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[κᾶνε τὸ καλό, καὶ ρῖξτο στὸ γιαλό...]

[Whether it's the Real Eye in the Sky or the State or Tribal Panopticon, Someone is Always Watching]

[If P.K. had produced his works c. 600 A.D. when we Ruled the Oikoumene, he probably would have been thrown into the Fire]

[In Our Age, IT is literally the Medusa, or Lernaean Hydra, which every time you think you're slaying it, (in the Real World, not in Theory - in Theory you can Win until the Cows Come Home, but hardly anyone else will ever notice or hear about it), it pops up again in the same or another form. It literally Appears Everywhere - in some form or another. And when our Age is Over, and IT finally DIES, we shall already be GONE, or we shall GO DOWN with IT. That's why the "If you can't beat them, join them" saying is so powerful. That's why people who often know about IT, simply do join them, or decide to tend to their chickens, goats, garden - my Ancient Ancestors even, kind of, foresaw their survival and arrival again - but the slaying will belong to others. We are too far GONE. And even if you enjoy some "recognition or fame", it will only be for the purpose of being a further SmokeScreen, Pawn, "Holocaust" in ITS games of Power and Control]

[When the Devil goes into battle with the Devil, the Devil wins...]

[The Inability to Wield Real Power, Frees the Conscience to Seek, not Make, the Truth]

[Tribal Warriors! Attention! You and your Tribe are going to Die TOO!]

[If the long-term, century-long or more Strategy or Plan of, and Patience for, National Independence, Consolidation, Development and Power Projection initiated by Mao and Boosted by Deng et al. is Pulled Off, then World History will Record who the Greatest Leaders of all time were, and which the Greatest Nation.]

[In the event that there is no Greatest Nation of All Time, quite possibly, the Monkey, the Ape and the Gorilla will make a HUGE COMEBACK!]

[The Actions and Reactions of the Christian Churches in Recent Times Tell ME that they are Preparing, Paving the Way for the Ascension of the Ape and the Kingdom of Darkness. The Flea also Knows that even if they do finally Build their Temple, it will be SWATTED too.]









"Hay golpes en la vida, tan fuertes... ¡Yo no sé!" is a line from a poem that applies to all humans everywhere, written by one of the 20th century's greatest poets, and I feel very proud to refer to him, given that I have travelled emotionally with his poetry for a number of decades now!


[Whilst I fully understand (incl. as an ex-barrister), respect and abide by all legal definitions of “racism”, “sexism”, “anti-x, y, z -ism”, "discrimination", "equality", "hate", "marriage", "refugee", etc.,... in accordance with each and every jurisdiction in which such definitions are enforced and apply to me, as a “philosopher” I have a duty to my conscience and ultimately to the “spirit of Socrates” to conceptually-scientifically clarify any terms I choose to clarify (there are many key terms in relation to which I do not always make clear distinctions as to differentia specifica (e.g. race, people, ethnos, nation, tribe, clan,...) because I have neither the time nor the patience, and because such definitions are (like most concepts) prone to situation-specific (historical) variance, but not the (near) total changing of content, in any event,... though I do distinguish fairly clearly between (social) “democracy”, “socialism”, “conservatism”, “liberalism”, “feudalism”, “capitalism”, “mass society”, (Western) “mass democracy”, “communism”, “fascism”, “national socialism”, etc.,...). Also: I know what's done is done, that there is no turning back, and that the future belongs to others, as does the now. I know all that. Fully, Totally, Absolutely. It doesn't mean I shall ever like it, or can do anything about it...] 



Take care,












Nothing within this page or on this site

overall is the product of Panagiotis

Kondylis's thought and work unless it is

a faithful translation of something 

Kondylis wrote. Any conclusions drawn

from something not written by 

Panagiotis Kondylis (in the form of an 

accurate translation) cannot constitute 

the basis for any valid judgement or 

appreciation of Kondylis and his work. 

(This disclaimer also applies, mutatis 

mutandis, to any other authors and 

thinkers linked or otherwise referred to, on

and within all of this website). 













(The fact that you place even the slightest weight on my comments, and not all weight on P.K.'s writings, indicates to me that you have not understood, and are probably not capable of understanding, anything of scientific value...)

Introductory Thoughts

There can be no (extreme) Love and Identity without (an Object of) (extreme) Hate and Counter-Identity.


Culture depends Absolutely (but not only) on Nature. Nature does not need Culture.


Without Evil and Satan (Personified) on this Earth, there can be no Light.


The Bubble around the Slogan “Love Everyone” succeeds in concealing the Tangible Interests in Money and or other forms of Power puffing up the Bubble. All Bubbles, eventually, BURST.


Appearance is the Excuse for, and Veil of, Presence (Controlling, Dominating and Grabbing).


If Someone is being Nice to you, you’d better make sure they’re not targeting or cheating you.


The expectation that a THAT must be an “anti-THIS” is a sign a) of extremely limited ability in cognition, or b) someone Sinister is doing some fairly Vicious Content Control.


If you don’t like what you are watching, hearing, reading,... do something you like far away from those faces, voices, words.


You wanted a Dead (Christian) God, an Industrial (and French) Revolution, Massification, Atomisation and Urbanisation (Secularisation) (“Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress”) – so you GOT what you DESERVE.

There can be no "real" Appreciation of Beauty without Full Immersion in 



Answering ALL QUESTIONS that don’t let you sleep or rest, means you have Defeated IT.


Human Life, i.e. Restraint, allows not Absolute Freedom ever. Relative Freedom belongs to him who can above all else, especially above Recognition and Fame, set his Spirit (Intellect and Emotions) Free.



“Even if things are as you say they are, what alternative do you have to propose that is practicable, fair and better?”



Kondylis, Thucydides, Homer. [But Rest Assured, Others will Think and DO differently – sooner or later, even if much later and or not those who are Expected...]

Please do not draw any (hasty) conclusions from a few phrases or excerpts on this page, if you do read it. I can assure readers that if you read all, or most, of this page carefully, I am NOT advocating any Normative-Political Programme, Course of Action,... [and when I do, e.g. inadvertently or implicitly, I am scientifically in error and being carried away by my Emotions, Tastes, Preferences, Prejudices,...]... but rather I am trying to understand present-day Western society, whilst also taking into account my own preferences, likes/ dislikes, life history, identity (identities), etc.. I am not a politician, and it is for the politicians along with the people, and peoples, and other interest groups, to steer every community, region, country, state, nation, "humanity" etc., to wherever "they are going". Personally, I have had productive and meaningful encounters, friendships, relationships,... with people from all walks of life and mean no harm to anyone or any group. However, Reality is Reality, and Reality, "the truth", will be told,... to the extent we can know it... and always with a will and a thirst and a hunger to identify and correct any errors... and some or many people WILL be "offended"... but creating an intellectual environment, as it were, for challenging thought and challenged reflection is one of the most effective ways of both Facing Facts (in toto, not selectively) and Escaping, albeit only temporarily, from Ideology...

In other words: when we are defending and promoting the Values (Norms, Rules, Laws,...) we believe are Best in order to ensure the greatest possible degree of Social Cohesion and Social Order (even if Imagined as Utopia), along with the concomitant Social Disciplining, we are doing what nearly everyone does, to a great or lesser extent, in all spheres and at all levels of Life (i.e. engaging in Polemics against our (perceived) Foes (Enemies) based on some kind of Normative Value-Bias we Uphold and Support (often up to (nearly) "at all costs", since our very Identity is tied up in such Normative Value-Bias)). When, however, the Goal is Science, i.e. the Observation (Description, Explanation) of Human Affairs, in the strictest possible sense, we MUST be Value-Neutral or Value-Free in the sense of non-Normative and have as our Single and Permanent Guide Empirical Reality/Verification and Absolute Logical Consistency (as well as the ability to put our Guide to use, e.g. in identifying Causalities, Regularities, etc., etc., etc.) (i.e. we are engaged in Polemics against all Normatively Value-Biassed Positions). I, for instance, politically might be somewhere between Leonidas and Pericles, i.e. between the Old Left and the New (or "Alt-") Right, but as a social scientist, I fully understand that just as valid a Proposal for Society is any Combination of Values different to my Values, no matter what shape or form they come in, or with what content (e.g. Society as an "Open Rainbow Society" where the Great Majority or Everyone is Gay, Trans, Fluid, Coloured, in Love with Blacks, Muslims and Jews (who “just happen” to hold at least 80% of all Elite Positions of "soft", "hard" or any other kind of significant Power), Drug-Addicted, full of Tattoos and Piercings, Sick with S.T.D.s, without Borders of any kind whatsoever,... or,... e.g. a "Closed White Society" which is "Fully and Purely" White, without Miscegenation, Mongrels, Negroes, Homosexuals, Mohammedans, Hebrews, and has Fully Sealed Borders and is a "Homogen(e)ous" Tribal Homeland, hitherto Unknown in Human History,... and which has No Hesitation in using Mass State Violence Against whomever and whatever it considers to be the Other and or a Threat,...  etc., etc., etc.,... )... If such Societies ever came into existence, then the Social Scientist, irrespective of his Values at a personal level, would have to examine, apart from what these Societies respectively Are and how they got There, inter alia: a) what such societies' respective Values and main Modes of Social Disciplining, Dominant and Opposing Ideologies,... are, and, b) to what extent such Societies achieve Social Coherence and Social Order. A Social Scientist could also, if he wanted to, consider the Future Prospects of such Societies... but more as form and possibilities than as specific predictions of future Events and Happenings... Furthermore, a True Social Scientist (i.e. Observer of Human Affairs) in the Complete Sense of the Term, Kondylis (not Me), would Refrain Absolutely and Completely from Insinuations not Commensurate with Reality (Facts), and would always seek to use as ideology-free terminology as is humanly possible... (and won't, on occasion, get carried away by his emotions, including jealousy of more successful Tribes than his own...)...

[If the ruminations on this "Translator’s Page" have any value, it is to show explicitly the difference in level, content, comprehensiveness, depth,... of analysis, and in style, of Kondylis compared to someone of average ability trying to be “smart” like a typical “blogger”, for instance... the chasm, the gulf is truly VAST, but it might be worth exploring in the constant struggle for self-improvement before mortality has the final say...

This Page probably should be of greatest interest to my son, my stepdaughters and other young(ish) (wo)men of (mixed) Greek descent of the Diaspora... Here, we are (notionally-didactically) vulgarising, simplifying, "crudifying" (always compared to Kondylis and the Highest Humanly Possible Standard), in order to Slay the Five (5) Main Holy Cows (Dragons or Daemons) of Western Mass Democracy (Women (Females), Negroes (Blacks), Homosexuals ("Degenerates", Deviants or "the Mentally Ill", seen subjectively and in part objectively), Mohammedans (Muslims), Jews (Hebrews, Israelites)), i.e. "misogyny", "racism", "homophobia", "Islamophobia" and "anti-Semitism" are to be scientifically-conceptually DE-CONSTRUCTED (Ha! Ha! Ha!) and Thought Sent in the Right Descriptive and Explanatory Direction WITHOUT PROMOTING ANY (SPECIFIC PARTY-POLITICAL) NORMATIVE PROGRAMME whatsoever... and SO WE CAN SIT OUTSIDE OF FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS/IDEOLOGY... whilst fully recognising that a society can choose to treat the aforesaid Five Holy Cows in terms of "equality", "affirmative action", "not to be talked about except in a "good and sympathetic" light" as if they are "special" kinds of hypostatised, or "deified", "untouchable", humans, who never self-interestedly seek, obtain and wield Power,... and should never ever be criticised, because x, y and z has happened to them (as if x, y and z hasn't happened in one form or another to those who are being prohibited, controlled, censored, even gaoled,...),... etc., etc., etc.,... and "sees" sex, colour, religion,... only where it wants to, and as it suits a particular ideological-normative programme with clear content-laden and value-biassed demarcations between friend/foe, love/hate,... in orgies of Power Claims and Lust for Power (control of entry into and continuing participation in Elite Circles)... (as all societies do)... if that's what a particular society wants and or is made to do... If there will not be Hellenic or Helleno-Roman Supremacism, then there will be another Supremacism, vice versa, etc., etc., etc.,... Value-free, non-normative, objective, scientific thought and observation (description and explanation) is neither Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Centre(-Wing), Hellenic, Hebraic, (Black) African, Homosexual, Mohammedan, White (Germanic, English, French,...), Christian, Asian (Yellow, Brown), Hindu (Buddhist), Animistic, Latin American, Ideological (Theological, Metaphysical,...), Heterosexual, Male and certainly not Female... It is what it is (as an outwardly very attractive young lady of a Mediterranean gene pool and of the "world's oldest Profession" once told me...) - This Page was Written mostly c. December 2017 based on Thoughts had and entertained over the previous decade or so... any interest in Greek (Hellenic, Helleno-Roman) Power and Survival is based on "Existential Bonds", and once brought up, moves thinking into the Normative Field, and Away from Absolutely Consistent and Dispassionate Observation, Description, Explanation, Science,... BUT always with the intention of being Realistic and to not Leave or Abandon Absolute Realism in order to Move in the Stratospheres of Ideological and Utopian Thinking, Utopianism, Utopia,... Cretinism, Moronism, Imbecility, Stupidity, Folly, Lunacy, Madness, Idiocy, Intellectual Disability, Mental Deficiency and Retardation = Retardism... False Consciousness/Ideology... Any cultural "critique" or expression of aesthetic likes/dislikes is of course purely subjective in the sense of "a matter of taste", as ultimately ALL VALUES are...] 

It's so easy to lapse into Normativism, one's own Identity, Cultural and Aesthetic Preferences, Prejudice, Misrepresentation, Error,... Fantasies of Power,... In fact, it's Natural... [if there are errors, as most certainly there are, then they'll need to be identified and corrected...]

Translators Plea for Clemency:

“I’m entitled to, i.e. I grant myself, some Entlastung too!”

Dedicated to my Parents, with Respect:

"You can uproot the Flesh, but You cannot uproot the Spirit with

 Strong, Long Roots"...

"The Ithacan and the Florentine demonstrated the Greatest Love (End

 Point) that Gives Meaning (Home): Πρόγονοι, Progenitori, Πατρίς,


Ἡ ἡσυχία (τους) σημαίνει ὅτι εἴτε δὲν σὲ διαβάζει κανείς, εἴτε σὲ διαβάζουν καὶ δὲν ἠμποροῦν, δὲν δύνανται νὰ ἀπαντήσουν, ἐκτὸς ἄν θέλουν νὰ φανοῦν γελοῖοι, καὶ ἐν γνώσει τους, δέν...

A social phenomenon (e.g. power crystallisations) may be of no or little (macro-historical) causal significance, yet it might provoke outrage, revulsion or even (aggressive) Disgust.

No-one is Usually to Blame, particularly for a Collective (Group, Tribe, Nation,...) and probably not always so often in the case of the (mature) individual, for one's State or for where one Ends Up (until the next Change or Death), other or more than OneSelf. 

Never Forget: As to Content, there is NO set formula. A human society will have people of some kind of mix of race(s) (and ethnicity-ethnicities), relatively homogeneous to relatively heterogeneous. Human societies hitherto have been usually divided roughly evenly between men and women, but that can change, particularly if technology allows for reproduction regardless of the sexual composition as to distribution of the society in question. History Teaches: Values are Relative - Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Mass Killing up to Ethnocide and Genocide, Torture, Corporal Punishment, Stoning, (mass) Rape, certain forms of Incest, sexual intercourse between adults and adolescents, the treatment of wives and daughters as chattels, hunger, starvation, mass death through the spread of disease, having 10 or even 20 children per couple (but with relatively high infant mortality), having no child, very few divorces to relatively few traditional marriages, "same sex marriage", "poofter" bashing and or imprisonment and or execution, or homosexual activism and parades in full public view and the promotion of “degeneracy” to very young children in schools, Slavery, Wage Slavery, Serfdom, Super-Exploitation, relatively strictly separate but interacting in certain roles social classes (e.g. belonging to an Oikos or Estate), home duties (and work outside of the home) for women, child labour, Conquering, Humans as Exhibits in Circuses, Potential or Actual (steps towards) Auto-Genocide, deification and mythologisation up to ignorance or vilification of one's ancestors and collective history, believing in Spirits, God(s), Equality and other such Phantasms, Inanities and Fairy Tales; having amongst one's nation's elites, elites and billionaires who are grossly disproportionately of a particular very small minority religion and ethnic group/race; imprisoning people for engaging in a "distasteful" joke, or even speaking their mind; millions and millions and millions watching Television and buying, consuming "Junk"; living with a sense of Honour and Shame (= relatively stronger collective consciousness), or living for the "freedom" to please one's senses and impulses (and or even mind) without any or few inhibitions (= relatively stronger individualistic consciousness) - though matters aren't that simple given e.g. that in a massified and atomised society great "Shame" can attach to those deemed to be engaged in "Evil", etc.; living to 80 or 90 or 100 years old based on taking 20 pills per day for the last 20 to 50 years of one's life; zero, one, two or dozens and dozens and dozens of sex partners, the continual popping of pills to treat all ills, massive Linguistic and or more general Cultural (relative) Continuity-Homogeneity and or (relative) Change-Heterogeneity, specific forms of various kinds of Individual and or Group (relative) Discrimination and or (relative) Inclusion; living nomadically, living in caves, villages and towns in the country, living in massive cities,... etc., etc., etc.,... can all seem NORMAL (even as an exception) to different peoples in different epochs. Human Societies and History OWE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ANYONE. Humans, as (varying) Groups and as (varying in Roles) Individuals, Act and React, with various elements of Hierarchy and various elements of Equality. Ultimately, it's all up to Human Inter-Action (incl. weaponised Ideas as Ideologies up to physical violence) and Humans' relationship with Nature. And: Today's Victors, WILL BE Tomorrow's Vanquished - whether that happens Sooner or (much, much, much...) Later...

[Kondylis refers to Tönnies and a psychological understanding of the existence of enmity (and identity) incl. in relation to "alienness (strangeness)", "anger", "hate", "fear" and "disgust" etc., with the ideology of "community" eventually overcoming "society" in a philosophy of history which cannot accept a non-normative value-neutral, eschatology-neutral, social-ontological understanding of society and identity, since its Telos as a variation on a particular Utopia/Fantasy/Phantasm/Ideology, and "alienness (strangeness)", "anger", "hate", "fear" and "disgust" etc. are phenomena which manifest themselves on all sides, even though such a psychological understanding does not want to admit so, and because it wants to be in control and wield (forms of) Power... at S. 293-294, Das Politische und der Mensch (= pp. 567-570, The Political and Man). It is very interesting to note who are some of the main proponents of variations of the Tonniesian "view of the world" throughout the 20th century until today (particularly in relation to the centre of English-speaking Dominance and Power Projection), which ultimately is a variation of the ancient Religion which, inter alia, informs Christianity, Mohammedanism, "Social Justice" movements - all, of various kinds, shades, nuances, differentiations,... depending on the Situation and Correlation of Forces on each and every respective occasion (Tönnies's actual social-ethical inspiration is dealt with in König, R., „Die Begriffe Gesellschaft und Gemeinschaft bei Ferdinand Tönnies“, p. 373, in Zs. für Soziologie u. Sozialpsychologie 7 (1955), pp. 348-420). Also very interesting is that sociometrics/sociometry took from formal sociology the notion of "association/dissociation" and "christened" it "attraction/repulsion" in order to place an emphasis on "love and hate" and thus disappoint v. Wiese, who correctly saw that the psychologisation of social theory sidelines what happens between people in favour of what is going on in people, and in the process, there would be a neglecting of "acts" and "situations" [which to me = analyses more prone to ideologisation, mono-causation, one's own power-claim concealment,... and of course... Retardism... or Tribalism for Me, but not for Thee... i.e. he who defends the status quo, because he himself and or his group gains from it, or criticises the status quo, because he himself and or his group is losing from it, paint reality as a battle between "Good and Evil", "Love and Hate", and of "deficient and or repressed etc. psychological states of mind", etc.,... when the consistent and prescient observer of human affairs knows that whilst social reality is, inter alia, exactly that, "Good and Evil", "Love and Hate" cannot exist without each other, and that different individuals and groups interpret them differently according to (Meaning-Understanding,) Identity and Power] (The "labyrinth of love and hate" is simply sociometry's vulgarisation (and psychological orientation) in respect of formal sociology's association and dissociation, which in terms of social-human theory, correctly focused on action and situations between humans rather than, as already mentioned, psychological states of mind) (see Das Politische und der Mensch, S. 297 = pp. 576-577, The Political and Man) [[this of course conveniently ties into the ideology of “Western mass democracy is not only going to last forever, but will also always get better with more Diversity and Equality” bullshit, and other lobotomised inanities...]].] [Cf. loc. cit., S. 302 = p. 586 = the (peaceful) conflict "the system" can accept is that whose outcome is accepted by all sides, i.e. (me, not Kondylis =) Western mass democracies "need to crack down" just as much on "extreme" white or even not so white "nationalists" or even national (ethno-)patriots, as they do upon Sharia Law and Caliphate advocates and warriors, whilst in an albeit uneven-handed manner leaving room for "multi-culturalism's diversity" and common law or constitutional "freedom of expression" and other "liberties"... [= potentially, a "system" in (very deep) crisis]] ["If one did not know the political preferences of the theoreticians of the “open” system, then one would have to be surprised why they covered up and clouded such serious shortcomings with a disproportionally strong self-consciousness, and in particular they celebrated the (limited or qualified) rehabilitation of conflict as an important and significant theoretical renewal." (loc. cit., S. 303 = pp. 587-588). I wonder what that means, I wonder to whom the author is referring? HahahahaHa!!!] [The Argument could be made, not without foundation, that partially and GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY Tribally led Western societies of recent decades, on the back of many, many, many decades of Super-Exploitation of indigenous Whites and Coolies, Browns, Yellows, Blacks,... have provided material well-being on a mass scale hitherto unknown in human history, and this could be proffered as an argument in favour of continued GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE Tribal involvement amongst the Elites, i.e. that The Tribe, is GOOD for us, so to speak... the way Reality works though is - and history teaches as much - right at this minute the Heterogony of Ends is AT WORK, and either through internal to the "system" convulsions and or Geo-Political Happenings and or Technological Change and or further mass invasions,... Western mass democracies, either in 50 or 500 or in 5,000 (highly unlikely!) years, as the case may be, will CHANGE, and certain Tribal Warriors of a certain Tribe - in fact, perhaps all of the, for many, Aesthetically Repellent - Collectively Seen, as a totally Subjective Matter of Taste - Tribe, will get what they or it "DESERVE(S)"...]

Political typology in the West under the gaze of Panagiotis Kondylis

Original Greek:

Πολιτικὴ τυπολογία ἐν τῇ Δύσει ὑπὸ τὸ βλέμμα τοῦ Παναγιώτου (Χαλκο)Κονδύλου


Given that Reinhart Koselleck, talking about (his student) Kondylis (who dedicated Conservatism (Konservativismus) to Conze) after Kondylis's death, thought of Werner Conze as "our common teacher in social history" [1], and if one begins to read some of Conze's historical-scientific work, it becomes patently clear that someone's scientific life work cannot be judged (exclusively or even primarily) based on what regime someone lived under (for a certain period of time) and what regime, along with its ideological programmes and policies, he may or may not have supported, and whether he served in a particular Army as he had to and as his Fatherland, rightly or wrongly, called upon him to do so, as was the case with other Imperialist and Middle and Minor Powers of the time, or whether he may or may not have made errors in some of his historical studies (he was a human after all)! If Reinhart Koselleck is one of the greatest or most important historians of the 20th century, which obviously he is, based on his historical-scientific work, and notwithstanding some more than questionable theses(!), then Werner Conze is arguably the GREATEST historian of the 20th century only for his substantial involvement in the Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe. Historisches Lexikon zur politisch-sozialen Sprache in Deutschland (macro-historical interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on a number of (all relevant) social (sociological) factors combining-interacting with politics in accordance with the concrete situation; the actual practice of the founding and distinguishing of a concept vis-à-vis content, other concepts and different understandings across or even at the same time (regardless of whether the initial impetus for the "modern application" of such an approach came from Koselleck in a (Heideggerian/ontology-inspired) critique of historicism (finality, man/woman, master/slave, parent(s)/child(ren), "inner/outer" geopolitical concepts)..., or... Schmitt or..., etc.)[2], and his positive influence overall on the historical science practised by Koselleck and Kondylis. (Both of my grandfathers, whom I never met, were murdered by or died because of the regime in question and one of my great-grandfathers died in the World War prior to the regime in question because of certain countries' imperialism, and my other direct ancestors, whom I also never met, were all extremely adversely affected (including hunger, illness, extreme pauperisation, etc.), and died prematurely, like millions and millions and millions of other Europeans in the 20th century, but that does not preclude me from judging scholarship as scholarship). [Something similar applies to the great Otto Brunner as well!] ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! END OF STORY.

[1] Reinhart Koselleck, «Παναγιώτης Κονδύλης», speech given by Koselleck, 20 November 2000, at the Goethe-Institut, Athens, Greece, translated from German into Greek by Kostas Koutsourelis in: Κονδύλης Παναγιώτης, Μελαγχολία και Πολεμική. Δοκίμια και Μελετήματα, Θεμέλιο, Αθήνα, 2002, p. 16. The German text is Reinhart Koselleck: "Kondylis' Beiträge zu den "Geschichtlichen Grundbegriffen" [= Kondylis's contribution to the "Basic Historical Concepts"]", S. 1-14 (without the speech's opening words/paragraph) in Horst, Falk (Hg.): Panajotis Kondylis - Aufklärer ohne Mission. Aufsätze und Essays. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag (Juli) 2007, xi+198 S., which states in the footnote on p. 1 that the speech was given in the Autumn of 1998, almost immediately after Kondylis's death, not in 2000 - unless of course the speech was given twice.
[2] A very good introduction or point of orientation regarding Koselleck et al. for English-language readers is: Ms Malin Dahlstrom, review of Olsen Niklas, History in the Plural: An Introduction to the Work of Reinhart Koselleck, (review no. 1276) http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/review/1276?temp-new-window-replacement=true

(Another example: Yasujirō Ozu participated militarily as a conscript in the Japanese occupation of China, from 1937 to 1939. Who knows what crimes, atrocities and abominations he may or may not have witnessed, turned a blind eye to, or even participated in? Whatever the truth, what relevance could his military service possibly have in relation to, in my opinion - and not only in my opinion - cinema's greatest artist and most emotionally sensitive story teller, particularly of the family drama or saga?)... (Are we going to judge James Stewart the actor, who played in some of the greatest movies of 20th century America, as a "bad actor" because he served his country, in what to me seems absolutely inexcusably, in Vietnam, a country I have a strong personal bond with and great affection for, when Stewart was in his late 50s and obviously did not have to?)... Does one's opinion of Karl Marx (and Engels) diminish as to their points of analytical greatness just because they supported the English-French Imperialist Occupation of Piraeus (bringing with it the deaths of some 3,000 Greeks from Imperialist Troop Cholera) or were silent about Holocausts by Turks against Cretan-Greek and other Balkan peoples in their Resistance to Mohammedan-Ottoman Occupation, and were explicitly anti-Hellene (anti-Russian, anti-Balkan/Orthodox and pro-Ottoman as allies of "progressive" English Imperialism) from the time of the Crimean War c. 1854 (in e.g. articles written for The New York Daily Tribune)?... Obviously not... [interestingly c. 1890, Kautsky, Bernstein and Luxemburg were against Liebknecht's Marx-Engels German S.P.D. and Bismarckian pro-Turkish anti-Hellenic, anti-Balkan/ Orthodox/Russian stance... Marx and Engels (post Crimean War) wrongly attributed 1821-1830 solely to Greek bourgeois-commercial and foreign (English/French/Russian) elements, and downplayed or totally ignored the role of Greek peasants both as oppressed, at least at times, by, and as fighters against, Ottomanism... owing to Marx and Engel's rather silly over-simplistic, at least in some respects, economism and almost stupid "Progressive" Philosophy of History... the Marxistic(-Gellnerian)-Hobsbawmian view of nations arising from the development of an internal unifying market and bourgeoisie post or not long before Westphalia, can form the basis for a definition of "nation", but ultimately is almost moronic, given that (at least aspects of) Jewish, Greek, Han-Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindu, French, Germanic, Italic, Hispanic, English etc. civilisation and related peoples, tribes, clans,... existed up to many centuries and even millennia before the modern nation as nation-state... and without such "pre-national" civilisational and racial, ethnic, ethnological, religious, cultural,... pre-existence, there could never have been "nations" in the first place... when Greeks united against Trojans or Persians, or held Olympic Games only for Greeks, does that not suggest a "nation' broadly defined (notwithstanding Civil Wars and "going Barbarian")? Similar things can be said about many other civilisations and peoples... I personally don't agree with Marx's view that Jews were not a nation because in the 19th century they did not have their own territory and one language, but were scattered and unified only by religion. Their religion and at least in part cultural and or racial distinctness as separateness made them exactly what, if e.g. at that time a Frenchman or German was mainly white and Catholic (or Protestant), as the case may be, or a Han Chinaman was (descended) from Han Chinamen with Han Chinese linguistic, dialectic and other cultural characteristics, vis-à-vis someone non-Jewish? Of course, any individuals or groups of individuals can assimilate into other and or host cultures voluntarily and or by coercion, but some sort of distinctness can also be maintained over many generations. With definitions one can "muck around until the cows come home"... sometimes different definitions apply to the same concept, for good or ill, and if for ill, well, that's the way of people, including scholars... that does not mean though that one should not try to be clear as to what one is talking about... from Luxemburg to Lenin to Mao and the peasants and national liberation... jump forward a few decades or about a century or so, hardly no peasants, or proletarians, left in the West... and hardly no West left, comparatively speaking...

"...in particular, Weber seems to me above all to be a lofty example of intellectual(-spiritual) ethos, grounded in a passion for the truth, even when its price is psychologically high, because it means the detachment from every hope fed by illusions".

“.... The concrete causes and more precise circumstances of these vacillations (fluctuations), and endangering of political friendship, to be investigated, are though, the matter of history and sociology, and this matter has, as is known, also occupied the historian and sociologist Aristotle”. 

“In the transition from the liberalism of the 19th century to the mass

democracy of the 20th century, western societies evade this tug of war as 

follows: mass democracy relies on mass production and mass

consumption, that is, domination over Nature has reached a point that an

unprecedented in human history overcoming of the shortage of goods is

ensured (safeguarded). This overcoming blunts the problem of

distribution in its old elemental sense and correspondingly permits a most

significant slackening in the sector of values, where indeed pluralism

constitutes a stance which directly assists the consumerist appetite of the

masses and corresponds, at the ideational level, with the diversity of

supply at the material level; consumption becomes a value and values

become consumer goods. However, such an ending of the European New

Times does not at all mean the finding of a conclusive equilibrium. As

mass democracy becomes a planetary social formation, uprooting

traditional hierarchies in the extra-Western realm as well, and converting

billions of people into impatient consumers, the problem of distribution is

broadened and sharpened (exacerbated), and indeed in circumstances of 

serious demographic and ecological encumbrance (on the planet). The

planetary expansion of mass democracy means of course further

expansion of the pantheon or rather the pandemonium of values, but at

the same time the struggles over distribution impose a recourse to

symbolic weapons, that is, the limitation of value pluralism. World

pluralism is only guaranteed by world felicity (pluralism is the ideology

of satiated felicity: the hungry do not respect the values of those who are

satiated), but this (world felicity), to an extreme (a sufficient) degree, is

impossible. The 21st century will be a century of clashes between

planetary Titans and Giants.

Thus, whether European values will be absorbed by world pluralism or

whether a new shortage of goods will negate pluralism, the European

New Times belongs to the past. The liberal and European epoch was one 

thing, and the mass-democratic and planetary era is something else. 

Some believe that the planetary dissemination of Western technology

(technique) will bring about the imposition of Western values and life

stances (attitudes to life). However, modern technology (technique) is

world-theoretically colourless and, when it will have become a self-

evident common denominator as the plough once was, we shall see it - we

already see it - combined with the most different world-theoretical and

value positionings. Others again believe that the initial humanitarian plan

of the European New Times is still uncompleted and can be completed

today on a planetary scale cleansed of the mistakes or the arrogance

(superciliousness) of the (colonial) past. They remind me of the educated

idolaters of the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D., who believed that, by ridding

paganism of its childhood illnesses and naiveties, they would render it a

viable ideological basis for a radically different world.” 

"Peace does not mean conflictlessness (i.e. a lack or absence of conflict), but merely the use of means, “which do not consist in actual physical violence (or states of being violent)”. Consequently, Weber comes to the same conclusion which Clausewitz had already drawn on the basis of similar considerations on the texture (composition, constitution or nature) of social living together (i.e. co-existence). Peace and war, the General opined, do not necessarily differ from each other with regard to goals (ends), but specifically with regard to the means used. The application of violence constitutes the specific feature of war exactly because peace is no conflict-free state of affairs; if peace were this conflict-free state of affairs, then war and conflict would be synonymous, and the equating of peace with conflictlessness (i.e. an absence or lack of conflict) would, for its part, make the coming into being of war incomprehensible: because out of what would wars come into being in general if not out of conflicts in the state of peace?"

"Every scientific theory should first explain those 

phenomena which contradict it".

I say: "'philosophers' find themselves in the ridiculous, 

ludicrous position of thinking that they can change the 

world, when the best they can do, apart from 

buttressing and soothing their Egos, is (mis)interpret 

it ((non-)scientifically). The world changes due to 

many concrete, situational factors and forces, 

causae, pertaining to human interaction way beyond, 

though perhaps including some, 'philosophy', 

and always under the threat and operation of the 

Heterogony of Ends. If all the intellectual 

labours and endeavours of the great 

thinkers and artists and interpreters of human 

culture and the human condition from ancient Greece 

and Rome to Christian and Secular Europe, and briefly 

in North America, until 1998, the year of Kondylis's 

death, amount to absolutely nothing in the face of 

impending Western biological-genetic and 

and cultural (auto-)genocide, why would anyone now 

seek Fame and Fortune in the name of the West when 

the Path being followed by the West, 

grossly disproportionately, but of course not 

exclusively or even necessarily mostly, 

Tribally led, is one of near certain Self-Destruction and 

perhaps even total Effacement of all the uniquely Great 

Work Done?" [= essentially, most "great and not so great philosophers" err as to human affairs because they (tend to) separate language and self-referential linguistic usage from concrete social and political reality, which can only be properly understood via a broad understanding of history throughout centuries and even millennia... that is why Thucydides, Machiavelli, Montaigne, Hobbes, Montesquieu, Clausewitz, Marx, Weber, Aron, Conze, Koselleck, Kondylis and relatively few others - to the extent they studied man in history and did not go off on Utopian Delusions of Grandeur, as Marx did at his worst - stand apart from many other "great philosophers" who often trapped themselves in the labyrinths of language and logic, without saying anything or saying very or relatively little of scientific value... i.e. even if they raised certain important issues, if they haven't been raised before, which is almost invariably the case, they could have been raised with far fewer words!!! Think of e.g. in the 20th century Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Wittgenstein, Giannaras,... not to mention the at times or even often risible and or infantile Derrida, Foucault, Kristeva, Lacan & Co.,...] [At the end of the day, though: "that which cannot be said, spoken, expressed, described", if invested with e.g. a theological God-based and or Race-based and or Nation-based and or Rights-based conceptual and normative framework, is simply saying that empirically, ultimately everything of itself is Nihil (nihilism), but for there to be a human society, which per definitionem = Culture, Symbolism, Constructed Meaning, some kind of Disciplining of the Senses, Drives, Urges, Impulses, Passions,... Values and Anti-Values... then there must be Content. What distinguishes the absolutely consistent social scientist as observer of human affairs from "great philosophers" is how he arrives at the aforesaid "at the end of the day" point, i.e. through the application of strict empirical and logical criteria – not via verbal, logical games diarrhoea, and that qua scientist he proposes NOTHING.]  

If the task of the "observer of human affairs" or absolutely consistent social scientist is to dispassionately describe and explain social(-historical-cultural-civilisational-political-anthropological-ideational-ideological-philosophical-etc.) phenomena and facts, as Kondylis did in more than 5000 pages of (densely packed) written work, then why would such an observer of human affairs care about whether Hellenism survives or not, and not e.g. the very short, or relatively tall, pygmies of the Congo? The answer lies in the fact that the observer of human affairs has specific "existential bonds" too, including descent, cultural inheritance, (differentiated but nonetheless clearly ascertainable) cultural identity, etc.; yet even in his relatively few writings about Greece and Hellenism vis-à-vis Turkey, E.U., U.S.A., Kondylis's tone remains strictly descriptive and prescriptive in a general hypothetical sense ("if x state threatens y state militarily under these circumstances, then y state needs to consider, inter alia, z option in undertaking a pre-emptive military strike..., or, if y state wants to not fall very far down the rankings of (nation-)states (perhaps to the point of eventual non-existence) in the planetary era, then it must do a, b, c, and, d, e, f,...")... it goes without saying that the observer of human affairs can also - when he is not acting strictly and solely as an observer of human affairs - have certain cultural and artistic preferences, but as far as Kondylis is concerned, these were never specifically referred to apart from the fact that his "thoughts world" was generally eurocentric, again, due to specific "existential bonds", though he also referred a number of times to insightful observations made by (historically) non-Westerners such as Indians, Chinese, Arabs and even Africans... (shedding “eurocentrism”[, “misogyny”, “homo(transislamonegrorefugeespecialabilitiesxenoOther)phobia”, etc., etc., etc.,…], if that is what someone wants to do, might make one “less European”[, “less toxically masculine”, “less (crudely) racist”, "more egalitarian and much more humanitarian", "more open with fewer boundaries and borders", “less hateful” of those who were once known as “the (half-human) weaker (fairer) sex, abnormal, contra naturam, mentally ill, lunatic and retarded, deranged and sick, exotic, barbarous, Barbarians, half-caste and mongrel, (sub-human) Apes, invaders, hordes of savage colonists, handicapped and spastic", etc., etc., etc.,…], but it won’t make an iota of difference to the social-ontological and anthropological constants which characterise all humans, explained and referred to in various Kondylisian works…)…

If Kondylis’s thought, but more pertinently, the volume and scope of his work, could not have been possible without (relatively white) (Western) European civilisation, particularly in its multifaceted evolution from antiquity until the decades before and after WWII, and if such civilisation is “doomed” to extinguishment by not retaining a sufficient number of its key elements (regardless of whether it remains nearly fully or mainly or partially relatively white or not – relative racial and or religious homogeneity is not a prerequisite of relatively high social cohesion and social order, even though such relative homogeneity (homogeneities) could well be, but never necessarily are... – totally irrespective of personal aesthetic judgements and preferences regarding (relative) homogeneity and (relative) heterogeneity), then Kondylis’s thought and work is “doomed” even in the relatively short-term to what nihilism ultimately is: nothingness – unless other civilisations pick up the slack, so to speak... and want to know about humans and their affairs (at a macro or general level), to the (almost) full extent it is possible to know, even though there is no need to... on the other hand, if “whiteness” were to make a successful long-lasting and dominant comeback, whether in one, a few or many (different) ways, it would probably do so in a manner which would be intensely normative, and hence without any need whatsoever for the relatively free, naked observer of human affairs. [Kondylis NEVER wrote about "whiteness", but about "Europe", "the West" or even "Hellenism", and "exoticism", the non-European (i.e. (North) African, Middle Eastern[, and presumably Asian and Central-South American]) population explosion vis-à-vis European demographic decline and vis-à-vis North America, as well as the uncontrolled migration of peoples and "human rights" as universalistic ideology and until now – if not necessarily forever – as unfulfillable practice,... and also about terrorism... and terror... the acute danger of anomie, social disintegration,... and conventional sovereign statehood, given the present constitution of world society, being the only means to effectively combat anomie...].

A matter of (personal) taste… but mostly also once recognised as classic… 


Articles sent to Web Magazines (February 2018), and of course, not published:

The JQ dispassionately seen....pdf The JQ dispassionately seen....pdf
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For as long as Western mass democracies operate on the basis of “obsono, ergo sum” (“I shop, therefore I am”), and not just for the (very) few, various fringe or larger groups contained within them will at best constitute friendly societies, beer-drinking and or book clubs, bands and or gatherings of trouble makers, agitators,... (")terrorists(")... and other such organised collective identities with specific political (ideological, aesthetic, cultural, religious, legal, civilisational,...) aims, goals, ambitions, dreams, fantasies,... Societies in the West will be further transformed again, not just (perhaps) racially, religiously, sexually and culturally-normatively, but again (possibly or very likely) more broadly and more substantially, when these societies’ relationship with the overcoming of the scarcity of goods changes (including, possibly, technologically, and as to the state of the natural world). (Very) macro-historically, Marx’s schema of base-superstructure has always been partially correct. Just like Weber’s “protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism” as far as the “spirit(-intellect)” is concerned. The economy, just like “the spirit”, is a part of society, part of the social and (certainly in Western mass democracies) a (very important) part of the political. The Agricultural Revolution constituted a world-historical NOVUM. So did the Industrial (cum French-remove-class-based-privileges) Revolution. Next? More macro-historically, biological and spiritual(-intellectual) factors (presumably) play a more important role than the relatively static “hunting and gathering” of the pre-agricultural past. At the end of the day, every situation must be examined specifically in order to determine what factors are playing what role(s) and to what extent, if such a thing is possible, and to the extent that scientific (empirically descriptive and (causally) explanatory) knowledge can be obtained. Those, i.e. the vast majority, of “scholars, social scientists, et al.” by privileging certain (often wrongly understood) aspects of society and people such as race, class, “gender” (sex), the economy, the ethnos, etc., etc., etc.,... will almost invariably do what (in terms of the great masses) all humans do: i.e. peddle and disseminate empirically unfounded belief(s), false consciousness, ideology,... One way of looking at Kondylis’s work, is that he put into practice the promise of Marxism of science as regards human affairs against all forms of ideology and ideolgical(ly tainted) understanding...

THAT INTELLECTUAL (inclusive, at most, of slightly or partly scientific knowledge) BEHAVIOUR, being peddled and disseminated, WILL NEVER CHANGE...   

[Kondylis never referred directly to Werner Sombart. He did oversee the publication of Sombart's Der Bourgeois in Greek. It is probably safe to say that some of the theses in Warum gibt es in den Vereinigten Staaten keinen Sozialismus? and Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben and in Sombart's many other works might have some validity. It is obviously a matter for serious historians and researchers]

[Any young person (under 30 or 40 years of age) of European Descent, i.e. relatively White, if he or she wants to get a Sense of the Futility of Political Idealism and Naivety, the Way (erotic) LOVE, Self-Interest, Hypocrisy,... actually operate, probably more often than not, OVER TIME in the REAL WORLD, as well as SEEING how relatively AESTHETICALLY BEAUTIFUL, as a subjective matter-of-taste value judgement, of course, EUROPE and Europeans once were, specifically ITALY and Italians, without HORDES of or ANY Mohammedans, Negroes,... and Others who often "do not fit in"... then watch the movie dedicated to the all-time GREAT and DEARLY LOVED Vittorio De Sica, Ettore Scola's C'eravamo tanto amati (We All Loved Each Other So Much) (1974)... what has happened, culturally and demographically, since the 1990s (having started on a mass scale in the 1960s, but with roots in the late 19th and early 20th century) IS NOTHING SHORT OF A TOTAL UNMITIGATED DISASTER AND CATASTROPHE - again totally subjectively seen from a totally value-judgemental, cultural/racial-prejudicial, perspective - and I wish future people of relatively white European Descent, Good Luck, and a Lot of Strength, for what is Coming, either sooner (within the next few decades), or perhaps much later (in the 22nd century)... Also, do yourself a favour: watch and study great (= subjective value bias) movies like Sunflower (1970) and Amarcord (1974), and many, many, many,... others... find them, enjoy them,... they are Part of your Cultural and Biological Inheritance, or make them exactly that!!!... if you want to, are so inclined...] [Another masterpiece from a not so well-known director outside of Italy, is (the often hilarious) Una vita difficile (1961) by Dino Risi, which clearly shows the tight nexus between lies, truth, attraction, sex, love, self-interest, the desire to leave one's paese for the Big Smoke, impulses, rationality, idealism, realism, money, influence, belief, class, war, Resistance, politics, power,... "buying influence" or "exercising influence" more generally, irrespective of the truth and "fairness", is something that happens in all societies, by all sorts of people of all sorts of racial, ethnic, religious,... backgrounds... in certain countries particular groups just happen to do it much better than other individuals and groups, whether more loosely or more strictly defined.... it is also very clear that the notion of life as not necessarily about Tradition as Life as having a Family, Children, Religion,... was something already fairly widespread, at least in Rome (with the Other (and Black) Element already present in the nightlife of the time), before the full cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s (much less censorship on depictions of violence and sex, hypostatisation/glorification of the Other, spitting and shitting on the Self,...), when such Life Stances and Life Behaviours and World Views became so prevalent that the West of its own accord, chose the Path of (possible or probable) AutoGenocide (and the only thing individuals can do, as the End of the Movie suggests, is to find e.g. a place in the countryside, especially if it's paese, where one can live in peace and with love)... and now seeks and or enforces, in effect, Censorship on Opposition both to the dominant Narrative(s), and to the said AutoGenocide... that's they way, more or less, it has always been - Power, Control, Elites, Dominance, Acquiescence, Resistance,... - and that's the way it will always be, even if certain (Groups of) Actors (and Singers) "Leave" not only the Stage, but also "The Building"... how Beautiful (to look at, Grosso Modo) were we, we Southern Europeans... from c. 1900 or c. 1950 until c. 1980 or even c. 1990... all we have now, are Old Movies, Photos, Memories (if we're old enough)... Now (nearly, a large part of) Everything in the Public Sphere is Disgusting... = Subjective Value Judgement = Matter of Taste... and everyone has "their own"...]  

