replaced God with Nature, then with History and Progress and or Trade/Commerce and or Communism and or Community (Authenticity) and or Equality (Human Rights) and or Self-Realisation or Self-Actualisation, etc., etc., etc., – the (Absolute) Nonsense one can read and hear is literally non-stop, unrelenting, endless,... Behind all the nonsense spouted by the Naive and or Retarded and or Self-Interested, are real, tangible interests which those wielding relatively high levels and concentrations of power have and usually want to increase...]] [If it's OK to ask whether Ancient Greeks were Black and to state that Homosexuality was Normal, Officially Special in Ancient Greece and that Christ was Fake and Full of Shit or Piss, then it is just as OK to ask whether Ancient Hebrews were Black and to state that Homosexuality and or Orgiastic Deviance was Normal, Officially Special in Ancient Judea and that David or Moses or Abraham was Fake and Full of Shit or Piss: and the same, mutatis mutandis, applies to Mohammed, Vishnu, et al.,...]. 

·       Peoples will always live, to varying degrees, under a dominant ideology or ideologies ("ethicised discourses obfuscating a full-like understanding of reality and reinforcing false consciousnesses") behind and with which there will always be elites with comparatively increased, increasing interests in intensified forms of Power. Most people, if not too involved in the struggle to survive to notice things holistically beyond beliefs, will participate in having their thinking directed in certain ways conducive to the further exercising of authority as dominance. In any event, a fuller realisation of the "state of affairs" often, usually or nearly always has nothing at all to do with increasing tangible Power, or necessarily with levels of personal happiness or contentedness. [No matter how intense the disputes betwixt individuals and or groups over Values, only one Phenomenon Always has the Final Say: REALITY]

·       Ideology or false consciousness is a concept which can be applied to all normative thought schemes which do not only obfuscate the reality they do describe, but ultimately postulate an explicit or implicit Utopia.

·       A “primitive secret society” or kind of secret society, from Freemasons, Carbonari and the Filiki Etereia, to organised crime families and mafias, (some or many) Jews, and to Communist or Fascist Parties, The Hung Society and the Triad, etc., etc., etc.,... and or other (kinds of) confraternities, sects, etc., etc., etc.,... which interact with the wider community, but also secretly amongst themselves, if relatively well disciplined and given the right circumstances and correlation of forces, can achieve forms of power (as time-and-place-bound power crystallisations or accumulations, concentrations of forms of power) which is disproportionate or GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE compared to the percentage of people in an overall population in which they exist, including in GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY OVER-PROJECTED depictions of the suffering of one people compared to all other peoples who have suffered similar or other holocausts, genocides, calamities, and cumulatively inestimably far, far worse than the one mass atrocity (genocide) hammered in Western Mass Media and Education Systems almost day-in-day-out or far too frequently to not cause NAUSEA and DISGUST (this, for instance, of course does not mean that some Jewish, just like some or many or a few Japanese, Irish, African, Bengali, Turkish,... thinkers, authors, musicians, directors, actors, et al. are not greatly admired or loved). [[Kondylis NEVER mentioned the examples given above as secret societies or anything else in this bullet point – they are the translator’s examples and observations]].

·       The levels and kinds of physical violence or the frequency and kinds of war can be different from society to society and can change from era to era, but are always at least potentially present.

·       War is a phenomenon which at least always potentially arises from the conflict inherent in every society based on the at least potential functioning of the full friend-foe spectrum in all its varying phenomenology.

·       Carl Schmitt did not recognise, or at least did not (fully) theorise, that the fundamental friend-foe relation belongs to the social, and not just the political. [I have a great deal of affection and empathy for the Native American Indian Tribes which FOUGHT HARD their dispossession, because through their struggles they displayed an acute sense of a collective survival instinct, even though they LOST to the INVADING, COLONISING OTHER. Tribes or Groups which have not FOUGHT HARD against their own dispossession cannot be admired or respected anywhere near as much - in fact, they can be looked upon as PATHETIC. In the great, arguably greatest, masterpiece of American Cinema, The Searchers (1956) - though personally I adore My Darling Clementine (1946) (and The Quiet Man (1952)!) even more - the Great Irish-American Artist, John Ford, indicates to me that as a Great Observer of Human Affairs, he at least sensed the Agony of the Native American Indians in the face of Dispossession and, without explicitly saying so, admired their HEART. History and Reality Owes Absolutely Nothing to Groups, howsoever defined, which do not want to, or simply cannot, SURVIVE. Mao (and Deng)'s Long March can perhaps be seen as the Single Greatest Excursion into (attempts at) Overturning the World Order shaped first by Europe ((Spain, Holland,...), Britain, France,...), and then by the U.S.A., which basically by WW2 had well and truly begun Eating Itself from Within, and in the process - dragged the rest of the West with it - by, inter alia, also (i.e. in addition to many other social interactions and power crystallisations) allowing a part of an at least in part Alien Tribe be GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY involved in matters of the Elite. Mao (and Deng)'s Long March though is still AFOOT.]    

