Disclaimer: Nothing within this page or on this site overall is the product of Panagiotis Kondylis's thought and work unless it is a faithful translation of something Kondylis wrote. Any conclusions drawn from something not written by Panagiotis Kondylis (in the form of an accurate translation) cannot constitute the basis for any valid judgement or appreciation of Kondylis and his work. (This disclaimer also applies, mutatis mutandis, to any other authors and thinkers linked or otherwise referred to, on and within all of this website).

Two Greek newspaper articles by Kondylis and three by the journalist Richardos Someritis (Ῥιχάρδος Σωμερίτης (1931-(apparently he hasn't died yet (1st March, 2019), and elsewhere on this Site I wrote he is deceased - my apologies. He's a few years younger than my late father and it's interesting for/to me to compare their "respective journeys" in life)) appearing between 23rd November and 21st December 1997, esp. in relation to the use by a state (Greece) of a pre-emptive/first (mass) strike against another state (Turkey), threatening the former state.

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