The first Long Wave of Globalisation culminated in the (relatively) Industrialised (imperialistic) West being challenged, apart from fighting amongst itself (Great Britain v. Germany, etc.), by the (relatively later but now also) Industrialised Japan and Soviet Union. The End of the Cold War and the era of Planetary Politics includes the further industrialisation and Rise of China and the rise of other middle Powers such as India, Iran, Turkey,... add the Global Population Explosion, the Great Migrations, the machinations of various other Regional Powers, which may or may not be "under control"... and all one can say is, particularly if one is a relatively White European and cares about some sort of Cultural-Aesthetic and or (at least partial) Racial Continuity... Things are NOT Looking Good... and... Good Luck... or... God, why have (had) I forsaken Thee?...  




Books proposed to be translated into English from Greek by (young) scholars with a sound knowledge of both languages, and who want to do something (epistemologically) worthwhile rather than simply regurgitating ideological rubbish:


Contogeorgis, George (Georgios) (Γιώργος Κοντογιώργης (b. 1947)), who holds Kondylis in high regard – his tetralogy on the “Hellenic Cosmo(s)system (World (Cosmic) System)” («Τὸ Ἑλληνικὸ Κοσμοσύστημα» (2006 (A); 2014 (B); to be published soon, 2017? (C and D)), and the related to that tetralogy: “Knowledge and Method. 29 questions about cosmosystemic gnoseology (theory of knowledge)” («ΓΝΩΣΗ ΚΑΙ ΜΕΘΟΔΟΣ. 29 ΕΡΩΤΗΜΑΤΑ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΚΟΣΜΟΣΥΣΤΗΜΙΚΗ ΓΝΩΣΙΟΛΟΓΙΑ» (2017)), and other titles such as: “Nation (Ethnos) and “modernising” modernity” («Ἔθνος καὶ «ἐκσυγχρονιστικὴ» νεωτερικότητα» (2006; 2017 (2nd ed.)); “Modernity and Progress. The Greek example” («Νεοτερικότητα καὶ Πρόοδος. Τὸ ἑλληνικὸ παράδειγμα (2001)); “Citizen (Politis) and Polis. The concept and typology of “citizenship (politeiotita: having full legal responsibilities and rights in the Polis)”” («ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΛΙΣ. ΕΝΝΟΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΤΥΠΟΛΟΓΙΑ ΤΗΣ «ΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΟΤΗΤΑΣ»» (2003))... all = source of many fertile ideas for both history and political science, even though a number of Contogeorgis’s positions are (historically and) empirically, as well as conceptually, unsustainable (e.g. his Philosophy of History, or, his separation of hegemony, i.e. power, from non-geopolitical politics). Also of interest is his Ph.D. and first book: “The theory of revolutions in Aristotle” = La théorie des révolutions chez Aristote, LGDJ, Paris, 1978 (= « θεωρία τῶν ἐπαναστάσεων τοῦ Ἀριστοτέλη», 1982).


Papaioannou, Kostas (Κῶστας Παπαϊωάννου (1925-1981)) – his book on (Soviet) communism, “The genesis (origin(ation), emergence) of totalitarianism” (« γένεση τοῦὁλοκληρωτισμοῦ»), first published in 1959 (current scholarly edition: 2017), constitutes a significant, perhaps even unnoticed watershed, moment in international scholarship (Arendt’s related book first appeared in 1951), showing inter alia, how (Soviet) “totalitarianism” (as mixing or fusion of “tyranny” and “dictatorship”, whilst also transforming society radically, and not just bringing about a revolution in the polity as e.g. in Roman times) arose from (massifying and atomising) industrial mass society in specific (geo)political contexts of (economic) development and underdevelopment, bureaucratisation (and militarisation), and by specific actions of specific individuals and (social, political-ideological) movements and Parties (all of which, as Progress and Modernisation (the “maturation” of vita activa as opposed to vita contemplativa with a Telos firmly implanted in material, This World, goals and aims), generally also applies to fascism and national socialism, and – albeit usually or often less intens(iv)ely and less blood-soaked – to the Western parliamentary “democracies”, notwithstanding any cosmetic, minor or substantial (country-specific) differences), by an interlocutor of the great Raymond Aron and the very likable Octavio Paz,... Papaioannou, like (most) other important and significant thinkers, was never carried away by idiotic (ideological) beliefs in “(good) culture” overcoming “all that is evil” in the “bad culture”, and nature, of and in, humans, since humans are both nature and culture and never just one without the other.... Papaioannou also authored a number of other interesting books!


Consideration should also be given to the translation into English of books by, inter alia:

Giorgos Karambelias (Γιῶργος Καραμπελιᾶς) - on Greek history and ethno-nihilism, he has done a superb job; on P.K. and philosophy (the meaning of the Enlightenment) and historical sociology (the ideal type of mass democracy as = Time, not Space in Karambelias's view, or, re: 1968) he is absolutely clueless, and should stick to what he is really good at, and not make a fool of himself;

Ioannis Th. Mazis (Ἰωάννης Θ. Μάζης) 

Panagiotis Hefaistos (Παναγιώτης Ἥφαιστος

Apart from the aforementioned historian and professors, those who can read Greek should look for articles on the internet by the following persons, whose standard is consistently, though not necessarily always, high, often matching or surpassing the very best (= a small minority of articles, some of which I have referred to on this page) published e.g. in The National Interest, which whilst containing a whole lot of ideological garbage and clap-trap, is far superior overall to nearly all publications available in English for free as regards (geo)political and (geo)economic matters: Κωνσταντῖνος Γρίβας, Γιῶργος Φίλης, Ἀπόστολος Ἀποστολόπουλος (the first and only time I have ever encountered a former newsreader with a BRAIN!!!), Λουκᾶς Ἀξελός, Λαοκράτης Βάσσης, Ἀπόστολος Διαμαντῆς, Σωτήρης Δημόπουλος, Κ. Π. Ρωμανός, Περικλῆς Νεάρχου, Γιάννης Παπαμιχαῆλ, Γιῶργος Στυλιανὸς Πρεβελάκης (who, like many others - not all of them imbeciles! - confuses centre or (centre-)right (Gaullist) or centre-left mass-democractic (ethno-)patriotism with the "far Right", but if we overlook the terminological inaccuracies, more often than not (brilliantly) gets to the essence of matters, incl. the importance of the E.U. for European survival... the question though is how?... what mix?... what approach?... and hence the inaccuracies...), Ἄγγελος Συρῖγος, κ.ἄ.. [also of interest, though (perhaps) prone to, at times, annoying "shallowness" or even outright stupidity: Σάββας Καλεντερίδης, Ἀθανάσιος Δροῦγος, Σταῦρος Λυγερός, Μένιος Τασιόπουλος, Παντελῆς Σαββίδης, Δημήτρης Κωνσταντακόπουλος, Ἠλίας Κουσκουβέλης, Κωνσταντῖνος Φίλης, Κωνσταντῖνος Κόλμερ, Γιῶργος Παπαδόπουλος-Τετράδης, Κωνσαντῖνος Χολέβας, Κῶστας Μελᾶς, Βασίλης Βιλιᾶρδος, κ.ἄ....] [An absolute "nutter", who nevertheless opens up one's thought to ever-expanding horizons of macro-historical (geo)political reflection and contemplation, and therefore has definite intellectual value, even if, and notwithstanding his many telling insights, we (can) disagree with him a lot, if not most, of the time, is: Δημήτρης Κιτσίκης or in English: Prof. Dr. Dimitri Kitsikis (Ottawa), the inter alia Greek Orthodox Sinologist, Turkologist, Mackinderian and believer in Hegemon-Heroes like Trump, or Xi or Putin (the "Great Chess Player"), and not in Midgets like T. May or A. Merkel et al., for instance. An example of Kitsikis "madness" - he says he has never stopped being a Communist "Maoist", is that c. 1890 Tribal Warrior Eduard Bernstein proposed Marxist Communism become Evolutionary Socialism or Social Democracy as a representative of Banking and Finance Capital (obviously with very high, grossly disproportionate Tribal input), and today represented by "free trade" China (the Clintons, Obama, et al.)!, which has ever since been at loggerheads with Productive Capital as represented e.g. by the well-known Pro-Gentile Henry Ford and Donaldios Trumpius in our age. Whilst there might be something of value (?) in this schematisation, I personally can't comment any further but to say that many forces, factors, causal chains are simultaneously and in an interweaving and interlocking manner always at work in macro-historical developments... (Kitsikis also says that the West is the lame child of Hellenism, which belongs to the Middle Region, and that Armageddon is coming, and if China wins, the whole of the West Falls, with the West being the most criminal of all Grand Civilisations because of the five or so centuries of Colonialism and Imperialism... either China is isolated, and the West wins, of if China stands with Russia, Iran and even Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Greece if it has the brains to follow,... it is Game Over for the West... He also says 1821 has been a disaster long-term, Greece will end up with barely a small piece of territory the way things are going, having always been a protectorate of the West since 1821-1830, and that the Vision should always have been Co-Federation with Turkey... of course, there are many counter-arguments to all of this (incl. that with an ageing Grossly De-Hellenised population, Hellenic Consciousness will very quickly be Erased by flooding Greek territory with (many aggressive, violent, savage, Islamist, Super-Barbarian,...) Mohameddans and other Turks, Asiatics, Africans,... but it is theoretically very interesting, to say the least... he does though make the very strong point that Greece has totally collapsed demographically vis-à-vis Turkey, that even if Greece waged war and won, the dynamics of the situation mean that Turkey within a few years would have her Revanche, and that there is no choice but to join Asia Minor with the Aegean in one State and two Capital Cities, because one way or another, it is going to happen... Greece does not have the Will or the Ability to maintain an Independent State against Turkey, Albania or Germany to the North using Skopje, etc.,...) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1_eMWW-5oo&temp-new-window-replacement=true)] [The inevitability of there being talk of a Greek-Turkish Union, given that the Greeks have never been, and will definitely never ever be, in a position to send the Turks backs to Central Asia and to retake and remake the Byzantine Imperium, goes back a long way: from Γεώργιος Τραπεζούντιος (1395-1484) and his Epistle to Mohammad B΄ of 1466, to Γεώργιος Τυπάλδος-Ἰακωβᾶτος (1813-1882) and his 1880 statement in Greek parliament as a member of the Greek state/protectorate barely 50 years old!, to Ion Dragoumis (1878-1920) who advocated co-federation with (still Ottoman) Turkey (as a kind of equivalent to the Austro-Hungarian Empire - which wouldn't have worked because even though the Greeks had the economic upper hand, the Turks had the SWORD... and the SWORD always Prevails, incl. committing Genocides, which is exactly what they did...), because of inter alia the need to fend off Bulgaria and Slavs, though Dragoumis was against Germany... to Dragoumis's co-anti-German pro-Entente British Agent of sorts adversary Eleftherios Venizelos in 1933,... and with Kitsikis talking of «ἑλληνοτουρκισμὸ» from 1964/1966, inspiring and advising both Karamanlis and Colonel Papadopoulos, as well as Ozal, Davoutoglu, Fethullah Gülen, Erdogan et al... if Greece consisted of 15 or 20 million Hellenes of high Hellenic-Greek Orthodox consciousness with an average age of around 25, and if 15 to 20 million Turks of the Ionia region wanted to be (re-)Hellenised, etc., then a truly Hellenic-based Major Power could have emerged in tandem with Turks - but all that is Pure Fantasy... REALITY = very likely (near) extinction of Greeks by c. 2100... that's where it is heading...] [Giannaras, not just once, has referred to "usury", even "international usury", and has repeatedly praised Putin, even as an example of a Leader for a country like Greece. Contogeorgis regularly talks about "the markets" or "the international markets", and many other thinkers of NOTE, whom one could never accuse of being "Right-Wing" or "Fascist" or, Heaven Forbid, "Racist and Anti-Semitic", talk of "(international) usury" and "the (international) markets". Perhaps if one were Honest with Himself, or, didn't Care about one's "Position", one could actually SPELL IT OUT by CUTTING THE BULLSHIT. Even someone of Limited Intellectual Ability can See that "Usury" and "Markets" means GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE participation of Tribal Members and Tribal Warriors under the Umbrella – and on Bones of Tens of Millions+ of White Christians, as well as all the Tens of Millions+ of non-White Christians – of first British and French Imperialisms, and then, for the last 50-100 years or so, U.S.A. Imperialism... and THAT is simply an OBSERVATION OF HUMAN AFFAIRS.]   




Food for thought


Only – at least at the time of thinking and writing such things and if he wasn't just referring to himself – a narcissistic half-wit or intellectually overdeveloped retard could say something like “there can be no poetry or song after x, y or z massacre, mass extermination, torture and barbarism”... Obviously, such a person, blinded as he is by perhaps tribal and or particularistic loyalties, biasses, prejudice and (impulsive) reactions, and gross intellectual fetishisations (?and who knows what psycho-somatic disorders and disturbances?), does not know, or does not want to know, the a, b, c of humans...

[A truly great Poet in fact suggested that without Barbarians there can be no long-term vital (“high”) Culture; without (even the thought of) Barbarians and their Confrontation, all that remains is Decadence and Collective Suicide and Disappearance from History’s Stage... Many, if not most humans, if not nearly all of those who Lament, tend to Cry for their Dead; it’s their Dead they Honour... = basic human knowledge... that Odysseus, as a prototype of the “bourgeois individual” and not as any human in a struggle for (more) power, i.e. identity and the recognition of his identity, “cunningly and opportunistically” reacted to circumstances “instrumentally” through the use of “instrumental Reason” based on self-interest

(as if Reason can ultimately be anything other than instrumental and based on (the perception of one’s own) self-interest (i.e. a process of logic with an irrational starting point used for a particular purpose)!!! and as if “objective Reason” is something to be determined by certain “philosophers” who decide what our “deepest needs and desires” are, what is (ethically and normatively) “rational and irrational”, what “critical thinking” is, what “freedom” is!!! – even though it is acknowledged that “scientific thinking” is somehow inherently “better” than “religious (superstitious, mythological) thinking”!!! ),

does not prove that Western Culture was from ancient times on the path to the mass-scale atrocities of the 20th century... (it is no mere accident that the operation of the “heterogony of ends” (regarding historical individual and collective action) is ignored)... but that Western Culture, just like any other Culture, is Human Culture, which consists of a whole array of “instrumental” and “ethical”, irrational and rational, thought, behaviour and action, notwithstanding the normative, cultural and aesthetical likes and dislikes of professional or amateur “philosophers” who want to prescribe to others how “alienation” and “false consciousness” can be “cured” normatively in terms of Ethics!!!... a certain philosopher of another Tribe and from a different philosophical starting point talked about “authenticity” – the thought structures are very similar... perhaps the mistress of the latter (for whom I have, probably begrudgingly, quite a bit of respect), who had a better sociological grounding, e.g. in Tönnies, made more useful observations, notwithstanding the conceptual problems arising from the term “totalitarianism” – e.g. how can a society be “totalitarian” or a “closed system”, and change internally, and disintegrate through either internal and or external pressures, just like all “non-totalitarian” societies eventually do?... Kondylis did not write about the Frankfurt School as such

(there is discussion of Horkheimer and reference to Adorno in “The new-times critique of metaphysics (Die neuzeitliche Metaphysikkritik (1990)” regarding an attack on 1) metaphysics (religion) which correctly ascertains there is no axiologically loaded Is (Being) and ontologically coloured Ought, BUT then does not proceed to draw the nihilist conclusions of La Mettrie and de Sade (i.e. there are no (non-man-made) values and anti-values), supporting instead (ultimately metaphysical!) forms of “liberation and critical thinking” (about which Adorno a few decades later was more explicit than Horkheimer) and believing in the existence of an, in accordance with his own normative values, “real Enlightenment”!; and on 2) “instrumental” positivism, which supposedly does not take into account historical change and “correct” or “rational” volition!),

just as Kondylis NEVER wrote about any kind of Tribe, though he did translate into Greek, presumably in his relative youth even though it was published much later, a long essay by Horkheimer (“Beginnings of the bourgeois philosophy of history”), and he did thoroughly cover issues of “rationality” and “irrationality”, “nihilism” and actual destruction, which were of great interest to the said School, and not only, of course, to the thinkers of that School; obviously, if Kondylis thought of Heidegger as being largely hollow, the “School” was not even worth mentioning within the context of the history of ideas and the substantial, important contributors to such ideas’ development and (re)cultivation, given that we are dealing with some kind of (second-rate) derivative fusion of Marx, Freud and Weber, et al.,... another interesting issue is how Tribal were, and to which Tribe did truly GREAT, if also (greatly) flawed, thinkers and or social scientists, historians,... like Spinoza, Marx, Durkheim, Simmel, Husserl, Cassirer, M. Ginsberg, G. Elton, and perhaps not so great or perhaps simply not so important “Tribal and non-Tribal” thinkers like Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Barth, Jaspers, Buber, the Frankfurt School, Levinas and other such moralists, belong... hint: reality is often more complicated than what may first appear to be the case... and Tribes themselves, just like individuals, can be highly differentiated and complex identities and bearers of Power... the FACT that Kondylis never posed the question of the Tribe, at least directly, clearly shows it is the WRONG question to pose from a scientific point of view... at best, it creates many problems and misunderstandings, and at worst, it leads one far away from science as empirically verified and logically consistent knowledge...]...

On the other hand, such a person, is quite capable of making, and did make, many interesting or thought-provoking observations as well, hence, it is just as easy to under-rate as it is to over-rate thinkers...





At least, in part, Tongue in Cheek and in Nietzschean, certainly not (?) Kondylisian, mode (and leaving aside the great or at least interesting achievements one can appreciate coming from members of any number of (very or slightly) different(iated) (historical) Tribes)...


How dare someone of that Tribe, criticise someone of my Tribe, tell me what to think and what to do,... and get away with it!!!

If my Tribe has become a Herd, and is soon to be a Rabble, who but my own Tribe is to blame if it has lost the Will to Live, while other Tribes thrive and Act on their Will to Survive?...

The Heterogony of Ends ensures that History does not proceed in the long run in accordance with the self-understanding of the Tribes...

Tribes are groups or collectives that can (tend to be) more closed or more open, but NEVER set in stone for all time...

There is no such thing as individuals without some form of Tribe (society), just as there is no Tribe (society) without individuals.... BUT the Tribe COMES FIRST...

[NEVER SHOULD IT BE FORGOTTEN, EVEN THOUGH RACES, ETHNE, CIVILISATIONS, PEOPLES, NATIONS, TRIBES,... DO (AND MORE SO, I.E. MORE INTENSELY AND MORE RELATIVELY HOMOGENEOUSLY, HAVE) EXIST(ED) IN THE WEST, THAT: The philosophes maudits, from [Aristippus and] Machiavelli to La Mettrie and de Sade, existed or achieved (some) notoriety in, compared with today's West, racially and religiously relatively homogeneous kinship groups, communities, cities, countries, nations or civilisations, and were still ignored or ostracised. THAT: many, if not the vast majority, of civil wars, the family vendetta, have taken place in the context of relatively high degrees of racial and or religious homogeneity. THAT: Identity is plastic, malleable.] 

Tribes Can Change, But they Never End... = Tribes (Groups, Collectives, (sub-)Races, Peoples, Religions, Nations, Ethne,...) Can and Do Change (Content, Composition, Texture, Values, Aims, Goals,...), But they Never End (for as long as there are Humans)... = Heightened Tribal Consciousness Means Things Get Noticed, Especially About Other Tribes, which Thrive in Circumstances of Immersion, Massification and Atomisation... = The more Western Mass Democracy is Rattled, Shaken and Stirred (and Anomie increases), the more likely the Fall-Out will be (more acutely) Tribal... The Heterogony of Ends is THE (elusive) DEVIL par excellence... 

["TRIBAL QUESTIONS and MATTERS" (from "secret societies" to modern political parties (at footnote 136)) are PROPERLY DEALT with by P.K. at: S. 278f., Das Politische und der Mensch = p. 538ff., The Political and Man]

[As mentioned a number of times on this page, the science of concepts, requires strict distinctions, wherever possible, between concepts vis-à-vis their respective content(s) and their historical context so that differentiae specificae are ascertained and made as clear as possible (cf. loc. cit., S. 286 = p. 554: "shifts in vocabulary" may not mean much if the content of a phenomenon is constant across time; of course, the opposite can also and often does take place, i.e. the content changes, but the (misuse of the) terminology remains). In comparative macro-historical sociological analysis, the ideal type is a most useful conceptual tool, particularly since the infinite variety of Reality and its Facts makes solid distinctions difficult to pin down. Strictly speaking, “tribe” like “civilisation”, “nation”, “ethnos”, “religion”, “people”, “race”, “sub-race”, “clan”, “family”, “cult”, “conservative”, “liberal”, “democratic”, “social-democratic (as well as socialist, communist)”, “fascist (as well as national socialist)”, “mass-democratic”, etc., etc., etc.,... up to the totally misleading and epistemologically useless, highly ideologised terms: “liberal-democratic”, “neoconservative”, “liberalism” as used today (all three representing Western mass-democratic hedonistic-consumeristic massified-atomised individualism - the first, more of a Cold War term vs. "totalitarian"; the second, less statist (at least in theory), more pro-very big business and more pro-Israel; the third, more statist, more socialistic (at least in rhetoric if not in practice), perhaps more "degenerate" e.g. not stopping at homosexual marriage but moving on to transexualism), etc., etc., etc.,... can, and do, have a number of context-related definitions, which need to take into account Situation-Specific Historical Circumstances in order for proper Science to take place (there is even the situation with a concept such as "dignity" which in Christian times simultaneously meant two things, which at first glance and especially today appear to be contradictory: i.e. all men having equal dignity before God, but "God" (i.e. humans interpreting God) simultaneously sanctioning the hierarchical, incl. class-based, view of dignity that the Monarch, the clergy and the aristocracy had, etc.). At the end of the day, all the aforementioned terms, including “tribe” refer to groups or collectives (collective entities) (too), and always to identities, human (social) relations, power, rationality, understanding, meaning,... and talk of “tribes” and “The Tribe” on this page also involves a lot of humour on my part, which of course may not at all seem funny to others, particularly since this page is about combining correct observations of Reality as Facts, whilst also (spiritually, emotionally, ideationally,...) supporting My Tribe (and my personal identity)... and having some fun... (absolutely consistent historical-conceptual) Science (to the extent attained), stricto sensu, is for Brunner, Conze, Koselleck, Kondylis, et al.,...] [Two excellent examples of conceptual elasticity, but not complete relativity, is "conservative" which as a social fact has two main (related but also distinct in some respects) historical phases (pre- and post-1789), and then (esp. post-WW2) becomes an increasingly obsolete and scientifically (but not polemically) meaningless term (see Konservativismus and Planetary Politics...), whilst "friendship", which has historically become more private rather than public sphere-focussed with the advent of modern atomised mass societies, still retains its core meaning, including reference to public-sphere usage (see Das Politische und der Mensch, S. 286 = The Political and Man, p. 554.] [In Reinhart Koselleck's speech re: Kondylis, present-day usage of "dignity" [like "conservative", "liberal", "democratic"] is empty of content, like an empty formula, whereas polemics ensure that "reaction, restoration, progressive" are tied to content... I say = even though the "empty of content" concepts are still used in polemics, polemics itself is not what is of crucial importance, but the examination of the sociological, concrete, bound to tie and place, content being referred to... no concept is in polemical use ever "empty of content", it's just that the content referred to does not distinguish it anymore or at least significantly from other concepts: e.g. "conservative" in the U.S.A. today is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from "Western mass-democratic", and "liberal" has come to mean simply a faction of "Western mass-democratic" too... whereas in historical science, "conservative" and "liberal" are absolutely distinct from both each other and from "mass-democratic"... it is true though that "dignity" is not the subject of heated polemical debate like "progressive-reactionary", and in that sense is mouthed very easily, without really meaning anything in terms of taking concrete measures to ensure all 7 or 8 billion peoples' "dignity"... So Koselleck is definitely not wrong, it's just the way of looking at the matter which...]


Leon Trotsky


Why write about Leon Trotsky?

Because I was under his spell (my fault of course, not his) for a number of years when I was emotionally very vulnerable in my youth, and after the torturous cancer-driven death of my sister, and after “moving on” from the, generally speaking, at least in part or even substantially, Common Sense of the left-wing ethno-patriot socialist George Orwell, to the “superior” realm of Lenin, and Trotsky.

Is Trotsky to be rejected outright just because nowadays his particular ethnic-racial and visual attributes do not sit well with my own Hellenism-Orthodoxy and “natural sympathy” for Russian history and culture to the extent it was in part Hellenised through Orthodoxy, which of course contains a strong Hebraic/Jewish element but distinguishes itself from Hebraism/Judaism due to the Hellenisation of Christ and associated liturgy etc. in the Ekklesia? Or because the Soviet regime, which had a grossly disproportionate Jewish element in its leadership, in its own (as perceived) interests, supported Atatürk against Hellenic and Armenian (and Assyrian) Orthodoxy and Christianity (incl. the results of, and or complicity in, ethnic cleansing/ethnocide/ genocide/etc.)? [We know from Thucydides, Machiavelli,... geopolitics... that Huntington made a serious mistake; Palmerston got it right (apart from suggesting that England would exist eternally...): "... I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow..." (1848)] 

By no means, NO. Trotsky was actually a successful extremely Power-hungry politician who co-operated with another extremely Power-hungry more successful politician, but this time of world-historical importance, Lenin, and was knocked off his perch by the “simpleton” extremely Power-hungry politician, Stalin, who nonetheless was a more extremely Power-hungry obscenely successful Politician, and whose “dumb” promotion of the Five Stages of History gets a mention by Kondylis as having a certain relevance to the REAL WORLD and not to the UTOPIA Trotsky and his followers planned (are planning) for, and which of course – even a bright teenager could understand – WILL NEVER COME (unless one takes Trotsky’s (and Parvus’s) “permanent revolution” as culminating in the post WW2 world order and subsequent post-Cold War planetary era (“neoconservative”) caricature of their Vision of Communism – which of course is not what they meant)... (The UTOPIA of the Trotskyists as thought structure is ultimately, and notwithstanding any differences as to secondary matters, the same as the UTOPIA of the White Nationalists (Identitarians), as all the other UTOPIAS,... regardless of RELIGION, BELIEF, CREED,... – beautifully harmonic in their MINDS, with a "Perfect Telos" for Everyone, perhaps or certainly a catalyst for ACTION, but NOWHERE to be realised in REALITY).

Trotsky also wrote some interesting books and articles, though, in retrospect, it seems that what survives as intellectually stimulating from that era is essentially some of Lenin’s writings, as re-interpretations and practical applications to a specific context of Marx in the Age of classical European Imperialism (including the "need" to bring down European Imperialism through wars of National Liberation - which achieved its apogee in Mao and Ho)...

At the end of the day, however, the Englishman of Common Sense perhaps had more to say of lasting value.

And, anyway, closer to me, when I wear the “I” hat and not the “Sc.” hat, ethnologically (linguistically-culturally), psychologically, and politically (albeit far off on some matters at least), is Pablo (Μιχάλης Ῥάπτης).  

[Very interesting does Marx's "class war" schema seem when instead of "class" one thinks of "group or collective", because then it is absolutely clear that since all individuals necessarily are in, or relate to, some kind of group, "the history of all hitherto existing societies of humans is the history of some form of group and or collective and or tribal (non-violent and or violent) competition, and or conflict, and or struggle and or (necessarily violent and usually much less frequent) war, and power crystallisations related thereto, which may or may not include or not include social classes and or ethne and or many other kinds of groups and or collectives and or tribes, howsoever defined"... very interesting that... particularly if one does not lapse into reductionism, mono-causality and conspiratorialism, a serious historian can then investigate on a situation-specific basis how and under what circumstances various overlapping and intersecting with one another groups and or collectives and or tribes rise to positions of relative power, wealth, authority, dominance, influence, hegemony, etc.... and how the successful groups and or collectives and or tribes are able to bindingly interpret ideology to suit their own continuance in the exercise and wielding of the various forms of power... e.g. in conditions of advanced massification, atomisation and urbanisation/secularisation, play a significant role in having the public in general believe that "oppression" is a matter of individual rights, and minority group and or collective and or tribal rights, whilst particular group and or collective and or tribal crystallisations and de-crystallisations of forms of power and wealth are "not to be discussed", let alone investigated, because of various forms of "-ism" and because of the way everyone "must interpret "equality""... on the other hand, the process of changing a firmly entrenched correlation of forces cannot happen but through, probably, extreme violence... and such extreme violence has repeated itself continually throughout history, so it is BOUND to happen again... so GOOD LUCK to everyone... Peace Be With YOU... Amen.] [Similarly, it is absolutely necessary to describe Western mass democracies as, in terms of governance, "democracies", and to divide "democracy" into categories of "direct democracy" and "indirect or representational democracy", when actual democracy as practiced in history involved (relative) racial and or religious and cultural homogeneity, as well as patriarchy and pre-industrial/high finance conditions, and involved the presence of power amongst the citizens without grossly unilateral distributions of power to one particular (foreign) group or tribe and or individuals thereof or connected tightly to such group or tribe, since the Demos is the only Tribe (normally without foreign intervention, though not necessarily if one thinks of the relationship between Persia and ancient Greece, exempli gratia). So Contogeorgis can point out what democracy actually is and how it could be applied in today's world all he wants, but the reality is that the various "big money" and "big power" interests, which by the way in (a large part of) the Western world at least, almost invariably have a gross over-representation of a particular group or tribe, for as long as power is crystallising in their favour, will never ever ever allow for democracy, and that's why their academics, journalists, et al., etc. want you to think that today you are living in a democracy, in fact a "liberal democracy" - the more one investigates the matter, the more hilarious it all becomes! [Though, Kondylis was right as always in pointing out that western mass democracies compared to Soviet or other more dictatorial regimes provided more relative freedom(s) to their citizens... and greater opportunities for consumption and "lifestyle choices" etc.] Also, I wonder why the Brunner-Conze-Koselleck approach to political concepts has not yet been translated, published and promoted in(to) English so that real scholarship can take place in political science. I wonder why... On the other hand, again, and I must repeat myself, "breaking out" of a particular correlation of forces invariably means extremely violent social and political upheaval... and that business is generally for younger men... I would much rather retreat to a rural Hellenic space and tend to my chickens, goats and garden.]



César Vallejo, Pablo Neruda, Cesare Pavese, Paul Éluard, Louis Aragon, Kostas Varnalis, Giannis Ritsos, Nâzım Hikmet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Nicolás Guillén, Vladimir Mayakovsky,... at least your Hearts were in the Right Place!,... and you wrote some great Poetry (and prose) too!!!... 

"Hay golpes en la vida, tan fuertes... ¡Yo no sé!" belongs to all people, irrespective of Race, Colour or Creed... that's why I Love that Poet and the Way he Puts it!!!...

The criticisms and critique of White Christian Patriarchal Heterosexual Phallocentric Oedipal Males (Men) are often spot-on. The problem (beauty of it all) is that Females (Women), Blacks (Negroes), Homosexuals (Transexuals), Mohammedans (Muslims), Jews (Hebrews, Israelites) are not Sacred (Holy, Untouchable). They are subject to criticism (critique) too.  

From the strictly scientific point of view, Sexism (however defined), Racism (however defined), Christophobia (however defined), Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism (however defined), Islamophobia (however defined), Heterophobia (however defined), Homophobia (however defined), etc., etc., etc., are just as permissible or not persmissible, just as good or bad (evil),... as Love, Hate, Peace, War, Co-operation, Conflict, Dialogue, Violence, Genocides, Population Explosions,... Whoever says the Truth shall not Necessarily Win... Whoever can Impose the Truth, Wins,... until his (her, its) Time is Up,... and Loses,...

If we agree that Values are Relative, based on the historical evidence, then, it's a question of Power, and essentially, nothing else...

Personally, I'm sticking to the Old Definitions of what it means to be a Man, a Woman, a Greek, an Australian, an American, an Englishman, a Canadian, a Frenchman, an Italian, a German, a Spaniard, a Russian, normal, abnormal,... But I DO REALISE, that most, the vast majority of people nowadays, are following (and contributing to the making of the) New... So Be It... I can still try to Steal some moments of Joy, here and there,... my Long March, my Guerrilla War, has been going on since my Birth, "anyways"... and "YouZ" CAN'T separate me from my Ancestors in my Heart, Mind, Spirit,... they've left too much Culture and History behind of which I am aware, enjoy, cultivate and LOVE...

If every Concept has a Counter-Concept, every Identity an Anti-Identity, and if every Anti-Sexism a Sexism (e.g. against Males (increasing Female Power against Male Power)), every Anti-Racism a Racism (e.g. against Whites (increasing Black Power against White Power)), every Anti-Homophobia a Homophilia/mania (increasing Homosexual Power against Heterosexual Power), every Anti-Islamophobia an Islamophilia/mania (e.g. increasing Muslim (Mohammedan) Power against Christian Power or Buddhist Power or Hindu Power or Confucian Power), every Anti-Anti-Semitism a Pro-Semitism or Pro-Zionism (e.g. increasing Semitic, Jewish, Zionist Power against Gentile, Christian, Hellenic,... Power),... etc., etc., etc., then the only actual Anti-Racist and Anti-Sexist and Anti-Phobic and Jew/Gentile-neutral position, etc., etc., etc., which accords with empirical reality and which applies to All Humans regardless of Sex and Race and Sexual Orientation and Religious Belief, etc., etc., etc., is the social relation (with its spectrum and mechanism), the political (society as political collective), man (or [wo]man[trans]) / Identity in Culture in Nature with universal Rationality/Understanding on the quest for (less) Power and or more Power, in relation to the Friend/Foe spectrum, and or Death. [In the "search for Equality", as is to be expected from Power-Hungry Humans, there is no Way to find the "Right Balance", and that is why one form of "oppression" becomes another form of "oppression", with the Struggle deciding the Outcome and the respective Positions of respective Individuals and Groups,... until the next Struggle and Outcome and...,... until...] [E.g.... why on earth a relatively White Female, probably Queer something or other and childless or with one (mixed-race) child, with Green Hair, and Obese, and highly Misandrist, would be more interested in saving (Blue) (Fin) Whales than the (Scottish) (Irish) (British) (English) (sub-)Race(s) of her Great-Grandmother is something I can't possibly ever agree with, but can fully understand, because Values are Relative, and a Full Stomach in a technologically advanced, massified and atomised, society, leads to Values... Pericles or Demosthenes or any Ancient Chinese or Japanese Warrior-Philosopher/Poet would have found absolutely, and utterly INSANE, but more likely absolutely, and utterly UNTHINKABLE AND UNSPEAKABLE... and vice versa...]    

The difference between You and Me, Imbecile, is about 10 to 20 years of studying the "right" 


The only step on the path to some wisdom, is never forgetting one's own retardism, or that

 other men (and women) far wiser, have been through Mind Hell, for far longer, too...

When I think of Dante and Cervantes and Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky and... I feel disgusted at

 the Morons who claim that reaching Art is like going to the toilet... 

Did not the great Luis Buñuel say something "not very nice" about accepting awards 

(from particular places)? (“Nothing would disgust me more morally than winning an Oscar.”)...

[I like or even admire John Cassavetes... I absolutely adore and IDOLISE "The Quiet Man"...]

"Life is Full of Disappointments" (The Glueman)... make sure you also watch one of English High Culture's Greatest Moments, in my own subjective estimation, "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (1943)...   

"The Jazz Singer" (1927) shows us the Tragedy of the inter-generational Conflict between (relative) Tradition and (relative) Novelty; the Victory of the latter; the crudely and aggressively Racist manner (Fashion) of the early Melting Pot of both Co-opting as well as Demeaning Black (and Jewish) Heritage,... which after a number of decades has been converted from a Legal and legally enforced "Equality" with Blacks (and Jews), into a crudely and aggressively AutoRacist and Racist Attack on relatively White (Christian-Pagan-Secular) Heritage and Identity (along with commensurate Negro-Worship and Jew-Worship - as if They "somehow" never DO anything Wrong - only Others "do wrong"; as if They "somehow" are beyond Criticism and Investigation; as if They "somehow" Alone Suffered - as if millions and millions and millions of (Christian) Whites haven't suffered throughout History,... including from Mohammedans (and Jews, and Sub-Saharan Africans who supported or were Muslims - and I am not saying that Jews and Muslims and "People of Colour" have not suffered because of relatively White Christians, Retard!!!)... Christophobia, Caucasiophobia, Anti-Christianism,... (Misandry, Homodisgust, Islamocaution, Zioawareness, Negrowariness,...)...  it's all Word Games and Control of the Narrative... Public Discourse...)... Personally, I love "The Jazz Singer"... Al Jolson is Brilliant, and I really Feel Sympathy, tremendous Sympathy, for his Father... But Reality Says: Stiff! It's Over!... and it's On Again!!! [Because I love my (relative) Traditions, I can appreciate someone of the Other who loves Theirs, particularly when Both Traditions have not insignificant Common Ground, apart from the not inconsiderable Differences]... [The less said about Che Guevara and his views on Women, Negroes and Homosexuals,... the Better... says Someone who wants to Have his Cake... and to Eat It Too... So many "Leftists", "Communists", "Marxists" Today seem to forget or simply do not know at all what Marx and Engels thought about Mass (Illegal) Immigration and the Use and Abuse of Foreign Labourers, Proletarians, Workers, Tailors,... Scabs... "Workers of the World Unite" did not ever mean "Workers of the World Lose Your Ethnic Tribal Homelands by Being Flooded by the Other"...] [After the advent of the Industrial (and French-"equality") Revolution, it was inevitable that the Scale of (or the Scale's Capacity for) Killing and Slaughtering, Massacring would generally Increase... just as it is Inevitable that Killing and Slaughtering, Massacring will Never Go Away...]

Every Social Formation, Bar None, Contains Within IT (but also in view of any Interaction(s) with Weeds from Without), the Seeds and Weeds of its Own Eventual Destruction and or (Substantial) Transformation (whilst also retaining (transformed) Elements of Continuity). The Heterogony of Ends.       

There is no essential Good or Bad; there is no (hypostatised) Essence (Substance) "Good" or (hypostatised) Essence (Substance) "Bad"; there are only Societies, People, Individuals and Groups of Individuals, who and which interact with one another, and/or influence one another, and/or attract one another, and/or repel one another, and/or overlap with one another, and/or Co-operate with one another, and/or come into Conflict with one another - all in various forms, manners, shapes,... to various degrees, extents,... both ideationally and or physcially, as the case may be... Joy and Grief, Smart and Stupid, a man-made Good and a man-made Bad, (relative) Friendship and (relative) Enmity, Life (Self-Preservation) and Death (Self-Sacrifice and the statistically very, very small number of Suicides ("for no apparent social reason")),... to All... belong... as does Nature, Society, Culture, Identity, Understanding, Rationality, the Political (as Interaction of all Interactions ensuring some kind of social Coherence and social Order), and Power (as non-physical and or physical Dominance (Domination, Authority, Imperative Control, Ruling over Others), as (potential) Violence up to War, as ..., ...),... Causation and the specific, concrete Situation,... Quantitative Difference does NOT equal Qualitative Difference... only Ethicists (i.e. Normative Thinkers) Confuse their Desires, Dreams, Fantasies, Power-Claims and Power Lust,... with the Description and Explanation of Reality (to the Extent that is possible)... Norms, Power-Claims and Lust for Power, Ethics and Ideology are Inevitable. Hence, as far as social Action is concerned, GOD (and metaphysics) (not defined strictly as in the case of the Great World Religions) - in whatever Shape, Guise or Form - is also Inevitable (at least for the vast majority of People), even if just in the wishful thinking of "atheists" who say: "live, and let live",... "love one another",... "we are all people",... "we are all humans",...

The hypostatisation of Good and Evil, the (highly) selective (or no or simply wrong) use of (historical) material and sources, (wanting to) tell(ing) people what to do,... ensure the common pattern of behaviour of the common ideologue and bearer of (severe) mental incapacity, no matter whether relatively sophisticated and polite (with perfect grammar and spelling), or relatively crude and rude (whilst making a dog's breakfast out of the language)...

Scientific observation is not about Love or Hate. It's about observing Love and Hate on all sides. It's scientific observation.

"Misogyny" is an Ideological Weapon used by Dumb Women against Men (or Women) who make Observations of Facts that the Cretins cum Normative Programme FEEL and think annoys them, in order to Conceal very Real Power Claims.

"Racism" is an Ideological Weapon used by Retards in General against People who make Observations of Facts that Morons cum Normative Programme FEEL and think disturbs them, in order to Conceal very Real Power Claims.

"Homophobia" is an Ideological Weapon used by FruitLoops against People who make Observations of Facts that Imbeciles cum Normative Programme FEEL and think irritates them, in order to Conceal very Real Power Claims.

"Islamophobia" is an Ideological Weapon used by Simpletons against People who make Observations of Facts that Fools cum Normative Programme FEEL and think angers them, in order to Conceal very Real Power Claims.

"Anti-Semitism" is an Ideological Weapon used by Jerks against People who make Observations of Facts that Schmucks cum Normative Programme FEEL and think plagues them, in order to Conceal very Real Power Claims.

Often, when one hears or reads criticisms of there being a "lack of sophistication" in certain kinds of thought, the Moron usually levelling such criticisms or engaging in her (its, his) critique has yet to graduate from Kindergarten (in terms of emancipating one's own mind from one's own Power-Soaked Moral Perspiration and deodorant-resistant Cretinism)...  

From Love with Christian (ethno-centric (even racialistic) and or universalistic, patriarchal) morals, to Love with "degenerate" and universalistic morals... the Slogan always comes with Morals...

Dedicated to my special Angel (κυρ’ Ἀγγέλω)

In Partie de campagne, Jean Renoir appears in the kitchen having made, and whilst serving, an omelette. The greatest artists, the greatest thinkers, the greatest creators are basically the greatest cooks in their respective kitchens... when Tolstoy and Papadiamantis (Orthodox literature’s highest peaks and Absolute Summits) knew that “they were done” they became Religion... Kondylis, before dying, apparently had planned to visit Hagion Oros... Fortunately, before turning 50, I saw the Light. I am with them now... Ἄν δὲν εἶχον τὴν Ἀλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη στὴ ζωή μου, ποτὲς δὲν θὰ ἐγνώριζα τὸν Παναγιώτην Χαλκοκονδύλην»)...




Thus spake the Voice of Value Freedom...


Oh! Where You stand today, You normatively lunatic savage disgusting Midget! I once stood. But one day, after many Moons of Suffering, I awoke, and from Your Territory, I departed, and journeyed into the realm of Science, and found Peace in a Cave, for all is ultimately Nothing... though we can (defend and) enjoy some sort of Culture along the Way, when we put on, dress up in, our (given and chosen) Identity...