·       International relations and geopolitics are an extension of basic human action into a realm which can be relatively far more difficult to impose or achieve relatively high levels of order and cohesion, though not necessarily so. Without a particular geopolitical state of affairs, however, certain social formations and certain distributions of power between groups, including grossly disproportionate crystallisations of power in relatively small groups in concrete situations, could not be possible. It would be “nice” if the 21st century were characterised by the U.S.A.-led West coming to an understanding with Russia (over Europe) and then balancing within the World Correlation of Forces with China and India rather than a grossly disproportionately Zio-NeoCon-“Left”(-at least in part-)led U.S.A., acting mutatis mutandis like Rome, trying to severely limit or even crush Russia and then taking on China, an endeavour which it is almost certainly bound to lose and which will almost certainly lead to a Catastrophe from which there will be no return. In other words, one could say that the Western billionaires (Germans, Frenchmen, Americans,...), who GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY "just happen" to include Jews, should learn to live with non-Western billionaires, and NOT the peoples of Europe having to learn to live with masses, and masses, and masses,... of totally incompatible Mohammedans and or Africans and or Asians.... but of course, people (ultimately) never learn... [Many of the vital issues for the 21st century are at least touched upon or implied in the following article, erring (heavily) on the side of "good ol' American optimism", notwithstanding that one could quibble over, or even take justifiable exception to, a lack of terminological-conceptual clarity and certain omissions of fact(s) (= understandable, given it's an article by an American patriot about the U.S.A., who I presume probably wants to keep selling books, etc., and or, is not particularly concerned about world demographics or "mass-produced and projected "global" culture", and who is involved in producing and marketing such culture...)... http://nationalinterest.org/feature/america-vs-russia-china-welcome-cold-war-ii-25382?temp-new-window-replacement=true] [The observation of facts, whether they have or do not have causal relevance, and irrespective of the nature, breadth, depth and overall significance of any causation present, is a matter distinct from whether one admires or does not admire the achievements of others, e.g. it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to admit that Israel, in tandem with significant parts of the Jewish Diaspora, has shown a tremendous Will to Survive, which per definitionem includes a Will to Dominate... (defence, security, borders, alliances, productivity, technology, demography, cultural and collective identity reinforcement,...) in a difficult, to say the least, environment, whereas Greece - also in a very difficult environment - and her Diaspora, probably evince, more than likely at best, a strong Will to Commit Suicide or to be Euthanised... and only an anti-Hellene would rejoice in that... and why wouldn't he?] [No-one is saying, e.g. also in the light of Leo Strauss's "thought mate" Kojève, that there is an a priori moral reason why a Power (and a tiny minority wielding GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE power within such a Power) should not seek to impose its Will via "regime change" on the rest of the world, or that a Nation cannot be a Proposition Nation if it wants to - with particular values which traditionally have been seen as Contra Naturam or even Satanic. What is being said is that such Power Claims will inevitably come up against Other Power Claims and have to deal with Real Problems of Social Cohesion and Social Order, i.e. the Extent of Anomie, at local, nation-state and planetary levels... and that a World State providing Human Rights for All People Everywhere seems to be a Highly Unlikely Eventuality, and in fact the attempt to achieve such a state of affairs increasingly appears to be Highly Likely a Path of Destruction, Junglefication-Apeification, Hubris, Madness] [And of course in human affairs qua human affairs, there is no a priori reason of any kind whatsoever why a phenomenon cannot be GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE... it's only in circumstances of IDEOLOGICAL and "formal" LEGAL EQUALITY that...] [It's absolutely hilarious: c. 2000, when the Retards en masse thought that THEY were going to "Rule Forever", the talk was of the "(International) Rules-Based (Global) Order", the "Liberal World Order", "Human Rights",... and other such inanities, absurdities and ideological Chocolate Syrup and Sugar-coated Garbage... c. 2020, however, more and more are starting to talk about "the Correlation of Forces", "Power Politics",... as if they were are not ALWAYS PRESENT, ACTIVE, MULTIFARIOUS, UBIQUITOUS,...] [This article might be partly or totally wrong, but it raises issues which no serious analyst or human being could possibly ignore: https://www.unz.com/proberts/what-can-be-done-2/?temp-new-window-replacement=true and also very interesting, as usual with this author (incl. any possible errors and exaggerations etc.) = https://www.unz.com/proberts/the-absence-of-diplomacy-is-isolating-washington/?temp-new-window-replacement=true] [Whether you love him, hate him or are indifferent to him, STUDY CAREFULLY this: https://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/04/17/toward-a-global-realignment/?temp-new-window-replacement=true and STUDY CAREFULLY Planetary Politics after the Cold War, and SEE IF YOU CAN GROW A BRAIN... We do get wiser as we age, don't we?...] [A peaceful, roughly proportionate balancing based on the Golden Mean, in which China,... Russia,... India,... Germany,... France,... Italy,... Iran, Syria (will it stay largely or partly or... intact? Will China rebuild Syria as part of its New Silk Road?),... all counter-balance GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY (partially? nearly totally?) Zio/Protestant-led USA (UK), along with Saudi Arabia,... Turkey,... Israel,... Japan,... etc., and one another, with borders and nation states and relative ORDER (i.e. relatively restricted international trade with more emphasis on local production of food, industry and local culture connecting with local customs, traditions etc., with less mobile populations and an eventual bringing of the world population under control etc.). It all seems like a Dream. Man and Mankind does not work that way. The Parasite, one way or another, and the GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY, DISGUSTINGLY UGLY, ABHORRENT BEHEMOTH LEVIATHAN CIRCUS MONKEY, i.e. manifestation of SATAN, will have to, and is going to Go... and or End. SPLAT!!! Unfortunately, though, a Kenneth Waltz-like, Hefaistoid Ithaca-like, Equilibrium, is a Holy Grail that probably won't be Found... and even if a kind of Lind Blocpolitik eventuates, the APE still has a lot of "petrol in the tank", a lot to Conquer and Destroy... Woe unto the Parasitical Cancer of Humanity which Unleashed Ape Anomie on the Rest of Us (IDIOTS)!!!] [Very, very interesting (I would never say it is generally correct, let alone "absolutely" correct) is the following article (an English version, I presume, will be made available on voltairenet.org): http://infognomonpolitics.blogspot.com/2018/07/blog-post_59.html#more?temp-new-window-replacement=true , which not only touches upon the Lenin (political pragmatism and nation-based "internationalism") vs. Trotsky/"NeoCon" ("internationalism" so that my fellow Tribalists/Tribal Warriors centred in USA/UK/France and ??? can GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY wield forms of Power all over the world, or over as much of the world as possible, incl. as to "Cultural Consumption/Garbage", which like everything else, has to be "Monetised" and "reduced to the lowest common denominator" of "CRASS MATERIALISM", etc.,...) DIVIDE, with Stalin and Mao representing the "extreme", extra-cruel and exceedingly harsh version of the former, and (Zio-)USA esp. from the end of the Cold War, representing the "democratic" and "humanitarian" HAHAHAHAHA!!! version of the latter (don't get me wrong - it would be much "better" in many ways to live in the (Zio-)USA sphere than in the Stalinist or Maoist sphere c. 1960 or even c. 2000, but NEVER FORGET that the Soviet Union and China had other paths of development, i.e. other circumstances of "political communication" which... see, inter alia, Notes re: Clausewitz's Theory of War and Planetary Politics...), but also implies the impending reality of MORE LOCAL PRODUCTION, MORE "BLOCPOLITIK" and LESS - and this remains to be seen over the coming decades - Western Mass Democratic Life Stances based on Hedonistic Consumption, otherwise known to people who don't approve, at a subjective level, as ALL-ROUND, led by or GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY partially led by "you know who", not unlike in a particular country in the 1920s, mutatis mutandis, DEGENERACY...]   


       SEE Planetary Politics after the Cold War (1992) and Theory of War (1997) - Summary Notes (p. 170ff. of the notes = p. 365ff. of the Greek text) to see how geopolitical analysis is PROPERLY DONE BY A TRUE MASTER!!! 

·       One can be critical of e.g. a Super Power intervening and meddling in a number of countries for many different reasons, but if that Super Power had not intervened and meddled so, it does not necessarily mean that things overall would have been better over the long run or that international conflict and or war would have been avoided. Most people would like a peaceful balancing of states and nations, but human reality does not work that way, or cannot work that way indefinitely.

·       Every individual and group changes to some extent and eventually dies. [[When I go to da Fortune Tella she said, apart from «Ἀσήμωσε νὰ σοῦ πῶ τὴ μοῖρα σου, νὰ σοῦ πῶ τὸ ῥιζικό σου!»: "I see a Time when the Theory of War is read in China as the work of a Chinese Sage (it was published secretly in Chinese as early as the 1990s), and when in Europe the Dark People worship a White God with a silly Charlie Chaplin moustache and a ridiculous haircut". A lot of da time has apassed since den, but I am still doin da trying to do da figur out what WEED she was da smokin...]]

·       Irrationality is either arguing illogically or the ultimate first premise of every argumentation (since Nature does not provide without Culture any form of rationality tied to specific content, and Culture basically has to “make it up”). [The Circus (Vaudeville Act/Troupe, etc.) is the Space where Everything Circulates and Moves and gets Mixed Up and Comes and Goes. The Circus undoubtedly includes moments of Silliness, Madness, Unfairness and Beauty, such as when absolutely gorgeous Margherita (Gina Lollobrigida), whilst in provincial Italy, sings about her cross-eyed boy in Ecuador with 450 cows and 1000 bulls. The Circus is where Franca goes after leaving Carlo (Marcello Mastroianni) because she Decided she did not want Love and a Relationship and a Family and Stability (and all the attendant Troubles), but she wanted Money and Glamour. And when she came FACE-TO-FACE with being a Piece of Meet for the Rich in Money, Property and other Financial Assets, Pig Monster (who "just happened" on the surface to be very polite and "kind" and “just happens” to do big business with a “Winkler” from Holland), she had to Leave. But her World had already turned Upside Down. Societies throughout the millennia come and go. All of them feature elements of Hierarchy and elements of Equality. All of them Create Beauty and Ugliness. It's the MIX that Differs, both as to Hierarchy and Equality, as well as in relation to Beauty and Ugliness, and how we as individuals view them. When I observe the Struggles of Nino (Aldo Fabrizi), all I can say is that I LOVE that Man, Because HE is a Fellow Tribesman (very broadly defined) and On the Move in Life's Struggle, just like another Tribesman, Komajuro (Ganjirō Nakamura), whose Tribe I do not belong to even broadly defined, but whom I Love and Respect from a Great Distance. Margherita chooses Love and Sentimentality/Sentimentalism over (more) Money and (more) Fame. Franca commits Suicide when she realises what she has Done. Once, the CIRCUS, however, becomes the Model for the Whole World, Those Gaining the MOST, in GROSS DISPROPORTIONALITY, sooner or later, One Way or Another, are GOING TO PAY. AND PAY THEY MUST (The Problem is How much Damage will be Done to the Rest of Us...). (Two of the most brilliant movies you will ever see: A Dog's Life (Vita da cani) (1950) by Mario Monicelli and Steno, and, Floating Weeds (1959) by Yasujirō Ozu. And there's always Chaplin's Limelight (1952) too... - And for more cinematic ART, try Kenji Mizoguchi's The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums (1939)... [Kon Ichikawa's An Actor's Revenge (1963) is stunning in other ways as well]...).]

·       Every World Image and World View is the Ordering of the World into things of interest and not of interest, into Good and Evil,... into I, We and You, They,... into That World and This World,... and from the original irrational starting point (still mostly in the non-human animal kingdom) whole cultures arise and develop, but Power and its extension and its multiple manifestations is what features in all individuals and groups relative to other individual and groups.  

·       Social science, as absolutely consistent science, will only take place in the thought and work of very few people who desist, not from polemics, but from normative power claims. Scientific power (knowledge) claims are non-normative, and unless weaponised or “applied” normatively (and ideologically), i.e. without shedding the characteristic of science, cannot influence society.

·       Social phenomena are often or usually or always over the long run the result of causae rather than one causa, and eventually the Heterogony of Ends means that social formations change and become distinctly different societies.

·       There is no Utopia in reality as reality, but Utopia can be the end point of ideological thought necessary for social disciplining, the restraining of drives, urges, impulses, the passions,... in short, for Culture. Culture can exist without notions and dreams of Utopia, but Utopia cannot exist without Culture.

·       All individuals and groups participating in the dominant ideology or ideologies either as followers or leaders are engaging in the ethicisation of their own power claims and or the power claims they support made by others.

·       Ideologies such as the various forms of Feminism, Liberalism, Marxism, Homosexualism, Africanism, Egalitarianism, Human Rights Universalism, White Nationalism, White Identitarianism, etc., etc., etc., just like the more traditional Religions, may make some or many empirically valid points but overall constitute, in terms of scientific observation of human affairs, laughable up to ludicrous thought patterns promoted by Retards and or People with an insatiable Lust for Power. Monocausal reductionism and gross over-simplification is a common feature. Scapegoating and Conspiracy theories are also signs of ideological thought, however the observation of “secret society”-like behaviour and superior networking by particular groups where there are facts to support such findings cannot be dismissed because of use of the word “conspiracy” or “canard”, etc.. Such accusations, when the facts PROVE the contrary, are a sure sign that groups with very powerful and large interests have A LOT TO HIDE and a lot of bullshit to promote through the Mass Media which they “just happen” to GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY (partially) own and or control in certain countries!!!

·       No individual and or group can rule for ever because he or it cannot last forever.

·       Humans are animals with symbolic cultural systems they create, and all values are ultimately relative.

·       The fact that I know values are relative, and different people have different perspectives, etc.,... through the observation of humans and human history, is certain empirically verifiable scientific knowledge, therefore certain scientific knowledge is possible (but not always necessarily attainable).

·       Humans are only One Humanity vis-à-vis the rest of the animal kingdom. Amongst themselves, humans differ both individually and collectively. 

·       Every individual is born into a society and culture or has some kind of relationship with a society and culture. Society and culture come first.

·       Individuals and groups can modify or change the orientation or even basic content of their identity or identities, but they will always have an identity.

·       The content of the values people hold as paramount is both a question of collective and individual identity and identities and forms of power.

·       Identity can change, it is malleable, but there is always identity. Psychology in all its manifestations is something which occurs or can occur in all people, notwithstanding the values people may or may not believe in, e.g. a “left-winger” can be just as “abusive” as a “right-winger” to his child, or have just as much “lust for recognition and fame”, whereas a “feminist” might be just as domineering to others, whether men or women, as a “fascist” or “humanitarian”, or a “patriarchal male” can be just as nice to his cat, whilst being “depressed” as a “gender-fluid trans-homoheterosexual-sheman-hewoman” [though perhaps according to Herr Freud and Herr Marcuse the latter is "less repressed", and of course less inclined to noticing particular grossly disproportionate accumulations, concentrations and crystallisations of group power given that on average the former might over a course of a lifetime ingest fewer chemicals/drugs... but "needs" to be psychopathologised... whilst it also might be the case that Mohammedans, who tend to imbibe less alcohol, are more prone on average, perhaps, to noticing certain things... of course, all of that is pure speculation... and involvement, or correlation, as we know, does not mean necessary causal participation or significance... yet facts remain facts...] etc., etc., etc.. Another aspect of people is that in social interaction they often play different roles or wear different masks in different circumstances, etc..