Outside of the Cave of Value Freedom...

"What you are essentially telling me with your Vile Ethics in the name of the Common Good (of Humanity) is that You want to impose Your values upon My values, so that You can Dominate Me, you Power-hungry repulsive Maniac!"... 

Sermon Hatched in the Cave and Given on the Mount

And the monkey emerged from the swamp and he was the Swamp Monkey, of the Swamp Monkey Society, which then found Nature’s Sewer, and covered in Piss, Shit, Blood, Vomit and Tears, in huge Bursts of Violence, Agony and Pain, made Culture out of what was Interesting and in the light of Good (Lamb and Angel) and Evil (Wolf and Serpent), experienced Ecstasy and Fear, and therein was born Man. And Man was many Men and Women who with Language and Rationality Struggled, Loved and Hated, and Reproduced, and began to deal systematically with, and even clean, the Piss, Shit, Blood and Vomit, but Man could never stop the Valley of Tears, despite enjoying Humour, nor the Violence, even though the Violence, on the whole, began to Abate, at least from time to time and from Situation to Situation, and Man looked above and saw Gods and God and refined Ideology and felt He and his fellow-thinkers knew Everything (just as all the anti-thinkers thought), but kept being shaken by Conflict and War, Change and the Other, with and from and to whom Man mixed, learnt, mingled, stole, gave,... but also fought as he had always fought with Himself and other Men like Him, and whilst generally preferring Culture and its Cultivation, Peace (even most of the Wise Warriors amongst Man had such a preference), Man could never get rid of Conflict and War, always telling others of his Kin and Tribe and the Other, wherever he interacted with Him more than just in passing, what to think, what to do, and all that remained Constant was False Consciousness – since at times Man could not even Control his Women or his Deviants, the in-group Other, nor could he Control the out-group Other,... especially in times of Less Hunger and Disease – and all that remained Constant was also Identity, Meaning and Understanding, which changed their Content, including Colours, and the Strongest of Muscle and or of Mind and Spirit always won, regardless of level of Technology, the kind of Social Disciplining, the Culture and the Arrangement of the Colours, Always until one man lost and someone else won, and so on and so forth, until there were no Humans... and Power returned to Energy in Nature, the Universe, Nothing...

And the Retard was the only (Woe-)Man who was Present from the Beginning until the End... Amen...

When I told the Retard that I am a Greek like Achilles was a Greek and my Jewish friend Sam is a Jew like Abraham was a Jew, the Retard laughed.

The Retard also spake: “That is all nationalistic mythology and crap”.

And I looked at the Retard with Sadness as to how low the level of intelligence can be in a human and told him:

“See that Aboriginal over there, Retard! Relative to that Aboriginal, Retard, who is a human being, very much defeated by Time and the Other, Retard, the way I look and the way I think through my mother tongue and the way I worship through the Orthodox Church (Ekklesia) puts me in a group relative to Achilles (or in the case of Sam, relative to Abraham) that excludes the Aboriginal, as I am, relatively speaking, excluded from Sam’s group, and as my good friend Sam is excluded from mine, as we both are excluded from the Aboriginal's group, no matter to what extent myths, falsehoods, ideologies are mixed with biological, cultural, historical, factual realities – both the myths and the factual realities, however, do exist! And exist they must!”

And the Retard, because he was more Ideologue than Retard, and had half a brain, understood, and hung his head in Shame and left because he had been so Stupid, and never spoke to me again, for Retardism means company with other Retards... [By the way, I forgot to also mention my Indian friend Raj (and Vishnu-Brahma-Shiva), my Chinese friend Wang Wei (and Confucius-Mencius-Lao-Tzu), my very good Vietnamese friend Mr. Tai (and Trần Hưng Đạo-Nguyễn Du-Duy Khánh), my Italian buddy Giuseppe (and Dante-Garibaldi-Vittorio de Sica (e Sophia Loren, mamma mia!)), my Japanese friend Daisuke (and Bashō-Ozu-Mizoguchi (as well as my Celluloid Angels: Setsuko Hara and Kinuyo Tanaka)), my Argentinian amigo Alfredo (and Piazzolla-Che Guevara-Maradona), and my Australian mate Bruce (and Captain Cook-Ned Kelly-Strop), but things would have gotten too complicated, and simplicity has its benefits...]

You Sir! A half-breed self-described Comanche-Kraut! I, the Ghost-Dancer, salute your Nobility! For You know of Power and Power’s Ways and know that today’s Victory is tomorrow’s Defeat, and that the Arrogant and most Ascendant will eventually fall into the Canyon of their Doom!


“Sex” is a scientific term which refers to the biological basis for the two basic categories of humans across all races and for the human race as opposed to non-human animals: males (men) and females (women). “Gender”, could be thought of as just referring to masculine/ feminine/neuter in grammar, or as just meaning “sex”, but nowadays is used and weaponised as an ideologically charged mass-democratic term, launched in the 1950s, to ideologically-emotionally, and to a certain or great extent in practice, equalise "abnormality and (mental) illness" with biologically based normality and traditional sex-differentiated roles. Of course, human culture is, like human identity, plastic and malleable, so a whole society is quite capable of believing in a whole host of inanities (at least as they appear inane to the more Traditional Eye), and define normality and abnormality (sanity and insanity), or decency and bigotry, any which way it pleases, as well as participating in a whole range of social action unthinkable in the past or in other societies, as long as a particular normative programme and vision is served – the (potential) ways of humans as content, i.e. their behaviour and action in specific cultural circumstances, are literally innumerable, uncountable, infinite. Similarly, “islamophobia” was launched as a term of public political-ideological discourse in the 1970s-2000s because of certain U.S.-centred anti-Russian geopolitical goals in Central Asia, the Balkans and the Middle East (under the Spykman-Zbigniew Brzezinski doctrines or standpoints, with such U.S.-centred geopolitical goals intertwining with Sunni and/or Muslim Brotherhood and/or Saudi etc. Islamism, a comparatively very strong Israel lobby), as well as owing to certain immigration and other programmes. Again, the context of Western mass democracy was the key for the acceptance by politicians, the elites and masses of voters and or consumers of these terms. Science does not choose between normative programmes. The normative programme which prescribes e.g. that homosexuals can marry and that children can choose their gender from Primary School is just as describable and explainable as the normative programme which wants to expel all Mohammedans and ban all public displays of degeneracy...


If females are generally, but not and never absolutely and exclusively, apart from having less upper body strength than males (yet have more overall physical strength in one sense, even though they have overall far less mental/spiritual strength to wage bloody physical war etc.), more interested from an early age in faces/people, and males in things, as well as there being marked mean-level evolutionary-biological-sex-based differences in vocal characteristics, skeletal morphology, body fat distribution, physical aggression, early violent death, reproductive variance, pubertal timing, childbirth, nursing, menopause, which may or may not, but very probably do, have an impact on a whole series of psychological attributes and differences between the sexes which no amount of "social experimentation" or "socialisation" can always and everywhere "adjust" or "equalise" (in any event, no society can possibly function long-term based on "social experimentation" - the basics of food, clothing, shelter NEED to be SECURED, and NOTHING exists "taken for granted", apart from DEATH, forever), etc. etc. etc. (see or cf. Angus Bateman, John Maynard Smith, W. D. Hamilton, Robert Trivers (cited by Kondylis, but not re: sex), Simon Baron-Cohen, James Thompson, Stuart Ritchie, West Hunter, Archer & Lloyd (2002), Fraye & Walpoff (1985), Geary 2010, Lippa (2005), Low (1998), Mealey (2000), Ellis (1996), van den Berghe (1990), J. Peterson, C. Paglia, et al.), and if people in general are more inclined to relatively religious-emotional, rather than relatively scientific-dispassionate, kinds of thinking, then it is no surprise that so far over many years only a relatively small number of males, as far as I can tell, have contacted me regarding Kondylis’s thought. This does not mean that women, or people of mostly African origin (Negroids or Congoids as opposed to Mongoloids and Caucasoids) for that matter, who apparently have (personally, I know NOT) lower mean levels of intelligence (and impulse control, and higher mean levels of criminality, even when accounting for social status/class/education disadvantages) than various sub-groups of non-Negroids (cf. A. Jensen, R. Lynn (discredited? if so, re: what?), R.J. Herrnstein, H. Nyborg, Ch. Murray, M. Levin, J. Ph. Rushton, et al.) [Question and possible Paradox: how can people of b race be less intelligent than people of w race when the former is undergoing a population explosion world-wide giving it the biological basis for survival for centuries or millennia to come, whereas the latter is partially, virtually or fully, perhaps or probably, "genociding itself" out of existence (i.e. committing (auto)genocide (to and on itself)) within a century or two (apart from letting a particular group h or j wield grossly disproportionate (forms of) power (and influence) over it)?], are incapable of appreciating Kondylis's thought, but it does seem to confirm my hypothesis that it is less likely a woman (or a Negroid) would be interested in Kondylis’s writings... yet again, there are literally millions and millions and millions,... of women and "black or brown and yellow non-Whites" and "Whites" who are far more intelligent than I could ever possibly be... [Kondylis never referred to "-oids", but did mention European imperialism's crude racism, whilst clearly indicating that races, peoples and ethne, though difficult to define, in fact (often) requiring a case-by-case, situation-specific analysis, definitely exist...]... [With humans sharing about up to 96-98+% of their DNA with chimpanzees (Great Apes), up to 90% with cats, etc., etc., etc., depending on what is being analysed and taken into account, it cannot possibly be surprising that relatively small (miniscule) genetic differences between the sexes and races can lead to considerable mean disparities, differences in bell curves, etc., etc., etc.. Environmental and Social Factors should never be underestimated or discounted, but vice versa too.] 

[Extreme Racism: If the U.S.A. in 1950 was about 88% relatively (Christian-Secular-Anglo-Irish-European) White, and in 2050 will be e.g. about 48% or 58% or... relatively (largely non-Christian) White; if Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Greece, Germany, France,... were about 98% or 88%, as the case may be, relatively native historically indigenous White, and will be 78% or 58% or 48%... if Israel/Palestine in 1900 was about 10% Jewish, in 1960 almost 90% and in 2050 will be about 70-80%(?), all in a Century (1950-2050) of Massive Official Anti-Racism (when the Black population in the U.S.A. actually increased from about 10% to around 12-14%), THEN we are talking about a century of EXTREME (ANTI-WHITE and ANTI-CHRISTIAN) RACISM and DISCRIMINATION (Christians were a majority in Palestine/Israel from the 5th century to the 11th century A.D.... by the 12th to the 14th century Mohammedans were the overwhelming majority... until 1946-1948 when more than a million non-Jews "left", and between 1930 to 1960 nearly two million Jews "poured in"...)...]

Value freedom (i.e. free of ethical and religious = all normative values) is not so much a question of higher or lower intelligence but more so a question of consistently separating Is from Ought... i.e. it is primarily a question of intellectual discipline...

[An early statement suggesting non-normative value freedom (sociology with "criteria beyond ethics, aesthetics etc.") is to be found in von Wiese, Allgemeine Soziologie als Lehre von den Beziehungen und Beziehungsgebilden der Menschen, 1924-1929, but apparently formulated before (?) Weber (?) c. 1900 - c. 1910 (?) (see Kondylis, P., Das Politische und der Mensch, S. 295 - "Science as a Vocation" was first published in 1919, and first given as a lecture in 1917).]

Social conditions undoubtedly often play a crucial role in determining Group outcomes, but also crucial can be biological inheritance, as well as individual effort. If it was just "social" and never "biological", why e.g. is the N.B.A. and elite track events the way they are when millions of White youth play basketball and engage in track events? Why are Physics, Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine, Economics, Engineering, etc. at the highest levels distinctly lacking in the racial group which dominates the N.B.A and elite track events, as well as in Females? Why are Women only capable of naturally giving birth? Why are men generally naturally and potentially far better and stronger elite Warriors? Blind Faith in "Equality" is simply Blind Faith in "God" of yesteryear... It is a Luxury in a Society in which its people do not have to, in the main, Labour physically for, or rather in producing their own Food, Clothing, Shelter,... The Ultimate Group Decadence in the Social Welfare State is the Demand that People of Group B "deserve" x, y, z from Group W because the People of Group B could not be bothered, or are not capable of, Working Hard and Intelligently for their Standard of Living... and the REASON: "institutional bias" of some kind or another, someone else is always to blame, and NEVER because I am Lazy and or relatively Stupid, and because I want a Whole Lot of Stuff without Doing Much or Anything to get it (which of course also applies to Groups of all racial-religious-etc. backgrounds)... And certainly those who "speak in the name of..." and have "the Highest of Ideals"... in practice, look after themselves and their Circle very well indeed... [It seems to me that "Feminists" tend to overlook that after a number of decades of "Feminism", men continue to do most or (nearly) all of the "dirty work" so that Western Mass Democracy can Continue to Function - from the building and maintenance of Homes, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, (War) Machines and (High) Technology, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Planes, Ships, Power (Telecommunications and other) Grids,... to the Driving of Trucks, the Captaining of Ships,... Plumbing, Electricity, Gas, Heating, Cooling,... Farming... Natural Resource Extraction and Distribution,... and the Waging of Wars and the Provision of Domestic (nowadays to a lesser extent than in the past) and International Security. That Women have mostly Achieved, at least relative to the past, "Equality", apart from e.g. being Doctors or (certain kinds of physical-biological (laboratory)) Scientists (but not Engineers,...), in the Dissemination of Lies, Propaganda and Nonsense in the Mass Media, Mass Education, Academia, Entertainment,... and that Western Women (with Men of course), as Hedonistic (Super-)Consumers and Travellers, have to a great extent Outsourced the Birthing of Children to Alien Women and the Legal and Illegal Migrants of non-Western Women with the Expectation that "the World Order" will at the very least "always remain the same" and even "Get Better" in terms of Western Women's Participation amongst the Elites (in Government Positions in Countries where they are Still UnderRepresented, in Corporate Board Rooms, which Require Extremely Long Hours of Highly Competitive Confrontation and or Overseeing of Innovation, etc.). We can and will also mention that a lot of the "Fashion" Women (and Men) Consume - as if it is Really Necessary to Change and or Add to Clothes and Shoes on a Weekly or Monthly Basis, is the Product of the Labour of non-Western Women, Children and Men in "Third World Sweat-Shops" or "Hell-Holes" - but that apart from some Moral Posturing and a bit of Tokenism, we have NOT seen (and shall NEVER see) any Substantial Movement of Western Women who want to "Trade Places" with their mostly Asian (and Latin American and African) "Sisters". And if in certain countries the OverRepresentation of Members of a Particular Tribe in the Mass Media and Entertainment, Academia, Banking and Finance, other Very Big Business, Government, the (upper echelons of) Law and Medicine, the Receiving of Noble and other Prizes, etc. is not or is very little to be attributed to "in-Group Tribal Networking", then that means there are not inconsiderable Differences in Intelligence, Talent, Work-Ethic, etc. between Groups (Religions, Ethne, Cultures and or Races) - and I wonder why People would "Rather not Talk about that"...] [Once,... Machiavelli, Hobbes, La Mettrie, et al.,... had to be "silenced" because Power and the "Lack of God and Ethics" were "not to be talked about"... whereas today, do not talk about the WQ, BQ, HQ, MQ or the JQ... or Power (in wholesale, not selective, terms)... and if you DO, particularly if you do so in a relatively balanced and factually-causally accurate manner, then... SILENCE...]      

You wouldn't be so smart, neither would I, if things started becoming again something like a process on the Way... back and forward... to a "Quest for Fire"... [see that movie, do some more research, read History and about how all kinds of people(s) have lived, toiled, suffered and triumphed and decayed and DIED,... actually grow a, and use your, Brain, and then shut "the fuck" up, particularly about the "falsehood of God" (that may be empirically so when seen as a separate ontological entity; but as a symbol of existential ideational-ideological necessity...), and especially about "oppression"... (dedicated to a really good Greek: Giannis Papamichael - the social psychologist, not the useless son of the great Greek movie legend actor, and of that Brightest of Stars, Forever our Inspiration, Always in our Dreams... ἀγάπη μου...)... (I also happen to be a useless son of great, and humble, antecedents)...]

"In the name of humanity" anyone can pick and choose their "genocide of the day". It's funny or rather, an incontrovertible fact, how certain genocides are "more equal" than others, and sometimes feature as the "genocide of (nearly) every day" whilst others are not even mentioned... because they "never happened"... ἀ-λήθεια... [strictly speaking, "genocide" means the killing of the entire Genos, which of course is (very) often not the case, and "genocide" in reality means "mass slaughter" etc.. But, concepts DO tend to be used in loaded and or heavily ideological or ideologising (power-claim-based) fashions, e.g. as in today's use of the terms "liberal" or "conservative", "democracy", "hate", "love", "bigotry", "racism", etc. - and that's never going to change. In fact, things might even get worse... to the point of "Orwellian" MADNESS and CONTROL...] 

I once had an elderly neighbour, a travel agent, Mr. Pollack: always impeccably dressed, always with a beret and one of those 19th century moustaches which curl around at its ends, always polite to others without fault; Basque, French, Jewish. He fanatically loved that basic national triad of his identity notwithstanding that he had chosen to live on the other side of the world (God knows what he had been through or what he had seen in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s like millions and millions and millions of other Europeans; he generally kept quiet about the third of those national(-religious) identities though (in fact, my father didn't realise he was, apart from French and Basque, also Jewish, until Mr. Pollack's funeral, which he, shocked, attended, whilst complying of course with certain matters of religious etiquette); yet Mr. Pollack also fanatically loved WOMEN, and showed it too! To my mother he would frequently say: "You know Julieeeee, I am Basque!!! I am French!!!" - and his eyes would fill with tears whenever he thought of the Motherland, the Fatherland). When on the television, daily viewing included the "Free Nelson Mandela" show, including many, many, many dancing people singing of a very dark complexion, my Basque-French-Jewish neighbour kept complaining about "the monkeeeee!" whilst raising his arms in a manner reminiscent of someone in a Charlie Chaplin silent motion picture yelling "Fire! Fire! Fire!". That seemed at the time like a very crude and offensive thing to do. I wondered why he would be saying such things. Such a bright, polite, charming gentleman. Nowadays, I wonder if there is any truth hidden somewhere in that vulgar characterisation of "fellow human beings", and whether that truth is telling us anything...   

A Day in Court (Or: Second Reading)

Sitting at the Bar Table, waiting for my turn to address Judge P., who happened to be of a particular Tribal extraction and identity, but who also was probably the most polite, decent and even-handed Justice I had ever come across (as we all know, life experience tells us that the various "psychological types" are to be found amongst all races, colours, creeds, religions, sexes, "genders", persuasions, family and "lifestyle" group formations or individual life stances...), and whilst a solicitor Black Person from South Africa, and "new Australian" was addressing the Court, I heard someone whispering again and again "Go Away!, "Go Home!". I turned around and saw another Solicitor, from rural Victoria, who was directing not inconsiderable anger towards the black African-"Australian" solicitor. I didn't like what he was doing, gave "the Kangaroo Skippy Bastard" a really dirty "greazeball" look - he and what he was whispering were both annoying and Extremely Rude and also seemed Very Unfair, given that the black solicitor was always pleasant to deal with, serious, generally nice and overall a gentleman in the best sense of the word. On the other hand, I can understand where the "real Australian" was coming from, for I too was born and grew up under the (effects of the) "White Australia Policy" (which distinguished in practice at ground level between Anglo Australians and Germanic or Southern European "Australians", let alone between the former and Asian or African or Middle Eastern "Australians"), and in retrospect probably seems like a very sensible policy in terms of keeping social and cultural-aesthetic cohesion, as well as social trust, at a fairly high level. However, that policy has been well and truly abandoned, whilst in South Africa, de facto and or de jure, there is now very much a "Black South Africa" policy in place, and knowing something about Black Africa, there can and does often exist a lot of (intense, even aggressive) racialism and racism between relatively black people, many of whom are still very relatively tightly tribal, just as humans have been for probably 90+% or 99.9+% of the time Homo Sapiens have existed for about 200,000 years, or whatever period of time is correct. When Jack Benny in Lubitsch's masterpiece "To be or not to be" keeps saying "So they call me Concentration Camp Ehrhardt", I always laugh, because it seems hilarious. In reality though, Concentration Camps are not funny at all, and a society which decides to move away from relatively high levels of social (and cultural-aesthetic) cohesion and social order, and progressively becomes more and more of a Jungle (e.g. has, INTER ALIA, gangs of Sudanese and Somali youth terrorising and maiming families and individuals in their homes with machete, Animal and Rape Violence when once such phenomena were unheard of), then eventually, either relatively soon, or after many decades or even longer, Forces of Law and Order might, but not necessarily, be unleashed, including possibly in relation to ScapeGoats and or Groups which hold positions of Power amongst their elite grossly disproportionate to their percentage of the overall population,... and if such Forces are not Unleashed, then the Jungle will eventually probably increasingly become Darker, Darker, Darker,... until there is no Society of Humans anymore... and Man's Struggle with Nature results in the latter's Victory, which in the End is probably, and was probably always, Bound to Happen, one way or another...


Pointing out that one doesn't like the look of all those particular Tribal Faces in positions of Power, Authority, Influence,... is "irrational" only if one is giving "rationality" a particular ethical-cultural/aesthetic content (e.g. "racism" as pertaining to equality of formal legal and property and social rights, but not equality as to (non-White/Male/Christian) group power accumulation and concentration in the Real World - oh, how very convenient!!!). Every Position starts Ultimately from what is Irrational (i.e. Culture, as Group Existence, and the individuals born into it give a basic world-theoretical or world view framework of Good and Evil, Truth (Real) and Lie (Fake), Friend and Foe, etc., which can and often does differ to other societies in History (if not in the present) as well as internally regarding opposing ideologies, and no Culture/Society has every convinced any other opposed Culture/Society/ ideologies of the "rational basis" for their own Fundamental World View/ideology... and NEVER WILL). Rationality is something all people engage in once the basic aforementioned world-theoretical Parameters and particular ideological positionings have been set, and whether people are logically consistent or not becomes the real basis for whom is actually being irrational. And I, for the life of me, cannot see how it is necessarily "rational" to preach Equality, to point out e.g. "the lack of Women and People of Colour" in Departments of Philosophy at Universities, whilst being a person of a particular ethnic/religious background and saying absolutely NOTHING about the gross over-representation of people of your Group in Philosophy Departments, at least at Ivy League Institutions... (by the way, societies in the past ascribed particular Roles to most Women so that they as societies could Reproduce themselves Collectively with fairly high levels of Racial and Cultural Continuity, just as most societies have done throughout the whole world over many, many thousands of years, notwithstanding Evolution, Technological, Economic, and other Cultural, even Religious, Change(s), whilst "People of (the black) Colour", until a few decades ago, had NO SIGNIFICANT HISTORY WHATSOEVER of written philosophical discourse amongst their elites, and that goes back many thousands and thousands and thousands of years before White Colonisation... and I thought Academics were meant to be Intelligent... Able to Identify Facts and Basic Causality... (and not Cretinous Ideologues)... so why do members of a particular religious and or ethnic and or racial group not give up their own positions of relative power to more "people of Colour" voluntarily? [CUT TO THE CHASE: Why would I want to be ruled by Foreigners? = Why would any totally and absolutely rational person want his elites to grossly disproportionately consist of people who are, at the very least, perceived to be foreign? Since ancient times, incl. Hebrews themselves, peoples have RESISTED, FOUGHT and WAGED WAR against FOREIGN RULE!!! THAT SEEMS PERFECTLY RATIONAL TO ME!!! That was the whole point of 20th century and previous centuries' wars of NATIONAL (TRIBAL) LIBERATION!!! RETARD!!! (Oh, sorry I got carried away there, YOU are not "retarded" at all, because YOU very rationally keep on forgetting to say - it's just a "minor, irrelevant point really" - that your ONE WORLD "Open Society, Open Borders, 'Human Rights' Global Village" CONCENTRATES Money, Wealth, and all kinds of POWER, GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY into the Hands of Members of a Particular Tribe, who of course come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and who are both of the Left and of the Right, etc., etc., etc., but nonetheless still "just happen" to be Tribesmen and Tribeswomen of a particular Tribe... oh, my oh my,... what a Beautiful, Wonderful World we live in... we'll even get Gumbo to sing to you about it...)...]  

Given that many, if not more than many... up to all, human matters (at least potentially) lend themselves to causal explanation, to the extent it can be proffered, including both social and biological factors, monocausal or any kind of reductionism is always a very real danger. There is much that history, sociology, psychology, political science, (socio)biology, etc. can offer - social ontology (which cannot exist without at least history) leaves it to other disciplines to make their situation-specific investigations. On the other hand, the disciplines at some point overlap to a great extent with, or even collapse into, one another because ultimately we are talking about human (social) existence as opposed to the existence of non-human animals. When the races, civilisations, nations, peoples, ethne were more separate, perhaps distinctions were easier to make and "stereotypes" had a more solid empirical foundation. Nowadays, in many instances social-cultural factors can play a determinative role in making up for biological and social-cultural differences that once seemed more apparent at first glance... on the other hand, biological differences, even if less obvious when investigating social-cultural phenomena cannot just be wished away through ideology. The constants, however, always remain: society, biology (nature), power, self-preservation, identity, meaning, Is and Ought, ideology, normativism, polemics,... description,... 1) the social relation both as to its (friend-foe) spectrum, and as to its mechanism (understanding, rationality, language), which bring about the endless types of (historical-)sociological content; 2) the political as the interaction of all interactions achieving social coherence and social order (social disciplining); and 3) the anthropological, whereby human nature is culture, with humans always being both natural and cultural beings, no matter how much culture can shape and control, rule or change nature,... that a society gives the factor of "race" or "gender" or "equality", etc., x or y, etc. importance and or a or b, etc. dominant generally binding interpretation is a matter for negotiation and or battle in the realm of the political within the social... what however one likes or dislikes aesthetically-culturally is ultimately a subjective and personal matter, notwithstanding that the liking or disliking is objectively limited to what is on offer... quantitative differentiation is a phenomenon separate to qualitative differentiation as to differentia specifica defining one genus or type from another within specific situational and historical contexts e.g. language as opposed to dialects,... and other languages, and dialects,... race as opposed to sub-races,... and other races, and sub-races,... as opposed to nation,... ethnos/ethne,... as opposed to class, caste,... as opposed to sex, gender,... as opposed to conservative, liberal,... as opposed to normal, abnormal,... etc., etc., etc.,... [the taxonomy of sub-groups can involve (relative) qualitative and or quantitative considerations (e.g. dialect v. language v. another language)... the abnormal as exception is in effect (a precondition of the) normal, because without the abnormal as exception the normal cannot be defined... in other words, a society and or individuals treat a phenomenon as "abnormal" based on certain value judgements incl. in relation to the ultimate question of social cohesion and social order...]... a concept which, however, cannot be clearly defined and becomes so slippery across time eventually loses any meaning as to specific distinguishing content and cannot be of any scientific use... e.g. if conservative nowadays virtually means nothing, or macro-historically seen, very little indeed, gender can just as easily become a matter for individual interpretation without being a social fact or phenomenon with group/ collective reference and application... wanting to be or being e.g. racialist, racist, a race realist, an anti-racist, a part-racist, a moderate racist, an aggressive racist, an auto-racist, a self-racist, an ethnopatriot, an ethnoracial patriot, a plain patriot, a nationalist, a civic nationalist, a no borders globalist, a some borders globalist-part-national patriot, an internationalist, a religious warrior, a hyper-individualist, a rabid tribalist; a moderate, extreme, militant, situational, anti-,... feminist; a non-participant,... a pacifist,... or some combination of the above or something else,... etc., etc., etc., is ultimately a choice as to identity and the associated with that identity aesthetic and cultural (value) preferences in the battles that take place more or less peacefully and or more or less violently within the political... 

[Obviously violence existed before video games, so video games cannot have been the cause of violence. However, video games might (or might not) contribute to increasing, along with a whole host of other factors, the levels and or kinds of violence in people of particular age groups, certain individuals, etc., but that requires case-specific research. Re: "gun control" - stricter gun control laws may or may not decrease mass gun-related killings, but the laws themselves mono-causally mean NOTHING. C. 1950 the U.S.A. had relatively few mass gun killings, but did have relatively high levels of racial and cultural/religious relative homogeneity and relatively high levels of racial segregation, but still provided a constitutional "right to bear arms" to its citizenry. Moreover, e.g. Mexico of recent years has relatively strict gun control laws or at least much lower levels of (official) gun ownership than the U.S.A. but has proportionately far higher levels of gun deaths etc.. Of course, e.g., the U.K. has far lower levels of gun ownership and gun-related deaths than the U.S.A., but has no "constitutional rights culture and history" of gun ownership, whereas in recent years in China e.g. there have been mass School Killings through Stabbings, i.e. Knife Use, and also in London under "multi-cultural" governance, the knives are out... so.... So, every case needs to be examined as to a variety of factors including social cohesion, social trust, social order, social disciplining, rights, popular will, etc., and not just mono-causally talking about the N.R.A. and "evil" as your average Mass Media Cretin, Retard, Moron and Imbecile does... [I wonder why the Mass Media controlled largely by people of a certain Tribe never talk about their own GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Wealth and Power but Hound the N.R.A. so much? I wonder why?...]... and of course there's also the ideological and or real dimension of protection from government and or foreign abuse as well as protection of hearth and home from the invading criminal... literally hundreds, if not thousands, of assaults, rapes, burglaries, murders, etc. are probably prevented every year by the mere fact that the prospective, now retreating, criminal(s) know(s) that the homeowner has a lethal weapon ready to be used against him/them (I personally have heard of, from reliable sources, of many such cases in countries with relatively strict gun control and supposedly, or once upon a time, low crime rates)...] 


The observation that most or many countries in the world today have a higher level of relative racial and or religious homogeneity than most Western countries might be, or actually is, correct empirically. The political programme, however, of seeking a return to similar demographic and or ideational relative homogeneity as existed in the Western world circa 1960, or even 1990, for instance, would probably, or certainly, entail a great deal of violence and violent upheaval. And in a climate of “I shop, therefore I am” and “Live, and let live”, such a political programme is bound to be frowned upon, and quite understandably so, at the very least...

Talk about "populism" and "elitism" is mostly Stupid. Society by definition is made up of people and rulers, more or less relatively homogeneous or heterogeneous, more or less relatively closed or open... when "populists" or "elites" are criticised, it's always with a conception of "good" people and elites contrary to the "bad, evil" populists and elites... In the mass media and in most of academia, the Retard usually wins... [Demagoguery, Bread and Circuses, Pulpit Fire and Brimstone, Mass Media Propaganda, Populism,... it's always Leading and or Being Lead as Mutual and Reciprocating Interaction(s) and Influence in Uneven and Asymmetrical Relations of Forms of Power, One Way or Another...]

C. 1914-1945, AT STAKE was the European-American carving up of the World. In our times, c. 2017, AT STAKE for Germany is trying to stay Relevant in a World in which the MAIN PLAYERS: U.S.A., China, Russia, perhaps India,... DO NOT include (non-Russian) Europe (unless Germany managed with France to UNITE Europe as One GeoPolitically Effective State - thus far, HASN'T HAPPENED) - also, there are no longer masses of Ethnic Germans outside of the German State who want to be IN the German State. So any talk of a "Return to Weimar Republic Days" and any comparisons between most of today's so called "Far-Right" parliamentary Parties, which for the most part advocate border controls similar to what mass-democratic Social Democracy enforced until the 1990s, and when instead of having to Pay Onerous War Reparations and of living under Hyper-Inflation, Germany is actually, relatively speaking, Monopolising or "Hogging" European Production and Exports to the overall productive detriment of many other European countries,... is another SURE SIGN of advanced ideologically-infused CRETINISM, MORONISM, RETARDISM, IDIOCY and INSUFFERABLE INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY, not uncommon in most "journalists", "analysts", "professors", "politicians" and other "pundits". [Strictly Speaking, RETARDS, "Nazis" effectively ceased to exist in 1945, and "neo-Nazis" generally DON'T get voted into today's Parliaments, and IF they DO, they more or less adjust to hedonistic-consumeristic mass-democratic parliamentary life(styles) fairly quickly... i.e. they get "Co-opted by the System"...]

Without being an economist, it seems to me that the problem of national debt is largely dealt with by means of a country's productivity, access to world trade and natural resources, the strength of a nation-state's internal market, exports, and perhaps above all, ultimately, militarily-geopolitically...  

Support for relatively open or fully open borders is a choice in favour of countries of the First World slipping further into the Third ("Turd") World. Such a choice might be rational from the point of view of very Big Business and perhaps for elites with Imperial Designs, but constitutes for many a sure sign of total detachment from Common Sense, if not a conversion into a state of Full Retardism. Ideology is not only a distancing from Reality, but also a distancing from Common Sense. In extreme cases, it leads to the applauding of one's own Destruction and the Wiping Out of one's own Inheritance. Identity then splits completely from recognisable Continuity. [Anyone who has actually lived in a "Third World" country amongst the poor(er) locals, and is not drunk on Ideology and or has not gone Insane, and who actually saw and felt the PAIN of the locals STRUGGLING to SURVIVE on a day-to-day MATERIAL BASIS, and with some of them still being able to SMILE, albeit perhaps to camouflage their GRIEF, would know automatically immediately that one of the things a REALLY PRIVILEGED country needs to do to maintain its First World status, is to STRICTLY CONTROL both its population and borders]. 

The people who say they "love everyone" (but probably just really love their Narcissistic Selves), and define what "hate" is whilst singling out "those who hate", in actual fact hate, often to Extremes, those who "love less than everyone, i.e. groups and individuals as a Part, but not the Whole, of "everyone"", who happen to love and hate like (statistically speaking, nearly) ALL PEOPLE do (there cannot be love without hate, or hate without love). In other words, if someone is telling you what Hate and Hate Speech are, they are simply telling you they are Retarded, and or, (extremely) Power Hungry and want to Control you (My Love Speech is Your Hate Speech, etc.). Of course, there are a myriad of positions in between extreme love and extreme hate, including Indifference, but ultimately, one's love is the other's hate and vice versa. If I want to exclude X, and you won't let me exclude X, then You are excluding Me from excluding X [= an anti-racist is in effect saying that one particular race must cede ground to another race, so that the anti-racist is being racist towards that one particular race, apart from also forcing one to be racist to oneself, i.e. to one's own race,... anti-racism = auto-racism... if one's race (strictly or more loosely defined as people or ethnos) has 90 out of 100 people in a particular territory and becomes 89 out of 100 people in a particular territory through anti-racism, then one's own race is diminished through auto-racism, etc. etc. etc.... the question of social cohesion and social order, is of course, a separate matter... conceivably one could reduce one's race in a territory to 0, i.e. full auto-racism as full auto-Genocide and still have relatively high social cohesion and social order AND EVEN some kind of continuation of the Culture (but obviously not the aesthetic component of the Culture) which the race which has undergone auto-Genocide through auto-Lobotomy largely created or put together, notwithstanding all that was borrowed or "stolen" from other races (including sub-races, peoples, ethne, etc.), which of course have also borrowed or stolen from...]... If I want to speak ill of X, and you won't let me speak ill of X, then You are Controlling Me (whilst probably speaking ill of me too)... if I want to love Z passionately, then per definitionem I must hate A ((in part) rightly and or (in part) wrongly) passionately, and by trying to stop me from hating A passionately, you are trying to stop me from loving Z passionately... Dictator... Of course one way to "keep a lid" on Love and Hate is to successfully bindingly define what is permitted in the Public Sphere... a relatively stable society grips the Lid of the Pot well... a society which is about to Explode or Explodes, is losing or has lost its grip... Just because a society has a good grip, it doesn't mean that people are not dreaming of, and working towards, a different Stew... and plotting to change the Chef... or that those currently gripping the Lid, aren't going to grip it Tighter... so the question then becomes: "how long before the next Explosion?"... and it could be Very Long, depending also on what's happening on other Cooktops, and how well or badly the Kitchen is coping...


It’s one thing to have 5% to 20% of the population being of a totally different (sub-)race or even Great (sub-)Religion, but being more or less, by and large, assimilated into the dominant culture, and it’s quite another thing, to have 20% to 50+% of the population being relatively youthful, unassimilated, unassimilatable, Aliens with aggressive intentions...


Slogans and Emotions won’t stick as Social Cohesion’s Glue when the Apple Cart Finally has no... Apples...


A different quantitative assessment of a country’s ideal racial make-up, cannot constitute racism as regards race as conceptual differentia specifica because qualitatively both sides, as to race, agree... 

Fact speech, i.e. the statement of Facts, is Hate Speech when people filled with Hate and or Cretinism have the Power to Dominate Others through their Retard Speech and Censorship. [“Homo homini lupus”; “Scientia potentia est” (after his employer, Francis Bacon) = Hobbes = Legendary Englishman who translated Thucydides into English. He got half the Story of Man right, but with what Style did He get that Half Right! I am so Proud of Him, and generally, not always, I dislike Englishmen, as I'm sure they generally dislike me...]...

The Good News Bible hasn’t been discarded; it’s just changed Content...

Only someone who knows no history, or only knows history (very) selectively, could possibly believe the pathological mental deficiencies (Cretinism, Moronism and Retardism) of today’s ideologues and Thought Police, not infrequently armed with Ph.D.s and “peer-reviewed” citations...

Cavafy is not one of the greatest poets of the 20th century because of his Homosexuality and (possible) homosexual themes in not a few of his poems, but rather because of his Ethno-Centrism and Profound Knowledge of Diachronic Hellenism, and the Way he Uses Greek (Hellenic) Words, and Understands Humans and Culture Generally. If you See Things Differently, then Very Likely you are a Moron. [Anglophone Person of (partial) Greek Descent, Lineage or Origin: You can Choose, whenever you want, to HELLENISE YOURSELF, learn Greek (Hellenika) and ENJOY and LEARN from 3,000 years of Written Culture - we have the Greatest, or at the very least, some of the greatest, Poets, Philosophers, Historians,... and additionally in the 20th Century, amongst the Greatest Recorded Voices and Musicians (in various genres of) Song, and many, many, many Great Cinematic Comedies, and some Superb Cinematic Dramas too. So DON'T Be a Barbarian All your Life! Become a Hellene (Greek), and be Proud! (And still love, appreciate and respect foreign cultures as well...)... and Remember, Southern Italians in Literature, Music, Film,... are more likely than not, at least in part, of the Flesh and Spirit, like Us, also!!!...] [Who is Greek? Someone Black of African descent who attends Greek Orthodox Liturgy regularly and crosses himself with respect and reverence for the Divine, whilst learning the Greek language, history and culture to the best of his ability, or, Someone of Greek descent, who laughs at anything which distinguishes a Greek from other People and other Ethne (White, Yellow, Black, Mixed), and who sprays Graffiti, i.e. vandalises Churches? Whilst the Racial Element is very important both Culturally-Aesthetically and Macro-Historically, and for the Reinforcement of Individual and Collective Identity and its Continuity, it is NOT (necessarily) Absolute, and can become something less than Secondary, depending on the Situation. If I had an Only Choice of siding with People of my Race who have become Mohammedans and/or Turks and/or Americans and/or Germans et al., i.e. Barbarians, and who won't ever again "Become who they Are" (millions have gone down that Path over the Centuries), or, who are Black Africans or Lebanese or... in Origin, but with a largely Hellenic Spirit in Theory and in Practice... the Choice, as much as it might Sadden and Depress me (on behalf of Myself and my (perception of my) Ancestors), is an Easy choice... of course, that is not to say that Borders should not be SEALED or at least tightly controlled as to Legal Immigration ONLY for the purposes of Assimilation, and a Re-Hellenisation of the Indigenous, Native, Relatively White Population should not be Attempted first and foremost...] [To be as accurate and precise in terms of scientific observation, for the purposes of this page, as possible: the United States of America Nation was constituted as - in addition to an anti-monarchical, anti-aristocratic, revolutionary oligarchic-liberal republic - a largely (up to 80% or almost 90%) relatively White Anglo- and then Celtic and Northern and then Southern European American Nation, with Negroes, Native Indians and others as historic minorities, on an Anglo-(Greco-)Roman-(Judeo-)Christian spiritual and ideological basis, with strong American Republican (to a significant extent Protestant(-related)) characteristics, and very quickly, macro-historically seen, became the world's leading (Mass Society and) Mass Democracy and Great or Super Power, and along with and through Imperialistic GeoPolitical and Cultural Power Projection itself became much more racially and culturally diverse, especially since the 1960s, and dragged all of the West, and not only the West, along its Path, to varying degrees, especially after the Cold War (with a particular Group, along with Protestants (broadly defined), exerting grossly disproportionate forms of power and influence within the mass-democratic and imperialistic American context)... what comes next, in terms of social formations, we know not, but Things are not looking good for relatively High Social Cohesion and Social Order given that the racial/ethnological-religious basis of Western mass democracies has been undermined so much, that only the "I shop, consume, therefore, I am" basis remains...] 


The West (a musical play (Commedia) in seven Acts):



Acts I to VII:


Charlemagne/Venice/Florence-El Cid/Reconquista/Columbus-Luther/Westphalia/

Vienna/Napoleon/Paris/von Bismarck-London/Washington




As far as I can tell, by far most of the Great thinkers and or artists in the West were relatively white (European-Caucasian) male Pagan or Christian Greek, Roman, French, English/Scottish, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish/Portuguese and/or assimilated Jews. It is probably no accident that since art and systematic, explanatory thought (theory) have been reduced to “say and do whatever you feel like” there has been a huge influx of “artists and thinkers” from many demographic groups not referred to above. 

There is no Cure for Chronic Pathological Mental Incapacity (Objective Retardism)

When women are promoted as relatively passive, sexual, feminine, emotional, housewives,... i.e. in accordance with their mean inner nature... they are “objectivised”... when men are depicted as effeminate, homosexual, emasculated, placid,... i.e. not in accordance with their mean inner nature... they are... “emancipated”?

Notwithstanding the various ideological position(ing)s, Reality, which NEVER can escape NATURE fully (or even as much as one High on Thought Drugs thinks it can), given it’s Human Reality, gives its own Answers... Ideologues are always left disappointed in the long run...


To make it absolutely clear: the ideologies and life stances of Western mass democracy are just as valid or invalid, from a value-neutral i.e. non-normative, scientific point of view, as the ideologies and life stances of other social formations. [Also, the Reality is very Clear: a great majority of relatively white people in Western mass democracies have to a great extent ditched, rejected outright or are simply indifferent towards the (more relatively mono-racial, mono-religious, mono-modal collective-oriented or collective-focussed) Values of their Forebears (e.g. Fatherland, Religion, (traditional patriarchal) Family,... relative Race Homogeneity,...) and fully accept Western mass democratic Values of e.g. "individual (hedonistic-Diversity) rights"... of having as many consensual sexual partners as you want in any kind of manner you may want (barring (extreme) violence and age of consent restrictions), being as Atheist as you want to be and disrespecting Christianity as much as you want, living consensually with and or marrying whomever you may want, engaging in miscegenation as much as you want, (again barring age of consent restrictions), and NEVER offending, at least in the Public Sphere, certain Groups, from people of African origin and Homosexuals to (perhaps to a lesser degree) Muslims, Jews, Transexuals,... It logically follows that any Groups wanting Change "in another Direction", and who don't enjoy any significant Power, will initially seek to engage heavily in MetaPolitics (e.g. from Gramsci to de Benoist to G. Johnson/R. Spencer et al.)... but the Reality is, if the "I shop, therefore I am" of Western Mass Democracies continues, minority MetaPolitics will NOT do anything of significance to Change the current overall Situation, AND... whilst the Demographics of Western Mass Democracies are altering relatively Rapidly...] [Transexuals ("Drag Queens") reading Stories to Primary School children teaches "tolerance" = teaches tolerance of Transexuals, but Gross Intolerance of Tradition, Patriarchy, Christian (Hebraic, Muslim,..) etc. values = the "mentally ill" seek to impose their "sick, disgusting" Values on my Values = the Transexuals (and their "sick" supporters) seek to increase their Power over Heterosexual Power ("normality") = a society of totally "fucked up nut-cases" which will eventually just be a "Refuse Dump and or Jungle"... or will be taken over by those who can impose Values which will "Clean up the Mess" and "Reinstate Health, Normality and Order"... on the other hand, there is absolutely no a priori "law of nature" which says a society cannot have couples or more of homosexual parents, transexuals being carers of children, etc., etc., etc.,... if such a society can manage to reproduce itself e.g. through (mass) artificial insemination and or (mass) immigration etc., in addition or even without traditional-patriarchal modes of family and child rearing. Whether someone accepts or even welcomes such a state of affairs or thinks that such a situation is utterly disgusting, sick, and "the end of civilisation" is, like everything else human, ultimately a question of (forms of) Power (incl. in relation to action within the Political), Identity, Culture, Values, Taste,... and Man's relationship with Nature...]