·       Cultural-aesthetic likes and dislikes are ultimately and absolutely a matter of taste, and entirely subjective. Such likes and dislikes have nothing to do with rationality and irrationality as such, apart from the fact that the ultimate starting point is irrational, and then the articulation of the like and dislike is or can be undertaken in logically consistent form or illogically, contradictorily, and or hypocritically. Desire and Disgust are also matters which can and do vary from individual to individual, and from group to group, grosso modo. Behind and Beneath Human-Social EpiPhenomena and Phenomena are Ultimately Nature and Artifice without any Concrete or Specific Meaning. The Meanings, The Values, The Identities,... are Made by Humans in Societies in regard to Correlations of Forces, i.e. Distributions and Varying Manifestations of Power. [E.g. if someone says it is "irrational" for others to dislike him because of his face, nose, race, religion, etc., one could answer if one were very rude and angry: "Fuck you! You fucking disgusting ANIMAL!!! Who the fuck are you to impose your tastes and values of like and dislike onto me, FUCKING POWER-HUNGRY ANIMAL!!!", because the reality is that it is no more "rational" or "irrational", either way, to like or dislike someone because of his face, nose, race, religion, etc.. And nowhere in nature or in human societies in toto does it say "all people are equal, but a particular Group as a Group and as Individuals can have and wield GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of power, 'no problemo', notwithstanding that all people are equal" - but neither is it said or written as CERTAIN that one Group is not permitted to dominate, in various ways and with various excuses or discourses of justification, other Groups, etc....!!! Of course, the beauty of Possessing the relative Power is that the possessor of the said power can retort: "Calm down. I'll prescribe you some pills, which will help you calm down, and everything will be fine; all will be well" = The very rude and angry person can't do anything about the distribution of power and when something is done about it, which WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN ONE DAY,... the present-day interlocutors will probably (or rather, certainly) all be well and truly DUST...] [Mao and Deng, inter alia, ensured that George Kennan's view c. 1966 that "containment" did not apply to China, would be rendered "inaccurate or inappropriate" by c. 2016...] [If there is a major, prolonged war or war-like clashes or short war or no war, but considerable economic and other losses... requiring the Sacrifice or Holocaust or simply Impoverishment of tens or hundreds of thousands or even (tens of) millions of soldiers and civilians, between the U.S.A. and China, and if China won or got the upper hand, - we note the VERY BIG "IFs" -, then, it could be that more and more and more people will start to view relative Racial Homogeneity and "Nationalistic Dictatorship" compared to "Diverse Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural "Democracy" with GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE Tribal Leadership Input" in a different light... provided of course China continued in some form of nation-based existence...] [From International Proletarian Revolution to Socialism in One Country and Wars, and Movements, of National Liberation... From a New World Order of Human Rights Universalism and Liberal Democracy to ... - very interesting, potentially, are the various parallels and implications in that line of thought...] [Person Z could say that today's Western Mass Democracies are like Disgusting, Sickening Freak Shows, or "Monkey Cultures", which "just happen" to be GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY partially Tribally led in certain countries, and by means of U.S.A. Imperialistic Power Projection incl. at the level of Culture, in virtually all Western countries,... but Person A could quite easily RETORT that that is TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE OPINION AS A MATTER OF TASTE and that Person Z has NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE WHATSOEVER THAT WON'T ENTAIL MASS VIOLENCE IN ANY ATTEMPTED SOCIETAL RE-CALIBRATION... and Person A, who sees today's societies, with their ever increasing multi-racialism and "multiculturalism" and progressive potential possible White Genocide as something like the near-Ultimate Embodiment of ALL THAT IS GOOD IN HUMANS, and sees the England e.g. depicted in a 1920s or 1930s Hitchcock movie or even the U.S.A. in the 1970s, as "aesthetically SICK or DISGUSTING", both racially and culturally,... etc., is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about Person Z, whilst enjoying the Relative Power of being in the current Winner's Position... If Person A, though, wanted to be an absolutely consistent scientific observer of human affairs, then Person A would have said the same about the MATTER OF TASTE of his own position as he did about Person Z's... and he would have remembered Scipio...]

·   There are many levels to, and ways of looking at, Reality, and seemingly Paradoxical Stances cannot but not be uncommon, even when one is being Consistent, for Reality itself presents (scientific) observers with many layers or strata of Group and or Individual Action and Interaction.

·       Knowledge varies from society and society and from era to era and for most (if not (nearly) all) people in most (some, many or (nearly) all) situations contains empirically factual elements and mythological-ideological elements. One of the many reasons we LOVE KARL MARX so much is that his concept of IDEOLOGY ("false consciousness"), when applied to Everyone and Everything, i.e. to all Social and Human Phenomena, EXPOSES EVERYONE. Wherever Power Crystallises, is Wielded and (attempted to be) CONCEALED behind SMOKESCREENS and STREAMS OF BULLSHIT, MARX, consistently and absolutely applied (incl. shedding all his CRAP), takes us THERE. First, we shed Marx of his own Bullshit, then we, in theory and thought, GO AFTER EVERYONE ELSE. PRECISELY, BALANCED, HOLISTICALLY, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY. [[Fuck You and You and You and Myself and...!!!]]

·       The trashing of God simply means that for the purpose of social interaction and social discipline, another Myth or other Myths such as (normatively-loaded or normatively super-charged interpretations and ideologies of) Nature, Man, History, Trade, Communism, Race,... Equality, Diversity, Reason, Human Rights,... are being put forward.

·       The philosophers in the century or two before and after Plato posited in written form all the important philosophical questions which are of interest to us even today.

·       Plato’s argumentation against sophistry was replete with sophisms. Whether it is sophistry or Vedic reasoning or the Chinese School of Names or Talmudic argumentation or Cartesian doubt or "the greatest philosopher of the 20th century" Martin Heidegger, etc., etc., etc., “smart arses” will be found to argue (almost) any point. He, however, who sticks to the facts seen in toto, not selectively using facts, but always logically consistently, as well as having an ability to identify and distinguish causation and or correlations, comparisons, regularities, etc., whilst also having a good general knowledge of history, won’t ever fear succumbing to “smart arses”.

·       Science does not consist of a fixed method as modus procedendi. In the social sciences there are no laws, only causes, causation, causalities (historical science) and regularities (sociology); empirical verification (as a kind of “saving the phenomena”) and absolute logical consistency are sine qua non. Social ontology deals with the social and anthropological factors and forces which (potentially) operate in all societies mentioned above. The worlds greater (e.g. of the universe) and smaller (atomic, energetic,...) are not of any interest to social science as the observation of human affairs. Nor are exercises in logic which completely depart the domain of the political and political existence.   

·       Just as the Anthropological can only notionally, for the purposes of theoretical contemplation, but never in Reality, be separated from the Social-Ontological and the Historical and the Sociological (and psychological,...), so too, within the Historical and Sociological, certain Phenomena, including Concrete Group, Collective, Tribal,... Phenomena in Concrete Social and Historical Circumstances, can be examined and theorised, but never at the end of the day, like all other Human-Social Phenomena, be Separated in Reality from the Social-Ontological and Anthropological. Over-emphasising phenomena invariably, but not necessarily always, leads to scientific Error; so too, however, does the obfuscation or attempted hiding of very real phenomena... Power within the Political is Never Science's Friend...

·       History (starting in particular with Thucydides) is the only discipline which on its own can possibly lead people to non-ideological thought. [[This article probably contains a few, some or a lot of inaccuracies or errors, but at least it appears to be trying to give some kind of interpretation of the World, grosso modo, which accords with Reality rather than Ideology (it seems particularly to be over-stating Russian "victory", which raises questions of Russian propaganda, etc.): http://www.voltairenet.org/article200519.html?temp-new-window-replacement=true]]

·       Montaigne, Montesquieu, Ferguson, Kant, Marx, Pareto, Durkheim, Simmel and Weber, inter alia, at their best, gave us modern sociology.

·       Thucydides, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Clausewitz, Weber and Kondylis taught us about Power and its many manifestations – its ultimate ubiquity in human nature and human culture and its interweaving with Identity.

·       Raymond Aron, Werner Conze and Reinhart Koselleck were the ideal teachers and roughly contemporaries for a student of the historical and social sciences at a macro or general level. Learning from them means improving on their work, and even correcting them.

·       Human societies can obviously continue with or without Whites, Christians, Greeks, Jews, et. al., et al., et al.. Which groups survive and or prosper is a matter of human interaction both locally and internationally. No-one and no group is ultimately owed anything apart from Death, and of course some individuals or groups die well before others. [What is Evil, Satan, Ugly, Repugnant, Abhorrent, Disgusting, "Insane",... etc. Ultimately comes down to Questions of Power and Identity... I and my Tribe or Loosely Defined Group can seem just as Ugly and Disgusting and Evil to Others as Others might seem to Me... When one stands as an Atom in a Mass ("Sea of Shit"), One sees things through the Prism of False Consciousness with the Main Flow of Images, Sounds and Words Controlled by the Mass Media, Mass Education, Mass Retardism, the Collective Lobotomy,... (as happens in more relatively homogeneous (racially, ethnologically, in part religiously, in part culturally,...)... Group contexts too, but with other Means and with other Emphases!!!)... When one enters the Laboratory of Scientific Observation and Studies History in Detail and Sees the Rise and Fall of Collectives clearly and the Roles of Individuals Therein (Relativising All Groups, Relativising All Individuals and Oneself), one has the Opportunity to Start to Contemplate Human-Social Totalities, Away from Ideology and With Eyes of Dispassionate Reflection] [Western mass democracies of "multi-culturalism" and "diversity" contain elements of relative homogeneity as one culture, one ideology-religion,... whilst ignoring, downplaying or denying the elements of multi-culturalism and diversity in formerly relatively more racially and or ethnologically, (at one level) religiously and (overall apparently) more "mono-"culturally homogeneous societies... concepts and terms can need (constant) (re-)definition and clarification, depending on the context of what is being observed... but the Academic-Ideologue or "Educated" Cretin is often or mostly interested in Propagating Bullshit/False Consciousness/Ideology... which Conceals, or attempts to Conceal, his or her or its Power Claims and Association with (a) certain Group(s) or Tribe's or Tribes' Power Claims, including the Wielding of GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power...] [The Very Long View of History, Properly Balanced, Makes Everything Really Important Clear = the very long view of history puts sociology in its place and gives us social ontology. Psychology can be useful, but comparatively speaking, it's for the little minds of little people.].

·       Even if one group is replaced or “properly confined”, “oppression” and the varying elements of hierarchy and equality every society has, will never go away – they will simply occur in different doses depending on the concrete situation without the replaced or “properly confined” group. [E.g. over the very long term, if peoples don't nuclear etc. bomb one another out of existence, and even if relatively white peoples are totally effaced from the planet,... relatively tighter Group, Collective, Tribal,... identities will Coalesce in Regions Again, and any Conceited, Arrogant, (as a whole) Grossly Ugly (totally subjectively seen as a matter of Taste) Tribe, with GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power in some or many of its members' possession, and which thinks it will (in part) comparatively Rule (or GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY wield various forms of Power) Forever, will be "pleasantly surprised", to say the Least... One can learn a lot by watching e.g. the often Grossly Underrated Pasolini's Il fiore delle mille e una notte = The Flower of the One Thousand and One Nights = Arabian Nights, 1974, - groups, individuals, flesh, spirit, identity, power -, as well as by researching how many great authors and other artistic creators there have been only in the last 50 to 100 years completely outside of the Anglo-American-centric Cultural Orbit, in at least 10 languages and or (historical) cultures I know about to a lesser or greater extent, and completely outside of the Awarding of Prizes, which "just happen" to feature GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE numbers of...] [It seems quite clear c. 2017 that the relatively white nations of European Origin went, macro-historically and Grosso Modo, from (civil, tribal, religious, ethnic, racial and) Class War to a process of (potential) Auto-Genocide in a state of increasing (civil, religious, class, ethnic, racial and) Tribal War... with the long-term Future clearly belonging to Others... at least it seems that way...] [It would be a very serious mistake in scientific observation to overestimate Foe continuity phenomenology and underestimate Friend continuity phenomenology in the continually active and rich in innumerable gradations and manifestations of social interaction Spectrum... in addition to underestimating/overestimating the degree of Social Coherence and Social Order in the present, and overestimating/ underestimating such Social Coherence and Social Order in the past... or underestimating/overestimating the Future (which we really can't know... that well... or rather, the further into the Future we look,... at all...)...] [Subjectively Seen, As a Matter of Taste, How Beautiful were WE, when the Other was either internal or of a sub-Race not too distant from our own (e.g. Riso AmaroBitter Rice (1949))... And yet, History proves that NOTHING STANDS STILL and that all that is UGLY, in particular a particularly DISGUSTINGLY UGLY ELITE that is thinking all kinds of things including how beautiful it and things seem to itself, WILL HAVE ITS TURN... and may they all ROT IN HELL... (even an Anglo can look (sort of, kind of) OK amongst hundreds and thousands of Southern Europeans - but nothing like Silvana, NO WAY!!! HahahahaHa!!!)...] [Q: Is it possible for a demographic and cultural Regime or State of Affairs which has come about, and is still gathering Steam, only in recent decades to constitute a Permanent Change to an Aspect of Human Affairs? A: Absolutely, but that doesn't mean that those who are Laughing today won't be Crying sometime Tomorrow...]