We know that Normativists and Ethicists tend to suffer from an Acute form of Cretinism (Retardism) because their Ought always blinds them from the Is, as the Is actually is and not as it is Fantasised... that is why the Retards (Cretins, Imbeciles) think that their Interpretation of Racism, Sexism, -Phobia, etc. is the only Understanding of Racism, Sexism, -Phobia etc., and CANNOT SEE that their Anti-Racism, Anti-Sexism, Anti-...-Phobia, etc., BY DEFINITION, contains their own Racism, Sexism, -Phobia, etc.. You want e.g. Blacks and Women and Homosexuals and Mohammedans and Jews et al. to have more Power, Then You Will, PER DEFINITIONEM, take Power away, if you are successful in Practice, not just in your intellectual Stupidity, from a Group of People who hold and exercise such Power, e.g. the relatively White Male, or relatively White People overall, from Heterosexuals, from Christians et al.; (anti-White racism, anti-Male sexism (Misandry), Heterophobia (Homophilia/mania), Christophobia (Islamophila/mania, Pro-Semitism, Pro-Zionism, SemitoPhilia/Mania, HATRED (fear, disgust, etc., etc., etc., in respect) of those who LOVE their (relatively White) (Christian) inherited Culture and or Race, etc.) (the question of Quantity and Degree is Absolutely Irrelevant to the Qualitative-Differentia Specifica Analysis we are engaged in HERE, RETARD!). Now, if one's Goal is e.g. (some inevitably particularistic, vague, warm and fuzzy notion of) Equality and or Humanity (Hebraic or Hellenic-Roman Glory, etc., etc., etc.), which by the Way CANNOT possibly EVER EXIST as notions encompassing the Totality of Human (social) Life and Human Affairs except in relation to NON-HUMAN ANIMALS (simply because Man is always Nature as well as Culture), that Telos and Justification (and all associated VALUES) make one's own Power-Claims APPEAR to be "Good" and "for the Benefit of Society", as opposed to "Evil" and "to the Detriment of Society and or the Human Race", when in fact what is REALLY HAPPENING is that the Bearers of Power, the Members of the Elite, are or are beginning to Change, and or are Desired to be Changed (all of this applies JUST AS MUCH e.g. to WHITE-IDENTITARIAN or WHITE-NATIONALIST Normativists and Ethicists WHO OVERESTIMATE Racial (biological) Factors, and downplay social-cultural factors, apart from MISUNDERSTANDING where Objective Reality is Heading, and how that Reality may or may not Change in the Future...). Any Calls AGAINST "racism", "sexism", "homophobia", "Islamophobia", "anti-Semitism", or for "WHITE HOMELANDS", as the case may be, in the Western context, are Simply Calls FOR increasing anti-White racism and Black, Homosexual, Mohammedan or Jewish et al. Power by decreasing (relatively) White power; increasing anti-Male sexism and Female power by decreasing Male power; increasing Islamic or Jewish (Semitic and or Zionist) power by decreasing Christian and or Secular or Pagan power; or, increasing White power by decreasing Black, Mohammedan, Jewish, etc. power, as the case may be, etc., etc., etc.. Whether such Increases or Decreases are "Good" or "Bad (Evil)", and also Cuturally-Aesthetically Pleasing or Disgusting, is PURELY a Question of VALUES connected with Power(-Claims) and Ideological (non-scientific) thought (e.g. whether one Values certain Individual (conceptions of) Rights above certain Collective (conceptions of) Rights, etc., etc., etc.) (The fact that Reality contains an overlapping of Groups, e.g. Women in favour of the Patriarchal (Christian) Family, Homosexuals as pro-Heterosexuality in the Public Domain, Blacks as pro-White European Culture, Jews as (pro-)(Christian) White, Muslims as pro-Christian or pro-"liberal democracy", (European) Whites in favour of Africanism, Mohammedanism and Zionism, etc., etc., etc., does not alter the fundamental points being made here about Group(s) vs. anti-Group(s), and Concept(s) vs. anti-Concept(s) Dynamics,... Identity/Identities vs. anti-Identity/Identities... The question of Social Cohesion and Social Order and Social Disciplining is, for the purposes of this discussion, another Kettle of Fish...). 

The absolutely CONSISTENT OBSERVER OF HUMAN AFFAIRS (SOCIAL-SCIENTIST), i.e. Panajotis Kondylis, NOT ME (for I am partly Retarded like nearly all people), is VALUE-NIHILIST, i.e. He Describes and Explains HUMAN AFFAIRS ONLY in regard to (all relevant, non-exclusionary) empirical evidence and absolute logical consistency and PROPOSES NO COURSE OF ACTION, NO NORMS, NO VALUES, NO IDEOLOGY, NO TELOS, NO UTOPIA, NO FANTASY,... [RETARD! Nihilism DOES NOT mean Destruction (i.e. GO AND DESTROY!), it means DO NOTHING WITH NORMATIVE INTENT]... (see Kondylis's CORE BOOKS on the Home Page of this Site)... [To my DEAR, DEAR FRIEND (FREUND) Karl Marx: Before we can either Interpret or Change the World, let's UNDERSTAND, DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN it first, SCIENTIFICALLY, i.e. NON-NORMATIVELY, to the Extent that we CAN, in accordance with HISTORICAL Empirical Reality, and Logical Consistency, AND, if we do THAT, we'll UNDERSTAND that PEOPLE will engage in The Political and in Politics (including IDEOLOGIES), that a whole host of other phenomena will change such as Technology, the Economy, Modes of Living and Belief, Man's relationship with Nature, etc. (which YOU YOURSELF understood and indicated in all YOUR WORLD-HISTORICAL GREATNESS as one of the GREATEST thinkers of ALL TIME), AND, the (Human) WORLD WILL CHANGE, in any event... one way or another... apart from certain Anthropological and Social-Ontological CONSTANTS, expounded by Panajotis Kondylis, in part BASED on (aspects of) the Findings of Other Greats, from Thucydides and Machiavelli (Hobbes, Clausewitz) to Marx and Weber (Durkheim, Simmel, Mannheim, Aron, Conze, Koselleck)... and many, many others listed elsewhere within this WebSite...]

[As My Group's Power Decreases (regardless of how relatively homogeneous or relatively heterogeneous my Group is and at what Pace it is Changing and to what Extent I still Consider it my Group...), and as My Group becomes More Welcoming and Friendlier towards the Other, the Other's Power Increases, and in effect, i.e. In All Actuality, if not consciously, becomes more Inimical towards my Group, since this Other Group is Increasingly Taking Over or Conquering or Occupying My Group's Territory. It is Possible, though not Certain, that the relatively White European (sub-)Races and Ethne and Peoples have Consciously, and also through the Operation of the Heterogony of Ends, Decided to go so Close to Extreme Friendship towards the relatively Other, that the relatively Familiar is in the Process of Mass Self-Sacrifice through Mass Miscegenation, Mass Immigration, Low Birth Rates, etc., etc., etc.. That is Quite Understandable Human Behaviour under Certain Circumstances (e.g. of (massified-atomised, hedonistic-consumeristic, ideologically (and or in practice, i.e. including External Action) (much) more horizontally spatio-temporal, mobile and "equal") Western Mass Democracy (than more "vertically" historical, more static and (much) more hierarchical Liberalism)), and it Could Lead to AutoGenocide over the long run. The Other Approach, e.g. (relatively) Extreme Enmity towards the relatively Other as exemplified by today's Israel and Japan and Korea and Poland and (comparatively speaking) China and Angola (notwithstanding its many Ethnic Groups), etc., etc., etc., is also Quite Understandable Human Behaviour. All such Human Action or Behaviour is Describable and Explainable. A Fortress Tribal Homeland Approach Can Work, But it Depends on the Circumstances, the Correlation of Forces, etc.. Those Circumstances, Correlation(s) of Forces, etc., Just Because they are Here Today, Will Not Necessarily Be Here Tomorrow, or the Day After Tomorrow... If Nothing Lasts Forever, We might be Leaving the Scene First, But You may not Necessarily be Leaving the Scene much longer after us...] 


"Bodin speaks of “friendship” both with regard to external politics (i.e. foreign affairs) (a weak republic is «delaissée des amis, assiegée des ennemis [= abandoned by friends, besieged by enemies]»; on the other hand, a strong republic is «reverée des amis, redoutée des ennemis [= revered (respected) by friends, dreaded by enemies»), as well as with regard to internal (i.e. domestic) politics: «la vraye marque d'amitié [= the true mark of friendship]» is for him «le droit gouvernement selon les loix de nature [= the right government in accordance with the laws of nature]» (République, I, 1 = p. 4). C.f. Michelet's dictum: «La patrie, c'est bien la grande amitié qui contient toutes les autres [= The fatherland is indeed the great friendship which contains all the other friendships]»" (Das Politische und der Mensch, Anm. 160, S. 286 = footnote 160, p. 554, The Political and Man). 


The lesson is that what Bodin (and Michelet) wrote applies fully even today, notwithstanding that the ("spirit" of the) content of "the laws of nature" and "the fatherland", which finds me personally, in some respects at least, more or less in agreement with Bodin (and Michelet's) understandings, has changed and been infused by Western mass-democratic theory and practice (women en masse in the public sphere and not necessarily on a mass scale tied to children and home duties; no necessary racial and religious domination in a particular country as historical-cultural Continuity; publicly and legally sanctioned deviance and/or (mental) "illness" on a mass scale; gross over-representation of people from a particular Group in positions of Power in certain countries, etc.), which personally I might find REPUGNANT and HIGHLY OFFENSIVE, let alone absolutely INEQUITABLE, but which, from the point of view of scientific observation, is just as valid as any other content.

Ideological thought = necessary, inescapable (over)simplifications (and definite lack of historical understanding). Scientific thought = ability to fit complex, innumerable phenomena into relatively simple structures, schemas, and the ability to know what is not (certainly) known (based on a rich, multi-layered historical understanding). The natural sciences (can also) deal with laws (not just with causalities and regularities), and therefore have their own peculiarities.  

Today's more sophisticated far right-wingers get quite a bit (sort of) right, but also a lot wrong. Yesterday's far left-wingers used to get a lot right, and a lot wrong, but today's version is literally swimming in mental excrement. [The "Left", when the term still meant something both concrete and distinct, was about Expropriating the Capitalists (and or Breaking Up their Monopolies, Cartels, Trusts,...), Nationalising the Banks,... whilst respecting the existence of nations and races, and thus supported Wars of National Liberation etc.,... from the advent of the New Left and the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, and of course after the Cold War, the "Left" has become, in terms of substance, increasingly indistinguishable from its counterpart "Right" Western mass-democratic Regime Party, Protecting the Interests of the Capitalists and the Bankers, who "just happen" to GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY include members of a particular Tribe, whilst doing everything to Attack what was once deemed as "Normalcy", including doing everything to Promote potential White (Auto-)Genocide and Extreme Anti-White Racism. In that sense, Today's Left, along with its "right-wing" Western mass-democratic counterpart, is a Kind of NAZI or Hitlerite Party of Extreme Hate for traditional relatively White nations, and a Tool for the further increase in GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE Tribal forms of Wealth and Power... Both Regime "Left" and "Right" Parties also Promote the Further Freakification or Circusisation of Society into a Melting Pot of Sickos, Freaks, Circus Zombies, the Seriously Mentally Ill and Mentally Retarded,... and the General Apeification-Junglefication-Atomisation-Tribalisation of Everyone and Everything... all of this is NOT going to end well for ANYONE... (the so-called "extreme, new or alt-Right", apart from almost certainly coming nowhere near Power, would only, if it did gain in Influence and or Come to Power, Institute Violence, Mass Violence, and Increase the Chaos and Anomie... the only Hope for Civilisation increasingly seems to be in China, Japan, etc. and perhaps Russia if she can Suffer and Survive vis-à-vis both the West and the East...)... Of course, I could be totally WRONG... Appearances or Visions can be totally Misleading...]  

Class War may well have been, at times, an important part of History. But more Telling, generally speaking, have been various State and or Imperial Wars, Civil (Clan-Tribal, Political, Religious, Ideological, Hot and Cold,...) Wars, and perhaps increasingly in the 21st century, Ape War... 

Personally, I would treat any human being, regardless of sex or race, with politeness and kindness if they were polite and kind to me. Generally, but by no means always, however, I seek the company of people of my race AND culture, and of men and women who know their place in accordance with Common Sense and Tradition. (From what I can gather, Kondylis was far more open to Strangers than I am, but then again our life experiences, although similar on some points, differ in other respects)... it is one thing to go to the Stranger with good or positive intent, and another to have the Stranger imposed upon you because your parents were not able or did not want to live in the country of their (and your) Ancestors, and realising your inherited Identity consists of a cultural and civilisational background and history which for you, after having to Fight, Struggle, Wage (Guerrilla) War to maintain and develop It, subjectively and aesthetically seen, is far SUPERIOR... on the other hand, the appreciation of one's own cultural (and racial, ethnological) inheritance is definitely improved (unless one chooses e.g. to spit on one's ancestors and to commit cultural autogenocide) by an appreciation of others' cultural (and racial, ethnological) inheritances... much can be learned and enjoyed from the Other... the Other is often definitely worth exploring, can be absorbed, assimilated, refashioned, synthesised,... even loved... and usually must be understood to be properly confronted, dealt with, destroyed,... kept at a distance... if the Other threatens... in reality or not...


A society of relatively loose morals will eventually become a society of relatively strict morals, which in turn does not have a claim on all of history, even though most of history knows of relative(ly more) poverty, austerity, cruelty, physicality, violence,...


Man, Woman or “Trans”... more intelligent or less intelligent... physically stronger or physically weaker... technologically advanced or technologically primitive... more or less literate... economically developed or economically un(der)developed... relatively purely bred or relatively miscegenated and out-bred... “beautiful, normal, ugly, revolting or indifferent”... the social relation, its spectrum and mechanism, the political, and Man as nature and culture, change not... are constant...

Reinhart Koselleck, Speech "Panajotis Kondylis", 20 November 2000, Goethe-Institut, Athens: "... Who knows what critical remarks or what sarcastic observations Kondylis would dedicate to this sketch of mine, if he were in the position to do it...." (translated from German into Greek by Kostas Koutsourelis in: Κονδύλης Παναγιώτης, Μελαγχολία και Πολεμική. Δοκίμια και Μελετήματα, Θεμέλιο, Αθήνα, 2002, p. 14). 


[Kondylis was aware of Wilson, E.: On Human Nature, Cambridge, Mass., - London 1978, and thus the discipline of "sociobiology" - it is listed in the bibliography of The Political and Man (Das Politische und der Mensch); but chose not to refer to it at all within the main text of his magnum opus...]...

If I were intelligent, I wouldn't be a mere translator of sorts (i.e. a Hack in a language I do not even have an affection for, even though I respect it (it's Dr. Johnson's language, and it should really have only ever been HIS BUSINESS... MY BUSINESS is from Homer to Elytis, from Thucydides to Kondylis...)). I repeat: if I were intelligent, I would be writing the second and third volumes of Kondylis's Social Ontology, based on his notes, up to His Standard, in German. His Father and Grandfather, my Grandparents and Great Grandparents WERE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.

If human society in and on nature has races and sexes and inequalities, and every concept has a counter-concept (counter- or other-concepts), every identity has a counter-identity (counter- or other-identities), i.e. human reality and thought proceed through categories and hierarchies, then there will always be racism and sexism and inequality (hierarchy) even if things are relatively equalised (sociologically democratised) or a particular race or particular "gender" or particular (social) class ceases to exist...

White (Christian) Friend, after Conquering All Friends and All Foes, Now Tired and Weak(ening), and perhaps goaded by Funny Victim Friend, becomes Extreme Friend of non-White Friend, and HENCE White Friend Sacrifices Himself so that non-White Friend (and perhaps Funny Victim Friend) might Live. Those who Live, unfortunately, Make No Lasting Peace, and The Wisest of Them Know that White Friend was not that Bad or Evil, After All. But for White Friend, TOO LATE (yet Funny Victim Friend Will Have his TURN, TOO!) [She who Talks of a "Cancer of Human History" is a Pimple in Dung, apart from Being a CRETIN... If someone CANNOT understand that a Gun is usually or potentially much more Lethal than a Stone, on what basis does He, She or IT comment upon Human History? On the Basis of "I am Retard"?]

Whether You Like IT or NOT, animal and human ritual sacrifice, slavery, serfdom, servitude, torture, lynching, mass killing, mass RAPE, mass Criminal Violence, Cannibalism, Colonialism, Imperialism, GenoCide, EthnoCide, Ethnic Cleansing, "oppression", "(super-) exploitation", "Racism", "Sexism", "Christophobia", "Homophobia", "Islamophobia", "Anti-Semitism", "HeterosexualPhobia", "PaganoPhobia", "Islamistic Supremacism and Super Chauvanism", "Pro-Zionism Ultra-Racism", etc., etc., etc., in ALL their very MANY FORMS and VARIATIONS, have ALL seemed NORMAL to very many HUMANS, and there is NO GUARANTEE that they WON'T or CAN'T seem NORMAL to very many HUMANS AGAIN, if they are not already in practice... If I come across Comprehensive Sets of Facts to the contrary, then I'll be more than happy to admit my error in linking the following article, which seems VERY SENSIBLE, VERY LEVEL-HEADED, and VERY FAIR (even though I have a strong suspicion it could be improved by not downplaying the, case-by-case, maltreatment of many black slaves, etc.), by an American Professor who is unemployable in America because he speaks, as far as I can tell, more often than not, the truth, even if one agrees or disagrees with his proposed normative political programmes and or he does not reveal all the relevant factshttps://www.amren.com/commentary/2018/02/myths-slavery-lynching-civil-war/?temp-new-window-replacement=true ... ["Anti-Semitism" might be very unpleasant to "Pro-Semites" or "Pro-Zionists" (if someone is indifferent towards "the Question", then they are neither "anti-" or "pro", rather, they are sitting on a Fence), and the attendant conspiracy theories might be absolutely ludicrous, but no-one can deny that Very Rich people, and people with a (very) strong presence in the Mass Media (including Mass Entertainment), and Powerful Lobby (Interest) Groups, of whatever Race, Colour or Creed, who "just happen" to "donate" tonnes and shitloads of money to political parties etc., tend to "have the Ear" of those who Govern, at least as individuals compared to "ordinary individuals" or "the common man", albeit in some kind of relationship with the acquiescence or indifference of the (majority or significant minority "opinion" of the) masses, even in and under "democractic" regimes... and when members of a certain Tribe (Group, Collective, Nation, Religion, Ethnos, Race, etc.), albeit not or never united as one, has a much greater presence in certain "(very) high" sectors of society than they do in general society, as well as eye-poppingly prominent, even at times dominant, participation in various campaigns for "Equality" and against "Privilege", some are going to notice... they might be wrong about a lot of things, but I would never consider e.g. Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, and there are many, many others (we could list dozens of names of great thinkers, writers, etc.), to be a Cretin, or someone incapable of making certain observations others would rather be kept hushed up... shhhhhh...][Given that Human Culture is essentially, inter alia, a symbolic-societal-personal restraining of (animal) impulses (drives, urges, inclinations,...), including the controlling of one's bodily organs, parts, orifices and holes, and consequently produces values, norms, rules, customs, laws, institutions, etc., both with regard to violence and sex, as well as with regard to other phenomena,... in order to ensure social disciplining along with the concomitant social cohesion and social order, it follows that a society which normalises or even promotes Homosexuality or other historically Deviant and or "Degenerate" forms of sexual intercourse, including heterosexual promiscuity, is (potentially at least) going to add that pattern of Behaviour to the problem of (the nature and quality of) its own Reproduction (including as regards the education of children), which of course may arise from multiple causes, starting, in our Age broadly seen, with Massification, Atomisation, Feminism, Consumerism, etc., and e.g. such a society might seek the mass migration of people from outside of its boundaries to reinforce its Reproduction. Objectively looked at, THERE IS NO A PRIORI LAW which says that such a method of social development, unfolding or "evolution" cannot produce reasonably good results as to social cohesion and social order. On the other hand, without mass relatively atomised hedonistic-consumerism, the mass promotion of Sexual Abnormality (to the detriment of Sexual Normality) is unthinkable, except perhaps in some of the Aristocracies and Elites of yesteryear. If most men and women (obviously not all) abided, at least in public, by the laws against adultery, i.e. they disciplined themselves in line with the essence of all human culture, that is to say, of some degree of self and social disciplining, then most (obviously not all) men and women did the same regarding homosexual and other minority-deviant"-degenerate" behaviour (at least in public). Most people in the world today still live in accordance with Sexual Normality without publicly letting Abnormality go unpunished or unchastised, let alone promoting it. The same can happen again in current Western Mass Democracies. The question is, by then, will they be "Western"?] [How many tens(, and tens, and tens,...) of millions of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Animists, et al. have been forcibly converted or "indirectly pushed" into converting into Islam (Mohammedanism) throughout the centuries, was that again? What did you say?] [I can't really say with certainty than Nietzsche was more often wrong rather than right in relation to his comments regarding Women...] [If crime, extreme friendship (self-sacrifice) (in times of peace), times of war,... are normal, albeit quantitatively minority, social phenomena (given that they are also necessary for the definition of policing, extreme enmity (killing), times of peace,...), then homosexuality, in view of the fact that the "normal" and the "ethical" or "sane" or "healthy" are value judgements and matters of individual and or collective choice, strictly speaking is not "abnormal" or "unethical" or "insane" or "unhealthy", but only so from the point of view of a particular inevitably value-laden understanding of how to best achieve social disciplining, impulse control, a public behavioural aesthetic, the education of children, etc., etc., etc.,...] [The observation of human affairs, i.e. value-free, non-normative description and explanation (or science), in order to reach its highest possible level and point, requires an, as far as possible, ethically-normatively neutral language, i.e. not loaded with connotations of some kind of normative programme. To that end, descriptors such as "degenerate", "mentally ill", "deviant" are often totally inappropriate, and to be avoided at all costs (unless specifically stated e.g. that "deviant" here means "not common or majority behaviour" and nothing further, etc.), as is the case with expletives, profanities, swearing, personal attacks, etc.. I have made some use of inappropriate language on this page because a) I'm not Kondylis, and b) I think it's funny.]    

Ideology can be pleasant. Reality often isn't...

It's a bit uncomfortable hearing the Truth, isn't it? Particularly if a lot is at Stake...

It was the fate of Max Weber, probably, pound for pound, one of the five greatest thinkers in the history of (non-natural-scientific) (Western) thought, that he would come into vogue as a weapon against Karl Marx (another candidate for a "top five" position), whom Weber respected and admired, in part on a "value-free" basis, only to be conveniently discarded when the bald-headed degenerate (Egghead) was crowned King (Queen)! in full Value-Laden Regalia... [to be fair, I've read thinkers far worse than the bald-headed degenerate egghead; comparatively speaking he wasn't that bad... and of course what is "degeneracy" and what isn't, is a clear value position... but I wrote it, because it makes me laugh... and I like laughing... particularly about another bald-headed type (I think) I know...]... [All Courses in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, could not be better served than beginning with the study of Weber's two "as a Vocation" articles, one of which, incidentally, refers to the Truly (and not only artistically) Great Tolstoy, and the other to the, not so great, but nonetheless interesting figure and character, Trotsky.... the fact that virtually NO Courses make use of Weber shows how far Universities have veered from Science, when some Professors for a number of Decades at least Strove in Science's Direction, before the Advent of Professorship as, in the main, the Vocation of the Retarded Ideologue, and oftentimes, the Intellectual as Ideological (Politically Power-Hungry) Retard...] [Weber "got to" the U.S.A. and the English-reading World, inter alia, via Talcott Parsons et al.. Today, nearly all Professors in the Social "Sciences" wouldn't even be able to Shine the Shoes of someone like Parsons, so what Chance for P.K.'s thought and work? Answer: ZILCH!!!]

Undoubtedly many Men have harassed many Women, sexually and otherwise. Undoubtedly, many Women have USED Sex for personal and or other Gain, Reward, Profit vis-à-vis Men. Undoubtedly, many Men have exercised, wielded Power over other Men (and children and Women). Undoubtedly, many Women have exercised, wielded Power over other Women (and children and Men), including Behind the Scenes. Power comes in many different Shapes and Sizes (Forms, Crystal(lisation)s),... Distributions.... A Retard, i.e. Moron, Cretin, Imbecile, prospective Monopoliser of Interpretation, Ideologue on Heat,... Believes, like other People used to Believe in God, that "micro-aggressions" and "oppression" are characteristic only of one type of human. The problem is that once they have put that "type of human" "in his place", Power, "micro-aggressions" and "oppression" will continue to Exist just as they have Always Existed and will Always Exist, NO DOUBT.  

United Nations world population forecasts c. 2100 A.D. indicate that much of the world once known as the West could be racially, kind of, as it were, returning to its pre-written history, or rather pre-mythological, roots, i.e. “negrification and browning” through Africanisation and Arabisation (e.g. 500 million relatively old “whites” versus 5 billion relatively young “blacks and Arabs”), with non-Middle Eastern Asian populations getting relatively old too, but still comprising about 40% of the world’s roughly 11 billion. In other words, (pagan-)Christian (Greco-Roman-Italo-Hispano-Hiberno-Celtic-Franco-Teutonic-Saxon-etc.) Europe lost the Will to Live and handed its Lands over to the incoming African, Arab and Mohammedan hordes...

A look at demographic projections for the next century or so, show, and in the light of a crude division of the Human Race into three major (sub-)Races, (Black, Yellow, White), that Whites, who en masse are pathologically concerned about not being “Racist” (but it’s OK to be fully and extremely AutoRacist!!!), have grosso modo had a Collective Lobotomy. Blacks, who have been “mistreated” by Whites (as if millions and millions and millions of Whites have not been mistreated by other Whites, by Mohammedans, and less often, even by Yellows,... and Blacks... and as if millions and millions and millions of Blacks have not been mistreated by other Blacks, and Mohammedans, et al.,... or as if Blacks can't potentially enslave and or slaughter Whites, which in part, albeit on a relatively small scale, has already begun with disproportionately high Black on White Crime and Murder rates e.g. both in South Africa and the U.S.A., in fact even of late (c. 2017) in Australia too (cf. the Mohammedan (Gang) Rape Epidemic in the U.K. (c. 1990?-2010?))), are set to Survive for Centuries and Centuries and Centuries to come (barring total global Wipe Out), whilst Whites could very well not be in existence by the year 2200... Peoples who have taken History off the Curriculum and Spit, Urinate and Defecate on their Ancestors, have no collective future, particularly with unsustainably low birth rates... That is the Path taken with the Industrial (and French) Revolution, European Imperialism, (Hedonistic-Massified-Atomistic-)Consumerist Americanism and the Overcoming of the Shortage of Goods, Feminism and other Mental Disorders (from the point of view of Collective Survival and not from the standpoint of Individual (human) “Rights”),... Humans will Continue, but what the Lobotomised Retards don’t Realise is that Humans will continue being Humansincluding Wars, Cruelty, Violence, Subjugation, Exploitation, Inequality,... The Tribe should also note that Africa is literally Next Door, and if The Tribe is living in a Prosperous State then One Day the Hordes – African and or Mohammedan (Arab or Persian) – will Make their Move... And what then will the Tribe do? Nuclear Bomb its own Borders? In any event, the Tribe has already started Reaping the Benefits of Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Enrichment in Western Countries... The News is, probably approximately Monthly or even Weekly, of Attacks on Them by the growing in numbers Other (potentially Super-)Tribe... (even though we know that Muslims are not united as One and that e.g. Saudi Arabia and Israel, for decades, have been proceeding hand in hand, because the common Foe is Iran, etc., etc., etc.,)... You Reap what You Sow... RETARDS!!! [What people can’t accept is that thinkers like Revilo P. Oliver, who knew History, the Classics, Human Nature very well – incomparably better than most of today's “Classics scholars”, were CERTAINLY COMPLETELY WRONG about a whole host of matters, yet their Instincts and Intellect led them to making some very impressive Observations too, Decades before (very few unfortunately) Others Started to Slowly Awaken – Too Late! – from their intellectual Stupor and self-induced Insanity... When Emperor Heraclius (October 5, 610 – February 11, 641), probably of Armenian (and (mixed) Parthian?) descent, on the real First Crusade, i.e. Offensive Defence against the Other as Invader and Conqueror, returned Triumphant to Constantinople through the Golden Gate on 14th September 628 A.D., having kept the Persians, (and previously the Avars (626), as well as the more threatening Arab Mohammedans) at bay with regard to the Near East, He, gave Hellenism Life for Centuries to Come (despite losing the Middle East (and Northern Africa) c. 636 (Syria, Palestine (incl. today’s Jordan, Lebanon, Israel), Egypt, and Byzantine Mesopotamia) to the Arab Muslims), and, sheltered nascent Western European Christian (Catholic) Civilisation from Other(-Barbaric) Attacks and Subjugation, because He had a Collective Identity, with strong historical-mythological Roots, a Vision for his People(s), and Knew what to Do, and He Did It...] [In 613, the Persian army took Damascus with the help of the Jews, seized Jerusalem in 614, damaging the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and capturing the True Cross, and afterwards capturing Egypt in 617 or 618... from the point of view of the Persians and the Jews, all that is fully understandable... as a historian (social scientist), Facts are Facts, including times when Hellenism, Judaism, Persianism, Mohammedanism,... co-operated and or influenced one another “positively, or otherwise”... that is the Way of Humans... Reality...]


Conquering Others = Strong Will to Live...

With Evolution Comes Devolution. Or Further Evolution...

If the U.S.A., for instance, decides to Attack and Wage War on Country "I" (largely or in part for the sake of Country "J", which the U.S.A.'s Hegemons perceive as being an "indispensable or Eternal Ally" of the U.S.A., then countries "R" and "C", if they felt it was Time, and if it actually were Time, could team up to e.g. invade, take and conquer country "T", because the U.S.A., if "bogged down" in Country "I", won't be able to cover Country "T" as well. That's how Empires GET SHAKEN TO THE CORE, WOBBLE, STUMBLE,... and Eventually... FALL... or... at the very least, Decrease in Size, Scope, Reach,... Considerably...  And if it doesn't happen in x instance, it'll probably eventually happen in y or z instance or happenstance...

[If a Professor or other Person with a Brain said to me, "I can see what Kondylis is trying to Get At; I won't Say that I Agree, BUT I can Tell you for Sure, that I CANNOT POSSIBLY EVER USE Him or His Thoughts", then I'd KNOW FOR SURE that we have Gotten Through...]

It's not an Accident that Hollywood or Greece itself has, comparatively speaking, hardly ever or never, produced anything of significance regarding the more than One Thousand Years of the Eastern Roman Empire (Second Rome; (Byzantine-Eastern Roman) Romania (not the modern country of that name); Byzantium), the Major Carrier, Bearer and Vessel of ancient Greek Culture and Texts etc. into the New Times (Modern Era). White Protestant (and Catholic) and Secular Dominance, along with a particular other ethnic and religious Group (Tribe), whose Religion is an important Part of Hellenic-Roman-Greek culture over the last two millennia (e.g. Synthesis: from (the Descent to) Hades, polytheistic Idolatory, poiese (poetry, Homer (Individual(Person(a)(ge))-Group/Tribe), Psalms), etc., to Christ (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah,... David, Solomon,...), to Icons and Pascha (Passover; Exodus),...), as well as Subservient Modern Greeks, have no interest in a World where They had no Significant Place or Status. Nor is there any widely disseminated knowledge that Romania was a lot more than a Tyrannical Theocracy, and in fact contained within it genuine vestiges of democracy in many communitarian forms of societal organisation and governance, as well as a kind of Separation of Church and State unheard of Way Back Then in the (relative) West. This is not to criticise either White Protestants, Catholics, a certain Tribe, Modern Greeks,... All have acted rationally in accordance with their World Views, World Theories, Power Claims, Identities,... regarding History and the Present. One should not expect any better from Them. But someone engaged in Historical Science has a Duty to Go Further...  


Industrialisation plus (social Democratisation, the Death of God (as Hierarchy), secular Egalitarian Spirituality and “Colour Blindness”, and) Consumerism through Massification and Atomisation (Urbanisation, Secularisation and the undoing of rural-based Tradition) entails (extensive and or militant) Feminism, bringing eventually (the far less causally significant compared to Feminism) (legal and public sphere) Homosexualism, and the very causally significant (public and private) Otherism and SelfasrelativelyStrongContinuity-Denialism, leading to certain Racial Displacement or AutoGenocide through low-birth rates, low or no traditional-racial-ethnic-patriarchal-familial collective consciousness, massive population shifts and... the Heterogony of Ends. Of course, such an approximately two- or three-hundred year old course in History from e.g. 1800 (when Christian Whites of European origin were about 25% of the world population [in the Hellenic “Golden Age” c. 5th century B.C., on the way to becoming a regional-“world” Power with or under or through Rome, Hellenes were roughly 2-3% of the world population or 5-10% (?) of Europe’s population – and at least double counting the Italic peoples...] or 1900), to 2100 A.D. (when European origin Whites will be about 4-5% (2%-10%) of the world population [the Hellenic population, if any, will then be about 0.018-0.036% (or even up to 0.072% = best case scenario) of the world population]), is only a “problem” if one has certain values, including Ancestor-Worship and Love of History, with which one ties one’s Identity... That Identity, those Identities, though, is and are departing the World’s Stage and the other Identities will fight it out in a Struggle which does not bode well even for Them (world overpopulation, the deteriorating state of the planet’s environment, possible break down in (nation-)state relations and balance of power, along with the widespread existence and dissemination of nuclear, and other biological and chemical, weapons of mass destruction, etc.)... [Possibility of Error here: High; yet (relatively recent) past and current trends indicate that we are not being totally outlandish... however: the “good, or probably “best”, case scenario” of a still relatively stable World Order with a more “colourful” West, remains on the Table...]


What the “Alt-Right” (as White Nationalism, White(-European) Identitarianism) is essentially saying is: “if today’s Israel, with Sealed Borders (not wanting to be e.g. “culturally enriched” by mass African immigration or "Infiltrators"), could be founded as an ethnocentric nation-state based on a small minority of the total population in the relevant region c. 1940, and if there can be relatively racially based ethno-states or relatively racially and or religiously relatively non-Other states today like Japan or Korea or Poland (to a greater extent) and China, Vietnam, Burma, Zimbabwe, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Iran or Saudi Arabia, etc. (to a lesser, but still significant extent), then why can’t we have what we had up to the 1960s or even 1990s (now that we are still e.g. 60+% of the total population)?” In other words, what is operating psychologically, apart from (possibly) fear, is jealousy, and certain views of how social cohesion could be best attained, as well as certain aesthetic preferences. The task though of achieving such a Vision in today’s West would necessarily entail the most horrible, terrible, terrifying of Nightmares. So the question then becomes: “what is to be done, if anything? Or: will matters take care of themselves...?” [I have heard a Jewish American pro-Trump patriot, who claims Jewish ancestry in America going back to before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, call an "Alt-Righter" a "piece of shit" and in effect a Utopian Dreamer because the vast majority of American Whites do not agree with a "White ethno-state" (nor care about whether there is a GROSS over-representation of Jewish ownership in the Media, Courts, Banking and Finance, Academia, etc., etc., etc.), and such a State cannot realistically be achieved, and any attempt to do so would involve unmentionable violence (re: deportation, resistance, etc., etc., etc.), - and he is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. That's the way things stand (though he is wrong to think that saying politics is only a "Left-Wing"-"Right-Wing" divide can blind all people from noticing particular Group Crystallisations of (forms of) Power, even if such "noticing" never becomes the basis for an effective political programme). What is (perhaps at least notionally, if not in practice) Realistic is tight(er) Immigration Control and more "Law and Order" and or more "Traditional Values" and an its "OK to be White" attitude in the Mass Media and in Academia, "full" freedom of speech and freedom of association, a "Three (Four or Five) Times the percentage of the overall Citizenry Cap on any Race, Ethnicity, Religion" with regard to ownership and or control of Major Corporations, Banks, Mass Media and Mass Entertainment, etc. and the Holding of Elite (Upper Level) Governmental (Policy) and Judicial Positions, University Professorships and Enrollments (which is something I've never heard ANY politician, mainstream or "nutter", ever propose, and which would cause all sorts of problems of Interpretation and Enforcement - but is doable if there's a WILL and a WAY... (and its concomitant would be e.g. a 70% or 80% relatively white racial baseline for Australia, the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada, and a 90% or 95% relatively white native/indigenous baseline for Greece, Italy, Spain, etc., or 80% for France, taking into consideration the historically dominant religion(s) as well, which governments could work towards through their immigration, strict border control and indigenous reproduction or "breeding" programmes...), etc., etc., etc. - at best, if that's what "enough people" want... Of course, politics doesn't "work" forever and ever and ever "smoothly", and the more One Side pushes, the more Other Sides (perhaps) will (get to) push back... and if the "I shop, consume, therefore, I am" Basis of society is Undermined or Destroyed, or if GeoPolitical Earthquakes Alter the World Balance of Power, or if... things could get "very interesting"... but otherwise, things will continue roughly as they are... (he also pointed out that Israel has a "30%" Arab population... so it's not as much of an "ethno-state" as people make it out to be)... [An extraordinary thing happened in the pro-Trump pro-Deportation of Illegal Aliens Jewish American Patriot (A) vs. the "Alt-Righter" (B) YouTube video: A kept on pressing B to reveal B's political programme, with A having agreed with B that B is at least partially correct about Jewish GROSS over-representation in (ownership and or control of) Mass Media and Mass Entertainment, Government, (elite) Academia, Banking, (higher) Courts, amongst Billionaires, etc., and B took almost 90 minutes to almost whisper like a wimp "deport". And A raised his voice and said with justifiable anger something like: "Not only hardly any American will agree with you, you nut-job, but if you start a Rebellion (in order to deport 6 to 7 million Jews to Israel), because you're not going to get into power via elections, I and many others will take up Arms and WE WILL BEAT YOU!!!!" And I would say most people, including myself, would agree absolutely with A. Not only is mass deportation not something that can happen easily even to illegal immigrants and or terrorists (and terrorist sympathisers) under conditions of consumerist mass democracy and so-called "human rights", but also the collective punishment of any Group, which includes very many good and hard-working people, is seen as morally wrong and repugnant by most people, and the masses should not suffer just because some people "are not happy" with a Group's elites' disproportionate power, regardless of whether one likes the overall look and presence of a particular Group or not... now if the social formation changes, if social (and/or political) conditions change substantially, all political programmes may or may not be put on the Table... but for now, all that can be said is that B acted like a Coward, and not like a Real Man, because I was taught, as I am sure A was taught, Real Men don't hide and avoid Issues and Questions, but say up front what their political programme includes, without Fear...]...] [Paul Kennedy, John Mearsheimer, Robert Merry, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Lyle J. Goldstein, et al. know much better than me, but at least it should be a topic of very serious discussion as to what extent the U.S.A.'s long-term strategic interests (which affect all of the West) should coincide with Israel's long-term strategic interests of limiting (or destroying) Iran (Persia), ensuring Arabic-Islamic Power remains divided, bringing into being a subservient Kurdish State, etc.. It does seem though that a large Kurdish Zone or Kurdish State pressuring Turkey is in Greece's interests (provided Greece and Cyprus can defend all of their land and sea territory and not let Turkey take, with U.S. approval, as a "trade-off", from Greece and Cyprus at least part of which the U.S.A.(-Israel) grants to the Kurds (from and or against Turkey)), and in that sense Greece and Cyprus's interests align with Israel's... though ideally Greece would want a strong Russian and Iranian presence in the Middle East and in the Balkans as well to severely constrain Turkey, with a convergence of interests between U.S.A. and Russia... Russia, of course, c. 2017-2018 is playing with Turkey when Greece/Cyprus would want Russia against Turkey, as has been the case for most, but not all of history... it's all very complicated and counter-indicating "stuff"... In any event, Reality always has the Final Say,... and the Next Final Say,...] [Another “reading” (somewhat Kondylisian) of geopolitical realities going further into the 21st century is that the U.S.A. need Turkey and Turkic and other Muslim peoples in Central Asia “like there’s no tomorrow” because otherwise the U.S.A. as the world’s Supreme Naval Power will be faced with a Nightmare in Mackinder’s Heartland, i.e. a China-Russia alliance, since Russia (incl. Siberia, Mongolia, former Soviet Central-Asian Republics) has been isolated from Western Europe (thanks to the Spykman/Brzezinski doctrine etc.) and pushed principally by the U.S.A. into China’s “loving embrace” (incl. the New Silk Road = One Belt One Road and associated infrastructure inside of Eurasia and on Eurasia’s periphery, incl. Pakistan), and with Russia gaining new Sea Lanes in the Arctic Circle due to the melting of the Arctic Circle’s ice (incl. the Greenland ice sheet) and improved ice breaking ships and machinery [= the U.S.A.’s dominance of the Oceans is not as effective anymore]. If the China-Russia alliance holds, and does not wobble too much or goes terribly wrong (e.g. with the Chinese state breaking down as it has on a number of occasions in history), then within a few decades there is a distinct possibility of the emergence of a Hyper Power (or Super Super Power) which will End the West as World PreDominator within about 600 years since it began to Rise c. Columbus, and within 150 years since the U.S.A. emerged as the world’s Number One Power after the Second World War. No wonder Russia has been “flirting” with Turkey, and Turkey is “playing the Field” between the U.S.A. and Russia (and China). All this means that Israel is not in the least at the centre of the U.S.A.’s attention as is often claimed, and that an anti-Iranian Kurdistan is by no means a certainty, nor will Greece (incl. Cyprus) have a “snowflake’s chance in Hell” of surviving if she is not able to Stand Up for Herself. I Repeat: Greece/Cyprus are at real and likely Risk: 1) because we are (and for decades have been) a pathetic, parasitic, unproductive country of consumers with almost no demographic future and no proper national defence strategy accepted by (nearly) all politicians; 2) if the U.S.A.(-Israel) need to compensate Turkey in order to keep Turkey "on side" by approving Turkish occupation and or (still greater) control of Cyprus, the Aegean, Thrace, etc.,...; 3) if the U.S.A.(-Israel) need to provoke a war with Turkey in order to punish the Turks for "going too far" in flirting with Russia and Iran... I REPEAT: the U.S.A. and or Israel will do what (they think) they MUST based on long-term Strategy and Action. If Greece/Cyprus lose (= highly likely) the only nation to blame ultimately is the Greek nation and no-one else... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO A PRIORI REASON WHY A STATE LIKE GREECE (AND CYPRUS) CANNOT BE AN ALLY E.G. OF ISRAEL (and or ("play" with) IRAN for that matter). BUT TO BE AN ALLY OF, or "play" with, ANOTHER COUNTRY, ONE NEEDS TO BE SERIOUS, NOT RIDICULOUS, AND PROVE THROUGH ACTION WHAT ONE BRINGS TO THE BATTLEFIELD AND TABLE, AND WHAT BOTH SIDES CAN GAIN FROM THE ALLIANCE, WHILST UNDERSTANDING THAT THE ALLIANCE IS NEVER PERMANENT, AND SOMETIMES NOT EVEN LONG-TERM (e.g. a tactical ("partnership") vs. a strategic alliance)...] [The possible implications of the previous "reading" include that the U.S.A. was, in view of the long term, BLIND in launching the frenetic development of China - whilst super-exploiting "cheap labour" in an absolutely "humanitarian and human rights" fashion and transferring Production to China (well done, "wise guys") - along with "Globalisation" in the first place (why would anyone in their right mind Build Up a Country which could Potentially Slaughter or at least severely Maim them? (Heterogony of Ends (or Ancient Greek FATE/DESTINY) - We Worship YOU!!! HahahahaHa...) And: the U.S.A. Wars in Iraq and in the Balkans (along with Germany), in Afghanistan, as well as meddling in (with) Syria, ISIS, Iran, etc., etc., etc., were all WRONG, WASTEFUL, DEPLETING of Resources, when the U.S.A. should have been Fortifying a largely or almost exclusively Christian (Secular) and White nation-states-based Europe in alliance with Russia (somewhat in the spirit of Charles de Gaulle, and with a much smaller development of production in China, etc.), SO THAT the West could remain PREDOMINANT going into the 22nd century... (BUT MAN was BORN for HUBRIS...)... of course, Reality hasn't happened that way, just as in the Second World War the "fight to the End" was against Germany...] 

[An example of an article displaying High Quality in Macro GeoPolitical Analysis, touching upon many of the key issues for the 21st century, which should be read with the M. Lind and A. Lieven and Mearsheimer articles referred to in my "Political Typology in the West..." PDF on this page above is: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/the-chinese-century-24557?page=show&temp-new-window-replacement=true] [Nature (natural resources): advantage Russia. Capital: advantage U.S.A.. Labour: advantage China. Grosso modo: it's probably much more complicated than that, but that seems to be the Major Triad-Relation-Interaction of all Relations-Interactions which will Determine the Overall Situation in the second half of the twenty-first century. Beware, Oh West, of Pushing Russia to the East, and not keeping Her with Us... Hellenism/Orthodoxy should be Respected (We Allowed You to Survive and then Prosper in Your Dark Ages by Keeping the Savage Asiatic Barbarians at Bay for Centuries, as well as feeding You (in the centuries following) with certain (of course not all) Basic Modes of Music (from Greek polyphony... to... Western-European symphony etc.... (the Fugue, e.g. is purely "Western", originating it seems in the Franco-Italic world of the 14th to 16th centuries...)), Poetry, Literature, Philosophy, Historiography, Visual Arts and Sculpture, Theatre (Drama (Tragedy/Comedy)), Architecture, much in the Physical Sciences and Mathematics, etc., etc., etc.,... maintained in existence for centuries and centuries and centuries by Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Scribes, Paedagogues, Iconographers, Poets, Musicians, Historians, (neo-Platonic Christian) Philosophers, Astronomers, Mathematicians, et al.,... so You could Have your Renaissance (and much of the relatively little You got from Arab Mohammedans and other Semites came via Persia (and Syria) = via the Hellenic World (Aristotle (Organon), et al., etc.)... anyway!!!)... [this is not to say that Ancient Greece was not greatly influenced by peoples of the Near and Middle East, Mesopotamia, Northern Africa,... nor that Helleno-Roman Byzantine or Modern Greek Culture was not influenced at all by the relative West or the relative East (e.g. the amane (ὁ ἀμανὲς) of Persian and or Arabic and or Turkish origin and or influence, in turn perhaps influenced by or mixed in with aspects of Byzantine music)... but it is the SYNTHESIS which is DISTINCT... (and leaving aside Hellenic-Roman influence on the (Ottoman) Mosque, Byzatine hymns on "The Mosque of Hodga" («Τοῦ Χότζα τὸ Τζαμί»), which fed back into post-1453 modern Greek secular music and song, combining and synthesising with Demotic Folk Songs, Orthodox Church Liturgy,... the Ancient Remnants therein commencing with the Homeric Rhapsodies,... various (further) Eastern influences,...  etc., etc., etc... from pandura (πανδοῦρα),... to tambouras (ταμπουρᾶς) [both = long lutes related to oud (οὖτι, λαοῦτο), etc.,...],... to... bouzouki (μπουζοῦκι)... Rembetiko...)...])... YET You Contributed Significantly to Destroying the Helleno-Roman Oikoumene, as is the Fate of all Grand Civilisations/Great Powers (1204 A.D. (Fourth Crusade), and DID NOTHING about 1453 A.D., etc.), but if You Prod the Russian Bear (Third Rome) the Wrong Way, You just might be Serving Yourself on a Platter... Also to be Factored In: African and Arabian-Mohammedan Population Explosions... For Europe, Things seem Very Bleak, Ultra Grim... May the Happy People be Right; May I be Wrong... Oh, I forgot! America ultimately CARES NOT about Europe's Responsibilities... and Destiny...] [Being a Greek Orthodox Christian does not mean: "I allow all Invaders into my Country so that I can set up Another Potential Genocide of, or at least Extreme Violence against, my People". Neither does it mean: "I don't care about the Survival of MY TRIBE (Group, Nation (of course, strictly speaking, "Tribe" has a more specific definition as smaller than Nation, etc., however, it's a "fun" word...)), but I only care about Multinational-Corporate International Capitalistic Globalistic Expansion and Profits (as well as people and drug smugglers, and Turkish imperialistic designs), "cleaning up" the MESS of U.S.A.-Israeli-Saudi Arabian geopolitics in the Middle East, and E.U. Imperialist Designs which seek Imperialist State Integration (which, by the way, is very likely absolutely necessary for long-term relatively White European Survivial going into the twenty-first century) not along EthnoNationalist lines as Necessary Co-operation, but along lines of Destroy the Ethne, or at least aspects of the Ethne, through the Mass Infiltration (to use a term common in Israel) of the Other". Being a Greek Orthodox Christian above all means: "First, Defend the Greek (Hellene) against the INVADER. Secondly, Provide Charity to Others to the extent that is Practicable without ENDANGERING even ONE Greek Orthodox Hellene" (this should apply to all Christians' thinking, mutatis mutandis). Unfortunately for my Tribe, though, that's NOT the way Things are Going, largely because my Tribe has GONE TO SLEEP (or GONE INSANE) (especially the elite, also crucially in relation to Cyprus, Thrace, E.E.Z.,...), as it seeks its own EUTHANASIA, DEATH... and it's well on the way to its Hades... Going, Going,... GONE...] [Realistically, the best that the various "Alt-Right" groups can possibly achieve is some Border Control and general acceptance of the Slogan "It's OK to be White". These are common human values and political actions (securing borders to some degree, not being ashamed of one's racial Identity). White Homelands (in the sense of pre-Desegregation U.S.A. or Boer-ruled South Africa as actual White Supremacism) is about as likely as Trotskyite Dreams of World Communism or Islamic Dreams of the Caliphate encompassing the whole of the world, or the One World Globalist "Global Village" "Liberal" Paradise of G????? ????s, ???ah, N?????? ???????ède, N??????? ??????f, and other "very, very smart cookies and extremely bright sparks", et al., et al., et al., "fighting "evil" populism and "deplorable" nativism", etc., etc., etc.,... "prosperity is just around the corner" might actually happen to some or many individuals or even nations, but for many (most in human history) it is only ever a Dream, and for those who achieve it (starting e.g. with Croesus on a grand scale), never permanent (including across generations - even certain exceptions (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) won't be Eternal...), just like Human Life...)... On the other hand, given that members of a certain Tribe are often GROSSLY OVER-REPRESENTED in much of the Elite in a number of Western Countries, starting with the U.S.A., and without that necessarily meaning absolutely anything in terms of CAUSALITY and HISTORICAL CHANGE, it Surprises Me that relatively White non-Jewish Young(er) Men haven't joined movements like the "Alt-Right", broadly defined, in FAR GREATER NUMBERS...] [As far as the U.S.A. is concerned, there seems to be some kind of connection between Leo Strauss and the notion of a race-religion-neutral "proposition" nation (which up until the 1960s or even 1980s was largely not the case, starting e.g. from the mid-eighteenth century or earlier - and as far as I know, I need to research this topic, Leo Strauss was largely reacting to Carl Schmitt and Volk/folk etc., and as is nearly always the case in polemics, one's zeal carries one to a point of making the opposite mistake of the thinker being polemicised against), American "neoconservatism" incl. support for "Liberal" hedonistic-consumeristic racial and religious "Multi-Culturalism", "Gay Marriage", "Human Rights", etc. and other social phenomena as Bastions of Conservative Philosophy(!) [what we are really talking about here is more or less the full Western mass-democratic Programme which has nothing to do with Liberalism and Conservatism seen in social-historical Context], and an Israel-friendly, or Israel-oriented or Israel-centric foreign policy, which may or may not be (partially) in the interests of the U.S.A. and the West in general, AND which then also intersects and or clashes with anti-Russian (partly pro-Islamic, pro-Islamist) (Spykman(RimLand)/)Brzezinski positions and or "Clash of Civilisations" positions of the Bernard Lewis or Samuel Huntington variety,... which also have to take China (increasingly) into consideration. All of these, and other, strands of thought contain some Truths, some Inaccuracies and some Gross Errors, to varying degrees. The Thucydidean or "realist" approach, not necessarily in terms of "structure" and "system" (cf. Raymond Aron with his tremendous historical-sociological knowledge as well), offers the Best and Only Approach which Stands the Test of Time Anywhere and Everywhere. Understanding that Power manifests itself in many different Ways, Forms and to different Degrees, and examining each and every Situation, i.e. the Correlation of Forces Situation-Specifically, from individual to collective Actors, and then drawing Conclusions without either underestimating or overestimating the relationship between Cultural Similarity and Dissimilarity vis-à-vis GeoPolitical, Economic and other Interests... gets one closer or closest to a truly meaningful Understanding which accords with Reality and not with Hoped-for Outcomes which may or definitely Will Not Eventuate...] [No matter how many relatively peaceful periods Christians (Greeks (Hellenes-Romans), Armenians, Assyrians, Slavs (Serbs,...), et al.) "enjoyed" under Ottoman Rule, including the Benefits of Commerce, Administration, etc.,... in a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious Empire, the END RESULT of some six to eight centuries of Ottoman (Turkic) Invasian, Violence in many different direct and indirect forms (including Devshirme (Paidomazoma), forced and under the threat of force Conversions, etc., etc., etc.) and Occupation is, in effect, a (near) TOTAL GENOCIDE or Wipe Out of Hellenic and Christian civilisation from Ionia, Pontus, Eastern Thrace, Imbros, Tenedos, Northern Cyprus, (Northern Epirus), etc. (as was the Result of Latinisation-Catholicisation-Italianisation in Southern Italy including from the eleventh century A.D., but at least things remained within the overall Greco-Roman civilisational context given that the Catholic Church can be seen as the Schismatic Church from Orthodoxy, etc., and of course Symbolic of the rise of Western European Power as opposed to Eastern (Hellenic-Greek-Roman) European-Near Asiatic Power - the fact that Romania as Byzantium rejected the term Hellene and Ethnic for a number of centuries as representative of ancient Paganism etc., does not detract in the slightest from the Continuity of Hellenic Culture and, in part at least, Descent during those centuries, including an unbroken contact with ancient Texts such as Homer, Thucydides,... taught at Schools... the Eastern Roman Empire's (Byzantine) (Monastic) Scriptoria preserving ancient texts for centuries and centuries and centuries... and apart from all that was absorbed and or modified, altered by Orthodox Christianity from ancient Greek and Roman Polytheism and Culture overall,... and in architecture, music, dance, painting, poetry, literature, historiography, demotic culture, physical (pseudo-)sciences, encyclopaedic knowledge, military strategy, etc., etc., etc.,...). Hellenism had been present in Ionia and Pontus and Thrace and Cyprus,... including alongside of other civilisations, Persians, etc.) for about 1500 to 2000 or more years before the Arrival of the Hordes with Mohammedanism (Islam) from Central Asia, themselves pushed along the Way by Mongols, etc., etc., etc.. That's the Way of the World... a lot of it is Awash with Blood, and that Blood flows just as much from Asia and Africa as it does from Europe and the Americas...] [Anyone who wants to seriously Rebut the Arguments of "Alt-Right" or "New Right" or "Race-Realist" figures, e.g. in favour of Multi-Culturalism and the "Innocence of the Jews", etc., etc., etc., - which is a perfectly valid human (social-political) thing to do if they are your Values - needs to Stop Shouting "Nazi!" and Study Carefully an article like: Quinn, Spencer J., "If We Do Nothing, a Review", including some of the Comments (https://www.counter-currents.com/2018/01/if-we-do-nothing-a-review/?temp-new-window-replacement=true), and then come up with Coherent and Persuasive Arguments...] [On the other hand, any Political Programme seeking the mass expulsion of Millions and Millions and Millions of Aliens (howsoever defined) entails Torrents, Rivers, Oceans of BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD... the counter-argument is that the BLOOD will increasingly FLOW in any event... whatever happens in the future (the latter seems far more likely than the former), things are NOT looking good... whatever happens, though, "Right-Wing" or "Centre" or "Left-Wing" RETARDS, CRETINS, MORONS, IMBECILES... there will always (eventually, even after centuries) be Civil Wars, there will always (eventually) be Conquering the Other (some form of Imperialism), there will always (eventually) be some form of extreme violence... Your choice in favour of a Particular Tribal (Societal) Order, is ultimately an Aesthetic-Cultural Choice of Preference and Prejudice... it has Absolutely Nothing To Do with Ending all Strife, Conflict, Wars... because, no matter how "good" the Co-operation is, the Other Side of the Spectrum of the Social Relation is ALWAYS at least POTENTIALLY ACTIVE... whether Racially and or Culturally Relatively Homogeneous or Heterogeneous...]  

"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done." (Mutatis mutandis, applies to cases of (gross or grossly disproportionate) (over)representation of a particular Group or particular Groups when the Society in question preaches a (rather or wholly Silly, Foolish, Moronic and Retarded,... and totally Unrealistic) Dogma and Mantra of "Equality" and "We are All Just Human(s)".)

Strictly Non-Normatively, Non-Ethically, and in a strict axiologically-free Manner, all societies create their "good points" (e.g. a sense of community, in-Group comradery, etc., or, relative individual spending power, freedom and independence, etc.) and their "problems" (e.g. an "oppression" of the individual for the sake of authoritarian Group Dominance, or, urban alienation, isolation and individual depression in an ocean of masses of people constantly moving and without stable points of reference, etc.). The elites will always be... the elites... whether they include people only of one Race and or Religion; many Races and or Religions; only or primarily Men; or Women, Homosexuals and relatively few or no heterosexual Men; the Tribe, etc., etc., etc.... [Whichever way you look at it however, the Tribe with its tremendous prominence amongst Western elites in total disproportion to their percentage of the Total Population, is possibly or probably Setting Itelf up for other Holocaust(s), sooner or later, Big Time... of course, other Tribes, without a Strong Sense of Collective Tribal Survival, have also Set Themselves Up for Wipe Out... Power does not just Stick to or with One Side... it moves and flows and crystallises all over the Place... and People in General DO NOT learn from History... that is why they Repeat certain Act(ion)s and Characteristics common to All Humans for similar or the same Tragedies and Abominations to happen Again, and Again, and Again,... and that is why they are always LOCKED INTO Normative and Ideological Ways of Looking at the World] [Entry into the (circles of the) Elite(s) in the West: Total Transformation in terms of Devout Christianity v. Secularism and Atheism (and Judaism, though there have been Court Jews since Way Back, e.g. Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Seligmann, et al.). Fairly large increase for relatively White Women, but Child-Rearing and Less Average Drive Compared to Men means Generally still not, and probably, but not necessarily, Cannot ever be "Equal" to Men, at least NOT in ALL Sectors. Some or Large Entry for relatively Black or Brown people, but masses still in lower social strata of society and not just because of "Systematic Oppression", which obviously exists for Peoples of All Colours to varying degrees (including THROUGHOUT HISTORY, and including Slavery, (Super-)Exploitation in the Field and or By Capital, Mass Sacrifice(s) in Wars, in Crime, Poor Sanitation and Medical Knowledge, etc., etc., etc.), but also due to relatively lower (?), on average, Intelligence (and Education Performance), greater general Laziness (relatively lower Work Ethic, Motivation), relatively less co-ordinated Networking Skills, more dysfunctional on average family structures, etc.. Open Homosexuality amongst elites has now reached a stage where it's almost thought of as an Advantage. Massive Entry for particular members of a particular Tribe in Areas where Entry was not Allowed in the Past, including various Clubs, etc.... (but members of Tribe had for centuries disproportionate (to their percentage of the total population) prominence e.g. in Banking and Finance, which of course is due to their relative (verbal) Intelligence, Networking and Positioning as relative Out-Group, including due to laws prohibiting Christians from engaging in Usury in the (Late) Middle Ages, etc.). To what Extent did the Tribe Contribute to Causing the Transition, Grosso Modo, from Feudalism to Capitalism? From the New Times to Modernism c. 1900, also known as PostModernism, particularly from c. 1960-1970, even though the First Clear (quantitatively small, but qualitatively major) Signs were already in Existence c. 1900? Answer: Not to a Great or Important Extent. If one Examines all the Historical Evidence regarding middle to upper level Entrepreneurs, Elite Capitalists, Merchants, Inventors, People with Significant Technical Skills, Leaders of (non-Church (non-)Christian) Secular (sub-)Societies, Freemasonry, Lodges, etc., etc., etc., Members of the Tribe did not have the numerical numbers to Cause a Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism of themselves, nor did they ever operate as One Fist and One Mind... (also: in the field of Sociology, Marx, Simmel and Durkheim, all three GREAT, VERY GREAT to amongst the GREATEST of all sociologists (social theorists), were more or less secularised, assimilated and Jewish "as to their background" more so than "in practice" (with Durkheim being most "in contact" with his Jewishness, and good for Him)). In any event, a Tribe, which of course Does not Act as One Fist and One Mind Always and Everywhere, Nonetheless, through Superior Average Intelligence, Hard Work, Relatively High Levels of In-Group Networking, etc., Staffs many Areas of the Elite in the West in Total Disproportion to their Actual Overall Numbers in a Whole Range of Sectors from Law and Medicine, to Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Billionaires, Academia, Mass Media and Mass Entertainment (Publishing, Television, Cinema, Music, Internet,... - particularly from the Cultural Revolution c. 1960-1970), Political Influence including with respect to Foreign Policy and Israel (Mearsheimer and Walt have Settled that Matter Once and For All, except for Those who Do Not want the Truth as Facts). Especially Disgusting, from a "Human Equality" Perspective is the Prominence given to the Tribe's 20th Century Holocaust in the Mass Media and Mass Education Systems compared to All the Other Holocausts of History, including of Relatively White Christian Peoples, e.g. during the Mass Slaughters of the World Wars (poor and or working White people by the millions and millions and millions as (Imperialist) Cannon Fodder), but Definitely NOT JUST those Wars (of at least 80 million DEAD!) (we should never forget phenomena such as The Armenian, Assyrian, Pontic Greek (Rom),... Genocides (of about 2 to 2.5 million people DEAD within about 7-10 years, and with a significant part of the perpetrators being, along with Kurds, "Turks" of Islamicised Jewish-Hebrew Origin!),... mass forced population transfers and attendant mass deaths, including of non-Jewish ethnic(-racial) Germans, the 1918 "Spanish" Flu Pandemic (of probably more than 50 million DEAD), the process of Russian/Soviet Rapid Industrialisation to Compete in the Imperialist World "System", i.e. Win World War 2, and be a Super-Power for another few decades, costing millions and millions and millions of mostly White Christian lives (esp. 1920s-1940s), and of course, (grossly disproportionately) prominent amongst the Bolshevik elite, including Secret Police etc. were members of a particular Tribe... that's not to say that THEY (just) did all that, but they ALSO PARTICIPATED... as well as a whole series of other calamities, atrocities, abominations,... etc., etc., etc.,...). Asians slaughtered or otherwise victims of Mass Death in the 20th century: from China and the Indian Subcontinent to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., etc., etc.: 100 million plus! HENCE: THE TOTALLY DISPROPORTIONATE EMPHASIS ON THAT TRIBE'S HOLOCAUST in the Mass Media and in Mass Education in the West (i.e. about 6 million slaughtered vs. 200+ million slaughtered or subjected to Mass Death of, in the twentieth century, (nominally) Christian Whites and Asians (not counting Africans and Latin Americans) is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and TOTALLY REPREHENSIBLE. AS IF THAT TRIBE'S DEAD are more IMPORTANT than OTHER TRIBES' DEAD. THAT IS REALLY, REALLY DISGUSTING - TO THE POINT OF SICKNESS. THAT MAKES ME REALLY, REALLY SICK!!! (Also VERY SICK is that Israel gets to GUARD, PROTECT and SEAL its BORDERS, but not e.g. Greece - THAT MAKES ME VERY SICK. AND VERY ANGRY!!! (Of course, the Greeks themselves are primarily OR SOLELY to blame, and the Israelis are to be ADMIRED for their ethno-religious-national Patriotism and their productive relationship with their Diaspora...)). In any Event, Apart from Powers such as the U.S.A. conducting wars against and or participating (in)directly in wars vis-à-vis Iraq, Serbia (Kosovo), Libya, Syria (along with allies such as the U.K., Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel,... as the case may be...), with grossly disproportionate Tribal input, incl. of a "neocon" variety to "rule or dominate the world in Trotskyite or Hitleresqe fashion", for the sake of a "liberal world order" = conceptually, absolutely hilarious, totally ludicrous, and completely "EVIL"!!!, and with "the Left" chanting "no blood for oil" but never "no blood for oil or for particular tribal and other interests", contributing in turn to the killing of millions and mass migrations/invasions of Europe, and with voices such as those of P. C. Roberts being totally silenced in the (largely if not exclusively but grossly disproportionately tribally owned) Mass Media, Did masses of non-That Tribe people Participate all along the Way and all along the Line in all the social-cultural changes in the West over the last Centuries and Decades? Of course they Did. Has the Result been an "Equality" of All Groups, or at least All major Groups? By no means, NO. If one were to demand "proportionate to percentage of the Total Population amongst the Elites Representation of All Groups", not only is Such a Thing Absolutely Impracticable to the Point of Insanity (Something Like the various Year Zeros of Revolutions from the Jacobin-French and Bolshevik-Russian to the Maoist-Chinese and that of Pol Pot), BUT also is NOT HAPPENING. Would a Certain Tribe LOSE OUT, BIG TIME, by such a Scheme of Equality? Answer: Absolutely (The Argument "It's just my Religion" is not a stronger or weaker Argument than "It's just my Sex", "It's just my Colour", etc.). Should such a Re-Adjustment Amongst the Elites Occur? I don't really know. History and Societies in History Do Not Work that Way. One thing is for Certain, Power Moves with People. People Do Not Stand Still. Political Movements Notice Certain Phenomena and Facts and Propagandise in Relation to Them... Something that is Very Obvious,... Gets, or Can Get, one way or another, Noticed... Reality, i.e. Real Events over Time will Tell... (Envy, Jealously are or can be Very Strong Impulses-Motives for Action...)... For those who are interested, Read and Find out what Paul Gottfried (= Pro-Israel Jew, but serious (even if error-prone, normative) Scholar) has written and said about Kevin MacDonald - that's the best way to approach the subject, but in particular read Febvre, M. Bloch, Braudel, K. Polanyi, Koselleck, Kondylis, Arrighi and any other Great Historian and or (at least in part perceptive) Analyst/Observer of Human Affairs (from Burckhardt, Le Bon, Sombart, H. Freyer, K. Löwith, N. Elias,... to R. Nisbet, D. Bell, S. Moscovici, M. Vovelle, Edward Shorter, R. Sennett, M. Adas, et. al., et al., et al.,)... Put things into Perspective, Macro-Historically,... In other words: the centuries-long Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism (culminating in the two or three centuries-long slow, and then fast(er), massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation,... of society, i.e. through the first three major phases of the Industrial Revolution c. 1750 to c. 1950/1970), and the attendant (anti-/non-)Christian Secularism, was Initiated and Driven and Undertaken, for all intents and purposes, by (agnostic or former) Christians, with the Roots in the Process clearly Evident from the Late Middle Ages, e.g. from the 13th century, and of course with the various forms of Economic Boost derived from the "Super-Exploitation" of Indigenous White Masses of Peasants and Proletarians, AND, Trade and Domination ("Super-Exploitation") in the New World, Asia, Africa, of coolies, slaves, etc., etc., etc.... [don't forget that people in the then under development Third World weren't exactly necessarily living in Paradises, and were subject to all sorts of "Super-Exploitation" by their own, Mohammedans, Moors, Jews,... who also Wreaked Havoc on Christians, etc., etc., etc.]... certain members of the Tribe became Prominent in Banking, Finance, etc., fairly early on in the Long Historical Process of the Development of Capitalism, which of course in some instances received a "Protestant Spirit" Boost, and Post-Napoleon, Tribal Elites began to get, quite understandably, fairly heavily involved in further de-Christianisation and anti-/non-Christian Secularisation, on the back of and along with Freemasonary, Lodges, etc., etc., etc., which was all happening ANYWAY, including through the Mass Media and Mass Entertainment and or Lobby (Interest) Groups/Big Money Political Party "Donors" in Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain,...) from the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century (whereas the Renaissance and immediately subsequent periods was clearly Christo(Pagan)-Euro-Centric), with similar involvement becoming noticeable to the point of in the U.S.A. a Tribal Elite dominating e.g. Hollywood (including Great Cinematic Artists like von Sternberg and Lubitsch, Anthony Mann (mother of Jewish descent), and later Kubrick, who left...), and with ever increasing ownership of the Mass Media in c. the second half of the 20th century... on the other hand, that dominance is and has been in accordance and or acquiescence with the social interactions of the vast majority or of a large part of Western populations in General... and those who don't agree, can and do SWITCH OFF... and TURN ON what they want... my experience and "gut feeling" is that many Jews are very intelligent, they work hard and they network well - just like other Groups do, and if they "do it better", good luck to Them (though their "luck" WILL run out One Day... as always in History (cf. Spengler), everything that is Born, Develops, Dies - at least macro-historically...), because as Nietzsche recognised they are in a good, realistic sense a real Tribe and not (a Tribe which is) a Herd, a Rabble,... and if Greeks in Greece want to Rule Greece like the Israelis Rule Israel, they HAVE TO start LEARNING as to Defence, Technological Development, Production, Strategy, use of the Diaspora, Border Protection and Security, etc., etc., etc.,... but it's probably too late, anyway...] [What might be of research interest for a Werner Sombart of today is the extent to which the privatise (all) state utilities, "casino capitalist", "move production abroad", "globalist", "neo-con",... phase of Late or Statist Mass Democratic Capitalism, kicked off in the 1980s and 1990s by Reagan and Thatcher, but fully STEAM AHEAD! from the 1990s post-Cold War and in the Age of Planetary Politics,... to what extent then does all that accompany a huge rise in a particular part of the Tribe's influence amongst the Elites, and often grossly disproportionate over-representation and possession of extreme wealth and other forms of power... beginning, perhaps, at least in Europe, with a certain R????????? Family, but certainly not conspiratorially and mono-causally confined to that Family and or their more general Tribe... to what extent then the Tribe, which of course is never One Voice, One Fist, etc., operates as a (primitive) "secret society", like a (Masonic) Lodge, lobby (interest) group/Big Money "Donor", political party, etc.,... and whether when and if the U.S.A. has to return to Production because "Free Trade" and Huge Debt is simply Costing GeoPolitically, as indicated by Trump, but thus far not acted upon significantly by him,... whether then there will come a Time when the major part of the Elite in the U.S.A. removes a particular Group from (many of) the Main Seats of Power... and China takes a more Regional Imperialist Stance, to which the U.S.A. will Cede considerable Territory, as the U.S.A. becomes more Relatively Isolationist... and the Major or Great Power Blocks more relatively Rigid... also, in post-Soviet Russia under Yeltsin and, it seems (much) less so but still being the case, under Putin, it didn't "just happen" that the Russian Oligarchs (billionaires) totally disproportionately include those of a particular Tribe, no matter how "secular", "rootless", "cosmopolitan",... these individuals are, and whether they own Football Clubs with Mass World-Wide Support or not, etc., etc., etc.,...] [In Greece, Kazantzidis et al. were "removed" from Public Prominence, particularly from the 1970s/1980s, not just because certain Record Producers happened to be of the Tribe (e.g. Matsas), but PRIMARILY because the population was agreeing with and participating in its own DE-HELLENISATION to accompany American and or Western-European massified hedonistic consumerism and lifestyles, in any event AND in the first place...] [Simply Put and To the Point: If YOU observe that White Christian Heterosexual Males disproportionately dominate Elites in Societies in which Whites were 85% or 90%+ of the population only 2-5 decades ago, then Some People are Going to Observe that Members of A Particular Tribe are e.g. only 2% of the Population and hold 10% or 20% or 30% or 40% or even 50%+ of the Places and Positions within Various Elite Circles, including Billionaires... THIS IS NOT A HAPPY PATH on which to build and maintain SOCIAL COHESION and SOCIAL ORDER... I can see many TRAPS ahead... Can You?] [A Woman, or a Black, or a Homosexual, or a Mohammedan, or a Jew, who can think up to the standard set by Panajotis Kondylis (the Highest Possible Standard known to Mankind) won't Care an Iota about what I have Written About Them or their Group if they so Identify with it, and if they are any GOOD, will point out my Factual and Explanatory (Analytical) Mistakes. And I SHALL CORRECT THEM (the mistakes, that is...), IMMEDIATELY!!!] [It's like a Kind of Hubris THAT...] [There will Always be Resistance, Countervailing Tendencies,... the Inimical Half with Pole Never Disappears, and Utopia Never Appears...] [Who Wants to Live Long-Term in a Society in Which One's Language and One's Culture Does Not Dominate? I Certainly DON'T... and I've done IT All My Life (particularly since "Greece" is NOT "Greece" anymore (at least from the 1990s), SO it's DOABLE!!! That's WHY we have OLD Songs, Movies and Books!!!)...] [Crudely Put: The five (Hobsbawm wrote in the "Age of Extremes" probably 5.1, if I'm not mistaken) or six or more million of the Tribe are not in any sense, not even proportionately seen, more important to me than the 100 or so or more million of the 20th Century's White Christians, or of the tens (100+) of millions of Asians, and Certainly NOT anywhere NEAR as significant as the 20th Century's One million or more Greeks (Hellenes, Pontians, Rom(ans))... In fact ONE "True" Greek (Hellene) is more Precious to Me than ALL the Members OF ANY OTHER TRIBE WHATSOEVER!!!] [All kinds of Groups in a Mass and Other Kinds of Society network, favour "their own", etc.. What stands out, however, is WHO precisely is at the TOP and what (kind of) Power THEY have and or wield, in WHAT WAYS, and in WHAT RELATIONSHIP with the PUBLIC in general...] [If anyone is interested in looking at some tables etc. regarding (gross) Jewish GROSS Over-Representation amongst the Super Rich, Government(al) Policy, as owners of Mass Media,... (though nothing is included re: Academia, The Law, Medicine, Noble Prizes, etc., etc., etc.),... one can find online articles like: https://www.unz.com/akarlin/quantified-jq/?temp-new-window-replacement=true (also: the table listing all the countries, regions, territories etc. from which Hebrews/Jews have been expelled throughout the Ages makes for some fascinating reading and poses many, many questions!). In any event, if a society in general doesn't care about such (gross) Over-Representation, and is more or less content with the way it functions (e.g. "I shop, consume, cum, imbibe alcohol, take drugs, follow mass sports, watch TV, go on holidays,... etc., therefore I am"), then nothing will be done about "it", notwithstanding western mass democracies' ideological fixation on "equality", whilst of course continuing to be highly inequitable re: a whole range of matters, incl. (forms of) power crystallisation and concentration within the Tribe etc.,... I, for one, see no Political Parties, Lobby Groups,... with a realistic chance of access to Power advocating quotas on Jewish, and any other Group's, (gross) Over-Representation (e.g. no more than 5 times the Jewish or any other Group's percentage of the total population amongst various elites, owners, etc.,...), and if history teaches Jews often get Expelled, it seems, if things break down in a "bad way", and ScapeGoats are made, then... Personally, I say, if someone doesn't like consuming certain cultural products, and doesn't like being around certain people, try to create your own "island" to the extent it's possible... there is literally tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of Culture (thought, literature, music, visual and plastic arts,...) and Nature throughout History and in the World, untouched by Hebrews, or "touched" positively, if one's tastes say so...]

Diversity can be a Strength; Diversity can be a Weakness... it Depends on the Situation...

Just because I speak and write your language, it doesn't mean I'm with You... I may not be against you... but I am ALWAYS with Rigas Feraios (Velestinlis) (Ῥῆγας Φεραῖος (Βελεστινλῆς)) and General Giannis Makrigiannis (Στρατηγὸς Μακρυγιάννης)... and NEVER with you...

What for ME is the Most Precious Thing in the World (e.g. the recorded voice of Vicky Moscholiou (Βίκυ Μοσχολιοῦ), for You is YUK, or ZERO, or... What for YOU... for ME...

Psychological analyses and studies, personal and social, etc. have their place and use, particularly on a case-by-case basis, BUT, when they are mixed into Ideologically-Driven Polemics in which certain Values and their Interpretation are sought to be Imposed on other Values and or Interpretations, then they become absolutely useless in terms of Science, and are Representative of the Retard, Cretin, Imbecile, Moron, "Dr." or "Prof." this or that (whether of a particular Tribe or not), Espousing them. 

If one has as paramount consideration (a particular) collective identity and historical continuity (collective rights) then a, b, c values ensue. If one starts with individual identity and change (individual rights) then x, y, z values ensue. There are also of course a myriad of positions in between the possibly most collective and the possibly most individual, as well as e.g. the collective in the light of universalistic principles regarding "humanity" and its billions of individuals. At the end of the day, both the collective and the individual exist, and social cohesion and social order via social disciplining and the political is a matter of trying to maintain and or create the at the moment "appropriate and right" balance. [Emphasising Individual Rights and "Human Dignity", Meritocracy, Freedom of Association, but with anti-"collectivist" Rhetoric, etc., etc., etc., is just as Valid a Political Programme as any other Political Programme... One CANNOT however ultimately Avoid "collectivism" just as one CANNOT ultimately Avoid "individualism" - the Fundamental Question thus IS: At which Point Do we Draw A Line in the Sand and Defend Borders, Boundaries and Ourselves from the Other (and to what Extent do we allow individuals Freedom, and what Freedoms)?... Moreover, Identity is Tightly Intertwined with both Power and Human-Social Relations in general, so that there CANNOT POSSIBLY be Politics without reference of some kind to Identity... A vs. B of itself means Identity A vs. Identity B.... so "identity politics" as commonly used today to refer to certain groups (racial, sexual,...) is a fairly silly and meaningless term, when reference is really being made to politics other than "conservative" vs. "liberal" vs. "communist" vs. "fascist" as it existed up until c. 1990, all of which have identities (and ideologies) of one form or another in any case and in any event... Furthermore, the U.S.A. and the U.K. or Great Britain c. 1900 - c. 1960/1990 had far more "nationalistic-collectivistic" positions regarding National (even largely Race-Based) Identity than in c. 2000 or 2010, yet they did not visit upon their populations mass killing, apart from involvement in Wars, which the Soviet Union, China and National Socialist Germany did, including in the pursuit of Rapid Economic Development and/or Ideological Utopias, IN COMPETITION WITH Great Britain, the U.S.A., etc., etc., etc.,... (as much as Professors and other Commentators such as Jordan Peterson are to be respected for making public some obvious points, they REALLY DO LACK a lot of conceptual refinement needed to engage in absolutely consistent social science... nevertheless, Peterson's reference to (dominance) Hierarchies, Lobsters, serotonin, human divergence some 350 million years ago from Lobsters when there weren't even trees, but with humans still retaining a mechanism in their brain which runs on serotonin similar to Lobsters,... all connected to status, positive emotion and negative emotion,... = the innateness, naturalness (i.e. extra-social-cultural (extra-capitalistic-patriarchal) texture) of Hierarchy, is very informative and entertaining and shuts a lot of mouths up... = all human societies and human experience bears out the existence of Hierarchies, Dominance, Power, Authority, Friend-Foe,... in any case, so one does not even need to verify "The Lobster Argument"... one simply needs to study History...)...] [As said above and elsewhere on this page, "identity politics" and "cultural Marxism" are rather stupid terms - all politics, just like all social interactions, involve identities, whether, racially and or ethnically and or individualistically and or ideologically and or religiously and or lifestyle etc., etc., etc., focused,... and,... Marxism is about Class War and Communism, etc., and not about "culture" as individuals being hedonistic and interchangeable consumers of "garbage" without strong national and familial-patriarchal identities in which their social class fits... so the conceptual confusion is rampant... but the following article, whilst engaging in such conceptual confusion, makes a number of valid points too: http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2018/02/jordan-petersons-rejection-of-identity-politics-equals-ethnocide-whites.html?temp-new-window-replacement=true] [From Marx to György Lukács, commodification,... and Chomsky: "Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. Over the long-term you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist – just because it’s anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic – there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as producers and consumers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced – that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevant and usually a nuisance." (Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power, (New York: Vintage Books), 2002, 88-89) - such cultural critique (of course what is "anti-human" and what is "junk" is purely a subjective Matter of Taste, a bold-faced, unashamed Value Judgement), based on a Marxistic class-struggle understanding of historical social development, and probably mixed in with Tonniesian and or Heideggerian community/society/(in)authenticity reminiscences and intellectual cocktails, describes certain social phenomena up to a certain point, but cannot suggest a viable, feasible, practicable alternative... Reality WILL eventually "decide the issue"...] ["Estrangement or Alienation" as understood by Marx and Classical Marxism was about communism eventually overcoming the atomisation and commodification of individuals because of capitalism and liberalism, i.e. in a kind of feudal communitarianism modernised, boosted and supercharged by Technology and Progress. "Cultural Marxism" is such a Stupid Term because it reflects the Ideology and in part the Practice of Western mass democracy in which people are often reduced to atomised, commodified, very estranged and alienated beings or creatures without (any) (significant) connection to a community, i.e. it is not Marxism at all but a series of ideological dogmas behind and through which members of a particular Tribe, inter alia, can wield GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE forms of Power in a mass-democratic/statist/regulatory semi- or even post- (when compared to 19th century capitalism/liberalism) capitalistic(-like) context)...]


There is no Love without Hate, no Friendship without Enmity, no Hope without Despair... Your Hate is my Love, My Love is your Hate,... RETARD! (Or: Mad Dog barking furiously, Frothing at the Mouth; if only you would vanish into thin air, or put down!!!)...

It Works this Way: I Pontificate and Look After my (perceived) Personal Interests (Wallet etc.), and You Listen, Believe, and ASK questions NOT...

I am a great Admirer of Classical and classic Spanish Poetry and Literature, and I really DO NOT KNOW whether Lorca was any good or not that good and or just got Promoted to "Great Poet" status because he was a Homosexual and Anti-Franco and liked Gypsies and Got Killed relatively Young... I DO KNOW that Vallejo and Neruda are TRULY GREAT (they both Reach Heights Inconceivable), just like San Juan de la Cruz, Rubén Darío,... those Dramatists Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio and Pedro Calderón de la Barca y Barreda González de Henao Ruiz de Blasco y Riaño,... and of course, so many others... including Borges and those wicked games he played... (Cervantes is on another Plain...) [Finnegan's Wake and Guernica and The Cantos may or may not be masterpieces, I can't tell, and I'll never be able to tell... there's something about them though... curiosity remains... whereas I have very serious doubts about Schoenberg... Very Serious Doubts...]

If I were Vietnamese, and in part - due to "existential bonds" which I made - I am, the Greatest Singer of All Time, of course Subjectively, albeit Passionately, Seen, would be Duy Khánh (1936–2003) - and no-one else would even come close... ["Spiritually", the Sense of Exile and Longing, Yearning for one's Soil, Village, Mother, Ancestors, Hearth, Hestia, Fatherland,... is Everything to Our respective Identities... the "One Worlders" are people too, but to US (Me and Duy) THEY are not only TOTALLY DEPLORABLE and ENTIRELY DESPICABLE, but they are... foreign, distant, barbarous, mean, savage,... repulsive, disgusting,... ANIMALS... YOU, DUY, ARE THE GREATEST!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVZCVxwF2UI&temp-new-window-replacement=true OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOv5mrhx4tM (copy and paste), and many, many other expressions of TRIBE, LOVE and LIFE... BECAUSE 

Quê Hương is EVERYTHING!!![Even Dorothy knew it: "there's no place like Home", "there's no place like Home", "there's no place like Home",...] [One point of view is: if a Society loses control of its Women (Children and Youth), Negroes and or Gypsies, Homosexuals and Deviants, its Jews and Borders, it has no Future as a Society a Human Being would want to live in. Another point of view is: The previous point of view is YOUR PROBLEM, PREJUDICE and BIGOTRY, and ("your") Human Beings CAN and DO DO IT and THINGS DIFFERENTLY... and "Suddenly" YOU are the OTHER and Object of Control, Power, Domination,... Vanishment...] [The COLD HARD FACTS are that without an Enforceable Programme of RACISM (the kind, degree, extent, aggressiveness,... is not examined here) and BORDER CONTROL, then You won't have a Country or a Recognisable to your Immediate Ancestors, and probably even to Yourself, Collective Identity to Belong To. Whether Such a Situation Bothers You or Not is Purely, Ultimately, a Matter of Taste - Thus Far, Israel, Japan, Poland and Botswana, just to name four examples, for whatever reasons, are VERY, VERY, VERY BOTHERED...] [The FACTS are that most, if not all, Western Mass Democracies, have Chosen to undergo MASSIVE RACE REPLACEMENT, along with the TREMENDOUS CULTURAL-IDEOLOGICAL-AESTHETIC CHANGES of Recent Decades, and, the PROCESS is almost certainly IRREVERSIBLE. THE QUESTION is What Will Remain of the Old, and for How Much Longer Will Western Mass Democracies Remain Western, Mass Democracies, and at least in part Separate From Africa, Asia (including the Middle East) and or Latin America?... The Elites and the Peoples of Western Mass Democracies Chose and or Acquiesced to both the Course-the Path, and, the Replacement... on the Back of Centuries of (political-economic, spiritual-ideological, cultural-aesthetic,...)... Change, and the World Wars, and the changing Geopolitical Correlation of Forces, and Technological Revolutions, and.... the (Sublime and Real) Operation of the Heterogony of ENDS...] [The "Global Village" Came into Being... in the Hunt for Profits and God Knows what Else... the Villagers were Yellow, Brown, Black,... and Eventually no Whites were Left... a Certain Diaspora and a Certain Fortress Felt Good... until the Global Village of Yellow, Black and Brown Gave Them What they Asked For... for Tribes can Win for Some or even a Lot of the Time, but the Greater the Wins, the Greater the Losses... until Even the Victors are Total Losers... Scipio Knew and Said Something which those in the Hunt, Drunk with Provisional Success, Failed to See... Because They Too are Humans... and Learn Nothing from History or from Others...] [Only GOD knows how much I love Thái Thanh, Khánh Ly, Σοφία Βέμπο, Γεωργία Μηττάκη, Ὀρέστη Μακρῆ, Νῖκο Σταυρίδη, Διονύση Παπαγιαννόπουλο, Βασίλη Αὐλωνίτη, Τζένη Καρέζη, Ἔλλη Λαμπέτη, Νίκο Γούναρη, Στρᾶτο Παγιουμτζῆ, Γρηγόρη Μπιθικώτση, Στρᾶτο Διονυσίου, Γιώτα Λύδια, Ῥῖτα Σακελλαρίου, Πόλυ Πάνου, Πᾶνο Γαβαλᾶ, Νῖκο Ξυλούρη, Ἄννα Χρυσάφη, Ἀλέκο Κιτσάκη, Ἑλένη Βιτάλη, Νίνου, Μπέλλου, Νταλγκᾶ, Παπαγκίκα, Τσαουσάκη, Καρναβᾶ, Μαρίκα Κρεββαττᾶ, Γεωργία Βασιλειάδου, Ῥένα Βλαχοπούλου, Μίμη Φωτόπουλο, Λᾶμπρο Κωνσταντάρα, Θανάση Βέγγο, Ντῖνο Ἡλιόπουλο, Κ. Χατζηχρῆστο, Γκιωνάκη, Μαίρη Ἀρώνη, Σπεράντζα Βρανᾶ,... Δέσπω Διαμαντίδου, Τασσὼ Καββαδία, Σμάρω Στεφανίδου, Λέλα Πατρικίου, Ξενίδη, Κοντοῦ, Τζενεράλη, Πρωτοπαππᾶ, Κ. Δοῦκα, Γαβριηλίδη, Π. Ζερβό, Διανέλλο, Φέρμα, Κεδράκα, Στυλιανοπούλου, Ζαφειρίου, Πουλόπουλο, Κόκοτα, Ἀγγελόπουλο, Ζαγοραῖο, Βαγγ. Περπινιάδη, Βοσκόπουλο, Μητροπᾶνο, Μαρούδα, Πάριο, Μαρινέλλα, Καίτη Γκρέϋ, Πίτσα Παπαδοπούλου, Σοφία Κολλητήρη, Μαίρη Λίντα, Τζένη Βάνου, Ρένα Κουμιώτη, Χριστοδουλόπουλο, Μητσιᾶ,... these singers and actors (and dozens and dozens and dozens of others) are My LIFE... MY GREATEST MOMENTS on this Earth were with THEM... (even more Celestial: Καζαντζίδης, Μοσχολιοῦ, Κῶστας Καρακώστας (κλαρῖνο, ψυχή μου), Duy Khánh, Setsuko Hara, Kinuyo Tanaka, Βασίλης Λογοθετίδης, Βουγιουκλάκη, Τσιτσάνης, Βαμβακάρης, Μητσάκης, Παπαϊωάννου, Ζαμπέτας,... Σουγιοῦλ,... Ἀλ. Σακελλάριος, Γ. Τζαβέλλας,... + Εὐαγγελία Μαργαρώνη, Χιώτης, Στεργίου (πατέρας καὶ ὑιός), Γ. Παλαιολόγος, Κ. Παπαδόπουλος, Λ. Καρνέζης,... Β. Σαλέας Β. Σοῦκας, Γιάννης Βασιλόπουλος, Πετρολούκας Χαλκιᾶς,... Δημήτρης Σέμσης (1883-1950), Γιῶργος Κόρος, Γ. Κονιτόπουλος,... Μίκης, Μᾶνος, Σταύρος Ξ., Μαρκόπουλος, Καλδάρας, Ἄκης Πάνου, Κῶστας Γιαννίδης, Θ. Δερβενιώτης, Λοΐζος, Μπακάλης, Τ. Σοῦκας, Πλέσσας,... Καλατζῆς, Ζᾶχος, Π. Μιχαλόπουλος, Χριστάκης, Ἄπ. Νικολαΐδης,... Ἀττίκ, Μπάτης, Χρυσίνης,.. Ντῖνος Κατσουρίδης,... Μιχάλης Γενίτσαρης, Σταῦρος Τζουανᾶκος, Γκόγκος Μπαγιαντέρας, Δούκισσα, Δημήτρης Παπαμιχαῆλ, Νῖκος Ξανθόπουλος,...  κ.ἄ., κ.ἄ., κ.ἄ.....)... all a Matter of Taste (for others, see pdf above)...