IT CANNOT BE EMPHASISED ENOUGH: EVEN IF A CURRENT REGIME OR STATE OF AFFAIRS PERTAINING TO AN ENTIRE SOCIAL FORMATION FALLS, INEVITABLY THE "FALL" WILL TAKE ITS TIME AND INVARIABLY ENTAIL A LOT OF STRIFE, A LOT OF BLOOD,... AND WHETHER THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION OF HEIGHTENED ANOMIE IS RELATIVELY LONG OR NOT, CONTAINING AS IT WILL ITS OWN RELATIVE CHAOS AND (RELATIVELY FLUID) HIERARCHIES, IF AND WHEN A NEW "REGIME" AND SOCIAL ORGANISATION IS ESTABLISHED, AGAIN, MORE RELATIVELY SEEMINGLY PERMANENT HIERARCHIES WILL ASSERT THEMSELVES AND (SOME) PEOPLE WILL BE AGGRIEVED AND OR SLAUGHTERED (OUT OF EXISTENCE), WHILST OTHERS WILL PROSPER - RELATIVE TO OTHERS. WHICHEVER WAY ONE LOOKS AT IT, THE PREFERENCE ONE MIGHT HAVE FOR THE KIND OF ELITE HE WOULD LIKE TO LIVE UNDER AND WHAT THE DOMINANT VALUES AND CULTURE(S) SHOULD BE OF HIS SOCIETY, IS ULTIMATELY, PURELY AND SIMPLY, A (SUBJECTIVE) MATTER OF TASTE, I.E. AN ASSERTION OF ONE'S OWN PERSONAL IDENTITY AND POWER THROUGH A COLLECTIVE IDENTITY AND POWER - AND THE (SUBJECTIVE) MATTER OF TASTE IS INELUCTABLY MADE UP, ULTIMATELY, FROM WORLD IMAGES AND WORLD VIEWS AND SOCIAL RELATIONS PRE-EXISTING THE INDIVIDUAL. "I DON'T WANT THEM RULING OVER THE SOCIETY I LIVE IN" IS ULTIMATELY NOTHING MORE THAN A POWER CLAIM WHICH MUST COME UP AGAINST OTHER POWER CLAIMS - AND BETWEEN RADICAL CHANGES IN SOCIAL ORDER, LITERALLY INNUMERABLE INDIVIDUALS, WHOSE INTERACTIONS ARE ABSORBED IN THE LONG, UNFATHOMABLE LINES, CIRCLES AND NETWORKS OF THE HETEROGONY OF ENDS, LIVE AND DIE,... AS THINGS, HUMAN AFFAIRS, TAKE THEIR COURSE - WHICH NEVER ENDS UNTIL HUMANS END. [If a tiny minority - whether "parasitical" or not - is selling the masses a programme of "equality", you can be absolutely certain that THAT TINY MINORITY has anything but "equality" in mind, or at least - far more importantly - IN PRACTICE... Great observers of human affairs cum artists, like George Orwell or Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, notwithstanding all their flaws, saw it CRYSTAL-CLEAR... (elements of equality exist in all societies, like elements of hierarchy, in any case – it’s the correlation of forces or the distributions of crystallisations of forms of power which can differ...)... on the other hand, if the tiny minority is GOOD ENOUGH to do what they do, to DIVIDE AND RULE, then POWER rewards them, for rewarding themselves... until their TURN arrives.. because absolutely certainly THEIR TURN WILL (eventually) COME... etc., etc., etc.,...] [It is absolutely natural and absolutely to be expected that a current society with certain current elites wants a particular state of affairs to basically continue (and be extended, expand). All societies have stronger or weaker forces of collective self-preservation. It is up to opposing actors to induce or bring about change, and or, await their opportunity, which may or may not come soon or in a few or in many(, many, many) generations after their lives... And in a time sequence of A-B-C-D the next Change will be E and not back to C or B...]

·       High Culture, as creative products of relatively high quality and craftsmanship and (written) learning, whether valued or not, whether thought to be “better” or not, macro-historically seen, has mostly appeared in Europe and Asia, not so much in Sub-Saharan Africa and America before European Settlement. High Culture, like all things human, eventually Ends. [Even if Race and Sex do not exist,... language and colour and cultural and regional and religious and or ideological and... groups exist,... i.e. humans are still divisible and divided into groups which have elements of internal hierarchy and equality, and elements of differentiation from other groups (which then have their own betwixt them elements of hierarchy and elements of equality),... elements of co-operation and conflict, elements of peace and (potential for) Violence and (extreme) WAR,... all in different and varying doses... etc., etc., etc.,... so Cut the Fucking Bullshit, TOTALLY LOBOTOMISED RETARD!!!]

·       Conquering, Killing, Massacring, Enslaving, Torturing, etc. are phenomena, just like language, culture, song, dance,... which have appeared (albeit nowhere near or not necessarily as frequently) all over the world in all (major) racial, ethnic and or cultural groups 

     (apart from the millions and millions and millions of non-Whites super-exploited by European Colonialism, from the 18th century to about c. 1970 in the West there were millions and millions and millions of WHITES (peasants, proletarians, workers, manual (child) labourers, (coal) miners, et al.) super-exploited, maimed, killed,... by Capital and Capitalism flowing from the Industrial Revolution (and parallel phenomena such as Banking and Usury), working up to double and triple shifts of 20+ hours per day in the most deplorable, inhuman conditions just to survive and perhaps go to Church on Sunday,... etc., etc., etc.. HOW DARE YOU FORGET THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF IMPOVERISHED WHITES SUPER-EXPLOITED BY CAPITAL in the Development of Capitalism SO YOU TODAY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF with all your DISGUSTING, ULTRA-HYPOCRITICAL "VIRTUE SIGNALLING" and PONTIFICATING about "PRIVILEGE" and "SUPREMACY" - YOUR "LIFESTYLES", ANIMALS!!!, REST (to a large degree; other factors incl. technological developments, entrepreneurship, management, etc., etc., etc.) ON THE LABOUR OF MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF WHITES AND NON-WHITES EXPLOITED AND SUPER-EXPLOITED OVER A COUPLE OR SO CENTURIES (apart from whites (and non-whites of course) being massacred en masse by the millions and millions and millions in wars incl. world wars),.. OR,... DO YOU THINK THAT YOUR "HEDONISTIC-CONSUMERIST "SOPHISTICATED" LIFESTYLES" "JUST HAPPENED" TO FALL DOWN FROM THE MOON INTO YOUR "PRECIOUS LAPS" "AS OF RIGHT", MORONS, IMBECILES, CRETINS, RETARDS!!! - INCL. IN CONCEALING THE GROSS DISPROPORTIONALITY WHICH A CERTAIN GROUP EXERCISES AMONGST ITS ELITES IN VARIOUS FORMS OF POWER IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES!!!!!! REVOLTING DISGUSTING ANIMALS!!! YOU HAVE NO SHAME, NO KNOWLEDGE, NO DIGNITY WHATSOEVER, DISGUSTING IDEOLOGUES OF THE "LEFT", SPITTING, URINATING and DEFECATING ON YOUR POOR PROLETARIAN AND PEASANT/FARMER ANCESTORS!!! FUCKING ANIMALS!!!).   

     Certain groups in certain parts of the world abandoned cannibalism and ritual human sacrifice much later than other groups. Other groups developed technology to the extent that they could kill millions in relatively short periods of time. Arguing in favour of Moderation, the Golden Mean, restraint and peaceful co-existence, might sound good to some or many ears as both a critique of culture and hope for a better world and future, but the reality is that such argumentation simply constitutes another Power Claim which seeks to overcome or defeat outright another power claim or power claims. Power Claims have people, both as groups and individuals, behind them, and when Power Claims Clash, PEOPLE (in groups) clash, and the outcome(s) are often not pretty, vary and become differentiated in ways totally unforeseen and unexpected over the long run. [Just because you are content with the current state of affairs and distribution(s) of Power amongst the elites, it does not necessarily follow that others are content...]