How Uncomfortable it IS, to be Confronted with The TRUTH and nothing but The TRUTH... There the Moron Squirms, Howls and Goes Bananas Because His (Her, Its) Values have been Relativised by the Fact(s) of Reality!!!... [Just noticing something insignificant (and I could well be wrong, because I, like many or most, only see a few things, and definitely not Behind the Scenes,...): in the first months of the Trump administration, on the back of National Patriotic Announcements about Rapprochement with Russia, the Need for a Boost in National Production, the Protection of National Borders, etc. there were two or three (young) men of Greek extraction in the Inner Circle, who, after Trump's Retreat back into being fully in line with the ("neocon"-endorsed) "Deep State", were Removed, and the Federal Governmental Focus Returned to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran,... with much less (or no) Talk or Action regarding Borders, National Production, Rapprochement with Russia,...] [It's also perhaps of (slight) interest that many in the Physical (Natural) Sciences, rather than the Intellectual-Cultural "Sciences" or Humanities, are Greeks or of Greek origin in "top" American Universities, whereas in the latter of the two main Fields, a particular Tribe, with Excellent English-language (Written and Verbal) Skills, and a particularly Acute Sense of and Ability in Ideology and Propaganda (Ethicisation), and "becoming Famous", shaping and possessing "Doxa",... is Grossly Over-Represented as to...] 

In Short: where there are Races and Sexes and "-phobias" and "-philias" or "-manias" and..., there is NECESSARILY Racism and Sexism and "-phobia" and "-philia/mania" and "anti-" and "pro-"... the Really Interesting Question is WHO is doing the Racism and Sexism etc. to WHOM, which Side(s) is/are relatively benefitting and Maintaining and/or Increasing their Power (broadly defined), and which Side(s) is/are losing out and are having their Power Decreased and are Ceding Power (broadly defined)... When the Demographics for Europeans were Relatively Robust, and Women (and Homosexuals) and other Minorities were more or less "In their Place", combined with Capitalism, the Industrial (and French) Revolution and Imperialism, some European Countries Ruled the World (and other European countries benefitted too)... As the relative Demographics of Europeans began Declining, and European Women (and Homosexuals) became "Out of Control" after Two World Wars and the Advent of (historically advanced) Massified-Atomised Hedonistic "LifeStyle" Consumerism, with Parts of the Third World beginning to Seriously Develop including with Population Explosions, the Collective Will to Defend what was otherwise Self-Evident: relative Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Cultural Homogeneity as macro-Historical Continuity (real and imagined), and, Europe (under American Tutelage, which as the Dominant Imperial Power after Europe's Historical Decline Kicked off on a Grand Scale the West's contemporary multi-racial "multi-culturalism"), became relatively largely DeCoupled, and the West is now on either the Path towards Roughly the Same, but less relatively White and or Christian and or Secular, and (probably) with More Crime, Anomie; a (considerably to (almost) totally) Different Synthesis than in the Past; or is Heading to Oblivion as the New Content Holds Sway... until the Next Great Change... Power Sustains and IS Identity (i.e. Human Identity is Power) always with regard to other Power and Identities, in Humans in Society-Culture in Nature, from the Local to the GeoPolitical... "Multi-Culturalism" is not necessarily Good, nor is it necessarily Bad; ditto "(mono)Ethno-Nationalism"... what essentially matters is the Level of Social Coherence and Social Order in any given Historical Situation.... aesthetic-cultural preferences are, in terms of Objective Observation, purely Subjective, but always relative to societal-cultural objective Reality, to the extent an individual has such preferences,... The Political and Politics ultimately ALWAYS mean (BIG) TROUBLE... [If All People of the World Can Be Greeks (Hellenes) THEN there are NO GREEKS (Hellenes). If All People of the World Can Be Jews (Hebrews) THEN there are NO JEWS (Hebrews). Every Identity has its Anti-Identity. (Every Racism has its Anti-Racism and or AutoRacism). Every Truth GETS LOST in an Anti-Truth (False Consciousness, Ideology). The Ideologies and Practices of and in Western Mass Democracies have brought and are leading to (almost) Certain (permanent and significant (to SEE)) Racial Change (?except perhaps with regard to The Tribe and certain Eastern European Nations?), BUT it is STILL an OPEN matter as to Where Culturally, with Massive Cultural Change Already Having Taken Place, (once) Western (First World) societies will End Up] [Accusing Me of Racism, is NOT AN ARGUMENT, Imbecile! Cretin! Moron! Retard! Accusing Me of Racism is Your Way of Aggressively Supporting (and Concealing) Your own (Auto)Racism and Promoting Further Disdain for our Genetic and/or Cultural Ancestors] [First Ever New Times European Colonial (Trading) Corporation (μετοχικὴ ἑταιρεία): the Genovese "Maona" trading in Gum on the island of Chios from 1346/1347 A.D. (as prototype for the East India and Dutch East India Companies some 250 years later!, etc.), with the abolition of (democratic) (forms of) Self-Government, Self-Rule, Byzantine Law and Currency, and the Greek Language as Official Language, and with the Island's Greek Elite (forced to) Collaborating with the Genovese Rulers, as well as the Island's Hebrews (Jews) acting as Financiers/Lenders regarding the Island's Gum Monopoly, prospering (in comparison to when under Byzantine or later Ottoman Rule). Again, in 1373 "Maona Vecchia di Cipro" in Cyprus, with Columbus "in Town" c. 1474/1475 (Richard I, Conquest of Cyprus, 1191 A.D.). Turkish Rule from 1566 meant "Free(r) Trade" BUT Very Heavily Taxed Trade... http://ardin-rixi.gr/archives/206600]

"Don't be Sexist!", "Don't be Racist!", "Don't be Homophobic!", "Don't be Islamophobic!", "Don't be an Anti-Semite!" IN REALITY means "Don't be Rude!", "Don't be Crude!", "Don't be Mean!" AND "Accept, or rather Bend or Submit to, my Values-Soaked, Normative Definition of Racism, Sexism, Homophilia (HomoMania), Islamophilia (IslamoMania), Pro-Semitism (Pro-Zionism, PhiloSemitism, SemitoMania), and all my implied and or explicit Power Claims"...

It's simple, or, a Tale of Two Hats, or really One Hat

Hat A: What you are (which itself can change or be "under negotiation"), and what roles you play depending on whom you are interacting with. Don't have to be Fanatical, but often Ideological.

Hat B: Observation of Human Affairs, i.e. Science of the human (social) world - ONLY description and explanation based on empirical evidence and absolute logical consistency (Hat B in effect can come under Hat A's "roles you play depending on whom you are interacting with"). Need to be an absolute FANATIC, including always being on the lookout for errors and always correcting them. Necessarily Ideational, but never Ideological.


Once, it was Philosophy v. Rhetoric. Now, it is The Observation of Human Affairs (Social (Human) Science) v. Ideology...

Personally, I don’t want to offend You and your Sensitivities, but Reality does... or more precisely: Reality does not Care...

If a Retard ever asks me for an Interview, the only thing I have to say is: MOOOOOO!!!!!! (Or: Have a Banana. It's Good for You!)

Notwithstanding that the vast majority of known Hellenes, Rhomaioi (Romioi, Rom), Greeks, were relatively white peoples (Pelasgians, et. al.) from greater Southern Europe, Asia Minor, Eastern Mediterranean, Pontus, etc. (as well as there being Hellenised Middle Easterners who were never a majority or the main population of Greeks), and that the vast majority of Great Hellenes throughout more than 3,000 years of history were relatively white (as opposed to relatively black or relatively yellow or even, at least more often than not, relatively brown) too, I would never object to people of mixed Greek-Arabic, Greek-Asian, Greek-Persian, Greek-Armenian, Greek-Slavic, Greek-Albanian, Greek-African, Greek-Hebraic, etc. descent from being called "Greeks" if they had a fully active Hellenic consciousness and mode of living, and I would always make an exception for someone (those) with no (and certainly half) Greek descent who has (have) proven himself (themselves) to be a great Greek (Greeks)... e.g. Philo or Saint Romanos the Melodist (the Hymnographer) or Heraclius or Digenes Akrites or Nikephoros (Nicephorus) I or John I Tzimiskes or Souliotes or Arvanites or law-abiding (Orthodox) Hellenised Gypsies or the Very Underrated Hero, Artist and Poet Nikos Engonopoulos or the Great Giannes Papasideres or the much beloved and adored Marika Ninou, and of course our very own Manolis Angelopoulos, et al., et al., et al.,... (what a State does as a matter of Law is another question, and it does not concern me here)... the racial basis of an ethnos might become looser and expand over time, and theoretically it can alter totally, but the reality is that major historic European nations do have a relatively homogeneous racial and non-Mohammedan or non-Hindu etc. religious core (relative to other non-European races and sub-races or ethne and often as between themselves), over centuries and millennia, and that's a fact no matter how painful such a fact might be to various, very many unfortunately, Retards... (whether someone cares about relative racial, religious and or cultural Continuity or not, or whether that Contintuity takes place, and to what extent it takes place, on a non-racial and non-religious basis, is also another matter, pertaining to the Now and the Tomorrow of Collectives, and not to the Fact of the Yesterday of centuries (or even millennia) of relatively non-black, non-yellow, non-very brown, non-Mohammedan, non-Hindu etc., racial-ethnic-cultural-civilisational European identities... - even if ethnos is defined narrowly as applying only from the advent of the Westphalian State or the French Revolution, there were always relatively Frankish, Hispanic, Celtic, British, Italic, Greek, Germanic, Slavic, Bulgarian, etc. civilisations and cultures of Extended Ethnic/National Families, with all their local and regional Variety and truly Beautiful or at least Interesting Diversity...)... Personally, as a matter of taste, I might find a Norseman or Anglo-Saxon or Scotsman or Teuton just as optically distasteful as an Arab, Jew (Semite), an Indian (Pakistani-Bangladeshi) or a sub-Saharan African, but that's personal (and it doesn’t stop me from appreciating or loving thinkers or artists such as Hamsun, S. Johnson, A. Ferguson, Umm Kulthum, Spinoza, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Satyajit Ray, Louis Armstrong, and many, many others,... also, I fully realise that I'm probably very distasteful to look at to others, including people of my own race and or ethnos)... and the aforesaid aesthetic-cultural personal taste is no compelling excuse to be impolite, unkind or cruel to people if they are polite, kind and nice to me... [History has spoken: Our time was 1200 B.C. - 1200 A.D. (approx.). On the way Up, Up, and Strong; then the Fall... now On the Way Out... 800 years is quite a long time to be saying Good-Bye... but this time WE REALLY MEAN IT...] [Of great interest to people of Greek origin should be the relatively high degree of cultural-linguistic Continuity from Ancient Greece to Alexandrian Hellenism to Roman-Byzantine Hellenism to Modern Greece... of course, there are great Changes at all linguistic and other cultural and biological levels... but the degree of Continuity in (elements of) Language and Race and Culture is Astonishing if one considers the roughly 3,500 years of evolution... comparing the forms of the Greek language is relatively easy, but also look into the plethora of elements in Orthodox Faith and Liturgy which are Remnants and a Continuation and/or a MetaDevelopment of Ancient Greek Worship, including Drama/Tragedy, as well as a whole host of Folk (Demotic) and "High (Literary, Formal, Logiai)" Cultural Traditions with Ancient Origins and or Reference (Dances, Music (and musical organs), Poetry (Folk Songs), Sayings, Superstitions, Saints Days, etc., etc., etc.), including Democracy and Greek Communities until the 19th or early 20th century (see also the recent DNA evidence...)... again, so that the Lobotomised Cretins can understand, THERE IS NO PURITY OF CONTINUITY, but THERE IS DEFINITELY A PARTIAL CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS and RACIAL CONTINUITY... Revolting, Disgusting, Miasmatic Ethno-Nihilist RETARDS!!!... I hope you DIE miserable DEATHS at the hands of...!!!...]... 

Until the Fall of Constantinople, the (Eastern) Romans or “Byzantines” as well as the Latins (Italic Romans), including Popes and Latin Scholars, always saw the main body of people of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire as Hellenes, Greeks of one kind or another e.g. as Aeolians, Dorians, Achaeans, Ionians, Argives, Danaans,... (even in the early centuries of the Eastern Roman Empire when from the 6th or 7th century being a Hellene in name was effectively banned because it meant National (Ethnic), which was associated with paganism, the language and culture remained Greek-(and Latin)-centric in practice)... and the “Byzantines” continued to see the Latins as “Barbarians” or “Scythians” etc.. Once however the Hellenic-based Imperium was lost forever (1204-1453), by the 18th century German Scholars and Historians as well as figures such as Gibbon (with his jolly English ignorance in knowing absolutely nothing about the elements of continuity, and rupture, in modern Greek civilisation from ancient Greece... with one of his successors being Toynbee... Romilly Jenkins, Cyril Mango, Roderick Beaton,... all of them in favour, to a lesser or greater extent, quite naturally, of a British Imperialist view of the world... denying and or belittling modern Greek identity, whether in Greece or Cyprus... with Athens as capital, and “Greeks” having nothing to do with Constantinople and the Greek populations scattered across the Balkans, the Middle East, Northern Africa and in the Near East until the early or middle of the 20th century...) (as well as Montesquieu, Hegel, et al.), and those of the (Western) European Enlightenment (up to the Braudel, Le Goff et al.), saw the Greeks (Hellenes) as both lost in the Feudal Dark Ages (or Asiatic Despotism) of Byzantium (when feudalism was a social phenomenon in the West, and (elements of) polis-based anthropocentric democracy continued in the Hellenocentric East, i.e. Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium)), and or as not Greeks at all (not even partially), as in the case of Fallmerayer and many others... to Hobsbawm and the assorted EthnoNihilst Imbeciles and Ideologues (e.g. the Kurds today are not a nation (as distinct culture/civilisation) because they have no State!), who either directly or indirectly support some version of the non-Hellenic Western Imperium and way of looking at the world, whether of the French, the English, the Germans or the American (incl. (Zio-)Globalist) variety (and or see Greece only as what it is – a Protectorate of Great Britain, and later the U.S.A., with limited or no agency, and of course seek Positions of Power at the Helm of the Protectorate (with the greatest being Venizelos, and far less successful, Karamanlis, whereas recent Heads and Elites are not even worth Cow Dung...)... In other words, Hegemony, i.e. in essence Power, is what “steers” “historians” to each and every respective “Truth”. The actual historical-scientific truth is of course much more complicated, because it includes, macro-historically, both Breaks and Continuity. The good or great historian is able to identify both the Breaks and the Continuity. The Cretin and Ideologue simply awaits his, her or its next Ford Foundation, E.U., or other Grant, or simply basks in the Glory of current Power, given that many people like to identify with the (temporary) Winners, and to gain from it... if they cannot gain from playing the Victim... or both... and “electable monarchies” (i.e. parliamentary regimes with Hegemon-led mass parties, some kind of separation of powers and rule of law etc.), became known as “democracies”... whereas it is believed that the ancient world ended upon the Fall of Rome in the 5th (to 7th) century, and not in the 15th century when the metropolis Constantinople fell, or even the 19th century when the modern Greek State as Western protectorate displaced Greek (polis and or) community-centric life (with the abolition of the Commons (Koina) («κοινά» = city-states of ancient Greece as adapted and modified within the Eastern Roman Oikoumene (= CosmoSystem), from the village to the Metropolis with democratic elements of organisation (incl. of the economy)... incl. electability and recallability of proestoi et al.... gathering of the Commons («μάζωξις, μάζωξη») = ekklesia of the demos )... there will always be intellectuals who as Agents of (foreign) Imperial Powers hypostatise Myths and Shape Ideologies in order to Serve certain Elites, domestic and or Foreign (today, as far as Greece is concerned, incl. Germans, Americans-British, and Turks)... no matter what the society or social formation... the Arabs too took from the Greek world, ancient and Roman-Byzantine, but it was Italy which had the telling Renaissance on an at least in part anthropocentric basis... in the late 7th, early 8th century the Venetians told Charlemagne that they belong to the (Eastern) Roman Imperium... Zampelios and Paparrigopoulos saw the Continuity as the Fact it Was and Is (albeit increasingly getting thinner, sparser,...)... the Abuse of Concepts, and the Denial of History as the Study of Facts and Factual Causation, is widespread because Ideologues seek to Legitimise Present-Day Power Claims and Hegemony... (see e.g. the much loved, often right, but at least on occasion also wrong, G. Contogeorgis in «O Γιώργος Καραμπελιάς συνομίλησε την Τετάρτη 24 Ιανουαρίου με τον ομότιμο καθηγητή Πανεπιστημίου και συγγραφέα Γιώργο Κοντογιώργη με θέμα: «Η ελληνική ιστοριογραφία από τον Φαλμεράυερ στον Χομπσμπάουμ»», στο καφέ του Ιανού, Σταδίου 24, Αθήνα (http://ardin-rixi.gr/archives/206847))... I would add that the “racial” element of Greek civilisation and the Greek nation as distinct civilisation (with relatively high level of cultural-civilisational cohesion, notwithstanding all the dialectical and local diversity, variety and differentiation...) might have been diluted over time e.g. 10th century B.C. vs. 10th century A.D. vs. today... but at least until today it has mostly (or even overwhelmingly) been a relatively White Southern European racial element, and NOT e.g. a relatively Black Central African racial element, or a relatively Yellow Han Chinese racial element... of course, things can and do change, but historical Facts are historical Facts... if a Retard holds that History is just a Clash of Narratives, it would be nice if he, she or it could be Punched in the Head, and then asked if that Felt like a Narrative... He, She or It, though, is So Retarded, that they would be more than happy to forget all of history, and hand over their own ancestors’ country to Hordes of Mohammedans, Africans and other Asians... that’s exactly what a few decades of general prosperity and hedonistic consumerism (incl. all kinds of drug-taking etc.) have brought and bring... (just as ridiculous was the vulgar Marxist insistence that the nation is the product of the bourgeoisie, as if a common general culture and or language as distinct from other common general cultures or simply language did not pre-exist the creation of the modern nation-states)... and today’s “Left-Wingers” can’t see that behind every Imperialism (a.k.a. “globalisation”) are concrete, very specific (trans-)national and or state and or other group Interests... and that once so-called “globalisation” retreats, some nations will still exist, whereas others, owing to their elites’ (and people’s) Collective Lobotomy and Generalised Retardism, will Really then be HISTORY... [Hobsbawm, as well as his fellow Tribesman, Gellner, are not without their (many) insights and strong points... yet when they get things wrong, they really are absolutely WorthLess and totally RePellant...]... on the other hand, it is a Fact that Western nations in general have become much more “loose” both racially and culturally, and whilst no-one can know for sure where it is all going to End, for those of us who love (the notion of) our Ancestors and Civilisational-Cultural Continuity, to the Extent it Exists, which we Bear, the last Few Decades have been a Freakish, Nightmarish Disaster... [upon liberating Constantinople from the Venetians, Franks et al. in 1261 A.D. Michalis Palaiologos in a Speech set forth the first Megali Idea of Liberating Historical Hellenic Territory from the Barbarians ("Megali Idea" as a term was first said in 1843 in the Greek Parliament by Ioannis Koletis... = of unifying the Nation and the People (or Race) with the Greek State... which = an Exercise in National Liberation like, at least in one respect and GROSSO MODO, e.g. Mao's or Ho Chi Minh's Wars of Liberation and Unification...)... but the reality is that since c. 1071 (incl. Manzikert and loss of Southern Italy)/1204 We have been On the Way Out... our Way Up and Peak was roughly 1200 B.C. to 1200 A.D... thereafter, Down and Departing the World’s Stage... the Filiki Hetaireia (Eteria) (as well as prior to the Filiki Eteria, Rigas Pheraios (Feraios) with his multi-ethnic HellenoCentric conception of a New Greater Greece/Byzantium), knew too, that Constantinople had to be the Centre, the Capital... and all relevant lands in today's Greece (incl. and as well as, as the case may be, Macedonia, (Northern) Epirus, Thrace, (south-eastern) Eastern Rumelia,...) and Asia Minor and Pontus and Cyprus and... with substantial numbers of Greeks, had to be Liberated and Included,... and it never became so - the British (and French, and Italians, and Germans, and Turks,...) would never had allowed the realisation of such Schemes/Dreams,... and they never became True and Real (despite some successes in creating today's Greece; [Dragoumis wanted the Hellenic World to Accompany (and or Absorb) the Ottomans due to Hellenic Civilisational and Commercial Superiority... against the Slavs/Bulgarians])... and hence Our End is now Nigh...] [Of today’s Ethne or Nations with fairly strong Continuity from ancient (B.C.) times, Greece Falls first, then perhaps Israel,... then Persia (Iran), Japan, Korea, Vietnam etc. and finally, in many centuries or millennia?, China....] [even if Contogeorgis’s distinction between Western Serf and Greek member of a Polis or the Koina, is correct, in that the former has no national (ethnic) consciousness of belonging to a collectivity, since he is not anthropocentrically and politically (relatively) free, the Serf still belonged to a Distinct Civilisation, e.g. the Gallic as opposed to the AngloSaxon or Norman or Iberian or Italic or...] [Relatively strongly MonoCultural (MonoReligious) Multi-Racialism... Maybe You should Try it... it worked for the Eastern Roman “Empire” for more than, or at least for much of, One Thousand Years... on the other hand, IntraCultural i.e. IntraReligious Conflict was at times Acute, and Relative Homogeneity Guarantees Nothing of itself...] [Gennadius Scholarius (15th century) e.g. spoke of Hellenes, not Romans...] [It’s interesting how Karambelias talks of 1,000,000 being the victims of Turkish Janissary Abduction, Enslavement and Genocide, whereas the Other Tribesman “expert”, Bernard Lewis, talks of 250,000... very interesting...] [In Eastern Rome (Constantinople), the Monarch or Emperor was never Head of Church, whereas in (late feudal/ Renaissance/Westphalian) Western Europe... and hence anti-clericalism and “Enlightenment” took another course... whereas our “Enlightener” as “Educator” was Kosmas Aitolos... Contogeorgis says that there is no modern Greek Enlightenment, because “Enlightenment” was a Western European need to move on from feudalism and clericalism (the Church)... [so Kondylis’s book on the Modern Greek Enlightenment is a misnomer, or, simply refers to a current in the intelligentsia which mimicked the Western European Enlightenment...]... Byzantium was never a Theocracy, nor an Empire, but a Cosmopolis with a Metropolis “setting the tone” etc. for the other poleis... under Western Feudalism, there were ethnotites not ethne... Byzantines had Kings, not Emperors... = all these theses are definitely interesting,... perhaps debatable, or at least worth further investigation...]


The price of Fame, or even just fame, is certain misunderstanding, definite misrepresentation, wholesale confusion, and quite possibly deliberate sabotage and vilification too. There are advantages in not becoming more widely known, even within the relatively small communities of scholars and intellectuals...

Whether Kondylis's work becomes relatively widely known or not, NO difference will that make to the Affairs of Humans... (If it did, there would then be a VERY serious epistemological problem, or GROSS de-formation...)... The mere Fact that the Field of Values is Entirely Open to non-Normative "Value-Free" Eyes engaged in Scientific Observation (and Explanation) Constitutes Such HUBRIS to normal Normativists, whether (far-)Left, (far-)Right or (dead-)Centre, whether "Conservative" or "Liberal" or "Ronald McDonald", that such a Fact ENSURES that Kondylis's work, and the best of Max Weber et al., CAN NEVER gain any kind of Lasting (relatively Widespread) Acceptance... and in the event of "Fame", all such "Fame" will ATTRACT that Lasts and Sticks is GROSS DEFAMATION... Machiavelli and Others WERE THERE Centuries Before... even today, Machiavelli & Co. are largely treated with Indifference... or simply Avoidance... [at the End of the Day, Here and Now the Last Vestiges of Hellenism, and possibly Western European Culture, are Slipping out of our Hands... and we're going to Worry about the Fame or Disappearance of a Dead Author, whose Work CANNOT Save Anything, even if it is the Greatest Achievement in the History of Western Philosophy/Sociology/(non-physical-scientific) Theory?... I Do Not Think thus...] [Lucky for Me, Kondylis Died, before He saw any of my "Translations". I am also Very Unlucky because Kondylis did not get to write Volumes 2 and 3 of his Social Ontology, because then I wouldn't have had Time to do any translations... When I Die, maybe Someone Else will get Lucky...] ["Parasitical Connoisseur" and "Knower on the Fringes (Margins) of Society [or: on the Outskirts of Town (to quote B. B. King)]" is the Fate of the Absolutely Consistent Kondylisian, BECAUSE People WILL CHANGE NOT - EVER!!! And they will almost always veer towards or end up Picking a Side, one way or another... since they are Alive... YET, the Job is Doable if one REALLY WANTS TO DO IT... P.K. DID IT...] [Scepticism is only useful if ones realises humans can and do know a great many things with absolute CERTAINTY...] [Having Very Strong Tastes, one way or another, means that the said Connoisseur WILL Strongly Resist, or at least feel intense Disgust towards, the Changes and those Taking a Lead or who have Prominence in bringing about the Changes and Change... a certain "degenerate" pop star, and a rather strange-looking "folk singer", in the decades of the Western Mass-Democratic Cultural Revolution (1960s-1970s), got Wind of the Changes Blowing... the Old... Away...] [Given that Paul Gottfried's books, which comparatively speaking are by and large far superior in terms of scholarship and analysis to nearly all "best sellers" in the English-speaking world, cannot find any kind of mass readership in the U.S.A., and given that Max Weber will remain "on the sidelines", notwithstanding the new forthcoming edition of Economy and Society, Kondylis's "fate" is almost certain (especially since Kondylis knew full well that absolutely consistent non-normative scientific observation (description and theory (explanation)) can NEVER attract many adherents, even within the small circles of "philosophers", "social scientists" or "intellectuals", who almost invariably engage in normative and or circular polemics and argumentation, and at best can only ever come into vogue occasionally to be used by one side against another). Yet Gottfried correctly indicates that things will not always "stay the same" forever, and that a new correlation of forces, one way or another, is coming (see: http://takimag.com/article/a_paleo_epitaph/print#axzz55Pw4xoTE?temp-new-window-replacement=true). And if we add to the picture the geopolitical-economic implications of the relative Decline of the U.S.A. and the relative Rise of China and other Powers (cf. e.g. http://nationalinterest.org/feature/trump-unveiled-these-key-geoeconomic-plans-his-state-the-24306?temp-new-window-replacement=true), there is definitely going to be "a whole lot of shakin' going on" during the unfolding of the 21st century (even if the U.S.A. remains primus (i.e. primi) inter pares)...] [Max Weber (Economy and Society, Uni. of Calif. Press, 1978 (=1968), pp. 983-984 (Vol. 2), written c. 1910-1920 (?)): "Bureaucratic organization has usually come into power on the basis of leveling of economic and social differences. This leveling has been at least relative, and has concerned the significance of social and economic differences for the assumption of administrative functions.

Bureaucracy inevitably accompanies modern mass democracy, in contrast to the democratic self-government of small homogeneous units. ... "the demand for "equality before the law" ... the horror of "privilege," and the principled rejection of doing business "from case to case" ... Until recent times-at least from the point of view of the treasury-the cheapest way of satisfying the need for administration was to leave almost the entire local administration and lower judicature to the landlords of Eastern Prussia. The same is true of the administration by justices of the peace in England. Mass democracy which makes a clean sweep of the feudal, patrimonial, and-at least in intent-the plutocratic privileges in administration unavoidably has to put paid professional labor in place of the historically inherited "avocational" administration by notables." And at pp. 984-985: "Of course, one must always remember that the term "democratization" can be misleading. The demos itself, in the sense of a shapeless mass, never "governs" larger associations, but rather is governed. What changes is only the way in which the executive leaders are selected and the measure of influence which the demos, or better, which social circles from its midst are able to exert upon the content and the direction of administrative activities by means of "public opinion". "Democratization", in the sense here intended, does not necessarily mean an increasingly active share of the subjects in government. This may be a result of democratization, but it is not necessarily the case....

See next paragraph on p. 985 as well = political concept of democracy with "equal rights" of the governed as entry into elites for people in general and not just for historical elites, and with "public opinion" influencing and thereby restricting officialdom's authority. Political democracy shortens terms of office by election and recall, allows people with any or no qualifications to run for office. "Thereby democracy inevitably comes into conflict with the bureaucratic tendencies which have been produced by its very fight against the notables." "Democratization" as "the minimization of the civil servants' power in favor of the greatest possible "direct" rule of the demos, which in practice means the respective party leaders of the demos. ..." = "the leveling of the governed in the face of the governing and bureaucratically articulated group, which in turn may occupy a quite autocratic position, both in fact and in form."

It can be said that "democracy" during the last century or so in the West, and as it is widely known, exists only as "mass democracy", sociologically speaking, but in the strict political sense as governmental sense - and not political sense as sociological sense of the polis - democracy has never existed outside of the ancient Greek world and its meta-development in Eastern Rome/Byzantium (and even in the Ottoman Empire amongst Greeks) (see Contogeorgis). What we have in the West, is a rule of and by elites, who can change and "circulate", but who govern through Mass Parties and their relationships with Bureaucracies, Mass Media, Lobby (Interest) Groups/Big Money Political Party, N.G.O., etc. "Donors", "Public Opinion", Billionaires, Banks, Universities, etc., etc., etc.,... in circumstances, therefore, of massification, atomisation, bureaucratisation, economisation (of the social in general and of the political within the social), relatively "impersonal" juridification, etc., etc., etc.,... all sorts of networking and accumulation, concentration or crystallisation of power can occur, if a Group networks relatively well, has many billionaires and Group-members in key positions (incl. based on hard work and superior intelligence), and to a large extent, solid, albeit never unanimous, Group Positions on various matters, internal and or external...]  

On "Invaders", "Refugees" and value-neutral Terminology

The first thing needed is a clear, or as clear as possible, definition of e.g. "refugee". Such a definition might have two main aspects - the legal definition, and, the conceptual definition based on the differentia specifica of the term in question compared to related terms such as "migrant" - "legal", "illegal", "economic", etc. (something similar applies, mutatis mutandis, to terms and concepts such as "genocide",...). If I am calling a mass of people "refugees" without actually knowing why these people are migrating, one by one, then I am engaging in value-laden propaganda. The same applies if I call them "invaders" en masse without having defined all relevant terms. "Migrant" too is misleading because there is a very real legal difference between "legal" and "illegal" migrants, and such a distinction can be of great importance to migrants themselves, including legal ones. In any event, if my basic position is to Stop the Flood of Peoples across my country's borders because I love my Country and my Ancestors, my Culture, my Religion, my Language, my Customs, my Traditions, my Identity, my Safety,... e.g. like Israel,... then they are Invading Hordes, Swarms, Pestilence, Animals, Criminals, Infiltrators, etc., etc., etc.. If, on the other hand, I support "humanitarianism" of the "Open Society" kind, they are beautiful, clean, pure, refugees in need of charity (so that they can, possibly or probably, be exploited for e.g. economic gain, sex, etc.,... by certain people, N.G.O.s,... who are all in the Know and with not insignificant Power). Scientifically, they are either legal or illegal immigrants, and they could also be refugees and or criminals, invaders,... and longer term... colonists, conquerors,... or law-abiding citizens... or some combination of the above or... that's Reality... it's complicated and requires strict case-by-case analysis... [even though one can most definitely sympathise with the plight of Honest, Law-Abiding Young People (not Common Criminals) who want to have "a better life" in the (relatively developed) West, e.g. like my Parents - even though it is by no means clear that life is "better"... - one's Tribe is one's Identity and one's Greatest Love, and depending on how one's Tribe is defined, ultimately the Greater Sympathy can and or does lie with Protecting one's own Tribe, so that the Plight of the Other then is of Secondary or of No Importance, and the Other must be Limited to what is Assimilable and or Co-Habitable; in short, the Other must be Limited and Stopped. Xenophilia/mania or Other-Worship, taken to Extremes, is Literally AutoPhobia and Self-Suicide - the Collective Death of those who are Collectively Lobotomised and Hate their Genetic and or Cultural Inheritance] [The Soviet Union, with its top-heavy amongst the Soviet Elites Semito/Zio-Tribal involvement (particularly in the first few decades), and notwithstanding its appalling treatment of tens of millions of individuals, including as peasants and proletarians/workers and consumers, managed to compete geopolitically (mainly as a Vehicle of Russian Nationalism and Imperialism) with the much more technologically and industrially developed West (incl. with the U.S.A. at its Imperialist and Ethnological-Cultural Peak), as well as make Global an anti-Colonial and anti-Crude-Racist View of the World. That is not, world-historically, to be shunned or belittled. The Effects of the Soviet Union on the World Order were essential, if not the sole, Building Blocks in the further development of the "Globalist" phase of "late capitalism"...] [To Polydoros: it could actually be that the U.S.A. is, mutatis mutandis, and given that Time moves far faster Now compared to Then, in a kind of Late Roman Empire Phase, and that Donald Trump, like Marcus Aurelius, is the Last Great Philosopher-Emperor, who cannot do more than Simply Delay the Fall...]

It seems to me that, realistically, "the best" that Western mass democracies can hope for, almost certainly in vain, is (the continuance or reinstitution of) relatively high degrees of freedom of speech (including the right to offend but not to slander and or cause specific, concrete physical, monetary, etc. - but not emotional - damage), full freedom of association with no kind of coercive integration, the rule of law as single legal system under One Law for all citizens, the ending of all programmes of "affirmative action" which discriminate against MERIT and relatively indigenous relatively white (male) populations, the strict protection of borders (including the full expulsion of anti-Western illegal immigrants or invaders and their offspring) with strict programmes of legal migration if certain countries want and need such migration, and government-backed programmes to boost the birth rates of the historically core relatively white peoples of every nation of the Western mass democracies (with ethno-centric and pro-patriarchal family values promoted in Education systems without ethno-chauvanism towards other ethne apart from stating (historical) facts), etc.... All talk of a "return" to some perceived demographic and cultural Golden Age c. 1960 or c. 1860 etc. is just as likely to come to pass as ever-lasting multi-racial and multi-cultural harmonious Paradises in a "Borderless One World". The geo-political and global-economic situation and man's relationship with the Environment ultimately, most likely, will constitute the telling framework within which Western mass democracies may or may not survive, prosper, decline (further and further) or lose their distinctive features completely and become something else (which (very) long-term will happen anyway, one way or another, as history teaches us, "must", or at least is very likely to, happen...). [Cf. "THE PARIS STATEMENT – A Europe We Can Believe In", which raises a lot of pertinent issues and makes a number of telling and objectionable, scientifically (not necessarily ethically), points] [Copied and Pasted Here from the Comments Section of a Useful to Peruse "non-mainstream" WebSite (the issues raised and the texts mentioned are worth exploring if anyone has the Time): "A country that thinks that diversity is more important than merit is doomed. In my opinion this doom begins in education, especially universities, and in high tech companies. Of course also in politics. Sarrazin warned explicitly how mass immigration will lead to the end of Germany. He, at the time was still a member of the Board of the Bundesbank, a very capable economist, and was fired immediately after the book was published. Thilo Sarrazin, ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab, Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen’, München 2010. In fact Lasch made the same warning: Christopher Lasch, ‘The Culture of Narcissism, American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations’, 1979, 1980, London. For France: Eric Zemmour, ‘Le Suicide Francais’, 2014 Paris. For the Netherlands: Paul Scheffer, ‘Die Eingewanderten, Toleranz in einer grensenlosen Welt', München 2008 (Het land van aankomst, 2007)"]

When I was an E.S.L. Teacher... a Chinese Student said to Me...

WhiteDevilMan Conquered BrownMan and BlackMan and went so far as to Take Land closer to ChinaMan than to WhiteDevilMan Homeland. ChinaMan, being Wise, Say: "You Take Land for Now, WhiteDevilMan, because You will Take for 200 or 300 Year, maybe 400 Year, but Confucius Say Probably Not. You forget WhiteDevilMan that YellowMan ChinaMan have been Round for 4000 or 5000 Year, and You will become so Drunk on your Easy Success and so Complacent, that in about 2 Hour 24 Minute, it Mine". [And, of course, no-one talks about Menzies anymore... and the Chinese Student could be totally Wong...] [Alternate Take: WhiteDevilMan Let Woman Govern in Public and Make His Men Poofter Like Girl and Open Border to all sort of Monkey Invasion Because WhiteDevilMan think Technology and Hedonistic Consumption is Meaning of Life and Can Cover all the Problem, BUT ChinaMan SAY "Fuck That Bullshit!" and Keep Woman and Gay Faggot Under Control, Lose a Bit of Control, BUT Basically Still Under Control (and Keep Filthy Pork Muslim in Place and Tibet and anyone who Hate China), Because ChinaMan Know He not Fortune Cookie Stupid Because ChinaMan Survive 5000 Year Already, and Want another 5000 Year and NO WANT CHINA TRIBE to Finish... WhiteDevilMan is FULL RETARD, ChinaMan is TRULY WISE...]

When I was a Barrister, a Judge, of a particular Ethnic(Racial)-Religious Group (but that's totally irrelevant), Said to Me...

"You are Wrong. I am Right (as a Matter of Law, ALWAYS as a Matter of Law). AND THE DECISION OF THE COURT IS..." [I can't actually remember anymore, but He may well have been Right...]

When I was a University Student, nearly 30 years ago, of English Literature, an Extremely Ugly, Very Mad Childless Woman, who looked like some kind of Sick Elf-Woman, with a Ph.D. said to Me: THAT Petrarch kept on putting Laura on a Pedestal and how that was Very Bad, in fact Evil. - Whilst I couldn't understand her Pedestal Fetish at all, particularly since all I could think of was when I was ever going to have Sex, since my parents did not even consider an arranged marriage for me,... and that Buñuel depicted Foot Fetishes,... now I tend to think that what she was really saying was that it's better for women to be Right Down Deep in the Gutter as Sluts and or Prostitutes and Pill Poppers and Psychological or Psychiatric Patients, and Misandrists, with lots of different S.T.D.s, and of course Haters of Nature and Natural Order and The Golden Mean... and that Western (largely whitish race-based) Ethne should not collectively Reproduce themselves anymore because, inter alia, a Certain Tribe has a Centuries-long or even Millennia-long Grudge to Bear, having Seized their Opportunity in WASP USA, particularly from c. 1900 and especially c. 1950 onwards to "just happen" to GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY accede to positions of relatively High Power and Wealth,... and that former Christians are Too Brain-Dead to See what is Going On since they have become, totally as a matter of their OWN FAULT, Totally Zombified,... [who has almost exclusively (or increasingly, nearly fully and always GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATELY at least partially) owned and or controlled and or influenced University thought, i.e. Bullshit, and major Newspapers, especially TV (and Hollywood), since about after the end of WW2?]... and that if and when Mohammedans start to directly or indirectly have a Big Say on social mores, morals, laws,... in the West... or perhaps even take (some) Western countries over, her life would have ended and she would have had a lot of Sex with many Men, Women and ITs - none of which she can remember or take pride in... she would have taken a lot of Drugs and Had Tattoos and Piercings All Over Her Body, and lived Decades with Severe Depression as an Atomised HOLE... and died thinking she KNEW everything...

This is What my Cousin Spyros, the Bouncer, Says:

“My parents grew up in a society in which the Village Down the Mountain was a (partial) Other, and you are telling me that I’m not going to Notice Religious and or Racial differences? Are You Fuckin' Retarded, or Something?”

All humans are equal in so far as they are humans and not non-human animals; otherwise the differences, i.e. inequalites between groups and or between individuals never End, even if legally-socially-ideologically a historically relative equality is practised - at least at a certain level... The dominant ideologies of Western mass democracy are just as valid forms of social disciplining as the dominant ideologies of Western (racial) ethno-Nationalism and Imperialism, Feudalism, etc., etc., etc.. Equality, including that of "Atheists", is no less a God than God Himself. It permeates all aspects of Thought and creates all kinds of Retardism and Retarded Belief without Correspondence to Reality: "You are Racist! You are Sexist! etc." replaces "You are a Heretic! You are an Atheist! etc.". Yet Equality as relative Sameness within a Group has never guaranteed or achieved perpetual Friendship and Peace... From "I have a Dream"... Heterogony of Ends... the mass Apeing of the Ape (as has always been the Case, albeit in different Colour Schemes...)... to... "It's Over!"... "The Joke's on You! Sucker!"... Men, Women, the Other not in their Place = Men, Women, the Other which will put things back in their Place... The New Beginning as, in some respects, the Repetition of the Old (and Same), and, in some respects, as possible Return to Being closer to the State of Nature, and further from the state of relatively higher or relatively advanced Culture... especially if the State of Technicisation falters, wobbles, alters or destructs... irrespective of under what Pressures... Culture = Power in, on, against and constrained by Nature...

The Sense of Hierarchy and Order and Respect (Honour/Shame/Virtue/Duty/Fidelity/Loyalty/ Sacrifice/Collectivity over Individuality...) and Homogeneity in e.g. Mizoguchi's The 47 Ronin (1941) can be misleading. The film itself clearly shows that relative Sameness and or Similarity and or (relative) Equality is no Vaccine whatsoever against e.g. intra-Civilisational and or intra-Imperial and or intra-National and or intra(inter)-Tribal and or intra(inter)-Clan and or intra(inter)-(Feudal)Household and or intra(inter)-Familial Conflict (e.g. seeking the "right, just, appropriate, proportionate, dignified,..." vengeance (retribution) "in the public perception"...). Even if today's so-called Globalists achieved a World State, World Government with Real Human Rights and NO Nations or Tribes, something which cannot THEORETICALLY be discounted, all Conflict as well as Co-operation (i.e. the Complete (potential at least) Operation of the Friend-Foe Spectrum of the Social Relation) would become Intra-In-Inter-Out-Group Conflict and Civil Wars, and Intra-In-Inter-Out-Group Co-operation and Peace. 


Just as wrong and dangerous as the racial and ethical "purity" of the Volk, are the "unlimited benefits" of Diversity and Open Borders...

The Heterogony of Ends ensures that the Tragic Dimension is Built In... 

Communism (Globalism, Universalism, Internationalism, "Liberalism" as World Order,...) sounds like a pretty good Telos... the problem though is that, as such, it has absolutely nothing to do with Reality, and those pushing for it don't have the faintest idea of where they are really heading, and the damage they are doing or going to do to others... The relatively very high-trust "Homogeneous Ethno-State" might exist in specific, concrete, circumstances, but has never been a permanent fixture on the world's historical map... trying to have one (again) when the circumstances are not "right", can only mean Violence - mass, concentrated, bloody, blood-soaked Violence... if however the circumstances "ripen", "anything" can happen, especially what is not expected... But without norms (normative values), without Utopias, man (ultimately) acts not, man (ultimately) exists not...

For at least 99.9% of the 100,000 or 200,000 or 300,000 years, Grosso Modo, of Homo Sapiens's existence, there has been a relatively tight correlation between Identity, Race, Religion as Spiritual-Mythical-Ideological Belief System and or Fundamental World View; and for 100% of that Time, Humans have always had some kind of association or connection with a TRIBE (i.e. Group, Collective, Civilisation, Religion, (sub-)Race, Ethnos, People, etc., etc., etc.). Cosmopolitanism Began as a Social Phenomenon Based on a Very Strong Ethnic-Local Identity, which then Participates in a Broader Human Cosmos. Even if Many Millions and Millions and Millions of People (Spiritually-Ideationally-Ideologically and or Physically) Drift and or Move, Up-Rooted, for Centuries, Eventually Borders and Boundaries Will Again be Re-Set (relatively more Tightly) and The Exception Will Return to the Norm. Tribes Will Be There at the End. ["Humanity", that Very Big "Super-Tribe" or "Tribe of All Tribes" has a VERY BIG PROBLEM. Without its Sub-Tribes, there is NOTHING to distinguish it from the REST OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. Hence, the Need, the Absolute Necessity for Human Culture and Human Existence, of the Sub-Tribes, amongst which "SOME TRIBES ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS"...] [Even if there is incontrovertible scientific evidence that mixed race people are superior to relatively homogeneously racial people in respect of a whole range of criteria (health, intelligence, endurance, general mental state,...), that does not in the slightest alter the Fact that "attractiveness" is entirely cultural-subjective, that literally billions of Asians and Africans are not Faced with Extinction over the next century or so, whereas relatively White Europeans are or could be, BUT more importantly, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Anthropological and Social-Ontological Constants, such as Power, Identity, Understanding, Meaning, Rationality, the Social Relation, the Political, the social relation's Friend-Foe Spectrum, the social relation's Mechanism,... which NEVER change as always actually existent factors and forces... nor does the Extinction of relatively White Europeans mean that ALL or MOST of the relatively White European Cultural-Civilisational Inheritance is necessarily Lost with the Racial Loss, nor does it at all mean the end of Racism, Sexism, etc., which, on the contrary, shall always exist in one form or another,... In any Event, just because person A wants no relative whiteness, it doesn't mean that they are going to convince person B not to fight back... etc., etc., etc.,... nor does it mean that People won't Demand, for instance, that Israel and its Inhabitants ALL RACIALLY MIX too... Beige might be the colour of Love, but it is also the colour of Hate, just as all Colours are, i.e. both of Love and of Hate... without Hate there is no Love, without Foe, no Friend...] 

Relative Increases in Anomie ("The Forces of Relative CHAOS"), Eventually at least, if not Immediately, WILL lead to Relative Increases of more tightly "policed and enforced" Order - but ORDER always exists, as there is, and there can be, no Society without some kind of Order.

My once "shoelessly poor", semi-literate migrant father used to say to me when I was young "Read Books! Ready Many, Many Books! Read as Many Books as You CAN!!!", because at the back of his mind was the Hope, the Dream,... that I'd get an education and make an easier living for myself than him - just like millions and millions and millions of other migrants. I kind of did all that, but the problem is, by reading books, I also discovered that he made a mistake. He took the Ship to the Cultural Death of Our Ancestors, he Smashed that Ship against the Rocks of Betrayal, because all he could think of at the Time was his own Survival in this World,... but I Eventually took the Ship of Cultural Life back to Our Ancestors, whilst also discovering Science as regards Human Action, which of course the Education System, especially at the Tertiary Level, couldn't possibly provide to anyone EVER, since it is mostly comprised of the idiotic, moronic ideological Drivel and Garbage encountered at Primary and Secondary Levels regarding some kind of MadMan Nutty Professor with a Formula who is promoted Anywhere and Everywhere as Exceedingly Sapient in all matters pertaining to the Human Condition, including matters with regard to which he knows absolutely NOTHING, or, the neurotic Loony who wanted to travel First Class rather than in Third Class like the majority of People, or the Buffoon who Ranted and Raved about some kind of Promised Land he saw in a Vision when in reality the only thing that interested him was his own secret life of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" - I can tell everyone with Absolute Certainty that "rock 'n' roll", as much as some of us love it, WILL DIE, because far Superior Art Forms and Artists, at least Technically far more Demanding and Proficient, have died or are almost dead... and that Trip of Mine BACK was the Greatest Trip I could ever possibly go on... I am Odysseus LITERALLY - «Ἕλλην καὶ γεννιέσαι ἤ καὶ γίνεσαι, ἀναλόγως· ἀλλὰ Ῥωμιὸς μὲ καλαμπαλίκια σὰν τὸν Λεωνίδα ἤ τὸν Παλαιολόγο, τοὺς Βασιλεῖς μας, μόνον τὰ ἀποκτᾷς ἀπὸ τοὺς Θεοὺς καὶ τὸν Θεἄνθρωπο ὁμιλοῦντας τὴν Ἑλληνικήν, ὡραῖος σὰν τὸν Ἐγγονόπουλο»...

The fully logically consistent Theorisation (Theoretical Explanation) of Power wihout any

Thematic Fear, Unfortunately or Fortunately, and Vice Versa, Leads One to Conclusions

which Shatter ALL Intellectual BIAS against the Truth, or Rather, Known Empirical Reality.

And such True-Consciousness and Anti-Ideological Thinking (Objectivity) CAN NEVER be 

accepted by the Salesmen and Saleswomen and Salesits or Emperors or Dictators or 

"Democratic" Leaders or Little Napoleons or Little Hitlers or Little Stalins or Little Maos or

 Little F. D. R.s or Toadies, Lackies and Servants of Whatever "Anti-Phobia-This" or "Anti-

Phobia-That" or "Anti-Ist-This" or "Anti-Ist-That" or "Pro-..."... ONLY relatively 

Primitive Conditions can Once Again make Power and the Struggle for Survival more Raw, 

less Cooked, less Garnished, less Gift-Wrapped,... 

[If, Nowadays, you're prepared or going to have Children,... a Family,... then be Prepared for Non-Stop Guerrilla WarFare, or Submission, in the Field of Values... Further Advice to Younger People: Sex can be "fun", BUT it can also Cost You your Health. Moreover, in Life, over the long run, there's Nothing like meeting a Life Partner of the Opposite Sex and Going Through Life Together Through Thick and Thin. That's often the Best most people are capable of managing in Life, and it's not a Small Deal. Never Forget that Culture IS the Control of Impulses, Drives, Urges,... Neither Ever Forget that GOD is a Phantom WHO HAS TO BE HERE WITH US HUMANS IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER!!!... I don't think there's much value in the writings and thoughts of Marcuse...]

And the Swamp Monkey Parathustra, having stopped for a moment, on His Long March, to drink some cold, refreshing water, looked up and saw a Midget heading towards Him. The Midget stopped just in front of Him and began to speak, increasingly Frothing at the Mouth. The Swamp Monkey Parathustra at first thought about swatting the Disgusting Rodent standing in front of Him, but was tired; and let the Midget speak. And the Verbal Diarrhoea was Non-Stop. The vocalisation was extremely annoying, nasal, high-pitched, Full of Self-Righteousness, Self-Justification, Moralising and Ethicising, Values and Morals, Non-Stop; as well as with Malice and Spite for those who did not agree with IT. At first the Swamp Monkey Parathustra thought the Rat before Him was from New York, but quickly realised It could have been, nowadays, from ANYWHERE. Eventually the Midget Shut Up, probably having Exhausted Itself with the Constant Stream of Rubbish, Garbage It had been Spurting Out. It looked at the Swamp Monkey Parathustra with Fear, and with some degree of Trepidation that what was just said did not get through. And as the Swamp Monkey wiped the revolting spittle from His Forehead, Parathustra got up to Leave, and said: "Good for You". And Left. For the only thing more Disgusting than a Stupid Midget, which at least knows its Place in the World, is a Fully Retarded Midget which thinks IT knows everything (without even having so much as Cursorily Reviewed three thousand years of the Basics or Classics!), and is going to tell others what and how to think, and What they Should DO. Luckily, the Swamp Monkey remained, and reduced the Midget's Size to ZERO. And later joined Parathustra on the Road to Freedom.   

The straight line's auspicious endpoint is always (to be) consumed by the eternal cycle... until there is no point... 

St. John saw the Apocalypse... which has begun... [= non-scientific depiction of something which actually might be (sort of) happening, and would be confirmed or disproved if we lived for 200 or 300 or more years, like in the Old Testament, rather than for roughly 80, on average, years]...

Getting through a book by Kondylis is like living through Beethoven’s 7th conducted by Toscanini (or C. Kleiber) and Mozart’s “Jupiter” by B. Walter... (or Caruso singing Verdi and Puccini, N. Milstein playing Bach’s “Chaconne”, Cortot playing Chopin, Knappertsbusch conducting Schubert’s 9th and Wagner (esp. Parsifal), Conchita Supervia singing Rossini, or Edwin Fischer, Glenn Gould and Pablo (Pau) Casals (conducting and) playing whatever, but above all Bach and Mozart)... humans might and do do it differently, perhaps they are capable from time to time of doing it equally well, but they don’t and can’t do it any better or any more perfectly (in terms of inspiration, not necessarily technically)...

Exempli gratia:

People in a particular society are able to present to the public Homeric Heroes or Old Testament Patriarchal Leaders or Muhammad-Ali-Hasan-Ibrahim as Negroes or politically activist Homosexuals,... or, “Piss Christ-on-Cross”, “Piss Jehovah(Yahweh)-Star-of-David”, “Piss Allah-Muhammad-Koran” icons,... or, Tannhäuser as being about Islam, Kabbalah, Scientology and TransSexuality and Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg about a multi-racial, multi-cultural, homosexual-centric and multi-faith community. Culture (i.e. the people bearing it) is pliant, malleable, supple, adaptable, flexible, agile, acrobatic, interpretable,... People can interpret whatever they want, any way they want. Even more probable is that the aforementioned cornerstones of Western High in the Sky and Ocean Bed-level Low Culture will be increasingly and eventually discarded to the point of Absolute Oblivion. For that is the Fate of all Culture, no matter how High and Supreme for how many decades, centuries or millennia; yet we can also say with absolute certainty that Today’s Model will One Day be thrown into the Dust Bin – not so that the Old can Return, but so that the New can Come, See and Conquer. I for one, a scion of relatively racially-religiously-culturally homogeneous illiterate or semi-literate oral peasant village culture and Tradition, thank the Internet personally, usually not at great expense (since demand is presumably dropping at great speeds), for the opportunity to Worship the Greats and Classics in the way I want to be Inspired by them and Share in Our Imagined but also Real Communal Departure from World History’s Stage... (recorded performances, and most classic movies, until the 1970s – or even 1990s in many instances – were (roughly) Racially-Visually(-Ideologically-Religiously) “Kosher” (as Kojak would say to Crocker)... there’s a lot of “stuff” to consume as a disconnected-connected Atom-(Pretend) Member of a Community, before Death Visits...)... [In just a few decades or generations, even within my own lifetime, whole peoples have gone from justifiable Revulsion for, and Disgust towards, the mere thought (let alone presence) of a Mohammedan, a “Person of Colour” (even ChinaMen), or members of other numerically smaller, but very distinct, Groups, to Being in Mental-Television-Tattoo-Drug-Induced Ecstasy whilst Urinating and Defecating on their Ancestors and Collective Cultural (and genetic) Inheritance as “Atheists” in the Name of the Lord, Diversity, Cool!, Blissfully Unaware that their inherited cultures were replete with all kinds of regional, dialectical, cultural (and genetic) Abundance, Wealth and Stunningly Beautiful Diversity within Relative Overall Homogeneity, i.e. in the Age when the Great Civilisations were still relatively isolated in Gigantic Civilisational Greenhouses until the 19th or even mid-20th century... As some aware people, with Eyes Wide Open, roughly say: it’s either a Nation from (warring but ultimately related or relatable) Tribes, or, unrelated and warring Tribes with an ever diminishing sense of nationhood or No Nation At All, and perhaps not even Empire...

I wonder how the relatively ethnocentric nationalistic one billion plus Chinese will go in the 21st century... and the Indians?...]... [We all know that the vast majority of Mohammedans are law-abiding, good citizens and visitors. We also know that relatively large Groups of Mohammedans Invariably contain Significant Minorities which act as an Exception to the Rule. And if a Western and or non-Mohammedan Society does not want the Regular Operation of the Exception, which Ultimately Aims to become the General Rule for Everyone in a Western and or Non-Mohammedan Society, THE SAFEST PATH is the one where a Western and or non-Mohammedan Society has NO (or relatively very few, at most) MOHAMMEDANS... a Society of course can go down ANY PATH it chooses... the proof is ALWAYS IN THE PUDDING... and there are NO ETERNAL SOCIETAL LAWS or LAWS of HISTORY... but there are CAUSALITIES and REGULARITIES, along with NORMS, RULES, EXCEPTIONS,... CHANGE and CHANGES...] [How many tens and tens and tens of millions, from Central Asia (incl. Mongolia, Afghanistan,...) to India/Pakistan to the Middle (Near) East, Asia Minor, Southern Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Balkans, Sicily, Southern France, Spain/Portugal,...) to Indonesia... were Hindu and or Buddhist or Christian and were either forcibly (directly, including threat of death) or via more indirect pressure (indirectly, threat of mass destruction, rape, loss of rights and privileges,... unbearable taxes,... etc....) converted to Mohammedanism (Islam) and or subject to Mohammedan Raids, Invasions, Violence? Look it up, research it, do a count,... it runs into the tens and tens and tens of millions... so whilst Christians and or Secularist Whites have committed mass Crimes and Abominations (to their own and to others), as if Muslims, Black Africans (especially to their own), Hindus, various Central Asiatics (Mongoloids, Turkics,...), Chinese, Japanese, Jews, et al., et al., et al.,... throughout all of History, haven't done "it" too... both to those who are the Same or Similar, and, Different...]

In societies where there is NO White Supremacy, there IS Black Supremacy, Yellow Supremacy,

 etc., etc., etc., BECAUSE there are simply NO or relatively few Whites. Societies of (relative)

Black Supremacy Tend not to Do so Well, depending of course on how One Measures "Do Well", 

and those of (relative) Yellow Supremacy or (relative) Brown Supremacy, etc., etc., etc., Tend to

Show Mixed Results... [Separatism and Supremacism are not necessarily the same thing, Idiot! Apparently in Israel, there is Jewish (Hebraic-Israelite) Supremacy. I wish in Greece there was Greek (Hellenic or Helleno-Roman) supremacy like there is Jewish Supremacy in Israel. Apparently in Korea there is (racially based) Korean supremacy... in Japan, (racially based) Japanese SUPREMACY... in Australia, (not so, but still, more or less, racially based) Australian SUPREMACY... in the Congo, (relatively racially based) Congolese SUPREMACY... in Saudi Arabia, (racially and religiously-sectarian based) Saudi Arabian (despite the many foreign workers) SUPREMACY... in Peru, Peruvian SUPREMACY... in Vietnam, (racially based) Vietnamese SUPREMACY... in Poland, (racially based) Polish SUPREMACY... in Pakistan, (religiously and in part relatively racially based) Pakistani SUPREMACY... in South Africa today, Black South African SUPREMACY... in Mexico, Mexican SUPREMACY... in China, (racially and culturally based) Chinese (Sinic, Han) SUPER-SUPREMACY... in Somalia, (relatively racially and religiously based) Somalian SUPREMACY... A population group with declining numbers is going to have a pretty hard time being Supremacist or even supremacist or "supremist" when the Forces Arrayed Against them are comparatively Powerful and comparatively Supremacist themselves... How Retarded Can Retards Be?] [A Group might Feel and or Actually Be (depending with what criteria an assessment is made e.g. actual wealth, actual performance, technical accomplishment of "high" written, visual and musical culture, etc.) "Superior" to another Group, and the other Group can even be considered "Barbarian", but all of that necessarily guarantees absolutely NOTHING in terms of Brute Force, Military Power and GeoPolitical Power Projection... History Tells Us as much...]

The Earth is Flat. People are Equal. People are the Same. The World is Flat.

If YOU are going to single out White Christian Heterosexual Males for "Privilege" based on a selective use, abuse and treatment of Facts, without Historical-Multi-Causal-Comparative Depth, THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO look into, inter alia, in order to be Honest to your Principle of Equality, how Members of a Particular Tribe are GROSSLY Over-Represented and Disproportionately Represented in the U.S.A., Australia, and other (Western) countries amongst Billionaires, High-End Bankers and Financiers, "Big League" Mass Traders and Media (Sports) Barons and Functionaries, Academics, Justices, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, etc., etc., etc.,... AND YOU WON'T LIKE what you Find, Animal!!! Common Sense and Prudency tells me, one man, one woman, one vote, tightly Controlled Borders and a clear, but by no means necessarily exclusive and absolute, Cultural and Racial PreDominance for every country based on Historical Reality is the Best Way to achieve long-term stability (as was the case in Western Mass Democracies from c. 1950 to c. 1990/2000, and, with or without a more dictatorial/authoritarian twist, as the case may be, in Japan, China, South Korea, Israel, Poland, Hungary, etc., today...), without of course having to resort to any kind of stupid and authoritarian "Purity". But YOU just won't Listen... so Reality WILL ANSWER, and the Reality to Come, is NOT LOOKING GOOD... much Strife Ahead, much Political/General Violence, much, much, much... JUNGLE...   

There are moments when I think and FEEL that Wagner has surpassed Mozart, or Heaven Forbid,... Bach... BUT I come to my senses almost immediately because I KNOW no-one goes anywhere near to where Mozart went... let alone Bach... at their PEAKS... On the other hand, HIGH are Edith Piaf or Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Kathleen Ferrier singing English-British folk songs, Robert Johnson or Lead Belly... and many, many, many,... others outside of the Franco-Teutonic-Anglo-American Orbit... but it goes without saying that there’s always a special place for Pops (watchya doin’ dere in Copenhagen in 1933, Satch?)... “I cover the Waterfront, watching the Sea,... the one I love... will come back to Me... Bapa-bapa-Doo-pa-ba... yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...”... = I am putting a Show on for the Folks... Anythin’ Wrong with Dat?...  

So much Great Stuff, (subjectively) touching, moving, subtle, delicate, exquisite, raw, sophisticated, illuminating, folk, learned, dramatic, beautiful, tragic, comical,... has been created, synthesised, composed, painted, written, performed,... that any "complete" itemisation would actually require many a lifetime... the Joy in the Volume is that the same things can be (re)discovered in just one lifetime... the Comfort in the Volume is that, if One can Get Over One's (pathetic yet understandable) Ego, One KNOWS that ulitimately there is no point other than one's own EGO... The Essentials, Is-Ought, Here-There, Friend-Foe, We-I-You-They, Appearance-Reality,... were covered by the Primitives, anyhow...

The two most humanly perfect and beautiful aesthetic lines or basis or styles I have ever seen and enjoyed, purely as a Matter of Taste, are the Hellenic-Roman-Byzantine (relative austere and simple) Aesthetic Line or Basis or Style of Ancient Greece and Eastern Roman Empire Greek Civilisation (Sun, Sky, White, Blue, the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, ancient Temple, domed Church, dry and rough Hills, etc.), and the Japanese (Feudal) Aesthetic Line or Basis or Style of Architecture, Gardens, Demeanour, Comportment, Clothing, etc. set against Lush, Verdant and Watery Loci and Topoi... and the Poetry and the Philosophy and the War and the Peace... (and this is not to say that every corner of the Globe does not have its own Treasures and Beauties,... at least up until the 20th and 21st century world Population Explosions)... [In the History of Roman Hellenism or "Byzantium", to the extent that Hellenism, in Practice if not always in Name, Held Sway (Geo)Politically and Culturally, the Reality is that for roughly one Millennium (and for more than a Millennium beforehand as non-Christian Hellenism, if relevant and as the case may be) Basically: Women, Negroes, Homosexuals were "In their Place", Mohammedans (Previously Persians/Asiatics) were Repelled from the time they started their Incursions, Raids, Invasions,... and if not, then invariably, but not always, to Hellenism's (usually eternal) Loss,... and Judaism was absorbed within Hellenism, including Saint Romanos the Melodist, with no Jewish or Zionist Control (at all or of any significance, as far as I am aware) in Governance, the Remnants of Democracy as Polity and Social-Economic Life in general... (no Court Jews as Financiers like in Western Europe from the 12th but especially 17th century... Jews began settling, probably overall to Hellenism's Loss, in Thessaloniki during the Ottoman Empire... they, as the numerically largest group living in Thessaloniki c. 1900 (but not in the Region surrounding Thessaloniki, which was majority Greek), wanted Thessaloniki to Remain in the Multi-Ethnic Ottoman Empire (quite Rationally for them – BUT NOT for us…)… apart from a few Exceptions, the Jews of Thessaloniki contributed NOTHING to Hellenism as Culture (High or Low)…)... and of course modern Greek Communism started in Thessaloniki with a Jewish Leadership opposed to further Greek National Liberation and the Megali Idea (and even in favour of Austrian Rule over Thessaloniki or Lenin allying the Soviet Union with Kemal (c. 1920-1922), when the Pontic Genocide had been at least 5 years underway before the 1919 Campaign of National Liberation in Asia Minor began!!!)... whereas other Greek Socialists elsewhere in Greece were in favour of Ethnic Patriotism and National Liberation... [and of course, Marx and Engels, with their Economism and (in part Retarded) View of History, from the time of the Crimean War were opposed to Russia (and Greece) and in favour of the Ottoman Empire, i.e. they supported British Imperialism as “modernizing”… and since (Cretan) Greeks were “sheep bandits”… to be fair, Rosa Luxemburg (and E. Bernstein) supported the Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the Independence of the Christian peoples… against Liebknecht et al. in favour of German Imperialism and Turkish Mohammedanism-Secularism/Genocide of Christians… interestingly Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Singapore, China, etc. developed economically in terms of Capitalism on a Political-State Basis and not according to a Marxian "automatic economism" of the "natural evolution of the bourgeoisie and capitalistic development"... with Nations as Civilisations/Peoples existing Centuries or up to Millennia before Capitalism and the English/British Nation... i.e. the Chinese, Jewish, Greek, Persian, French, Germanic,... Nations as Civilisations/Peoples... (of course a "nation" can be defined much more narrowly and strictly than as a broad civilisation/people, but that is not the issue here)...]… Greek Civil Wars/Strife c. 1915 (pro-German Royalists (with the albeit numerically small band of Communists) vs. pro-British Venizelists), and, c. 1945 (pro-British/American State/parasitic Elite vs. pro-Soviet/Bandit forces) meant, to a great extent, loss of Asia Minor, loss of Cyprus,… lack of (ideological-political) National Unity, lack of Demographic and Ethnic/National-productive Economic Will = Setting Oneself Up for National Suicide… they are, or at least seem to be (some of or a representative part of) the relevant Facts... my People's and Culture's Time is now Way Past its Peak, and we are Literally Battling for Survival,... and Truth be Told,... are Doing a Suicide Job... rather than a Survival Job...]

Because "war is a continuation of politics by other means" is not properly understood, one comes across analyses which suggest that the American War in Vietnam was lost because of some kind of political "sabotage" on the Home Front even though the U.S.A was clearly "winning" the War, as if the politics at Home are not directly relevant to a War being waged elsewhere. The fact that your politics at Home affected the War simply proves that war does not happen in a vaccuum away from the Political and politics. In the specific situation, South Vietnam and the U.S.A. might have lost the war, but the U.S.A. as Number One Super Power with full access to all important Sea Lanes (including in the South China Sea), Natural Resources, and with the ability to Influence (at least) dozens of Governments world-wide was not affected in the Slightest! In other words, the War in Vietnam was a matter of "My Dick is Bigger than Yours" (i.e. Prestige, Eminence, Predominance,...) in the context of the Cold War, and from a strictly world Power point of view was unnecessary, but from a "war is a continuation of politics by other means" point of view quite understandably occurred because a Super Power is not going to let a rival Super Power "win" or "gain"... easily... without receiving a Response... War is (geo)Politics, and a part of (geo)Politics is War... [Did the great Jimmy Stewart's stepson Ronald "die in vain" in the American War in Vietnam? Answer: Yes and No - it depends on how you look at it...]

Power, Identity, War,... are not Right/Left and Nationalist matters... they are Human Social Matters. Not only have they always existed from time immemorial, hundreds and thousands of years before modern Right/Left and national divides, AND, not only are they not EVER going to go away (e.g. because certain Imbeciles, Cretins, Retards, and or those lining their pockets Behind such Morons, want that to happen), but could very well intensify if certain Groups keep pushing for more "human rights" and more "open borders globalism" and more "One World" Lunacy... It's too difficult for humans to strive for a Balance where everyone has and knows their Place... at least over the very long run... therefore, Inevitably...

The "problem" facing the West, is much, much more serious than what it seems to most, who, quite understandably, "Do the Ostrich" with Heads in the Sand. At some point, the West WILL FALL, and that might happen in many decades, even a century or more, from Now, but it also might happen much, much quicker than expected. And given that the U.S.A. and countries which make up "the West" consist of Humans, they will make the same Human Mistakes made Time and Time Again, throughout All of History. It seems to me that the Best Approach is to work with Russia (and Israel) and not against (and for) those two middle, major or great Powers, as the case may be. Various elites seem to think otherwise. I hope their Decisions and Actions do not hasten rather than prolong the West's Fall. Because when She Falls, we shall all Fall DOWN... with Her,... Like it or Not. Personally, I Fell about Eight Centuries Ago, so it doesn't really bother me that much... [Michael Lind very interestingly mentioned that the Cold War might not have ended when it did if the Soviet Union had not alienated China... so if the U.S.A. pushes Russia into China's embrace and China remains united and acts smart... and the U.S.A. overstretches, overplays its hand... very interesting observation... also, I have no in principle problem whatsoever with his argument that the U.S.A. does not have an Empire (I would add "in a formal sense"), but a Bloc in which there are relations of inequality... though the way the U.S.A., (as other Powers like Russia and China and... surely do too, if they can incl. through means of Hybrid War, Misinformation, Skulduggery of all Sorts,...), intervenes in a whole number of countries, including to influence politicians and Elections through their Embassies in pathetic, parasitic States like Greece, the Latin American Backyard, etc., etc., etc.,... reminds one of imperial or imperialistic behaviour, hence the use of the term "imperialism", incl. cultural power projection, re: the U.S.A.... Lind also doesn't mind using the term "correlation of forces", rightly pointing out that the "shit [my term] Presidents" were not so bad considering... though I'm not sure why he would be supporting corporations against small businesses... ???... (this statement does NOT refer to Michael Lind: of course, in all "polite society" certain things are not named, particularly if one wants to sell books... etc.,...)...

http://nationalinterest.org/feature/trump-new-cold-war-25389?page=show&temp-new-window-replacement=true] [I am very impressed by the following observation in reference to the present-day confrontation between the U.S.A. and Russia: "After three decades of gruelling and exhausting war between Lacedaemonians and Athenians, the real winner was the faraway Kingdom of Macedonia. Perhaps the Chinese read ancient Greek history better." http://ardin-rixi.gr/archives/207762?temp-new-window-replacement=true

"Corruption, Corruption, Corruption,..." - now THAT is a social phenomenon which knows no Race, Colour or Creed, even though some might do it more than others...

Just because I know for a Fact that there are Good and Bad (Evil) people Everywhere, of all Walks of Life, and just because I like Travelling and Learning, it doesn't mean I want to Live Away from my Tribe, and I Don't Care whether my Tribe has a Homeland or NOT. Nor does it mean that I can't understand that Others want to be in and with their Tribe too, even if opinions Differ markedly about What Exactly is One's Tribe. 

Dialogue or Exchange Between Mr. R(etard) and

 Mr. B(right) Under A Full Moon Not in the

Middle East (for Professors of various "Social" and "Political" "Sciences", "Humanities", and of course "Philosophers", and ALL interested Persons Regardless of Trait(s), Characteristic(s), Attribute(s), Inclination(s) and Feature(s))

R: You're a Sexist.

B: You're an Anti-Male Sexist whilst Men's Power overall has been Decreasing and Women's (particularly Elite) Power Relatively Increasing.

R: But Men have more Power than Women. There is no Equality.

B: That's Your Problem. I'm not a Woman. I'm not Concerned about Equality, and we won't Agree on a Definition of Justice.

R: You're a Racist.

B: You're an Anti-White Racist whilst White Power overall has been Decreasing and Black (particularly Elite) Power Relatively Increasing.

R: But Whites have more Power than Blacks. There is no Equality.

B: That's Your problem. I'm not a Black. I'm not Concerned about Equality, and we won't Agree on a Definition of Justice.

R: You're a Homo-Phobe.

B: You're a Hetero-Phobe Homo-Phile whilst Heterosexual Power overall has been Decreasing and Homosexual (particularly Elite) Power Relatively Increasing.

R: But Heterosexuals have more Power than Homosexuals. There is no Equality.

B: That's Your problem. I'm not a Homosexual. I'm not Concerned about Equality, and we won't Agree on a Definition of Justice.

R: You're an Islamo-Phobe.

B: You're a Christo-Phobe Islamo-Phile whilst Christian Power overall has been Decreasing and Mohammedan (Islamic, Islamist) (particularly Elite) Power Relatively Increasing.

R: But Christians (and Atheists) have more Power than Muslims. There is no Equality.

B: That's Your problem. I'm not a Mohammedan. I'm not Concerned about Equality, and we won't Agree on a Definition of Justice.

R: You're an Anti-Semite.

B: You're a Pro-Semite Pro-Zionist whilst Non-Semitic Non-Zionist Power overall has been Decreasing and Semitic Zionist (particularly Elite) Power Relatively Increasing (AND is already in great disproportion to the overall percentage of the population who are Jews (Hebrews) FOR WHATEVER REASONS!!!).

R: But Non-Semites and Non-Zionists have more Power than Semites and Zionists.

B: SO HOW MUCH POWER DO YOU (OR more particularly your Elites) WANT?

Mr. R(etard) LEFT in the Blink of an Eye...

B: We Shall NEVER Agree on a Definition of Justice.

[P.S. If You Were (Value-)Neutral, i.e. Indifferent, You Would NOT have EVER even raised the Matter of "Sexism", "Racism", "HomoPhobia", "IslamoPhobia", "Anti-Semitism",... "XenoPhobia", "MisoGyny", "Hate",... AHHHHHH... YAWN... BORING...] 

[The "Pro-"-"Anti-" dichotomy is often or nearly always NOT ABSOLUTE or EXTREME - if it were always ABSOLUTE or EXTREME there would only just be Killing, Self-Sacrifice and Death, and as we Know with absolute (extreme) certainty, this is not the Case in Society. In other words, being "Pro-" or "Anti-" is usually a question of Degree, and that applies just as much to relations of relative Friendship as well as relative Enmity... every case must be examined concretely, specifically in order to ascertain "where the (temporary) balance lies"... I can ally myself with someone, but also hate and or (secretly) seek to undermine him... or genuinely like or love him (but have to, for whatever reason(s), act against him)... or coldly understand my interests as... and therefore... etc., etc., etc.,...]

[The question, therefore, is not whether someone is "Anti-" this or "Pro-" that, because anyone who takes a position, i.e. is not totally indifferent or "brain dead", takes an "Anti-" or "Pro-" position. The question, therefore, is To What Extent someone is "Anti-" this or "Pro-" that. Sexism, Racism, etc., etc., etc., are ABSOLUTELY NATURAL SOCIAL-POLITICAL PHENOMENA given that Sexes, Races, Religions, Ethne, Human Collective (Groups), ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE, in one form or another, Objectively, Actually, Really, Truly,... EXIST (for every Identity there is an anti-Identity, etc.). What "the Argument" is ABOUT is To What Extent WHO (i.e. which Elites (and Groups)) will Control (i.e. Exercise (some kind of) Power,... Influence, Dominance, Hegemony,... (and Binding Interpretation)) over WHOM (i.e. which (groups of) People)... The Extent, though, to which historically relatively White Western Ethne, after hundreds of years of gradual and then rapid massification, atomisation, urbinisation, secularisation, commercialisation, commodification, feminism, homosexualism (feminisation), "civil and individual rights", Other-Worship, Self-Denialism, Self-Hate, Ancestor-Lethe, Ancestor-Rejection, etc., etc., etc.,... have Abandoned Collective Consciousnesses, especially in recent decades, is ABSOLUTELY WORLD-HISTORICALLY ASTONISHING... and a Scientific Observer, e.g. a Chinese or Japanese or Korean,... one or two hundred years from now (when possibly there won't be any relatively white Western Ethne left), will probably, with Mixed Emotions, have to Explain how the Civilisation, Grosso Modo, which gave Homer, Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Thucydides, Horace, The Parthenon, Hagia Sophia, St. Peter's, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Goethe, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Verdi, John Ford, Jean Renoir,... (Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy,)... et al., et al., et al.,... committed HariKiri...] 

Prior to Western Mass Democracy, (Western) European Liberalism had within its Overall Dominant Ideology (very) CRUDE FORMS of Sexism, Racism, Homosexual Resistance (and Disgust), Mohammedan Repulsion, and Semite Restriction. Both Overall Main Ideologies of Western European Liberalism and (Western) Mass Democracy contain Truths and Nonsense. Ditto: Other Social Formations and Main Dominant Ideologies...

Objectively Seen, i.e. as non-ideological, non-normative Observation, Nothing is Essentially a normatively understood (value-biassed) Question of Sexism or Racism (Discrimination) or Supremacism, BECAUSE all societies, i.e. all human culture operates per definitionem on the basis of forms of Discrimination and Hierarchy (Classification and Prioritisation) - as well as with (various degrees of) egalitarian elements at some level(s) - (Society, Culture, Identity, Power, Rationality, Understanding, the Friend-Foe relation, The Political as the Interaction of all Interactions, Humans being Culture and Nature and never one without the other). Sexism, Racism (or Discrimination) and Supremacism are going to occur in any society as real phenomena because there will always, for as long as there are Humans, exist: sexes, races (sub-races, peoples, ethne, tribes, religions, cults, sects, lifestyle choice groups, etc.), hierarchies, in one shape, form or mould,... or another... Sexism is going to happen, anyway... Racism (at the very least as Discrimination related to some Group other than the two Sexes, i.e. as Discrimination) is going to happen, anyway... Supremacism is going to happen, anyway... If someone wants to conceptually separate Racism from Discrimination, with the latter as encompassing Social (Group) Facts without reference to Race, that’s obviously perfectly Valid (e.g. the logically valid point often made that there can’t be Racism against Muslims because Islam is not a Race, etc.), and also epistemologically Valid is using the concept of Discrimination to cover Sexism, Racism and all other forms of Discrimination,... but for the sake of Emphasis and Convenience I’m defining Race from its narrowest possible interpretation to its broadest possible interpretation, and keeping Sex as a separate category (something like not arguing with the notion –  because it’s too exhausting and most people are THICK (i.e. they don’t know History and can’t think absolutely logically consistently because they are thinking polemically, ideologically in terms of their desired Telos or Utopia) –, that Governments of Western Mass Democracy are as polities “democracies”, because one CANNOT BE BOTHERED explaining that social-scientifically not only is e.g. a) “liberal democracy” a figment of very active Polemical Imaginations, but also that b) Parliamentarianism with (some kind of) Rule of Law and Separation of Powers and Mass Political Parties, Mass Media, Powerful Sectarian-Interest Lobbies, etc., etc., etc., cannot, and is never going to be, a democracy strictly defined in accordance with conceptual and real as to content distinguishing features (differentiae specificae), with the Demos Ruling). Furthermore, even if all humans belong just to One Race, the Human Race, that just means Humans are Animals like other Animals, and not Humans as Animals with Human Cultural (related to Nature) Characteristics such as Language, Sexual and Racial (and or other Group) Differentiation and Identities, which are Objective Facts, i.e. Reality as Realities). What Really Matters, from a Social-Scientific Point of View Is: Towards Whom and to What Degree is there What Kind of Sexism, Racism, Discrimination, Supremacism? For Whose Benefit? Or: What is the "best" possible "mix" of Sexism, Racism, Discrimination and Supremacy for a society in order to achieve the highest possible levels of Social Cohesion and Social Order (and via what methods of Social Disciplining)? What People, locked as they are and as is natural for Humans, in Ideology (e.g. of Equality in our Day and Age; at other Times, of God-given or Nature-given Hierarchy, interpreted in a particular way to suit certain real and tangible of this World Interests), DO NOT and DO NOT WANT to understand is that the Struggle in relation to Social Cohesion and Social Order NEVER ENDS, even when “certain Gains” seem to have been made, achieved, “secured”,...

Cultural critique (criticism) (the critique of culture), whether it has a Judeo and/or Helleno-Roman and/or Christian origin, a community-society or commodification(objectification, alienation, estrangement, exploitation)-emancipation(liberation, self-realisation) or nature-technology axis, etc., etc., etc., and regardless of whether it deals with the Other and or personhood (personage, personality), and or "true" mutual, reciprocal "humane" rather than "instrumental" relations, etc., etc., etc., and irrespective of whether in either "right-wing" or "left-wing", etc. guise, is all about, ultimately, normativism and Utopianism (as (a kind of) metaphysics). The mass media (along with the vast (?) majority of academic writings in the humanities, philosophy and "social sciences") are also, very often, all about normativism, emotionalism as well as ((very) often) being (a form of) entertainment and not infrequently aimed at some sort of Utopia(nism), as was the case from the Pulpit or via "bread and circuses" when there were no mass media in the present-day sense. On the other hand, one can always expect to be surprised, because amongst the tonnes of Garbage, Truths are told. One may or may not like a particular society or social formation, but if one is in it and not enjoying it, Stiff! Learn to swim, or sink   

As a young man, I was - apart from Obviously Immature -, Silly, Emotional, Ridiculously Gullible and Impressionable, Sexually OverCharged, Conceited, Stupid,... Yet I have had in Life the Experience, more than once, of being Very Close to Exceptionally Good people in the sense of Innocence and or Selflessly Giving, who have had the most Terrible Fortune, have Suffered the most Traumatic Personal Suffering and PAIN (Physical, Mental, Spiritual,...), who have made the most Tremendous of SuperHuman Efforts for a Return of Illness and Excruciating Torturous Slow Death,... all of which cannot be described in millions and millions and millions of Words... Is it Better to be Wiser? To Know? Not necessarily... Ignorance (and or Insensitivity) can Indeed be Bliss... It Depends... on the Situation... Would things have been Better if...? = Pointless because That has gone and One will NEVER know; only Suspect... [Brahms, Intermezzo No. 2 in A major, Op. 118 (Glenn Gould)]... Keep Busy (Time Passes Quicker), or Go Insane... [Honest to God, my Grandparents (at least three of them) and Great Grandparents (at least four of them) did not "deserve" Premature Death, Illness, War, Abject Poverty, Hunger,... (like millions and millions and millions of other relatively White Europeans in the 19th and 20th centuries)... and You want me to SPIT, URINATE and DEFECATE on my Genetic and Cultural Inheritance, in the Name of Others' Identities and Power Claims Cloaked in Invocations of "Humanity"?... NOT HAPPENING...]