·       Population explosions, lack of water, of resources,... even of air,... weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, increasing Anomie, the Ideology of Human Rights and the Model of Hedonistic Consumerism and ever-expanding G.D.P.s, etc.,... could all possibly culminate in a “Perfect Storm” of Catastrophe on a Scale hitherto unknown in human history. [It is understandable that unlimited numbers of people can view, in the final analysis, that the meaning of life is money or connected to money (and associated accumulating power). But if that is the model for a planet of 10 billion people rather than 1 billion people, then the only thing that can eventuate is trouble, a lot of trouble, a very great deal of trouble, unheard-of and unknown in all of human history trouble,... HELL] [No-one in their right mind would say that by Year ???? such and such catastrophes will befall "humanity", however certain trends have become apparent, and we do know WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that no specific correlation of forces and "regime(s)" last forever... it truly is a matter of TIME...] [For all social formations, all societies, all cultures and civilisations,... there is always a Date of Expiry or Use By Date, it's just that we usually or rather always don't and can't know what that Date is... That YOU are GOING DOWN, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!, but I can't tell you exactly when and because of whom or what, though I can tell you that I am already Down and OUT and that processes are underway to make sure YOU GO DOWN TOO!!!...]

·       The Heterogony of Ends will keep on having the Final Say, until there is no say to be had... [Nostalgia for the Past can become the Graveyard of the Future...] [Divide and Conquer is how relatively tiny or small groups, from primitive secret societies to nations as Empires, and or both, go about obtaining and maintaining Power; whilst doing that however, other things, actions and reactions, are going on and ongoing... until... until... until... the possessor of power is itself, DISPOSSESSED.] [Give me the Rope, and I’ll Hang YOU!] [If the Timing is not right, not only are you OUT, but you are also GONE!] [One could half-jokingly, half-seriously take Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Woodrow Wilson's broad notion of the right of people to self-determination, approximately 100 years after their reigns and say that the said broad notion, properly modified, could apply to many nations today, including and starting with the United States of America... but including Russia, inter alia, too!!!...]

·       An X-Ray of the Human Condition Hurts A LOT, but does not necessarily reveal anything nice... ["You touch my Tribe, Animal!, and I'll do anything in my power to make YOU pay - even if I can't do anything..."] [Science cares not for Good and Evil, but Humans can't Live without them]

·       The tragic dimension in life, e.g.: two individuals of different backgrounds can be the best of friends and truly admire or even love each other as individual human beings, but if circumstances are such that one or both must take Sides, then the only Loyalty for an individual with a strong historical and or collective sense of being is to side with his grandparents and or his co-religionists, broadly understood, i.e. his TRIBE. [Any individual qua individual can have the best of relations with any other individual qua individual, but that can never alter the fact that every individual has some kind of a (simple or more nuanced, complex, differentiated,...) connection to the social, the cultural, and to the biological,... and,... that Human Social History is a History of Competing and Co-operating Groups and Individuals, and that the various Historical Outcomes until the next Outcomes, until... have NEVER and can NEVER be "Evenly and Fairly" distributed amongst all Groups and Individuals. THAT MEANS: he who Identifies with a Particular (Interpretation) of a Culture, Ultimately, not necessarily on a day-to-day basis, but perhaps Secretly, MUST SIDE WITH HIS TRIBE (whether it is the Western mass-democratic Tribe as Large Group or Collective with GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE Intra-Tribal Crystals, Crystallisations, Accumulations and Concentrations of forms of Power, or another more Ethnologically- and or Religiously- and or Racially- Centric Tribe within present-day mass-democratic "post-modernity". THAT MEANS: low-level or heightened TRIBAL (cultural and or ethnological and or racial) RIVALRY and or (a sort of bloodless and or actual) WARFARE is built in, in fact, "locked in", the Human Condition (denial of same simply means you want, quite naturally for a human, your understanding of current power relations to continue or "improve" ad infinitum, whilst being indifferent to or enthused by the Death of other Cultures, Ethne, Races,... AND... in the drunkenness of Present Success YOU FORGET that not only are the Heterogony of Ends in (very) slow, relatively slower or speedier Operation, BUT Others, the Other to YOU, want and wants YOU Defeated and or Dead] [Things are SO BAD, there is SO LITTLE HOPE of Salvation, that my MIND has started thinking, fantasising... about adapting Hellenism to Islam and Islam's Power, based on Asian-Arabic-African "Barbarian and or Ape" Biological, Racial, Demographic, Cultural, Religious,... present and or (potential) future DOMINANCE, but in reality what my HEART is doing is telling my BRAIN to try and CONVERT DEFEAT into VICTORY, whereas in the LAB of the Observation of Human Affairs it is quite CLEAR that ὁ Κύκλος Ἡμῶν Τελειοῖ ἤ μᾶλλον Ἐτελείωσε... ὄντως Τελεωθείς, Τετελειωμένος. The only Consolation NOW is to CURSE the Animals... CURSE the Ugly... CURSE the Disgusting, Revolting,... the Satanic... knowing ABSOLUTELY that their TURN is COMING, their TURN will COME TOO!!!] [Being Comatose, Semi-Dead or DEAD means that one is much worse than an Animal or an Ape or Ugliness or Satan Himself. One is literally (next to, almost) NOTHING] [Standing in the shoes... OOPS!... standing with the Feet on Earth of an Australian Aboriginal or an American Indian or Eskimo or... is what ALL PEOPLES, one way or another, sooner or (much, much, much) later, WILL HAVE TO DO, whether they See it, Understand it, OR NOT] [If I were given the Ridiculous and Impossible Choice of the non-Greek relatively white nations and (sub-)races surviving in Europe, but with Hellenism DEAD, or, Hellenism as Language and in part at least Culture Surviving, albeit in relatively or even totally brown/black Form, but with European relative whiteness DEAD, I would very easily CHOOSE THE LATTER, i.e. Hellenism Surviving. The Reality is though that over the following decades or century or two, neither will apply... (unless of course History and Historical Action Play (a) Funny and or Vicious Game or Games!... which of course they are more than capable of doing... provided people do things that...)...].

·       I always respect those who stand up for what they believe in and or what Group(s) they belong to, provided they are not RETARDED. The RETARDED I understand, but never respect. I always love all members of my Group if they are genuine in loving our Group, and hope that those who have left, whilst I don't expect it, come back. [I could in general and abstractly HATE Germans for killing directly or indirectly contributing to killing my Grandparents and for playing a not insignificant role in Turks/Ottomans/ Mohammedans and others slaughtering Greeks of Pontus, Asia Minor etc., or regarding other more recent German machinations in the Balkans against Greek and or Orthodox interests,... ditto re: the English and Cyprus, etc., etc., etc.,... but every individual in day-to-day interactions I judge on his or her merits specifically re: our interactions... similarly, one as a Roman, Greek, Hellene and as someone who is in awe of the Great Russian Writers, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, et al.,... and who is emotionally very inspired by Russian Orthodoxy since it is based in Roman, Greek, Hellenic Orthodoxy... NEVER FORGETS that States, Countries, Peoples,... have no Permanent Friends and Foes, act in their own (perceived) interests, and in History, Russia, not always, but also not infrequently, has been or acted like an actual Foe, or has been Indifferent, though at times has acted as a Friend too...]