Let's make THIS absolutely CLEAR: I have a great deal of Respect and or Love for many Women, Blacks (Negroes), Homosexuals, even some Mohammedans (Muslims) (the matter is Very Difficult for me because My Historical "Existential Bonds" have been Ripped to a Great Extent Apart because of Mohammedanism (Islamism) combined with Ottomanism-Turkism, including mass Genocide, mass Janissarism, mass (Rape, "Prostitutionisation" and) Enslavement, mass Torturing and Maiming, mass OverTaxing and Pauperisation, and all sorts of other abominable Humiliations at the hands of Barbarian Animals, etc., etc., etc.,...), and of course for many Jews (Hebrews) (and Judaism, which is a part of Greek (Hellenic) Orthodoxy, even though Jews often delight at and rejoice in Hellenic and other Gentile failure, and fear and loathe Hellenic and other Gentile success and Power (and vice versa, of course)), I've known personally and through the Study of History. ALL THAT, WILL NOT stop me from Making Observations as an Observer of Human Affairs, nor DOES IT MEAN that as a Person not Engaged in Science I WON'T SUPPORT MY TRIBE, even if it is (almost) DEAD!!! [Western Mass Democracy will continue along a Similar Basic Path until Things Happen which will Shake its Foundations. Those Things, whether they arise from Technological, Demographic, (Geo)Political, Cultural, Economic,... Change(s), or a Combination of Some or All of the aforesaid, or, Something (Some Combination of Factors) Completely Different, I and NO-ONE can possibly Know. BUT I DO KNOW that Western Mass Democracy and U.S.A. Global PreDominance, and any associated particular Tribal Success and Disproportionate Influence and or Control, WILL NOT LAST FOREVER... (there are no One Thousand-Year-Long Reichs for Anyone,... at least no Two Thousand-Year-Long Reiche...)...] [Eureka! In the twentieth century, My Tribe migrated en masse (say 2-3 million) to the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Germany, the U.K., France, etc., and, My Tribe had a Nation-State with a population of about five million before That Tribe's State even existed. My Tribe produced the Richest man in the World for a number of years, and a Vice-President of the U.S.A.. My Tribe in the Countries it migrated to had thousands of (sub-)Tribal community organisations, incl. e.g. A.H.E.P.A., ethnic community schools,... and at least (quite) a few Tribal Members in Politics, (Big) Business, Government, Academia, Mass Media, Law, Medicine,... and as "Big Capital/Big Fish" Ship Owners, (almost) Billionaires, etc., etc., etc.. Why is it by the end of the 20th century, My Tribe, with the U.S.A.'s approval, Lost Northern Cyprus, Imbros, Tenedos, Constantinople (e.g. pogroms of 1955), (Northern Epirus),..., apart from the loss of Asia Minor before the U.S.A. was indisputably the World's Number One Power, and saw a Blind Eye being turned by the U.S.A. to Turkey violating my Tribe's air, (land and) sea Space on a daily basis for Decades, whereas That Tribe has steady many Billion-Dollar Annual Support from the U.S.A.'s Taxpayer for That Tribe's State and That Tribe's State Expansion, including winning Wars against Arab Tribes, and the Waging of Wars in the Middle East which accord with That Tribe's long-term Foreign Policy Strategy and Objectives and Aims? Why is it that That Tribe's members are far, far, far,... (ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON)... more prominent in the Legal and Medical Professions, Academia, Politics, Banking-Finance, Very Big Business/Trade (Importing/Exporting) particularly in the Era of Globalisation from the 1970s and especially from the 1990s, i.e. even if there are eight times as many of That Tribe's people in the U.S.A. than My Tribe's people, their Lobby Groups/Big Money Political Party, N.G.O. etc. "Donors" and People are much, much, much,... (ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON)... more prominent in all Elite Circles (starting with Billionaires,... but also including Academics, Publishers, Bankers, Financiers, Big Businessmen, Hollywood, Mass Media, News Networks, Professional Mass Sports(-Ball) Clubs, etc., etc., etc.)? (In the second half of the twentieth century, That Tribe did not have a sizeable population in Germany, and yet My Tribe, who were comparatively Many, Did next to Nothing (as unskilled (peasant) workers), whereas prior to the National Socialists coming to Power, That Tribe had a disproportionate Elite Influence in Germany in Banking, Mass Media, Big Business, etc., etc., etc.... In Australia e.g. for many decades My Tribe in numbers was Far Greater than That Tribe, but THERE IS NO COMPARISON in the Prominence of That Tribe as opposed to My Tribe in Elite Australian Circles). It does not seem to me that Superior Average or Mean Intelligence and Hard Work can explain Everything, or even a large part of things. A Large Part of it all Must be Networking En Masse Within the Elites. The Conclusions to be Drawn are that That Tribe in the Twentieth Century is Far Superior compared to My Tribe (at least as Organised Elites) - Good Luck to Them, I Always Acknowledge Superiority, whether I Like it (I am Jealous) or Not,... and I've explained elsewhere here that My Tribe was relatively Strong and relatively in Control up to 1204 A.D. roughly, when That Tribe was not comparatively So Strong. These are the LONG Ebbs and Flows of History. My Tribe might be Down and Out, this time Forever, But Other Tribes have no Permanent Hypostatised Claim on relatively and grossly disproportionately Greater Levels of Elite Influence, Control and Elite Power... (I repeat: very long-term macro-historical causality is another matter, dealt with elsewhere... massification and atomisation and Western mass democracies (and relative lack of Tribal Consciousness in Host Populations), in which Tribal Organisation can flourish, won't last forever either... One's Own Tribal Elites (and One's own Tribe overall incl. The People (Volk) within it) are Always Primarily to Blame for the State of One's Tribe... ScapeGoating is for Cowards,... and Cretins... "NetWorking" (within Elites) is something many disparate Groups do; it's just that one Group seems to be, i.e. as a matter of Fact, is, consistently Better at such NetWorking (and Lobbying), in certain Countries and over a number of Decades, than other Groups...)... [This article in Greek, from a much loved modern Greek theologian, philosopher/moralist, thinker,... (Christos Giannaras = Χρῆστος Γιανναρᾶς)... who gets much wrong (mostly owing to the confusion of Is and Ought, a Heideggerian-and/or-Patristic-inspired empirically unsustainable cultural critique re: a relational Ontology of the Person etc., etc., etc., and a tendency to get facts and the interpretation of history (totally) wrong, e.g. implying that the Ottoman Empire only had a "tolerant" side to it, and not that it engaged in (at least over the long run) (in)direct forms of Genocide against Hellenism and Christianity in general (Καθημερινή, 10/6/2007), or becoming enthusiastic about Tsipras around the time of becoming Prime Minister in 2015, etc.), but gets much right too, and writes brilliant modern Greek prose,... pretty much sums up where My Tribe is at, from a macro-historical point of view: http://www.kathimerini.gr/943170/opinion/epikairothta/politikh/o-e3ovelismos-ths-istorias-apo-thn-politikh?temp-new-window-replacement=true]. This article seems to be rather well balanced and makes a number of pertinent points (even though I am not in a position to absolutely confirm or deny whether Kevin MacDonald's analyses are "brilliant" - he does seem to me to grossly overdo the historical causality side of things, without having an adequate or any real understanding of history and sociology, or even theory (e.g. "Cultural Marxism" as a term, or concept, is probably very silly or even stupid - what we are really talking about is (infantile, grossly naive) mass-democratic ideology dressed up as "cultural critique" largely or totally absent Marxism), whilst making some correct points along the way...)... the article: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2018/02/08/whats-good-for-the-jews-stephen-miller/?temp-new-window-replacement=true. "It's not what you know, but who you know" probably applies to all ethnic and or religious and or racial etc., and other, groups (and or individuals), but obviously in some countries some, or one, ((very) small) minority group(s) "do(es) it" ((much)(, much), much,...) better than other groups...] [Don't forget this: both the Soviet Union had a need for Rapid Industrialisation, including the Rapid Production of a great quantity of heavy and light and all sorts of Military Equipment, in order to Win the Second World War [= Russian Nationalism/ Imperialism defeated German Nationalism/Imperialism], and, the U.S.A. and the West, since the 1950s until today have provided masses and masses and masses of People with material Standards of Living hitherto unknown in World Human History; in both instances, there undoubtedly exists the (gross) OverRepresentation of certain Tribesmen (and Tribeswomen) of a certain (loose but relatively distinct) Tribe (or to put it in the perhaps funny or even hilarious, but nonetheless scientifically (most) inaccurate way, of the phenomenon of "ZOG" (cum its "POZ", howsoever defined)) amongst a whole series of Elites (mentioned elsewhere on this page). It truly is very interesting that the Facts are Thus. Perhaps a certain Political Movement does not understand that it might (as a very, very, very long shot), but definitely not definitely, only possibly Ever "get an opportunity" only in Circumstances of Deep, Prolonged Crisis (which its "MetaPolitics" might help bring about or at least will play a Role when it Counts... in opposition to the (relatively violent and extreme) Goings On of the other Side(s)), and even if it got to, and got to Hold, Power, it would have to, probably or certainly, have to preside over a BloodBath or Many BloodBaths. Hitler might have been a Leader with Much Blood on his Hands just like many other Leaders throughout History, regardless of the Volume of Blood, and who all acted within particular, specific (obviously different) circumstances and correlations of forces, from Caesar and Caligula to Attila and Genghis Khan to Napoleon and Churchill to Stalin and Mao, et al., et al., et al., but just because History is not properly and fairly taught (when was History ever "properly and fairly taught"?), it doesn't mean that the New Regime won't Repeat Similar Kinds, Grosso Modo, of Violence, Terror, and Oppression in the Attempt to Stabilise the New Order... what we are Ultimately Talking About is not whether there shall Ultimately be some kind of Violence, Terror and Oppression, howsoever defined, but Who Shall be Wielding the Paramount Power against Whom. And in that light, it is Perfectly Human and "Natural" for many People to Want to Support their Tribe Against another Tribe or other Tribes, howsoever defined.] [More Tellingly: Because not only Don't I Like Those Faces amongst the Elite, but because they Disgust Me, and Make me Sick (along with (many or most) of the cultural (spiritual/ideational/ideological/visible/audible/edible/tangible/...) products they Project and Promote), Aesthetically Seen and Judged in a Totally Value/Culture-Biassed Manner, They Need to Be Removed, so that I can Have Faces of My Tribe, howsoever defined (along with our cultural products), Ruling in and as the Elite (and spread amongst the Populace of our choosing), Doing what all Elites Do (regardless of the respective overall mean Countenance and Demeanour) in terms of deciding Who Rules What, Where, How,... and What and When Violence, Force, Coercion,... is used against Whom,... etc.,... (and of course, it Goes Without Saying that those who Disgust Me can and do feel Disgusted by Me, etc., etc., etc.,)...] [Now, Straight to the Point: Since ALL HUMANS share in Nature and Society, Rationality (Symbols, Language, Means-Ends, Self-Control (some degree (at least at certain times) of restraining impulsive ("instinctual") behaviour),... World Image(s), World View(s), Values, Beliefs, Norms, (normative) Ideology/Ideologies,...), Understanding, Identity (Recognition, Taste,...), Power ((Pre)Dominance, Authority, Influence, Hegemony, Control, Governance, Sovereignty,...), Self-Preservation until Death, (Inter)Action, the Spectrum (Friend-Foe (Polarity and Continuity, Normality and Exception,...)) and the Mechanism (Perspective(s), Self-Other, Subject-Object, Communication, Role(s), Action, Time,...) of the Social Relation, The Political as Interaction of all Interactions (Social Cohesion, Social Order, Social Disciplining,...), Culture,... (various degrees of and in) (elements of) Hierarchy or Equality, Discrimination ("Racism", e.g. being "anti-Racist" or "anti-Discriminatory" re: Women, Blacks, Homosexuals, Mohammedans, Jews,... (at least in certain contexts and from certain points of view)... whilst being (to a lesser or greater extent) Racist and Discriminatory against White (Christian or Secular) (Heterosexual) Males (and Females)... or vice versa, or otherwise, as the case may be,...), Elites, Masters-Slaves/Servants and or Oppressors-Oppressed and or... THEN, the Specific, Concrete (Cultural and Value) Content, including Texture, Look, Aesthetics, Dominant Beliefs and Modes and Manners and Ways of People... someone prefers, is Purely and ONLY (ultimately): A Matter of Taste (i.e. "Subjective").] [Crude Man, But not necessarily Dumb, in fact possibly very Wise: If a group, as loose as it is, is about 2% of the population, then they can supply 4% or 6% or 8% of my country's Billionaires, Academics, Mass Media and Mass Entertainment Owners, High (Supreme) Court Justices, Foreign Policy Advisors,... but not 11% or 20% or 30% or 40% or more!!! I don't like the LOOK of that, AT ALL! OR: Why would a Greek not want the Turks to rule him if all societies include Elites, Masters and Servants (Slaves), Rich and Poor, (In)Justice, etc.,... regardless of Race and or Religion and or Culture? Ultimately: BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE THE LOOK (sound, feel, taste, smell) OF THAT (nor the distribution of power)!!! Ditto: Mao Tse-Tung, Gandhi, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, E.O.K.A., Mandela, et al., et al., et al.,...] [To put it very bluntly or very crudely (and rudely): the vast majority of people, and all politicians with some kind of access to socially-politically meaningful power and influence could not and do not GIVE A SHIT about (grossly) disproportionate wealth and power being held and wielded by members of a particular Tribe in the U.S.A., Australia, France, the U.K., (Russia), etc.. In fact, the vast majority of the masses think that "equality" is about "people of Colour" starring in Hollywood movies, or women getting paid the same as men amongst media and corporate elites, or that homosexuals are entitled to marry because they are "just like everyone else", or that racism is only about swearing racial epithets in public, etc., etc., etc.. Has there ever been a society in which the masses were not what they always are? = Whites, long term, probably won't Survive, but (eventually), Boy Oh Boy!, are the Browns, Blacks and perhaps Yellows going to Lash Out and Strike those Noses off a lot of Tribal Faces...] 

Strictly scientifically seen, i.e. social-ontologically in terms of social cohesion and social order, the only "valid" reason to object to or approve of Western mass democracy e.g. either c. 1950, c. 1990 or c. 2020, or any other social formation for that matter, is aesthetic - and that's purely and absolutely a subjective-cultural reason of preference, discrimination, segregation, prejudice, i.e. taste. In fact, there is no "valid" reason (all that one can really do, strictly and only as a social scientist, apart from describing and explaining (aspects of) the society in question, is to point out the relative level of social cohesion and social order in a society compared to other societies). [In other words: 1) the multi-racial, relatively multi-cultural state and or country or empire; 2) the multi-racial, relatively mono-cultural state and or country or empire; and 3) the relatively racially homogeneous, whether relatively culturally homogeneous or not, state and or country or, perhaps less likely, (part-)empire,... are NOT and are NEVER PER SE guarantors of relatively high levels of social cohesion and social order AD INFINITUM - for nothing is... BUT can be Subjectively Liked or Disliked on the basis of Aesthetic-Cultural Preference. Western Mass Democracies will Continue until "I shop, therefore I am" does not apply anymore, and or, Geopolitical Reality alters things irreversibly, and or, Western Mass Democracies tear and rip themselves apart on e.g. some kind of tribal basis, and or, other things happen (e.g. technological, environmental, racial, cultural,... Change), which create new (or no - in the case of e.g. nuclear wipeout) social formations...] [Race and sub-Race (and the State of Nature) may not matter at all, or (relatively) very little, in the short to medium term, but over the very long run, Race and sub-Race (and the State of Nature) can be almost, or are, Everything, including the Way and Texture and Content of Culture,... they virtually are, if they Change Substantially, DESTINY... as Absence of Substantial Continuity... and the new Culture(s) of the new Racial Mixes will ensure that People THEN, couldn't care less about our Past's Values... for they will be Seeing Other Things and Worshipping Other DEITIES...] [We are now Losing Everything, it is all slipping away      into Oceans of Nothingness            and you're telling me I should care about Ephemeral Pleasures, Ephemeral Recognition? Are you NUTS? Are you REAL? (Answers: No and Yes)] [I might be "here", but I joined my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents many, many, many,... years ago...]

The Three Wise Monkeys of the Heidelberg School (Conze, Koselleck, Kondylis) (plus a fourth very wise Monkey: Raymond Aron - not to mention the Star Substitutes playing off the Bench and nearly always scoring GOALS: Ernst Kantorowicz and Karl Löwith), Absolutely Destroyed, on the Field of Scientific Knowledge, the Twelve or More Rodents (Rats) of the Frankfurt School (along with their fellow Tribal Warrior "opponents", from Buber, v. Mises, Popper and Blau to Coser, L. Strauss, I. Berlin and Lipset et al.) - even though the Rats Ran the Field of Ideological Bullshit. The latter Cared much more about Life in This World; the Former simply Did not Care (that much). 

I cannot but express my unending admiration for Marcus Aurelius, who wrote in Greek.

If you Support and Love Wonderful and Beautiful Multi-Racial Multi-Culturalism with all its 

Restaurant, Shopping Centre and Crowd Colour and Diversity (and (smelly) Smells), and as a

consequenceContend the Relativity of Values, why is it that You Get So Upset, You Become 

So Angry, when someone Expresses Values different to Yours, Animal?  

Hypocrisy can be seen, and not with justification, as a sign of "lack of character (do as I say, and not as I do)", but it also could be an acknowledgement by the hypocrite of the Reality that just because there will always be transgressors, including myself, it doesn't mean that society should not strive for (sending a message of) a social disciplining which promotes social cohesion, order, health... howsoever defined... at loggerheads with the transgressions (which we know that if they become widespread can only lead, at least over the long run, to disastrous results = private vices, public catastrophe)... impulses will not be ever fully controlled all the time in all people, but the greater the levels of general and overall control, the better and more cohesively the whole will perform over a greater period of time...

At first glance, it might seem that based on criteria of longevity, levels of (criminal) violence, consumption, health, "Reason", "Progress", "Science", "Humanism", etc. that "the Enlightenment" made the world of 2018 a "far better place" than the world of 1718. But apart from the fact that the Enlightenment as such, philosophically in terms of absolute logical consistency, ended up at the materialistic nihilism of a de Sade or La Mettrie, and that the concepts of "Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress" as understood by most Enlightenment Philosophers had a clear oligarchic-liberal, national-patriotic and or nationalistic-imperialistic-rac(ial)ist(ic), basis, and very little to do, if anything at all, with the mass-democratic values (widespread social mobility, interchangeability, the combination of everything with everything, hedonistic consumerism, anti-White racism, anti-male sexism, extreme Christophobia, grossly disproportionate Jewish over-representation and power, state and (tribally controlled) Mass Media-imposed Homophilia/mania and Islamophilia/mania,... etc., etc., etc.,... based on massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation,... etc., etc., etc.) of 20th and 21st century America (and the rest of the West), for instance,... the changes at all levels of society, culture, economy, technology, etc. are the outcome of a great number of many different, disparate, varying and variable forces, factors and causes, and the ongoing operation of the Heterogony of Ends, as well as the domestic and Imperialist Super-Exploitation of peasants, proletarians, coolies, slaves, occupied ethne/nations,... etc., globally, those criteria are today's criteria, and by no means whatsoever can someone objectively claim that a person living in 2018 in the U.S.A. is necessarily and or always happier than someone living in 1718 in (Western) Europe or in the much hated for "Enlighteners" medieval Christian Europe of 818, let alone the Greco-Roman Christian world. It is quite possible, but of course not necessary, that many people c. 1018 or c. 1718, etc., with a personal higher threshold for physical labour and violence and pain, but with a far more "other-worldly" spirituality which placed far less importance on the material world than today, and with a much stronger sense of "community" rather than "society", were actually far more content with their presence on this earth than people reading (or ignoring) books of those Pontificating about how Great it is to be alive today (particularly when one's Tribe today in particular countries is doing much better and exercising much, much more Power in all of Power’s various forms and guises, comparatively speaking, mutatis mutandis, than 300 or 1000 years ago). Read and study e.g. Chaucer, or even watch Pasolini's film which inevitably follows its own path away from Chaucer (a society which promotes and celebrates homosexuality (and militant forms of Feminism) may not be "hypocritical" like a society which condemns homosexuality (and, comparatively speaking, Confines Women) - which (homosexuality and women's Power) usually have to take place "underground" or "behind closed doors" - but in terms of Collective Continuity and Collective Cultural-Ethnological-Racial MetaDevelopment, the society in favour of homosexuality's (and militant Feminism's) future is almost certainly ZERO, i.e. the England of c. 1200 had quite a bit both culturally and ethnologically and racially to do with England c. 1900 or even c. 1950(-1990), but with England c. 2050 or 2100? Probably next to NOTHING, or very, very little...), but still retains what is essential (ditto, more or less: Boccaccio and Pasolini’s corresponding film): humans in society of varying attributes, inclinations, strengths, wills, abilities,... laws, rules, beliefs, hypocrisy, contradictory behaviour, contradictory thoughts, oppression, abuse of power, lust, hunting, prey, extortion, blackmail, cheating, bribery, joy, music, dance, song, communal festivities and ecstasy, grief, boredom, depression, pleasure, pain, stealing, gullibility, interests, master/servant, sex, cuckoldry, give and take, violence, revenge, farting, woman as devil (but not without her reasons), greed, domination, meaning, power, identity,... it is not at all clear that a society with Christ, God and "superstition" at its epicentre (as if today's Western mass democracies don't function with a whole host of myths, ideological inanities and demonstrable falsehoods presented as "truths" regarding "equality" behind and under and to the side of which certain groups and elites exercise grossly disproportionate power relative to the notion of "equality" as "all humans are equal"!!!), relatively underdeveloped markets and banking/finance, and with certain Tribesmen marginalised or simply non-existent for the vast majority of people, is necessarily anything other than what it is... the "better or worse" value judgement might make someone feel better about themselves or a particular state of affairs (e.g. in which his group, broadly defined, "just happens" to permeate or even dominate, at least disproportionately, all elite positions of forms of exercising Power), but a scientifically useful way of viewing the world - IT CERTAINLY IS NOT!!! (and leaving aside of course whether someone prefers the architecture, (aristocratic or upper class) clothing, and general aesthetic of c. 1100-1400 A.D. England to today's "House of Satan" flat-roof and box[(inverted)rectangular/square]-building "monstrosities" = purely a matter of Taste) [The way I see things, Pasolini's message is clear (whether it's Chaucer's or Boccaccio's, it probably is, but that's a separate issue): the world of the senses must be, in one form or another, Satan's realm, and society can only be (different levels of) Order with some kind of ideologisation and intellectual(-spiritual) (and or physical) restraint on the world of the senses in which of itself there is no meaning - what ideological and other Restraints one likes or prefers on the world of the senses is... purely... ultimately... a matter of (inherited and or chosen) Taste...] [Regurgitating topics, themes and matters which have been "done to death" might seem like "original and constructive or even "enlightening" thinking" to some (e.g. a certain "Liberal" Tribesman by the name of S.P.), particularly when (entirely) wrong-as-to-fact interpretations of both intellectual and social-political history are proffered, as well as totally avoiding one's own blatant hypocrisy and double standard of supporting absolutely one's (at least sentimentally) own Tribe's nation-state and grossly disproportionate accumulation of various forms of Power by Tribal members in other nation-states,... but to those who have even a cursory knowledge of the history of ideas and of social and political history, all one can do is Laugh... like the Laughing Buddha... not quite yet in the Highest Heaven...] [J or P: - You are an Anti-Semite, Sir! H or G.O.: - And you are a PhiloSemite, Pro-Zionist, Anti-Hellene, Animal! FUCK YOU! (Not to mention that Whites in just a few decades have gone from about 90%+ of the total population in a given territory to a Path of becoming a minority in that territory, whilst Group J has e.g. 1 or 2% of the overall population but often greater than 10% and sometimes greater than 30% to 50% of positions of relative Power, and you are trying to tell me about "Racism" YOU FUCKING ANIMAL, FUCK YOU!!!) = I don't think such "conversations" are going to go anywhere... though the "Respondent" is Rude, and easily Triggered... whilst the "Guy or Dude with the Trigger" knows he is on Top and in Control (at least in this historical juncture)... and all the "Respondent" can do, is be Free of the J or P to the extent he can... Death equalises everyone, "anyways"... And strictly speaking, a true scientist neither protects those in power or with relative power, nor seeks their downfall. Strictly speaking, a true scientific observer of human affairs describes and explains. That's all.] [Personally, and regardless of any aesthetic likes or dislikes, I have had and would have no problem whatsoever working with a woman, a "person of colour", a homosexual, a Turk or Muslim, or a Jew et al. if that person cut all the ideological bullshit, acknowledged the love/hate, and hate/love, and friend/foe, and foe/friend, binaries; the relativity of Values, of Power and the objectivity of (all relevant) Facts and Causality (to the extent the latter two are known or knowable), and that every side is entitled to their Identity, Position, Preference and Prejudice, and that there is a Common Goal that we share - notwithstanding all our differences upon which we can amicably agree to disagree - towards which we can work... Under such circumstances, I have (had) no, and would never have any, problem with anyone whatsoever... of course, when such circumstances do not exist, either avoidance (preferable), or conflict (not wanted), or physical violence ("war"), to be avoided at all costs if possible, will ensue...] [Let's never forget that Polybius's notion of a cycle of polities (Monarchy-Aristocracy-Democracy[= for (white) male subjects or citizens of property who are e.g. head of an Oikos and do not work for a living like a peasant, labourer, et al.]), by the 17th century and certainly from c. 1789 made way for Progress, which meant that Restoration could never be in the same Cycle again as Revolution, the former now being Reaction in the negative sense for Progressives or those of the Left... and the Industrial and French Revolution Changes to Western societies have not stopped occurring at macro-historically blistering Speed ever since, which probably means no kind of identifiable Western society within a few more decades or century or two, as increasing Authoritarianism and or Anomie and or Ethnological Change will take their toll on the "democratic-political-social" aspects of Western mass democracy...]   

If there is a Relation betwixt Us, and Your Power increases relative to

Me, My Power decreases relative to Thee... [The Good or Bad (Evil) of That (which

 is Objective), is Purely Subjective, as is every Ideologically-Laden or Charged World View, World Theory

or Way of Looking at the World]

For good or ill, along the Path [Socrates and Plato Knew FULL WELL that it was better not to even think about Going THERE], along the Path of the Buddha, the Sophists, Aristippus and the Cyrenaics, the Lieh-tzu, Machiavelli, Montaigne, Hobbes, Spinoza, La Mettrie, David Hume, Helvétius, de Sade, and Nietzsche, and relatively few others, in many disparate ways, others went further, others less so, and others still, ran backwards once they had realised they had gone too far, with perhaps La Mettrie going the furthest and staying there. Along that Path, at the End, there is a Place of Nihil. Only from that place can one step out of the Puppet Theatre that is Life, and see Behind the Players. That's when History, the Historians and the Studiers of History and or other Observers of Human Affairs, with all their many strengths and weaknesses (whether (next to) zero, few or many), from Herodotus and Thucydides and Aristotle, to La Rochefoucauld and Montesquieu and Adam Ferguson and Clausewitz and Tocqueville, to Marx and Pareto and Simmel and Durkheim and Weber and Mannheim and Aron and Conze and Kondylis, come in).

The scientific validity of someone's written work is not tested by trying to find out or examining their individual, personal characteristics and preferences and prejudices, but against empirical reality and logical consistency...

All I can Do, is seek the Truth, non-normatively, empirically, logically, descriptively, explanatorily and accurately, to the best of my limited abilities. Others, Other Forces, Other Factors, Relations between Actors (individual, collective) other than Me, will Shape, Mould, Form, Change Reality way beyond Me, which One Day, not TOO FAR away, won't include Me. Until then, I know Who I am, What I Hate and What I Love. 

Here's the News, NOT the "Good" or "Bad" News, Just THE NEWS: YOU are not going to get your UTOPIA. No-one, No Side will Get their Utopia. Those with Relatively High Levels of Power Today, sometime Yesterday had relatively High Levels of Power not, and sometime Tomorrow will have NO Power AT ALL. Human Affairs, which Move, at times, Slower, at other times Faster, DO NOT STAND STILL. 

A polity of a mass society based on an electable common law or constitutional prime-ministerial and or presidential parliamentary or congressional government with some kind of separation of powers and rule of law and individual rights - (and not being based on the demos actively governing through the compulsory participation of citizens by means of the drawing of lots and elections on a daily or fairly regular basis incl. recallability of public officials, the arming of citizens ("the polites (πολίτης) is a hoplites (ὁπλίτης)"), whilst being more than capable of both, but not always necessarily, slavery and imperialism,... which to varying degrees appeared in the pre-Industrial Revolution (relatively racially, ethnologically, culturally-religiously homogeneous) Hellenic world)-, which held referenda on major issues, e.g. immigration, would qua polity still have nothing to do with democracy, but would nevertheless have given more relative power to citizens to e.g. decide upon the ethnological (racial, cultural,...) make-up of the citizenry, and less to elected and unelected elites and interest (lobby) groups and Big Money Political Party, N.G.O. etc. "Donors", including a certain group which has come to exercise grossly disproportionate forms of power and influence in certain countries, tightly connected with U.S.A. imperialism and a global financial system in which it has centuries of experience, and was ideally placed to make best use of capitalism and advancing globalisation, particularly from the 19th century (e.g. the R????????d Family, which notwithstanding all the "anti-semitic prejudice and anti-semitic canards" (why wouldn't a non-Semite be anti-semitic, when a pro-Semite is anti-gentile, if such is the case, and not infrequently is the case?), has in its possession grossly disproportionate power and or influence over world affairs in relation to the proportion of the world's population its group represents) - and of course such disproportionality exists in regard to many other groups as well, since power accumulation, concentration and crystallisation is definitely not, and will never be even remotely "democratic" - the best humans have come up with, at least in the Western world grosso modo is democracy as it has (partially) existed in the Hellenic world up until the 19th century. And by the way, no-one here is saying that there is a realistic, practicable and viable alternative to the general state of affairs of recent decades - geopolitics, inter alia, will probably sort that out over time... [All societies have their "pros and cons" - humans can prosper and or suffer in all sorts circumstances, within all sorts of axiological contexts, whether in societies with greater emphasis on the group (with perhaps less individual differentiation e.g. China or "primitive peoples", as the case may be), a more or less balance between group and individual (e.g. from Homeric Greece to Christian Orthodox Hellenism ("Byzantium")), or with greater emphasis on the individual and its "rights" rather than the group (e.g. post-WW2 U.S.A.). Whatever the case, both the group, which ALWAYS ULTIMATELY COMES FIRST, and the individual, are IN EXISTENCE and ACTIVE]. 

So You Do Not Care about the Extent of the Hubris, You Do Not Care about the Golden Mean, but only About Extending, Expanding your own Power and the Excuses You Make for It and Yourselves. OK then. Let's See What Happens...

All societies have some form of "power, privilege and oppression". When someone rails against a particular "system of power, privilege and oppression", what they are essentially saying is that they want to change the elites of that society, usually so that they too can be part of the new elite, and so that they can be one of those exercising "power, privilege and oppression" against (an)other group(s) of people, even though they frame their Rhetoric and Propaganda in terms of "Equality" and "Justice" and "Anti-Racism" and "Human Rights" or whatever else comes into their "brilliant" Minds (of Total Power Lust (to the point of Degenerative Mental Illness)).

It's very easy to make the Mistake of Imagining Society Without the Rat and the Ape, of Viewing the Pre-Industrial Revolution World as In Tune with Nature and the Organically Pure. But we Know from History if we Dare Look, that every Society Has at least Something "Going for It" and A Lot that's Negative or simply Rot (e.g. one society: a relatively greater lack of privacy amongst a few hundred people, but with a strong collective(-individual) identity and cohesion; another society: a relatively greater degree of loneliness and isolation whilst surrounded by millions of people, but with relatively many individual rights and "choices" whilst having inadequate collective identification and recognition,... etc., etc., etc.,...). Living Longer, Being Exposed to Less (physical) Violence, Travelling and Consuming Much More, may or may not Make People Happier or... Sadder - there is no set, concrete Formula or Law. Apart from Death, the Only Other Thing Certain is Change, whether it happens Quickly or much more Slowly. Once We and (then) the Rat Are Gone though, the Ape will Remain, until Time Finishes It Too. [The Sun has more or less Set in the West, but is Still Shining in the East... For Now...]

Darwin and Nietzsche Walking on Man's and History's Very Hot Coals

If a Tribe has a Strong Will to Power in the Heat of The Survival of the Fittest and is able to Dominate a Herd (of Herds) who Care Not about their own Continuity - at least not as a Tribe or as Tribes, or even not as a Herd or Herds -, then the Dominant Tribe Deserves (Because it Has) its Relative Power, which will last for a period of time, BUT which WILL MEET IT'S DESTINY. The Study of History Tells Us as much (no Tribe has EVER avoided, at one time or another, becoming a Rabble), and Scipio's tears put out the Fire under his Feet for just enough Time for him to Send us THE MESSAGE that Defeat WILL ARRIVE (both as the Heterogony of Ends... in perhaps many and varied Cycles of Ups and Downs... and Eventually) as... the Final End.

[From the point of view of Power (Nietzsche) - not Nice, but True: If "white privilege" is a total "load of Shit", then (grossly disproportionate, in an Age of "Equality") "Jewish (Hebrew, Semitic, Zio-) privilege" is a total "load of Shit", just as tomorrow "Chinese privilege", or "??? privilege", or "Ape privilege" will be total "LOADS of SHIT"]

Just because my Genus is (potentially) being "genocided out of existence", it does not mean that I am going to be happy about it or that I am going to applaud it. If you think that I am going to be happy about it, either a) you're on drugs, b) you're a Cretin, c) you seek, or are indifferent to, the (potential) Genocide of my Genus, or d) all or two of the above. Let's make a deal, since we live in an Age when everyone "is or should be equal"! Let's agree on the actual Genocide of all Genera, including Mine, But Especially Including YOURS!!!

There will always be a Power "Structure" or Power Hierarchy, with (varying degrees of) elements of Equality, But when there is a Fear, a Sense of, and or actual, Increasing "Injustice" and or Anomie, either those in Power will Crack Down Harder and or those who want to Come to Power will (try to) Rise. Real and or Perceived "Injustice", Anomie, and Distaste (cultural-aesthetic-emotional) for those who are (perceived to be) Ruling, Sharpen Conflict in the Political. How sharp is a question of time, place, circumstances, the Correlation of Forces. 

The Crystals, Crystallisations, of Power (Dominance, Influence, PreDominance, Authority, Hegemony, Governance, Control, Domination, PreEminence, Sovereignty,... the Social/the Political-Rationality/Understanding/Ideology-Culture/Identity/Taste(Disgust)/Recognition/ Fame/... with/out physical Violence (Force))... were or were not Yesterday, are or are not Today, will (not) be Tomorrow... as to specific, concrete Content...

Because all Social-Human Relations, Always Standing In, On and or Related to Nature (Biology), from Personal Relations to Individual-Group and Group-Group Relations, up to Inter-State (State-State,... and Corporation-State,...) Relations etc., are Relations of Power (Identity, Meaning, Understanding, Rationality,... Friend-Foe), in any one of its Many, Multiple, Miscellaneous, Multifarious,... Crystallising, Crystallised, Crystal,... Forms; all Relations are therefore Relations of relative Hegemony (Dominance, Control, Influence, etc.) and relative Freedom (Autonomy), and, relative (perceptions of) Interests, Values, Phantasms,... Hierarchisations, Networks, Correlations,... of Forces, of Power. The Ideationally-Ideologically and or Physically Strongest, as the Case may Be, always (apart from non-normative Strictly Scientific (empirically descriptive, logically consistent, explanatory knowledge), which is Ideational, not Ideological), Always has the Upper Hand... until another Lower or Right or Left or simply other Hands become the Hand as and with the Upper Hand, until... until... until... (with the Heterogony of Ends ALWAYS (long-term) LURKING... Taking and Having an Effect...)... The Fact that Society Precedes Humans means that there will always be Groups and Individuals, always Collectives and Individuals... the Balance, Textures, Kinds,... of Power, Identity, etc. might Vary, but always Groups and Individuals, Individuals and Groups,... Robinson Crusoe Carried with Him, AT ALL TIMES, a Culture and Identity referring to the Group Existence of Individuals, no matter how Alone, no matter how Crazy, no matter how Individual... 

To "The ??? ???k T????", "The G???????", "The ???" and all other Newspapers of "Unbiassed Reporting and Journalism" and "Fair and Impartial Opinion", largely staffed by Americans, Englishwomen and Englishmen (Britons), and Australians, with no other Cultural, Ethnic, Religious or Racial Attributes (of Significance) Whatsoever: If Israel, apart from accepting full nuclear and W.M.D. disarmament for the sake of "Peace" and aside from giving Palestinians full rights as Israeli citizens or from allowing Palestinians to have a fully sovereign state and also apart from repealing fully all anti-miscegenation(-like) or "unusual" marriage restriction laws, etc., accepts and keeps within six years, two million Muslim Immigrants and two million Black (non-Muslim) African Immigrants and two million Han Chinese Immigrants, as well as Fully Renouncing Israeli (Jewish-Hebrew-Semitic-Zionist) Supremacy and Supremacism in Israel and Anywhere Else in the World, and You, as "Learned Newspapers of Record" Support and Applaud such a Significant, Necessary and Enriching Measure of Diversification (Diversity) and Multi-Culturalism and Equality and tangible Anti-Racism, then I think that Morally, Ethically, Psychologically (I know that You are all very big on "psychology"), I'll have no Choice but to "Shut the Fuck Up". Thank you. (And since they are "Left-wing" or "Left-leaning/Progressive" "sincere" newspapers "in the fight against the Rich and Oppression", they can also launch a daily campaign of calling for the End of the GROSS OVER-REPRESENTATION of Tribal Members amongst the world's billionaires (i.e. roughly 1 in 7, when Tribesmen and Tribeswomen are 1 in 500 roughly of the world population) - and also call e.g. for the ReDistribution of that wealth to "People of Colour", particularly, but not only, in Africa). [If a collective consciousness and or relatively collective relatively racial and or cultural homogeneity weakens or falls dramatically, and a Group retains a comparatively high level of Group awareness and Group networking, at least amongst its elites, coupled with a much higher mean work ethic (esp. since the "Protestant ethic" has comparatively been declining), higher mean intelligence (if and where applicable), etc.,... in circumstances of massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation, the Religion of Progress,... then grossly disproportional over-representation (e.g. from France, Germany and even England before WW2 (with elite banking and other roots going back to the 18th century or even further back),... to America, France, England, South Africa and Australia post-WW2)... is going to be the outcome: IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!! [which all means that ("patriotic") advocates and ideologues of "individual rights and liberties", apart from the mistake of "not seeing" that Groups always exist, no matter how much "individual freedom" there is or isn't, are advocating and ideologising in favour of a Situation in which a particular Group ("Tribe") gets to keep and or increase its relative forms of GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE power... Well Done, Fellas!!!]]

The Problem: low relatively white indigenous (native) birth rates and an insufficient or no control over one's patria's borders, including because of mass psychology and life stances which do not secure (defend) the relatively cohesive reproduction and (at least partial) continuity of one's Group or Tribe, its culture and or racial (ethnological,...) make-up, howsoever defined; the grossly disproportionate (over-)representation of members of a particular Group or Tribe in the promotion of such mass psychology and life stances, notwithstanding that the said mass psychology and life stances came into being irrespective of the said Group or Tribe. 

The Solution: whatever it will be, a) it will never be Final, and b) it will almost certainly be Bloody. 

The Really Big Problem: African and Arabic and or Mohammedan Population Explosions ensure that, even if the nation-states of the world can find a more or less acceptable Equilibrium in Blocks, the Block concerning the once 90 or even 98+% relatively white (and Christian) nation-states of Western and Southern Europe after c. 2050, if there hasn't been a nuclear calamity, probably won't be in a position to Hold the Fort, especially since the Fort was never properly defended or (re-)constituted in the first place.

The Solution: there probably won't be any kind of solution, but at least THE TRIBE will eventually have no choice but to accept ITS FATE TOO = Tribal Warrior Tribesmen and Tribeswomen, Our Fate WILL BE Your FATE. YOUR DESTINY AWAITS YOU!!!

Nearly all commentators on the "ills" of Western mass democracies overlook that the sociological-historical centuries-long process of massification and atomisation means, inter alia: where people have a much less stronger collective, group or tribal sense e.g. of extended family, village, island or region, ethnos, nation, patria, civilisation,... they will ipso facto be susceptible to the ideology that "we are all just individuals, equal and or basically the same". That is why great injustices as to fact and causation are committed by conspiratorialists against a particular ethnic-religious(-racial) group, which by the way, as individuals and as a (loose or not so loose) group shares in all the social-ontological and anthropological features, characteristics and attributes common to all humans, but which also can and does achieve in certain countries and in certain contexts, situations.... at least amongst its elites, (grossly) disproportional crystallisations of power, which in turn can be aesthetically-culturally and or (geo)politically displeasing, repugnant or disgusting to other individuals and or groups, who and which of course can be found displeasing, repugnant or disgusting by others as well - all, ultimately, as a matter of taste (since values, ultimately, are relative (as history teaches)). [If one group's elites are like eagles, who once soared... and another group's elites are like Vultures, and the eagles fly while the Vultures are parasitically, maniacally but effectively scavenging the polity's and society's Body, then the eagles' flight paths and trajectories will progressively be pulled towards, and fall closer to, earth... and the Body will eventually become a Carcass... a Relic of...]   

It is perfectly valid to say the we are all part of one Race, the Human Race. What, however, that implies is that You do not care whether particular sub-races or sub-groups of the overall Group, the Human Group, survive or not: and based on current trends, certain sub-groups, demographically (racially, ethnologically,...) and or culturally, are on a certain course of NOT SURVIVING, or at least being DIMINISHED to the point of relatively easy EXTERMINATION. [Facing Facts Includes understanding that the historic relatively white European, American (and Australian) nations, ethne, (sub-)race(s) and or (sub-)civilisations, whether in existence for millennia or for just a couple of centuries, because of a whole range of factors and factual processes in society and societies throughout history, particularly, the last two or three centuries, including via the Heterogony of Ends, put themselves on the Path of AutoGenocide, at least as relatively white societies. This might be Very Painful to acknowledge for anyone who likes or loves the relatively white aesthetic, and who Venerates (as Fact and as Myth) one's Ancestors, BUT it has Come to Pass. What is Happening now and Coming next is (probably going to be) very, very, very,... Messy... to say the least].

Simple Lesson for the Genuinely Curious or Ideological Fanatic and or Retard who wants to Wake Up: A relatively multi-racial and or multi-cultural society can enjoy roughly the same, more or less relative Social Cohesion and Social Order as a relatively mono-racial and or mono-cultural society (relatively multi-racial and relatively mono-cultural societies, etc., have existed too). No-one can, however, determine another's aesthetic-cultural-values Preferences on an objective basis, which means someone can reject or approve of a relatively multi-racial and multi-cultural or relatively mono-racial and mono-cultural society, etc., purely as a Matter of Taste. All societies eventually "break down" in that they eventually become other kinds of social formations. If a relatively multi-racial and multi-cultural society "breaks down" and does not "morph" into a New World (Utopia) of Peace and Harmony, hitherto unknown in all of Human History, then the at least decades-long Process of "Breaking Down" and "Being Torn Apart" cannot but be of Increasing Anomie and or of Raw TRIBALISM. 

The more one "Looks into Things", the more one realises that the Great Artists, Singers, Directors, Actors, Musicians, Composers, Architects, Sculptors, Poets, Writers, Thinkers, "Philosophers", Analysts, et al.,... are not just those given Prominence in the Mass Media, Institutions of "Higher Education", and in the Awarding of Prizes, etc.,... but include many, many, many,... Others... coming from all sorts of Languages, Cultures, Contexts,... and that many LifeTimes would never Suffice... if one cares to "Look into Things"...

Whoever has had Strong Tribal Experiences knows that there is nothing like Belonging to a Group which Unites the Past with the Future in the Present AGAINST ALL OTHERS.

Variations on a Theme (Man as a Machine; or: Dostoyevsky’s Light, or: The Essence of Cultural Critique, or: The Globalists’ Hell, or: The Retarded Ideologue in Ecstasy; or: The Ultimate Nothingness of Being):

“I love PeopleKind”, it said, "but I find to my amazement that the more I love PeopleKind as a whole, the less I love peoples and people in particular, and the more I become the one and only Cog and Hole, as They continue to Rule. On the other hand: why not be the only Cog and Hole? Why not have Them Rule?” 

Proper Perspective: The Main Issue of the 21st century hinges on the relationship between the U.S.A., China, Russia,... (India, Japan, Turkey, Germany, the U.K.,...)... and the (African, Arabic, Mohammedan, Western Asian) Population Explosions... Within the U.S.A. and broader "Anglo-Sphere" (incl. France!), a particular country and a particular Group wield grossly disproportionate forms of Power in a number of areas from Foreign and Immigration Policy, the Mass Media and Mass Entertainment to the Law and Academia, and that is very annoying to those who do not belong to that Group and have a very strong Group Identity of their own and have some kind of relationship with the Anglo-Sphere and the English language... but the Main Issue...

Cutting the Bullshit Means: No matter what the Society, No matter what the Dominant Ideology, no matter whether in a State of (relative) Co-operation or in a State of (relative) Conflict... Individuals and Groups, will use and abuse Words, Ideas, Phrases,... Emotions,... up to all sorts of Bullying and Pressure and even physical Violence, if need be and if they have the means... to Justify and to Reinforce and, if possible, Increase their relative Power and Domination over Others... (this basic knowledge can be learnt from a variety of sources, including Life Experience, Common Sense and Popular (Folk) Wisdom or e.g. from the incomparable Italians: Machiavelli, Pareto, Pirandello).

The mere statement of Facts does not Prove either their Significance (in relation to What?) or How the Facts Came to Be... Nonetheless, the Statement of Facts is Always a Good Starting Point for Scientific Explanation, and in the Human (Social) Sciences, the Investigation of Causalities, Regularities, Types, Concepts, Social Facts,... The Leaving Out of Facts "which do not suit us" often, if not always, constitutes a Scientific Crime, i.e. a Crime against Science, and not a "Crime Against Humanity"...

It might seem like a Paradox, but it's not: the more one studies Sex and Race as Social (Nature-Related) Facts, the more Sexist and Racist one becomes, at least in one's thinking, but by no means necessarily as to one's Values... 

Science has no Holy Cows... none whatsoever...

[Final Goodbye to Human Civilisation: "After the Industrial (and French) Revolutions, the Religion of Progress, and the relatively tight interconnection of the world, you choose the Path of Mammon, Usury, the Bubble, and Satan (massification, atomisation, urbanisation, secularisation, hedonistic consumption, (liberal, formally-legally equal) individual "rights", Christophobia, Misandry, anti-White (extreme) Racism, Homophilia/mania, Other-worship, Islamophilia/mania,... taken to historical extremes),... restrained far too little... too far from the Golden Mean... in the Realm of Total Hubris... and left behind any possibility of Democracy which continued as the, even relatively slight, continuance of ancient Greece as (greatly but not totally) transformed over time all the way up to the 19th century in the Ottoman Empire. The Chinese and associated or other Asiatic Civilisations (and perhaps Russians) are probably the Final Hope for (relatively) High Culture, because the others are not capable of producing, and have never had, High Culture, but the Danger is that Satan will depart in his of recent decades and nowadays grossly disproportionately Tribally-led and influenced Form in an All-Encompassing Nuclear Conflagration..."... [and if IT does not do that that way, the Planet of the Apes will do that AnyWay. It's only a Matter of Time.]. Goodbye.]



[As an Eastern Roman, My King, is My God, either as Marble, or Swept Away into Time... I only ever Bow and Kneel before Him...]

Ὅταν κάνῃς παρέα μὲ τὸν (Χαλκο)Κονδύλη καὶ τὸν Καζαντζίδη, καὶ εἶσαι ΑΝΤΡΑΣ, καὶ ζῇς ὑπὸ τὴν καθοδήγησιν τοῦ Γέρου καὶ τοῦ Ὑιοῦ τῆς βιασμένης καλογραίας, τότες ἐρωτᾷς τὸν ποῦτσον σου, γαμᾷς καὶ κλάνεις ἀρχίδια...


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