·       The absolutely consistent scientist always seeks to identify and correct any errors, but never fears the truth and the limits of his knwoowledge, nor does he do any individual or group any favours whatsoever (even if in the capacity as a non-scientist he is a fanatical supporter of, or indifferent to, his own inherited and or adopted group). [Two people who ABSOLUTELY HATE, LOATHE, and DETEST each other, if they both want to describe and explain a social phenomenon scientifically, and if they both have the ability, can TOTALLY overlook and or suppress their emotions and (attempt to) engage in Science. When one practices Science one MUST defeat one's Passions, or rather, channel them in the purely and entirely non-normative, empirically verifiable, descriptive and explanatory DIRECTION.] [I always like to say to my son: "one can disagree with most or even everything Socrates and Plato have to say, but boy-oh-boy did they POSE THE QUESTIONS, SET THE ISSUES for Contemplation and Discussion!!! (And how much did Aristotle and especially Thucydides put us on our way to Science as the Scientific Observation of Human Affairs!!!)]

·       No society whatsoever, could possibly ever have any kind of social AND political need for P.K.'s work seen, and having been studied, in toto. In fact, even professional "thinkers" almost to a Man, Woman and IT, would never want to go anywhere near P.K.'s thought globally understood and appreciated... (only "connoisseurs or experts" in the outskirts of town, on the fringes, at the margins,...)... and THAT will NEVER change. In other words, Science as Scientific Observation of Human Affairs, observes, describes and explains, to the extent it can, human-social phenomena, WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR, whilst the Ideologues and or Cretins Propagandise their own and others' Lusts for Power over other People. Science qua Science is not interested in Power over other People. It is interested in what Is. As to the Ought, YOU WORK IT OUT! [[A Tale of Two Untold Realities: 1) A "loony" "ex- or still Hardline Communist Journalist (Δ. Κ.) recently (June 2018) mentioned (obviously thinking about Mao and MacArthur) that China is adding about the size of Italy in population every year because... and could it be that an Analyst of, as far as I can tell, Great Intelligence and Wisdom, who loves his Country and People (anyone who knows both Mandarin and Russian well is already Streets ahead of most, if not nearly all, other Experts/Hawks ("let's get them now while there is still time...")) is saying the same thing, only in very different words (about Trade Opportunities, for instance) http://nationalinterest.org/feature/chinas-naval-expansion-no-threat-26150?page=show&temp-new-window-replacement=true: if we nuclear-bomb China and they lose 600,000,000 people, and China nuclear-bombs us and we lose 150,000,000 people, then... WE HAVE LOST: THEREFORE: WE HAVE TO CONCEDE TERRITORY AND RULE IN OUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE: ANY OTHER CHOICE IS ABSOLUTE MADNESS (cf. Mearsheimer, referred to somewhere else in this Site, who is obviously NOT your average Mickey Mouse Analyst). 2) Southern Europe (I only really care about Southern Europe, Northern Europe doesn't interest me that much...), Take a look at the Map of Africa. Watch the tens and hundreds of Millions MOVE. If you don't become EXTREMELY RACIST and VERY SOON, you won't be able to even talk about a Brown Version of European Cultural Continuity - and if you add Arabia and (West) Asia, it is not a question of "Goody-Bye", but it's a question of "See you in HELL" probably before 2050, rather than 2100. The BULLSHIT is going to have to STOP, YESTERDAY.... Reality is MOVING]].

·   In P.K.’s case, a (total) lack of recognition is a sure sign of (total) success. Fame would be a

    Catastrophe. [Why on earth would anyone in his right mind seek Recognition from people he not only does not consider to be his people, but often inimical and or even repulsive, repugnant, disgusting,...?] [If P.K.'s work would be incinerated, sidelined, ignored or grossly deformed and misinterpreted in any social formation no matter how "free", how "liberal", how "democratic",... and if his work offers no solution to any problem outside of theory as the scientific observation of human affairs, what could possibly be the point of someone "worrying" about Recognition, Fame and Posterity, unless one was Incapable of Relativising Himself, Laughing at Himself and Laughing at the human-animal artificiality-naturalness of Himself and Others (whilst not enjoying and taking extreme pleasure in the (almost) exclusive knowledge gained and possessed whilst alive)?] 

·   If someone is in possession of Knowledge, as a whole, known to hardly anyone else, and if such Knowledge cannot Serve the Group of his choice, wouldn't he Logically want to Keep such Knowledge for himself to Enjoy and Take Pleasure in Exclusively at Peace, in Quiet? [One of the privileges of belonging to The Tribe of Tribes, i.e. to The Tribe which pound for pound produced the greatest in Thought and Art in All the Known History of Mankind, is that after about 2,500 years of Rise, Power Projection and Consolidation and then a very endearing Coda of about 800 years, of which I happened to be at the End with Him, i.e. with the Greatest High Culture and Demotic Culture known to Mankind - or at least comparatively not surpassed by anyone else - one can Look at and Live the End in Defeat in the Satisfaction of Knowing that the Others are and will always be Barbarians, at best, but in certain countries of current ascendancy Ugly, Disgusting, Tribalists of the NOTHING, who will either be SMASHED by the Orient or by the Southern or Proximate Ape. My Heroes are so many, that I could live countless lives in Defeat and still have something to do. Ὁ Καντακουζηνὸς μὲ Ἐμψυχώνει, ὁ Καντακουζηνὸς μὲ Ἀπελευθερώνει.]

·   Interpretations can land copiers and or creators in galaxies far, far away. [Voice of a Spirit: "Don't let them ever take me away" ... "if they can't jump over the Hurdle, and then the Bar, it's better to throw it all away"...]

·   When one's World is Gone and one's Tribe is Dead, all that Remains is to Point the Bone, Curse and Swear,... Μούντζωμα, Φασκέλωμα,... and be, as Free as can be - if it were Our Time, then we wouldn't have ever engaged in Science, we would have wielded Power and celebrated our Culture in Collective Strength as Our (cultural and or racial) Ancestors Did. Science is for Intellectual Masturbators. Life is for the Really Truly Powerful. 

·   Λήθη means the End.

·        Σολωμὸς ἐδίδαξεν ὅτι μέσα στὴν ἧττα ὑπάρχει νίκη, ἀρκεῖ νὰ τὴν εὕρῃς μὲ ψυχὴ καθαρὰν καὶ φρόνημα ἑλληνικόν... ἑνὸς ἐλευθέρου πεπολιορκημένου... [ Παπαδιαμάντης, Κᾶλβος, Καβάφης, ὁ Παλαμᾶς, ὁ Σικελιανός, ὁ Καζαντζάκης, ὁ Ἐλύτης, ὁ Σεφέρης,... ἐπίσης ὁδηγοῦν εἰς τὸν Σοφοκλήν, τὸν Αἰσχῦλον, Εὐριπίδην, Ἀριστοφάνην, τὴν Σαπφῶ,... τὸν Πίνδαρον καὶ τὸν Ὅμηρον. Εἰς τὴν ἡσυχίαν. Τέλος καὶ τῷ Θεῷ Δόξα. Ἀμήν.]

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